0000765207-21-000024.txt : 20210503 0000765207-21-000024.hdr.sgml : 20210503 20210503131017 ACCESSION NUMBER: 0000765207-21-000024 CONFORMED SUBMISSION TYPE: 8-K PUBLIC DOCUMENT COUNT: 15 CONFORMED PERIOD OF REPORT: 20210503 ITEM INFORMATION: Departure of Directors or Certain Officers; Election of Directors; Appointment of Certain Officers: Compensatory Arrangements of Certain Officers FILED AS OF DATE: 20210503 DATE AS OF CHANGE: 20210503 FILER: COMPANY DATA: COMPANY CONFORMED NAME: First Bancorp, Inc /ME/ CENTRAL INDEX KEY: 0000765207 STANDARD INDUSTRIAL CLASSIFICATION: NATIONAL COMMERCIAL BANKS [6021] IRS NUMBER: 010404322 STATE OF INCORPORATION: ME FISCAL YEAR END: 1219 FILING VALUES: FORM TYPE: 8-K SEC ACT: 1934 Act SEC FILE NUMBER: 000-26589 FILM NUMBER: 21882343 BUSINESS ADDRESS: STREET 1: P.O. BOX 940 STREET 2: MAIN STREET CITY: DAMARISCOTTA STATE: ME ZIP: 04543 BUSINESS PHONE: 2075633195 MAIL ADDRESS: STREET 1: P.O. BOX 940 CITY: DAMARISCOTTA STATE: ME ZIP: 04543 FORMER COMPANY: FORMER CONFORMED NAME: FIRST NATIONAL LINCOLN CORP /ME/ DATE OF NAME CHANGE: 19920703 8-K 1 fnlc-20210503.htm 8-K fnlc-20210503




Pursuant to Section 13 or 15(d) of the
Securities Exchange Act of 1934

Date of report (Date of earliest event reported): May 3, 2021

(Exact name of Registrant as specified in charter)

(State or other jurisdiction of incorporation)
(Commission file number)(IRS employer identification no.)
Main StreetDamariscottaMaine04543
(Address of principal executive offices)(Zip Code)
(207) 563-3195
(Registrant's telephone number, including area code)

Check the appropriate box below if the Form 8-K filing is
intended to simultaneously satisfy the filing obligations
of the registrant under any of the following provisions:

Written communications pursuant to Rule 425 under the Securities Act (17 CFR 230.425)

Soliciting material pursuant to Rule 14a-12 under the Exchange Act (17 CFR 240.14a-12)

Pre-commencement communications pursuant to Rule 14d-2(b) under the Exchange Act (17 CFR 240.14d-2(b))

Pre-commencement communications pursuant to Rule 13e-4(c) under the Exchange Act (17 CFR 240.13e-4 (c))

Securities registered pursuit to Section 12(b) of the Exchange Act: None

Indicate by check mark whether the registrant is an emerging growth company as defined in Rule 405 of the Securities Act of 1933 (§230.405 of this chapter) or Rule 12b-2 of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 (§240.12b-2 of this chapter). Emerging growth company

If an emerging growth company, indicate by check mark if the registrant has elected not to use the extended transition period for complying with any new or revised financial accounting standards provided pursuant to Section 13(a) of the Exchange Act.


Item 5.02 Departure of Directors or Certain Officer; Election of Directors; Page 1
Appointment of Certain Officers; Compensatory Arrangements of Certain Officers.

Item 9.01 Financial Statements and Exhibits Page 1

Signatures                      Page 2

Exhibit Index         Page 3

Item 5.02. Departure of Directors or Certain Officers; Election of Directors; Appointment of Certain
Officers; Compensatory Arrangements of Certain Officers.

On May 3, 2021, Kimberly Swan was sworn in as a member of the Board of Directors of The First Bancorp (the “Company”) and its subsidiary First National Bank (the “Bank”). Ms. Swan will serve as a member of the Board of Directors of the Company and Bank until the 2022 Annual Meeting of Shareholders. She has been appointed to the Company's Governance Committee and the Bank's Directors Loan Committee and Trust Committee.

There are no understandings or arrangements between Ms. Swan and any other persons pursuant to which Ms. Swan was selected as a director of the Company.

