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Vanguard® Global ESG Select Stock Fund
Schedule of Investments (unaudited)
As of October 31, 2023
The fund files its complete schedule of portfolio holdings with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for the first and third quarters of each fiscal year as an exhibit to its reports on Form N-PORT. The fund’s Form N-PORT reports are available on the SEC’s website at
          Shares Market
Common Stocks (99.0%)
Canada (1.9%)
  BCE Inc.   482,418  17,909
France (6.8%)
  Cie Generale des Etablissements Michelin SCA   952,717  28,304
  Schneider Electric SE   124,422  19,143
  L'Oreal SA    40,805  17,151
Hong Kong (2.3%)
  AIA Group Ltd. 2,488,719  21,611
Japan (5.2%)
  Recruit Holdings Co. Ltd. 1,064,100  30,511
  Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group Inc. 2,323,600  19,493
Netherlands (9.5%)
  DSM-Firmenich AG 330,524 29,964
  ING Groep NV 1,857,522 23,815
  ASML Holding NV 35,469 21,321
  Wolters Kluwer NV 123,457 15,840
Singapore (2.7%)
  DBS Group Holdings Ltd. 1,065,072 25,587
Spain (5.1%)
  Industria de Diseno Textil SA 757,781 26,157
  Iberdrola SA 2,024,237 22,514
Switzerland (2.4%)
  Novartis AG (Registered) 240,040 22,472
Taiwan (3.7%)
  Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. Ltd. 2,189,163 35,754
United Kingdom (8.5%)
  National Grid plc 2,106,564 25,116
  Compass Group plc 836,326 21,085
  Diageo plc 514,691 19,464
  GSK plc 870,758 15,523
United States (50.9%)
  Microsoft Corp. 165,701 56,025
  Deere & Co. 94,595 34,561

          Shares Market
  Visa Inc. Class A   142,025  33,390
  Northern Trust Corp.   502,998  33,153
  Texas Instruments Inc.   232,034  32,951
  Home Depot Inc.   103,661  29,511
  Cisco Systems Inc.   553,073  28,832
* Edwards Lifesciences Corp.   447,559  28,519
  Merck & Co. Inc.   258,298  26,527
  Accenture plc Class A    87,354  25,952
  Automatic Data Processing Inc.   105,046  22,923
  Prologis Inc.   223,786  22,546
  Colgate-Palmolive Co.   279,005  20,959
  Procter & Gamble Co.   138,312  20,751
  Weyerhaeuser Co.   722,414  20,726
  Danaher Corp.    97,146  18,654
  Progressive Corp. 100,999 15,967
  Trane Technologies plc 74,226 14,126
Total Common Stocks (Cost $888,231) 944,807
Temporary Cash Investments (0.5%)
Money Market Fund (0.5%)
1 Vanguard Market Liquidity Fund
(Cost $5,262)
5.420%   52,633 5,263
Total Investments (99.5%) (Cost $893,493)   950,070
Other Assets and Liabilities—Net (0.5%)   4,454
Net Assets (100%)   954,524
Cost is in $000.
* Non-income-producing security.
1 Affiliated money market fund available only to Vanguard funds and certain trusts and accounts managed by Vanguard. Rate shown is the 7-day yield.

A. Security Valuation: Securities are valued as of the close of trading on the New York Stock Exchange (generally 4 p.m., Eastern time) on the valuation date. Equity securities are valued at the latest quoted sales prices or official closing prices taken from the primary market in which each security trades; such securities not traded on the valuation date are valued at the mean of the latest quoted bid and asked prices. Securities for which market quotations are not readily available, or whose values have been affected by events occurring before the fund's pricing time but after the close of the securities’ primary markets, are valued by methods deemed by the valuation designee to represent fair value and subject to oversight by the board of trustees. These procedures include obtaining quotations from an independent pricing service, monitoring news to identify significant market- or security-specific events, and evaluating changes in the values of foreign market proxies (for example, ADRs, futures contracts, or exchange-traded funds), between the time the foreign markets close and the fund’s pricing time. When fair-value pricing is employed, the prices of securities used by a fund to calculate its net asset value may differ from quoted or published prices for the same securities. Investments in Vanguard Market Liquidity Fund are valued at that fund's net asset value.
B. Foreign Currency: Securities and other assets and liabilities denominated in foreign currencies are translated into U.S. dollars using exchange rates obtained from an independent third party as of the fund’s pricing time on the valuation date. Realized gains (losses) and unrealized appreciation (depreciation) on investment securities include the effects of changes in exchange rates since the securities were purchased, combined with the effects of changes in security prices. Fluctuations in the value of other assets and liabilities resulting from changes in exchange rates are recorded as unrealized foreign currency gains (losses) until the assets or liabilities are settled in cash, at which time they are recorded as realized foreign currency gains (losses).
C.  Various inputs may be used to determine the value of the fund’s investments. These inputs are summarized in three broad levels for financial statement purposes. The inputs or methodologies used to value securities are not necessarily an indication of the risk associated with investing in those securities.
Level 1—Quoted prices in active markets for identical securities.
Level 2—Other significant observable inputs (including quoted prices for similar securities, interest rates, prepayment speeds, credit risk, etc.).
Level 3—Significant unobservable inputs (including the fund’s own assumptions used to determine the fair value of investments). Any investments valued with significant unobservable inputs are noted on the Schedule of Investments.
The following table summarizes the market value of the fund's investments as of October 31, 2023, based on the inputs used to value them:
  Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Common Stocks—North and South America 503,982 503,982
Common Stocks—Other 440,825 440,825
Temporary Cash Investments 5,263 5,263
Total 509,245 440,825 950,070