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The following is a list of subsidiaries of the Company as of December 31, 2020 omitting some subsidiaries which, considered in the aggregate, would not constitute a significant subsidiary.

Company NameWhere Incorporated or Organized
Agouron Pharmaceuticals, LLCCalifornia
AH Robins LLCDelaware
AHP Manufacturing B.V.Netherlands
Alpharma Pharmaceuticals LLCDelaware
American Food Industries LLCDelaware
Anacor Pharmaceuticals, Inc.Delaware
Arixa Pharmaceuticals Australia Pty LtdAustralia
Arixa Pharmaceuticals, Inc.Delaware
Array BioPharma Inc.Delaware
Bamboo Therapeutics, Inc.Delaware
Blue Whale Re Ltd.Vermont
C.P. Pharmaceuticals International C.V.Netherlands
CICL CorporationDelaware
COC I CorporationDelaware
Coley Pharmaceutical GmbHGermany
Coley Pharmaceutical Group, Inc.Delaware
Cyanamid de Argentina S.A.Delaware
Cyanamid de Colombia, S.A.Delaware
Distribuidora Mercantil Centro Americana, S.A.Delaware
Encysive Pharmaceuticals Inc.Delaware
Farminova Produtos Farmaceuticos de Inovacao, Lda.Portugal
FoldRx Pharmaceuticals, Inc.Delaware
Fort Dodge Manufatura Ltda.Brazil
G. D. Searle & Co. LimitedUnited Kingdom
G. D. Searle International Capital LLCDelaware
Genetics Institute, LLCDelaware
GenTrac, Inc.Wisconsin
GI Europe, Inc.Delaware
GI Japan, Inc.Delaware
Hospira Adelaide Pty LtdAustralia
Hospira Australia Pty LtdAustralia
Hospira Benelux BVBABelgium
Hospira Holdings (S.A.) Pty LtdAustralia
Hospira LimitedHong Kong
Hospira Philippines, Inc.Philippines
Hospira Pte. Ltd.Singapore
Hospira Pty LimitedAustralia
Hospira Puerto Rico, LLCDelaware
Hospira Singapore Pte LtdSingapore
Hospira UK LimitedUnited Kingdom
Hospira Worldwide, LLCDelaware

Hospira Zagreb d.o.o.Croatia
Hospira, Inc.Delaware
InnoPharma, Inc.Delaware
International Affiliated Corporation LLCDelaware
JMI-Daniels Pharmaceuticals, Inc.Florida
John Wyeth & Brother LimitedUnited Kingdom
Kiinteistö oy Espoon Pellavaniementie 14Finland
King Pharmaceuticals Holdings LLCDelaware
King Pharmaceuticals LLCDelaware
King Pharmaceuticals Research and Development, LLCDelaware
Korea Pharma Holding Company LimitedHong Kong
Laboratoires Pfizer, S.A.Morocco
Laboratorios Pfizer Ltda.Brazil
Laboratórios Pfizer, Lda.Portugal
Laboratorios Wyeth LLCPennsylvania
Laboratorios Wyeth S.A.Venezuela
Mayne Pharma IP Holdings (Euro) Pty LtdAustralia
Medivation Field Solutions LLCDelaware
Medivation LLCDelaware
Medivation Neurology LLCDelaware
Medivation Prostate Therapeutics LLCDelaware
Medivation Services LLCDelaware
Medivation Technologies LLCDelaware
Meridian Medical Technologies, Inc.Delaware
Monarch Pharmaceuticals, LLCTennessee
MTG Divestitures LLCDelaware
Neusentis LimitedUnited Kingdom
Parke Davis LimitedHong Kong
Parke, Davis & Company LLCMichigan
Parkedale Pharmaceuticals, Inc.Michigan
PBG Puerto Rico LLCPuerto Rico
P-D Co., LLCDelaware
Peak Enterprises LLCDelaware
PF Consumer Healthcare Holdings LLCDelaware
PF Consumer Healthcare Holdings US Inc.Delaware
PF Czech Republic Holdings B.V.Netherlands
PF Finland Holdings B.V.Netherlands
PF OFG Ireland 2 B.V.Netherlands
PF OFG South Korea 1 B.V.Netherlands
PF OFG South Korea 2 B.V.Netherlands
PF PR Holdings C.V.Netherlands
PF PRISM C.V.Netherlands
PF PRISM Holdings B.V.Netherlands
PF PRISM IMB B.V.Netherlands
PF Prism S.á.r.l.Luxembourg
PFE PHAC Holdings 1 LLCDelaware