Ms. Swan is the 100% owner of Swan Agency Real Estate in Bar Harbor, Maine and has full or partial interests in several other companies. Certain companies with which Ms. Swan is affiliated have loans with the Bank, each of which were made in the ordinary course of business, were made on substantially the same terms, including interest rates and collateral, as those prevailing at the time for comparable loans with persons not related to the Bank, and did not involve more than the normal risk of collectability or present other unfavorable features.

Please refer to exhibit 99.1 filed with this report for the Company’s press release announcing the appointment of Ms. Swan as a director of the Company.

(d) Exhibits.

The following Exhibit is being furnished herewith:


Pursuant to the requirements of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, the Registrant has duly caused this report to be signed on its behalf by the undersigned hereunto duly authorized.


By: /s/ Richard M. Elder
Richard M. Elder
Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer
May 3, 2021

Exhibit Index

Number Description of Exhibit
------ ------------------------

EX-99.1 2 a8-k20210503ex991.htm EX-99.1 Document

Exhibit 99.1

May 3, 2021 - Tony C. McKim, President and Chief Executive Officer of The First Bancorp, Inc., (the “Company”) (Nasdaq: FNLC), and its banking subsidiary, First National Bank, (the “Bank"), announced today that Kimberly Swan of Bar Harbor, Maine has been elected to serve as a Director for the Bank and the Company. “On behalf of the Board of Directors and the management team, I welcome Ms. Swan. We look forward to adding Kim’s expertise, insight and perspective to the Boards of The First Bancorp and First National Bank.” Ms. Swan has been appointed to the Company's Governance Committee and the Bank's Directors Loan Committee and Trust Committee.
Ms. Swan is the sole owner of Trumpeter Inc., d/b/a Swan Agency Real Estate, a leading real estate brokerage headquartered in Bar Harbor, Maine along with offices in Blue Hill and Northeast Harbor. The Swan Agency specializes in all areas of real estate; its Maine Lodging Brokerage is Maine’s leading brokerage of inns and bed & breakfast properties. Kim joined the family company in 1981 and purchased it in 1994. She is also the sole member of Swan Hospitality Inc. and Kennebec Cottage Associates LLC which own several investment properties. Swan is a partner in Maineville Music and the Executive Producer of two films, Fire of ’47 and CONSOLIDATION. For several seasons Swan produced and created Living Acadia TV on ABC7 - a summer/fall season show focusing on the Acadia National Park lifestyle featuring real estate in the region.

Outside of her work commitments, Ms. Swan is dedicated to her community, working with several animal rescue and sanctuary organizations along with serving as a board member and Secretary of the Bar Harbor Village Improvement Association. She formerly served for ten years on the Bar Harbor Town Council, was awarded the 2017 Cadillac Award by the Bar Harbor Chamber of Commerce, was named one of the 2018 Fifty Mainers Balancing Heritage and Progress by Maine Magazine, and was named a 2019 Woman to Watch Honoree by Maine Biz.

“It’s an honor to have been elected to the Board of Directors of The First Bancorp,” said Swan. “I look forward to contributing to the Board and working with the great team at First National Bank. The Bank’s commitment to the communities it serves aligns with how I strive to operate my own businesses, and the service provided by the Bank to its customers really stands out.”

The First Bancorp, the parent company of First National Bank, is based in Damariscotta, Maine. Founded in 1864, First National Bank is a full-service community bank with $2.4 billion in assets. The Bank provides a complete array of commercial and retail banking services through seventeen locations in mid-coast and eastern Maine. First National Wealth Management, a division of the Bank, provides investment management and trust services to individuals, businesses, and municipalities. More information about The First Bancorp, First National Bank and First National Wealth Management may be found at www.thefirst.com.

