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Financing Receivables and Operating Leases (Policies)
6 Months Ended
Apr. 30, 2011
Financing Receivables and Operating Leases  
Receivables Financing Allowance and Reserves Policy

HP establishes an allowance for doubtful accounts to ensure financing receivables are not overstated due to uncollectability. The allowance balance is comprised of a general reserve, which is determined based on a percentage of the financing receivables balance, and a specific reserve, which is established for certain accounts with identified exposures, such as customer default, bankruptcy or other events, that make it unlikely that HP will recover its investment in the lease. The general reserve percentages are maintained on a regional basis and are based on several factors, which include consideration of historical credit losses and portfolio delinquencies, trends in the overall weighted-average risk rating of the portfolio, and information derived from competitive benchmarking. 

        Accounts are generally put on non-accrual status (cessation of interest accrual) when they reach 90 days past due. In certain circumstances, such as when the delinquency is deemed to be of an administrative nature, accounts may still accrue interest when they reach 90 days past due. A write-off or specific reserve is generally recorded when an account reaches 180 days past due.