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Entity Name



of Organization

   % Ownership  

LTX-Credence (Deutschland) GmbH

   Germany      100  

Wholly owned Subsidiaries:


atg-Luther & Maelzer GmbH

   Germany      100  

Multitest GmbH

   Germany      100  

atg-Luther & Maelzer Asia Ltd.

   Taiwan      100  

Multitest elektronische Systeme GmbH

   Germany      100  

LTX-Credence France S.A.S.

   France      100  

LTX-Credence Italia S.r.l

   Italy      100  

LTX Asia International, Inc.

   Delaware      100  

Wholly owned subsidiary:


LTX (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

   China      100  

LTX-Credence Sdn BhD.

   Malaysia      100  

Wholly owned subsidiaries:


Multitest Electronic Systems (Philippines) Corporation

   Philippines      100  

Multitest Electronic Systems (Penang) Sdn. Bhd.

   Malaysia      100  


   Delaware      100  

Multitest Electronic Systems Inc.

   Delaware      100  

Everett Charles Technologies LLC

   Delaware      100  

Credence Capital Corporation

   California      100  

Xcerra International Inc. .

   Delaware      100  

Wholly owned subsidiary:


Credence Systems Korea Ltd.

   South Korea      100  

Credence International Ltd.

   British Virgin Islands      100  

Wholly owned subsidiaries:


Credence Malta Limited

   Malta      100  

LTX-Credence Singapore Pte Ltd.

   Singapore      100  

NPTest de Costa Rica SA.

   Costa Rica      100  

Test Solutions (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.

   China      100  

Everett Charles Technologies (Shenzhen) Limited

   China      100  

LTX-Credence Systems KK

   Japan      100  

Credence Semiconductor Test System (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

   China      100  

Xcerra (Thailand) Company Limited

   Thailand      100  

Credence Systems (M) Sdn BhD

   Malaysia      100  

Everett Charles Technologies Board Test Manufacturing Limited Company

   Hungary      100  

Credence Systems (UK) Limited

   United Kingdom      100  

LTX-Credence Armenia L.L.C.

   Republic of Armenia      100  

Everett Charles Technologies Mexico, S. de R.L. de C.V.

   Mexico      100