EX-21.1 2 v433077_ex21-1.htm EXHIBIT 21.1


Exhibit 21.1


Subsidiaries of STAAR Surgical Company


Name of Subsidiary  

Other Names Under

Which it Does Business


State or Other

Jurisdiction of Incorporation

STAAR Surgical AG   None   Switzerland
STAAR Japan Inc.   STAAR Japan Godo Kaisha   Japan
STAAR Surgical Cayman, Inc.   None   Cayman Islands
STAAR Surgical PTE. LTD   None   Singapore
STAAR Optical Equipment Technology (Shanghai) Co., LTD   None   China
STAAR Surgical AG, Sucursal en España   None   Spain
STAAR Surgical AG Niederlassung Germany   None   Germany
Circuit Tree Medical, Inc.   None   California