PFE Wyeth-Ayerst (Asia) LLCDelaware
Pfizer (China) Research and Development Co. Ltd.People’s Republic of China
Pfizer (Malaysia) Sdn BhdMalaysia
Pfizer (Perth) Pty LtdAustralia
Pfizer (Thailand) LimitedThailand
Pfizer (Wuhan) Research and Development Co. Ltd.People’s Republic of China
Pfizer ABSweden
Pfizer Afrique de L'OuestSenegal
Pfizer AGSwitzerland
Pfizer Anti-Infectives ABSweden
Pfizer ApSDenmark
Pfizer ASNorway
Pfizer Asia Manufacturing Pte. Ltd.Singapore
Pfizer Australia Holdings B.V.Netherlands
Pfizer Australia Holdings Pty LimitedAustralia
Pfizer Australia Investments Pty LtdAustralia
Pfizer Australia Pty LtdAustralia
Pfizer B.V.Netherlands
Pfizer Biofarmacêutica, Sociedade Unipessoal LdaPortugal
Pfizer Biologics (Hangzhou) Co. LtdPeople’s Republic of China
Pfizer Biopharma Egypt LLCEgypt
Pfizer Biopharmaceuticals Egypt LLCEgypt
Pfizer Bolivia S.A.Bolivia
Pfizer Canada ULC / Pfizer Canada SRICanada
Pfizer Chile S.A.Chile
Pfizer Cia. Ltda.Ecuador
Pfizer Colombia Spinco I LLCPennsylvania
Pfizer Commercial Holdings TRAE Kft.Hungary
Pfizer Consumer HealthcareUnited Kingdom
Pfizer Cork LimitedIreland
Pfizer Corporation Austria Gesellschaft m.b.H.Austria
Pfizer Corporation Hong Kong LimitedHong Kong
Pfizer Corporation S. de R.L.Panama
Pfizer Croatia d.o.o.Croatia
Pfizer Deutschland GmbHGermany
Pfizer Development B.V.Netherlands
Pfizer Development LLCDelaware
Pfizer Development LPUnited Kingdom
Pfizer Development Services (UK) LimitedUnited Kingdom
Pfizer East India B.V.Netherlands
Pfizer Eastern Investments B.V.Netherlands
Pfizer ESP Pty. Ltd.Australia
Pfizer Export B.V.Netherlands
Pfizer Export CompanyIreland
Pfizer Finance Share Service (Dalian) Co., Ltd.People’s Republic of China

