EX-21 2 tv525138_ex21.htm EXHIBIT 21


Exhibit 21




Name   Jurisdiction of
AMREP Corporation (Registrant)   Oklahoma
  American Republic Investment Co.   Delaware
    AMREP Southwest Inc.   New Mexico
      Outer Rim Investments, Inc.   New Mexico
        Two Commerce LLC   Florida
      AMREPCO Inc.   Colorado
      Las Fuentes Village II, LLC   New Mexico
      Lomas Encantadas Development Company, LLC   New Mexico
      Hawksite 27 Development Company, LLC   New Mexico
      Enchanted Hills Development Company, LLC   New Mexico
      Southwest Mineral Company, LLC   New Mexico
    Commerce Blvd Holdings, LLC   Florida
    Palm Coast Data Holdco, Inc.   Delaware


Certain subsidiaries have been omitted from this list. These subsidiaries, when considered in the aggregate as a single subsidiary, do not constitute a significant subsidiary as defined in Rule 1-02(w) of Regulation S-X.