EX-101.SCH 3 fnlc-20210503.xsd XBRL TAXONOMY EXTENSION SCHEMA DOCUMENT 0001001 - Document - Document and Entity Information link:presentationLink link:calculationLink link:definitionLink EX-101.CAL 4 fnlc-20210503_cal.xml XBRL TAXONOMY EXTENSION CALCULATION LINKBASE DOCUMENT EX-101.DEF 5 fnlc-20210503_def.xml XBRL TAXONOMY EXTENSION DEFINITION LINKBASE DOCUMENT EX-101.LAB 6 fnlc-20210503_lab.xml XBRL TAXONOMY EXTENSION LABEL LINKBASE DOCUMENT Written Communications Written Communications Pre-commencement Tender Offer Pre-commencement Tender Offer Entity Incorporation, State or Country Code Entity Incorporation, State or Country Code Entity Address, City or Town Entity Address, City or Town Soliciting Material Soliciting Material Entity Address, Address Line One Entity Address, Address Line One City Area Code City Area Code Cover [Abstract] Cover [Abstract] Entity Tax Identification Number Entity Tax Identification Number Entity File Number Entity File Number Entity Central Index Key Entity Central Index Key Document Type Document Type Entity Emerging Growth Company Entity Emerging Growth Company Local Phone Number Local Phone Number Entity Address, State or Province Entity Address, State or Province Amendment Flag Amendment Flag Entity Address, Postal Zip Code Entity Address, Postal Zip Code Pre-commencement Issuer Tender Offer Pre-commencement Issuer Tender Offer Document Period End Date Document Period End Date Entity Registrant Name Entity Registrant Name EX-101.PRE 7 fnlc-20210503_pre.xml XBRL TAXONOMY EXTENSION PRESENTATION LINKBASE DOCUMENT XML 8 fnlc-20210503_htm.xml IDEA: XBRL DOCUMENT 0000765207 2021-05-03 2021-05-03 0000765207 false 8-K 2021-05-03 FIRST BANCORP, INC ME 0-26589 01-0404322 Main Street Damariscotta ME 04543 207 563-3195 false false false false false 2021-05-03 XML 9 R1.htm IDEA: XBRL DOCUMENT v3.21.1
Document and Entity Information
May 03, 2021
Cover [Abstract]  
Document Type 8-K
Document Period End Date May 03, 2021
Entity Registrant Name FIRST BANCORP, INC
Entity Central Index Key 0000765207
Amendment Flag false
Entity Incorporation, State or Country Code ME
Entity File Number 0-26589
Entity Tax Identification Number 01-0404322
Entity Address, Address Line One Main Street
Entity Address, City or Town Damariscotta
Entity Address, State or Province ME
Entity Address, Postal Zip Code 04543
City Area Code 207
Local Phone Number 563-3195
Written Communications false
Soliciting Material false
Pre-commencement Tender Offer false
Pre-commencement Issuer Tender Offer false
Entity Emerging Growth Company false
EXCEL 10 Financial_Report.xlsx IDEA: XBRL DOCUMENT begin 644 Financial_Report.xlsx M4$L#!!0 ( $AIHU('04UB@0 +$ 0 9&]C4')O<',O87!P+GAM M;$V./0L",1!$_\IQO;=!P4)B0-!2L+(/>QLOD&1#LD)^OCG!CVX>;QA&WPIG M*N*I#BV&5(_C(I(/ !47BK9.7:=N')=HI6-Y #OGDK7A.YNJQ<&4GPZ4A!0W_J=0U[R;UEA_6\#MI7E!+ P04 M " !(::-2[T4V/NT K @ $0 &1O8U!R;W!S+V-O&ULS9+! M2L0P$(9?17)O)VE9#Z';B^))07!!\1:2V=U@DX9DI-VW-XV[740?P&-F_GSS M#4RG@]1CQ.\>$S#@5F-." #CTE$+4 UB\3 MPVD>.K@"%AAA=.F[@&8EENJ?V-(!=D[.R:ZI:9KJJ2VYO(. MZ?'E[)N97TB MY37F7\E*.@7&PO=&AE M;64O=&AE;64Q+GAM;.U:6W/:.!1^[Z_0>&?V;0O&-H&VM!-S:7;;M)F$[4X? 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text-align: left; } ..report .pl { text-align: left; vertical-align: top; white-space: normal; width: 200px; white-space: normal; /* word-wrap: break-word; */ } ..report td.pl a.a { cursor: pointer; display: block; width: 200px; overflow: hidden; } ..report td.pl div.a { width: 200px; } ..report td.pl a:hover { background-color: #ffc; } /* Header rows... */ ..report tr.rh { background-color: #acf; color: black; font-weight: bold; } /* Calendars... */ ..report .rc { background-color: #f0f0f0; } /* Even rows... */ ..report .re, .report .reu { background-color: #def; } ..report .reu td { border-bottom: 1px solid black; } /* Odd rows... */ ..report .ro, .report .rou { background-color: white; } ..report .rou td { border-bottom: 