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Statement of Additional Information Supplement  November 25, 2016 


Putnam Global Health Care Fund
Statement of Additional Information dated December 30, 2015

The sub-sections Other accounts managed and Ownership of securities in the PORTFOLIO MANAGERS section are supplemented effective November 15, 2016 to reflect that the fund’s portfolio managers are now Isabel Buccellati, Samuel Cox and Michael Maguire. These sub-sections are also supplemented with regards solely to Mr. Maguire as follows:

Other accounts managed

The following table shows the number and approximate assets of other investment accounts (or portions of investment accounts) that the fund’s portfolio manager managed as of October 31, 2016. The other accounts may include accounts for which this individual was not designated as a portfolio manager. Unless noted, none of the other accounts pays a fee based on the account's performance.

          Other accounts (including 
          separate accounts, managed 
      Other accounts that pool  account programs and 
Portfolio  Other SEC-registered open-  assets from more than one  single-sponsor defined 
manager  end and closed-end funds  client  contribution plan offerings) 

  Number    Number    Number   
  of    of    of   
  accounts  Assets  accounts  Assets  accounts  Assets 

Michael Maguire  0  $0  2  $11,900,000  1  $1,000,000 


Ownership of securities

The dollar range of shares of the fund owned by the portfolio manager as of October 31, 2016, including investments by immediate family members and amounts invested through retirement and deferred compensation plans, was as follows:

Portfolio manager  Dollar range of shares owned 

Michael Maguire  $0