Pfizer Financial Services B.V.Belgium
Pfizer France International InvestmentsFrance
Pfizer Free Zone Panama, S. de R.L.Panama
Pfizer Global Holdings B.V.Netherlands
Pfizer Global Supply Japan Inc.Japan
Pfizer Global TradingIreland
Pfizer Gulf FZ-LLCUnited Arab Emirates
Pfizer H.C.P. CorporationNew York
Pfizer Health ABSweden
Pfizer Health Solutions Inc.Delaware
Pfizer Healthcare India Private LimitedIndia
Pfizer Healthcare IrelandIreland
Pfizer Hellas, A.E.Greece
Pfizer Himalaya Holdings Coöperatief U.A.Netherlands
Pfizer Holding FranceFrance
Pfizer Holding VenturesIreland
Pfizer Holdings CorporationDelaware
Pfizer Holdings Europe Unlimited CompanyIreland
Pfizer Holdings International CorporationDelaware
Pfizer Holdings International Luxembourg (PHIL) SARLLuxembourg
Pfizer Innovations ABSweden
Pfizer Innovations LLCRussia
Pfizer International LLCNew York
Pfizer International OperationsFrance
Pfizer International S. de R.L.Panama
Pfizer International Trading (Shanghai) LimitedPeople’s Republic of China
Pfizer Investment Capital Unlimited CompanyIreland
Pfizer Investment Co. Ltd.People’s Republic of China
Pfizer Ireland PFE Holding 1 LLCDelaware
Pfizer Ireland PFE Holding 2 LLCDelaware
Pfizer Ireland PharmaceuticalsIreland
Pfizer Ireland Ventures Unlimited CompanyIreland
Pfizer Italia S.r.l.Italy
Pfizer Japan Inc.Japan
Pfizer Laboratories (Pty) LimitedSouth Africa
Pfizer Laboratories LimitedKenya
Pfizer Leasing Ireland LimitedIreland
Pfizer Leasing UK LimitedUnited Kingdom
Pfizer LimitedIndia
Pfizer LimitedTaiwan
Pfizer LimitedUnited Kingdom
Pfizer Luxco Holdings SARLLuxembourg
Pfizer Luxembourg Global Holdings S.à r.l.Luxembourg
Pfizer Luxembourg SARLLuxembourg
Pfizer Manufacturing Austria G.m.b.H.Austria
Pfizer Manufacturing Belgium N.V.Belgium
Pfizer Manufacturing Deutschland GmbHGermany

Pfizer Manufacturing Deutschland Grundbesitz GmbH & Co. KGGermany
Pfizer Manufacturing Holdings LLCDelaware
Pfizer Manufacturing Ireland Unlimited CompanyIreland
Pfizer Manufacturing LLCDelaware
Pfizer Manufacturing ServicesIreland
Pfizer MAP Holding, Inc.Delaware
Pfizer Medical Technology Group (Belgium) NVBelgium
Pfizer Medicamentos Genericos e Participacoes Ltda.Brazil
Pfizer Mexico Holding B.V.Netherlands
Pfizer New Zealand LimitedNew Zealand
Pfizer Norge ASNorway
Pfizer North America Services LLCDelaware
Pfizer OTC B.V.Netherlands
Pfizer Overseas LLCDelaware
Pfizer OyFinland
Pfizer Pakistan LimitedPakistan
Pfizer PFE ApSDenmark
Pfizer PFE AsiaPac Holding B.V.Netherlands
Pfizer PFE Australia Pty LtdAustralia
Pfizer PFE CIA. Ltda.Ecuador
Pfizer PFE Eastern Investments B.V.Netherlands
Pfizer PFE Finland OyFinland
Pfizer PFE Global Holdings B.V.Netherlands
Pfizer PFE İlaçları Anonim ŞirketiTurkey
Pfizer PFE LimitedTaiwan
Pfizer PFE Pharmaceuticals Israel Holding LLCDelaware
Pfizer PFE Pharmaceuticals Israel Ltd.Israel
Pfizer PFE Service Company Holding B.V.Netherlands
Pfizer PFE Spain B.V.Netherlands
Pfizer PFE UK Holding 4 LPUnited Kingdom
Pfizer Pharm AlgerieAlgeria
Pfizer Pharma GmbHGermany
Pfizer Pharma PFE GmbHGermany
Pfizer Pharmaceutical (Wuxi) Co., Ltd.People’s Republic of China
Pfizer Pharmaceutical Trading Limited Liability Company (a/k/a Pfizer Kft. or Pfizer LLC)Hungary
Pfizer Pharmaceuticals Global B.V.Netherlands
Pfizer Pharmaceuticals Israel Ltd.Israel
Pfizer Pharmaceuticals Korea LimitedKorea, Republic of
Pfizer Pharmaceuticals Science and Technology Co., Ltd.People’s Republic of China
Pfizer Pharmaceuticals Tunisie SarlTunisia
Pfizer Pigments Inc.Delaware
Pfizer Polska Sp. z.o.o.Poland
Pfizer Private LimitedSingapore
Pfizer Production LLCDelaware
Pfizer Products Inc.Connecticut
Pfizer Products India Private LimitedIndia