1px solid black; } ..report .rou table td, .report .reu table td { border-bottom: 0px solid black; } /* styles for footnote marker */ ..report .fn { white-space: nowrap; } /* styles for numeric types */ ..report .num, .report .nump { text-align: right; white-space: nowrap; } ..report .nump { padding-left: 2em; } ..report .nump { padding: 0px 0.4em 0px 2em; } /* styles for text types */ ..report .text { text-align: left; white-space: normal; } ..report .text .big { margin-bottom: 1em; width: 17em; } ..report .text .more { display: none; } ..report .text .note { font-style: italic; font-weight: bold; } ..report .text .small { width: 10em; } ..report sup { font-style: italic; } ..report .outerFootnotes { font-size: 1em; } XML 13 FilingSummary.xml IDEA: XBRL DOCUMENT 3.21.1 html 1 95 1 false 0 0 false 0 false false R1.htm 0001001 - Document - Document and Entity Information Sheet http://www.thefirst.com/role/DocumentandEntityInformation Document and Entity Information Cover 1 false false All Reports Book All Reports fnlc-20210503.htm a8-k20210503ex991.htm fnlc-20210503.xsd fnlc-20210503_cal.xml fnlc-20210503_def.xml fnlc-20210503_lab.xml fnlc-20210503_pre.xml http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2019-01-31 true true JSON 15 MetaLinks.json IDEA: XBRL DOCUMENT { "instance": { "fnlc-20210503.htm": { "axisCustom": 0, "axisStandard": 0, "contextCount": 1, "dts": { "calculationLink": { "local": [ "fnlc-20210503_cal.xml" ] }, "definitionLink": { "local": [ "fnlc-20210503_def.xml" ] }, "inline": { "local": [ "fnlc-20210503.htm" ] }, "labelLink": { "local": [ "fnlc-20210503_lab.xml" ], "remote": [ "https://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2019/dei-doc-2019-01-31.xml" ] }, "presentationLink": { "local": [ "fnlc-20210503_pre.xml" ] }, "referenceLink": { "remote": [ "https://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2019/dei-ref-2019-01-31.xml" ] }, "schema": { "local": [ "fnlc-20210503.xsd" ], "remote": [ "http://www.xbrl.org/2003/xlink-2003-12-31.xsd", "http://www.xbrl.org/2003/xbrl-instance-2003-12-31.xsd", "http://www.xbrl.org/2003/xbrl-linkbase-2003-12-31.xsd", "http://www.xbrl.org/2003/xl-2003-12-31.xsd", "https://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2019/dei-2019-01-31.xsd", "http://www.xbrl.org/2005/xbrldt-2005.xsd", "http://www.xbrl.org/dtr/type/nonNumeric-2009-12-16.xsd", "http://www.xbrl.org/dtr/type/numeric-2009-12-16.xsd", "http://www.xbrl.org/lrr/role/negated-2009-12-16.xsd", "http://www.xbrl.org/lrr/role/net-2009-12-16.xsd", "http://www.xbrl.org/lrr/role/deprecated-2009-12-16.xsd", "http://www.xbrl.org/2006/ref-2006-02-27.xsd" ] } }, "elementCount": 20, "entityCount": 1, "hidden": { "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2019-01-31": 2, "total": 2 }, "keyCustom": 0, "keyStandard": 95, "memberCustom": 0, "memberStandard": 0, "nsprefix": "fnlc", "nsuri": "http://www.thefirst.com/20210503", "report": { "R1": { "firstAnchor": { "ancestors": [ "span", "div", "body", "html" ], "baseRef": "fnlc-20210503.htm", "contextRef": "i48b9faff70ab4236a5dd4bd77dbe5a3d_D20210503-20210503", "decimals": null, "first": true, "lang": "en-US", "name": "dei:DocumentType", "reportCount": 1, "unique": true, "unitRef": null, "xsiNil": "false" }, "groupType": "document", "isDefault": "true", "longName": "0001001 - Document - Document and Entity Information", "role": "http://www.thefirst.com/role/DocumentandEntityInformation", "shortName": "Document and Entity Information", "subGroupType": "", "uniqueAnchor": { "ancestors": [ "span", "div", "body", "html" ], "baseRef": "fnlc-20210503.htm", "contextRef": "i48b9faff70ab4236a5dd4bd77dbe5a3d_D20210503-20210503", "decimals": null, "first": true, "lang": "en-US", "name": "dei:DocumentType", "reportCount": 1, "unique": true, "unitRef": null, "xsiNil": "false" } } }, "segmentCount": 0, "tag": { "dei_AmendmentFlag": { "auth_ref": [], "lang": { "en-us": { "role": { "documentation": "Boolean