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Date: August 20, 2020

Analog Devices CEO Vincent Roche Interview on “Mad Money”


19 August 2020


Jim Cramer: After about half a year of anemic merger activity last month, we learned that Analog Devices, one of our favorites, the big semiconductor company with exposure to cars, aerospace, defense, consumer products, telecommunications, especially the Internet of Things, is acquiring Maxim Integrated Products for $21 billion in stock. This was a wow for me. I wanted to hear from these guys ever since this transaction was announced. Semiconductors are one of the hottest parts of the market. And this combination will make Analog Devices an even bigger player in high performance analog chips. Now we know the company is in good shape, they pre-announced some great numbers in mid-July when they put the deal together. And then they beat the already raised estimates when they reported their full results today. But what’s the future like after the Maxim Integrated Products deal? Let’s drill down with Vince Roche, he’s the president and CEO of Analog Devices, to get a better sense of the quarter and the massive acquisition. Mr. Roche, welcome back to Mad Money.

Vincent Roche, Analog Devices CEO: Thank you, Jim. Great to be here.

Jim Cramer: I’ve got to tell you, Vince, I love your mosaic of business. We’re talking consumer, automotive, industrial communications. But it looks like this communications part is an annuity stream. You are embedded in pretty much everything that’s coming 5G. I don’t know anyone who has more, let’s say just an annuity stream than you do in 5G. How did you get that?

Vincent Roche, Analog Devices CEO: Well, thank you. Well, it’s over multiple generations, Jim. We’ve been playing the base station market. We play in the radio parts and we’ve been playing in the base station markets since—actually since 1G. I’ve been with the company for 30 plus years. So, I’ve been involved in 2G, 3G, 4G and now 5G. So, it’s accumulated expertise and knowledge, an increasingly complex suite of technology, sophisticated technologies that we bring to bear. So, a lot of domain know-how, knowledge as to how to build these radios in a format that, you know, increases performance generation by generation, decreases power, decreases cost, decreases footprint. So, it’s accumulated knowledge and capability over decades.

Jim Cramer: And I know that with Maxi, it’s only going to get better. One of the things that I loved about your deck when the deal came out is that 4G to 5G is equal to four times the content opportunity for your company. I mean, I think that this is how we’re going to be thinking of Analog, even though there’s other things I like just as much.

Vincent Roche, Analog Devices CEO: Yeah, well, each generation becomes more complex and there are many, many more channels for radio in a 5G system versus a 4G system. You’ve got massive MIMO, these antenna systems—being steering systems. 5G also has microwave technology for point to point communication. So, it’s a huge upgrade in terms of the opportunity for the company. And we’re very, very well-positioned with the technologies to be able to spend the gigahertz spectrum right down into the bits.

Jim Cramer: Another thing that I like, it’s not what people want to talk about, but I want to talk about. I don’t think automotive is going to be kept down for long. I think automotive is about to be the next leg of this bull market if automotive comes back. There’s a tremendous amount of business that Analog will do, correct?

Vincent Roche, Analog Devices CEO: Well, that’s correct. We focus on the carbon electronics, we focus on the electric vehicle, for example, and we have a lot of great power management technologies that we bring to bear. So, you know, there is increasing content. Semiconductors and software are really the future of cars. That’s the way to think about it. So, all the intelligence, the whole bedrock of what’s in the car in terms of the user experience, the intelligence, the driving experience, that is all being, if you like, enabled by semiconductors and software these days. So, that content is increasing year by year. And, you know, we play at the interface between the physical world and the digital world. There are more and more sensors being used, more and more actuation being done. So, we see it as a great opportunity for ADI and a great intersection between the technologies we have and the needs of the car companies.

Jim Cramer: Right now, we know that the future belongs to the electric vehicle. All of our viewers are possessed by this and they all want me to recommend EV-play, so to speak. I want to do a company that’s kind of the, let’s say, the arms version, which is battery management. You guys own battery management. That’s in all EV cars.

Vincent Roche, Analog Devices CEO: We have a very strong position, we are the provider of the highest performance, the most accurate measurement of the battery charge and the battery state, and we’re on our fifth generation now. We’ve just introduced a wireless version of that metrology system, which enables the reduction of wiring harnesses, for example, in the battery, takes the weight down, takes reliability up, takes cost down. And it enables the configuration of these battery systems in many, many different formats. So, I see many generations, many years of upside as the penetration of the electric car these days, as you know, is quite small as a portion of overall car. I think we have a long way to go in the very early innings of the electric car. But my sense is, over the next 10 years, perhaps 20% of vehicles will be electric from kind of 1% to 2% today.

Jim Cramer: And one last thing, everyone seems to be on these earnings calls captivated by your China exposure and what’s at stake. I think that’s actually a reason why your stocks not higher. People should forget about that. What they should be thinking about is that you’re indispensable, not that you’re a political football. I don’t know why they drill down on that. Do you agree with my analysis?



Vincent Roche, Analog Devices CEO: I think that’s correct. We’re an innovation centric company. We’ve been innovating for 55 years and we are highly diversified geographically from a product standpoint. We have 45, 50,000 product SKUs. We serve many, many hundreds of different applications. And wherever high performance, Analog is needed, irrespective of the geography, we’ll be there. So my sense is perhaps people are paying too much attention to the China exposure, but we are ubiquitous and pervasive in all applications at the high end.

Jim Cramer: Well, I think this deal is going to be as fabulous as the last couple, which I recommended then each time, because you are so good at this. Vince Roche is the president and CEO of Analog Devices. Great to see you, sir.

Vincent Roche, Analog Devices CEO: Thank you, Jim. Good to see you too.

Jim Cramer: If you want a lower risk semiconductor company that’s just going to go up over time, its Analog Devices. ADI. I used to just say that about Texas Instruments, but these guys had done some great acquisitions and it is going to make them grow faster.

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