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Modine Announces Termination of Securities and Asset Purchase Agreement for Liquid-Cooled Automotive Business

Company is now free to apply 80/20 principles to optimize margin profile
Racine, WI – October 25, 2021 – Modine Manufacturing Company (NYSE: MOD or the “Company”), a diversified global leader in thermal management technology and solutions, today announced that the Company has reached a mutual agreement with Dana Incorporated to terminate the Securities and Asset Purchase Agreement for the liquid-cooled portion of the Company’s Automotive business. Both companies had been actively engaged in the regulatory review process in Germany for many months and have decided that it is no longer in the best interest of either party to pursue the transaction further.

Our team has worked diligently to divest this portion of our automotive business and we could not reach an agreement that would receive the necessary regulatory approval,” said Neil D. Brinker, President and CEO. “During these past several months, we planned for this possibility and developed a robust plan.  We are ready to make significant changes to this business, particularly in response to the lower production volumes resulting from the global semiconductor shortage.  During the period that the business was held for sale, we were prohibited from taking actions to substantially change the business.  Now that we have terminated the agreement, we can apply an 80/20 lens to this business and make the changes necessary to significantly reduce costs and improve operating margins.  This includes focusing resources on the products where we have a sustainable competitive position and that support our profitability targets.  We expect this new approach to be more financially beneficial to Modine and drive long-term value for our shareholders.”

The Company plans to initiate measures to reduce costs and capital expenditures in areas where the Company does not have a competitive position.  The ultimate goal is to optimize profit margins and cash flows while providing a more value-added focus to key customers.

Brinker concluded, “Over the past year, we have made important steps toward creating a stronger Modine. We are organizing our business to accelerate growth and have named experienced leaders for our business units. Our 80/20 initiative is driving important decisions and is beginning to yield tangible improvements across the business. Today’s announcement is consistent with this overall strategy and we believe that it will help to accelerate Modine’s transformation.  Our vehicular strategy is just one element of our transformation story.  We are also providing additional resources to grow other businesses that have strong market drivers, including electric vehicles, data centers, heating, indoor air quality and coatings. Collectively these initiatives will help Modine to become a higher margin, higher growth and less capital intensive business. We are excited about the prospects of furthering each of these core tenets and driving long-term value for all of our stakeholders.”


About Modine

Modine, with fiscal 2021 revenues of $1.8 billion, specializes in thermal management systems and components, bringing highly engineered heating and cooling components, original equipment products, and systems to diversified global markets through its four complementary segments: BHVAC, CIS, HDE, and Automotive. Modine is a global company headquartered in Racine, Wisconsin (USA), with operations in North America, South America, Europe and Asia. For more information about Modine, visit www.modine.com.

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