flag that is true when the XBRL content amends previously-filed or accepted submission.", "label": "Amendment Flag", "terseLabel": "Amendment Flag" } } }, "localname": "AmendmentFlag", "nsuri": "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2019-01-31", "presentation": [ "http://www.thefirst.com/role/DocumentandEntityInformation" ], "xbrltype": "booleanItemType" }, "dei_CityAreaCode": { "auth_ref": [], "lang": { "en-us": { "role": { "documentation": "Area code of city", "label": "City Area Code", "terseLabel": "City Area Code" } } }, "localname": "CityAreaCode", "nsuri": "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2019-01-31", "presentation": [ "http://www.thefirst.com/role/DocumentandEntityInformation" ], "xbrltype": "normalizedStringItemType" }, "dei_CoverAbstract": { "auth_ref": [], "lang": { "en-us": { "role": { "documentation": "Cover page.", "label": "Cover [Abstract]", "terseLabel": "Cover [Abstract]" } } }, "localname": "CoverAbstract", "nsuri": "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2019-01-31", "xbrltype": "stringItemType" }, "dei_DocumentPeriodEndDate": { "auth_ref": [], "lang": { "en-us": { "role": { "documentation": "The end date of the period reflected on the cover page if a periodic report. For all other reports and registration statements containing historical data, it is the date up through which that historical data is presented. If there is no historical data in the report, use the filing date. The format of the date is CCYY-MM-DD.", "label": "Document Period End Date", "terseLabel": "Document Period End Date" } } }, "localname": "DocumentPeriodEndDate", "nsuri": "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2019-01-31", "presentation": [ "http://www.thefirst.com/role/DocumentandEntityInformation" ], "xbrltype": "dateItemType" }, "dei_DocumentType": { "auth_ref": [], "lang": { "en-us": { "role": { "documentation": "The type of document being provided (such as 10-K, 10-Q, 485BPOS, etc). The document type is limited to the same value as the supporting SEC submission type, or the word 'Other'.", "label": "Document Type", "terseLabel": "Document Type" } } }, "localname": "DocumentType", "nsuri": "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2019-01-31", "presentation": [ "http://www.thefirst.com/role/DocumentandEntityInformation" ], "xbrltype": "submissionTypeItemType" }, "dei_EntityAddressAddressLine1": { "auth_ref": [], "lang": { "en-us": { "role": { "documentation": "Address Line 1 such as Attn, Building Name, Street Name", "label": "Entity Address, Address Line One", "terseLabel": "Entity Address, Address Line One" } } }, "localname": "EntityAddressAddressLine1", "nsuri": "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2019-01-31", "presentation": [ "http://www.thefirst.com/role/DocumentandEntityInformation" ], "xbrltype": "normalizedStringItemType" }, "dei_EntityAddressCityOrTown": { "auth_ref": [], "lang": { "en-us": { "role": { "documentation": "Name of the City or Town", "label": "Entity Address, City or Town", "terseLabel": "Entity Address, City or Town" } } }, "localname": "EntityAddressCityOrTown", "nsuri": "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2019-01-31", "presentation": [ "http://www.thefirst.com/role/DocumentandEntityInformation" ], "xbrltype": "normalizedStringItemType" }, "dei_EntityAddressPostalZipCode": { "auth_ref": [], "lang": { "en-us": { "role": { "documentation": "Code for the postal or zip code", "label": "Entity Address, Postal Zip Code", "terseLabel": "Entity Address, Postal Zip Code" } } }, "localname": "EntityAddressPostalZipCode", "nsuri": "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2019-01-31", "presentation": [ "http://www.thefirst.com/role/DocumentandEntityInformation" ], "xbrltype": "normalizedStringItemType" }, "dei_EntityAddressStateOrProvince": { "auth_ref": [], "lang": { "en-us": { "role": { "documentation": "Name