Pfizer R&D Holding B.V.Netherlands
Pfizer R&D Japan G.K.Japan
Pfizer R&D UK LimitedUnited Kingdom
Pfizer Research (NC), Inc.Delaware
Pfizer Romania SRLRomania
Pfizer S.A.Peru
Pfizer S.A.S.Colombia
Pfizer S.G.P.S. Lda.Portugal
Pfizer S.r.l.Italy
Pfizer S.R.L.Argentina
Pfizer SA (Belgium)Belgium
Pfizer Saudi LimitedSaudi Arabia
Pfizer Saudi Trading LLCSaudi Arabia
Pfizer Service Company BVBABelgium
Pfizer Service Company Ireland Unlimited CompanyIreland
Pfizer Shared Services Unlimited CompanyIreland
Pfizer Shareholdings Intermediate SARLLuxembourg
Pfizer Singapore Holding Pte. Ltd.Singapore
Pfizer Specialties LimitedNigeria
Pfizer SRB d.o.o.Serbia
Pfizer Strategic Investment Holdings LLCDelaware
Pfizer Trading Polska sp.z.o.o.Poland
Pfizer Transactions LLCDelaware
Pfizer Tunisie SATunisia
Pfizer Vaccines LLCDelaware
Pfizer Venezuela, S.A.Venezuela
Pfizer Venture Investments LLCDelaware
Pfizer Ventures (US) LLCDelaware
Pfizer Ventures LLCDelaware
Pfizer Worldwide Services Unlimited CompanyIreland
Pfizer Zona Franca, S.A.Costa Rica
Pfizer, Inc.Philippines
Pfizer, S.A.Costa Rica
Pfizer, S.A. de C.V.Mexico
Pfizer, S.L.Spain
Pfizer, spol. s r.o.Czech Republic
Pharmacia & Upjohn Company LLCDelaware
Pharmacia & Upjohn LLCDelaware
Pharmacia Brasil Ltda.Brazil
Pharmacia Hepar LLCDelaware
Pharmacia Holding ABSweden
Pharmacia Inter-American LLCPennsylvania
Pharmacia International B.V.Netherlands
Pharmacia LimitedUnited Kingdom
Pharmacia LLCDelaware
PHIVCO Corp.Delaware
PHIVCO Holdco S.à r.l.Luxembourg

PIMB OFG Spain Holding, S.L.Spain
PRISM Holdings B.V.Netherlands
PT. Pfizer IndonesiaIndonesia
Purepac Pharmaceutical Holdings LLCDelaware
Renrall LLCWyoming
Rinat Neuroscience Corp.Delaware
Roerig S.A.Chile
Searle Laboratorios, Lda.Portugal
Servicios P&U, S. de R.L. de C.V.Mexico
Shiley LLCCalifornia
Sinergis Farma-Produtos Farmaceuticos, Lda.Portugal
Solinor LLCDelaware
Sugen LLCDelaware
Tabor LLCDelaware
Upjohn Laboratorios Lda.Portugal
Vicuron Holdings LLCDelaware
Warner Lambert del Uruguay S.A.Uruguay
Warner-Lambert Company AGSwitzerland
Warner-Lambert Company LLCDelaware
W-L LLCDelaware
Wyeth ABSweden
Wyeth Ayerst Inc.Delaware
Wyeth Ayerst S.à r.l.Luxembourg
Wyeth Europa LimitedUnited Kingdom
Wyeth Farma, S.A.Spain
Wyeth Holdings LLCMaine
Wyeth Industria Farmaceutica Ltda.Brazil
Wyeth Lederle S.r.l.Italy
Wyeth LLCDelaware
Wyeth Pakistan LimitedPakistan
Wyeth Pharmaceuticals FZ-LLCUnited Arab Emirates
Wyeth Pharmaceuticals India Private LimitedIndia
Wyeth Pharmaceuticals LLCDelaware
Wyeth Subsidiary Illinois CorporationIllinois
Wyeth Whitehall Export GmbHAustria
Wyeth-Ayerst (Asia) LLCDelaware
Wyeth-Ayerst International LLCDelaware
Wyeth-Ayerst Promotions LimitedDelaware