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Form 497 - Definitive materials:
SEC Accession No. 0001144204-18-051465
Filing Date
2018-09-28 12:56:32
Effectiveness Date

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Seq Description Document Type Size
1 497 tv502741_497.htm 497 5434
  Complete submission text file 0001144204-18-051465.txt   874611

Data Files

Seq Description Document Type Size
2 XBRL INSTANCE DOCUMENT hmfiic-20180911.xml EX-101.INS 101008
3 XBRL TAXONOMY EXTENSION SCHEMA hmfiic-20180911.xsd EX-101.SCH 27943
5 XBRL TAXONOMY EXTENSION LABEL LINKBASE hmfiic-20180911_lab.xml EX-101.LAB 70402

Series and Classes/Contracts Information:

  Status Name Ticker Symbol
CIK 0000049905      
Series S000054851   Hartford Schroders US Small/Mid Cap Opportunities Fund
Class/Contract C000172557   Class A SMDVX
Class/Contract C000172558   Class C HFDCX
Class/Contract C000172559   Class I SMDIX
Class/Contract C000172560   Class R3 HFDRX
Class/Contract C000172561   Class R4 HFDSX
Class/Contract C000172562   Class R5 HFDTX
Class/Contract C000172563   Class Y HFDYX
Class/Contract C000172564   Class SDR SMDRX
Class/Contract C000185815   Class F HFDFX
Class/Contract C000185816   Class T HFDLX
  Status Name Ticker Symbol
CIK 0000049905      
Series S000054853   Hartford Schroders Emerging Markets Equity Fund
Class/Contract C000172570   Class A SEMVX
Class/Contract C000172571   Class C HHHCX
Class/Contract C000172572   Class I SEMNX
Class/Contract C000172573   Class R3 HHHRX
Class/Contract C000172574   Class R4 HHHSX
Class/Contract C000172575   Class R5 HHHTX
Class/Contract C000172576   Class Y HHHYX
Class/Contract C000172577   Class SDR SEMTX
Class/Contract C000185819   Class F HHHFX
Class/Contract C000185820   Class T HHHLX
  Status Name Ticker Symbol
CIK 0000049905      
Series S000054854   Hartford Schroders Emerging Markets Multi-Sector Bond Fund
Class/Contract C000172578   Class A SMSVX
Class/Contract C000172579   Class C HFZCX
Class/Contract C000172580   Class I SMSNX
Class/Contract C000172581   Class R3 HFZRX
Class/Contract C000172582   Class R4 HFZSX
Class/Contract C000172583   Class R5 HFZTX
Class/Contract C000172584   Class Y HFZYX
Class/Contract C000172585   Class SDR SMSRX
Class/Contract C000185821   Class F HFZFX
Class/Contract C000185822   Class T HFZLX
  Status Name Ticker Symbol
CIK 0000049905      
Series S000054856   Hartford Schroders Global Strategic Bond Fund
Class/Contract C000172594   Class A SGBVX
Class/Contract C000172595   Class C HSBCX
Class/Contract C000172596   Class I SGBNX
Class/Contract C000172597   Class R3 HSBRX
Class/Contract C000172598   Class R4 HSBSX
Class/Contract C000172599   Class R5 HSBTX
Class/Contract C000172600   Class Y HSBYX
Class/Contract C000172601   Class SDR SGBJX
Class/Contract C000185825   Class F HSBFX
Class/Contract C000185826   Class T HSBLX
  Status Name Ticker Symbol
CIK 0000049905      
Series S000054857   Hartford Schroders International Stock Fund
Class/Contract C000172602   Class A SCVEX
Class/Contract C000172603   Class C HSWCX
Class/Contract C000172604   Class I SCIEX
Class/Contract C000172605   Class R3 HSWRX
Class/Contract C000172606   Class R4 HSWSX
Class/Contract C000172607   Class R5 HSWTX
Class/Contract C000172608   Class Y HSWYX
Class/Contract C000172609   Class SDR SCIJX
Class/Contract C000185827   Class F HSWFX
Class/Contract C000185828   Class T HSWLX
  Status Name Ticker Symbol
CIK 0000049905      
Series S000054858   Hartford Schroders International Multi-Cap Value Fund
Class/Contract C000172610   Class A SIDVX
Class/Contract C000172611   Class C HFYCX
Class/Contract C000172612   Class I SIDNX
Class/Contract C000172613   Class R3 HFYRX
Class/Contract C000172614   Class R4 HFYSX
Class/Contract C000172615   Class R5 HFYTX
Class/Contract C000172616   Class Y HFYYX
Class/Contract C000172617   Class SDR SIDRX
Class/Contract C000185829   Class F HFYFX
Class/Contract C000185830   Class T HFYLX
  Status Name Ticker Symbol
CIK 0000049905      
Series S000054859   Hartford Schroders US Small Cap Opportunities Fund
Class/Contract C000172618   Class A SCUVX
Class/Contract C000172619   Class C HOOCX
Class/Contract C000172620   Class I SCUIX
Class/Contract C000172621   Class R3 HOORX
Class/Contract C000172622   Class R4 HOOSX
Class/Contract C000172623   Class R5 HOOTX
Class/Contract C000172624   Class Y HOOYX
Class/Contract C000172625   Class SDR SCURX
Class/Contract C000185831   Class F HOOFX
Class/Contract C000185832   Class T HOOLX
Mailing Address 690 LEE ROAD WAYNE PA 19087
Business Address 690 LEE ROAD WAYNE PA 19087 610-386-4068
HARTFORD MUTUAL FUNDS II INC (Filer) CIK: 0000049905 (see all company filings)

IRS No.: 416009937 | State of Incorp.: MD | Fiscal Year End: 1031
Type: 497 | Act: 33 | File No.: 002-11387 | Film No.: 181093328