of the state or province.", "label": "Entity Address, State or Province", "terseLabel": "Entity Address, State or Province" } } }, "localname": "EntityAddressStateOrProvince", "nsuri": "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2019-01-31", "presentation": [ "http://www.thefirst.com/role/DocumentandEntityInformation" ], "xbrltype": "stateOrProvinceItemType" }, "dei_EntityCentralIndexKey": { "auth_ref": [ "r3" ], "lang": { "en-us": { "role": { "documentation": "A unique 10-digit SEC-issued value to identify entities that have filed disclosures with the SEC. It is commonly abbreviated as CIK.", "label": "Entity Central Index Key", "terseLabel": "Entity Central Index Key" } } }, "localname": "EntityCentralIndexKey", "nsuri": "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2019-01-31", "presentation": [ "http://www.thefirst.com/role/DocumentandEntityInformation" ], "xbrltype": "centralIndexKeyItemType" }, "dei_EntityEmergingGrowthCompany": { "auth_ref": [ "r3" ], "lang": { "en-us": { "role": { "documentation": "Indicate if registrant meets the emerging growth company criteria.", "label": "Entity Emerging Growth Company", "terseLabel": "Entity Emerging Growth Company" } } }, "localname": "EntityEmergingGrowthCompany", "nsuri": "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2019-01-31", "presentation": [ "http://www.thefirst.com/role/DocumentandEntityInformation" ], "xbrltype": "booleanItemType" }, "dei_EntityFileNumber": { "auth_ref": [], "lang": { "en-us": { "role": { "documentation": "Commission file number. The field allows up to 17 characters. The prefix may contain 1-3 digits, the sequence number may contain 1-8 digits, the optional suffix may contain 1-4 characters, and the fields are separated with a hyphen.", "label": "Entity File Number", "terseLabel": "Entity File Number" } } }, "localname": "EntityFileNumber", "nsuri": "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2019-01-31", "presentation": [ "http://www.thefirst.com/role/DocumentandEntityInformation" ], "xbrltype": "fileNumberItemType" }, "dei_EntityIncorporationStateCountryCode": { "auth_ref": [], "lang": { "en-us": { "role": { "documentation": "Two-character EDGAR code representing the state or country of incorporation.", "label": "Entity Incorporation, State or Country Code", "terseLabel": "Entity Incorporation, State or Country Code" } } }, "localname": "EntityIncorporationStateCountryCode", "nsuri": "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2019-01-31", "presentation": [ "http://www.thefirst.com/role/DocumentandEntityInformation" ], "xbrltype": "edgarStateCountryItemType" }, "dei_EntityRegistrantName": { "auth_ref": [ "r3" ], "lang": { "en-us": { "role": { "documentation": "The exact name of the entity filing the report as specified in its charter, which is required by forms filed with the SEC.", "label": "Entity Registrant Name", "terseLabel": "Entity Registrant Name" } } }, "localname": "EntityRegistrantName", "nsuri": "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2019-01-31", "presentation": [ "http://www.thefirst.com/role/DocumentandEntityInformation" ], "xbrltype": "normalizedStringItemType" }, "dei_EntityTaxIdentificationNumber": { "auth_ref": [ "r3" ], "lang": { "en-us": { "role": { "documentation": "The Tax Identification Number (TIN), also known as an Employer Identification Number (EIN), is a unique 9-digit value assigned by the IRS.", "label": "Entity Tax Identification Number", "terseLabel": "Entity Tax Identification Number" } } }, "localname": "EntityTaxIdentificationNumber", "nsuri": "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2019-01-31", "presentation": [ "http://www.thefirst.com/role/DocumentandEntityInformation" ], "xbrltype": "employerIdItemType" }, "dei_LocalPhoneNumber": { "auth_ref": [], "lang": { "en-us": { "role": { "documentation": "Local phone number for entity.", "label": "Local Phone Number", "terseLabel": "Local Phone Number" } } }, "localname": "LocalPhoneNumber", "nsuri": "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2019-01-31", "presentation": [ "http://www.thefirst.com/role/DocumentandEntityInformation" ], "xbrltype": "normalizedStringItemType" }, "dei_PreCommencementIssuerTenderOffer": { "auth_ref": [ "r0" ], "lang": { "en-us": { "role": { "documentation": "Boolean flag that is true when the Form 8-K filing is intended to satisfy the filing obligation of the registrant as pre-commencement communications pursuant to Rule 13e-4(c) under the Exchange Act.", "label": "Pre-commencement Issuer Tender Offer", "terseLabel": "Pre-commencement Issuer Tender Offer" } } }, "localname": "PreCommencementIssuerTenderOffer", "nsuri": "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2019-01-31", "presentation": [ "http://www.thefirst.com/role/DocumentandEntityInformation" ], "xbrltype": "booleanItemType" }, "dei_PreCommencementTenderOffer": { "auth_ref": [ "r1" ], "lang": { "en-us": { "role": { "documentation": "Boolean flag that is true when the Form 8-K filing is intended to satisfy the filing obligation of the registrant as pre-commencement communications pursuant to Rule 14d-2(b) under the Exchange Act.", "label": "Pre-commencement Tender Offer", "terseLabel": "Pre-commencement Tender Offer" } } }, "localname": "PreCommencementTenderOffer", "nsuri": "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2019-01-31", "presentation": [ "http://www.thefirst.com/role/DocumentandEntityInformation" ], "xbrltype": "booleanItemType" }, "dei_SolicitingMaterial": { "auth_ref": [ "r2" ], "lang": { "en-us": { "role": { "documentation": "Boolean flag that is true when the Form 8-K filing is intended to satisfy the filing obligation of the registrant as soliciting material pursuant to Rule 14a-12 under the Exchange Act.", "label": "Soliciting Material", "terseLabel": "Soliciting Material" } } }, "localname": "SolicitingMaterial", "nsuri": "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2019-01-31", "presentation": [ "http://www.thefirst.com/role/DocumentandEntityInformation" ], "xbrltype": "booleanItemType" }, "dei_WrittenCommunications": { "auth_ref": [ "r4" ], "lang": { "en-us": { "role": { "documentation": "Boolean flag that is true when the Form 8-K filing is intended to satisfy the filing obligation of the registrant as written communications pursuant to Rule 425 under the Securities Act.", "label": "Written Communications", "terseLabel": "Written Communications" } } }, "localname": "WrittenCommunications", "nsuri": "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2019-01-31", "presentation": [ "http://www.thefirst.com/role/DocumentandEntityInformation" ], "xbrltype": "booleanItemType" } }, "unitCount": 0 } }, "std_ref": { "r0": { "Name": "Exchange Act", "Number": "240", "Publisher": "SEC", "Section": "13e", "Subsection": "4c" }, "r1": { "Name": "Exchange Act", "Number": "240", "Publisher": "SEC", "Section": "14d", "Subsection": "2b" }, "r2": { "Name": "Exchange Act", "Number": "240", "Publisher": "SEC", "Section": "14a", "Subsection": "12" }, "r3": { "Name": "Regulation 12B", "Number": "240", "Publisher": "SEC", "Section": "12", "Subsection": "b-2" }, "r4": { "Name": "Securities Act", "Number": "230", "Publisher": "SEC", "Section": "425" } }, "version": "2.1" } ZIP 16 0000765207-21-000024-xbrl.zip IDEA: XBRL DOCUMENT begin 644 0000765207-21-000024-xbrl.zip M4$L#!!0 ( $AIHU+N2QI-9@< 82 5 83@M:S(P,C$P-3 S97@Y M.3$N:'1MS5C;;N-&$GW?KZC(FYD$T-V:L64Y!FS9$QN1+\AH8^S3HDDVI5Z3 M;*6[:8W\]7NJFZ3DL;)!'A)D@+%-LNM^ZE21I]]#CM]2[GEW0]OYW1J-L?T-R(PBJG="&R7N_JKD6MI7.KDUYOO5YW MUX==;1:]^<\]5C7J95I;V4UA;AN5,NDV>UGM->N#[M>2.G MD4XV9Z>)>B:5_-!2A\./T8?C09H>CS^.1#P>?Y ?D_$P'1X>CI+AA_@_ SC9 MP_$@8]TFDS^TL-"H-!ZQZD2<#MNXO MUY4[D,]4(6OW!L/^MQ,GO[A.(F-M!-?HI"P2:?A4Z^SJRU)%RM%XW!V\=O7_ 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