EX-21 6 d341264dex21.htm SUBSIDIARIES OF THE REGISTRANT Subsidiaries of the Registrant
EXHIBIT 21   Subsidiaries of the Registrant



Entity Name   Jurisdiction of Formation  
Air Max Limited     Bermuda   
All Star C.V.     Netherlands   
American NIKE S.L.     Spain   
BRS NIKE Taiwan, Inc.     Taiwan   
Cole Haan     Maine   
Cole Haan Company Store     Maine   
Cole Haan Hong Kong Limited     Hong Kong   
Cole Haan Japan, Inc.     Japan   
Converse (Asia Pacific) Limited     Hong Kong   
Converse Canada Corp.     Canada   
Converse Canada Holding B.V.     Netherlands   
Converse Europe Limited     United Kingdom   
Converse Footwear Technical Service (Zhongshan) Co., Ltd.     People’s Republic of China   
Converse Holdings LLC     Delaware   
Converse Hong Kong Holding Company Limited     Hong Kong   
Converse Hong Kong Limited     Hong Kong   
Converse Inc.     Delaware   
Converse Netherlands B.V.     Netherlands   
Converse Sporting Goods (China) Co., Ltd.     People’s Republic of China   
Converse Trading Company B.V.     Netherlands   
Exeter Brands Group LLC     Oregon   
Futbol Club Barcelona, S.L.     Spain   
Hurley 999, S.L.     Spain   
Hurley Australia Pty Ltd     Australia   
Hurley International Holding B.V.     Netherlands   
Hurley International LLC     Oregon   
Juventus Merchandising S.r.l.     Italy   
LATAM Servicos de Licenciamento Esportivo Ltda.     Brazil   
Manchester United Merchandising Limited     United Kingdom   
NIKE 360 Holding B.V.     Netherlands   
NIKE Argentina Srl     Argentina   
NIKE Asia Holding B.V.     Netherlands   
NIKE Australia Holding B.V.     Netherlands   
NIKE Australia Pty. Ltd.     Australia   
NIKE BH B.V.     Netherlands   
NIKE CA LLC     Delaware   
NIKE Canada Corp.     Canada   
NIKE Canada Holding B.V.     Netherlands   
NIKE Chile B.V.     Netherlands   
NIKE China Holding HK Limited     Hong Kong   
NIKE Commercial (China) Co., Ltd.     China   
NIKE Cortez     Bermuda   
NIKE CR d.o.o     Croatia   
NIKE Czech s.r.o.     Czech Republic   
NIKE de Chile Ltda.     Chile   
NIKE de Mexico S de R.L. de C.V.     Mexico   
NIKE Denmark ApS     Denmark   
NIKE Deutschland GmbH     Germany   
NIKE do Brasil Comercio e Participacoes Ltda.     Brazil   
NIKE Dunk Holding B.V.     Netherlands   
NIKE Europe Holding B.V.     Netherlands   
NIKE European Operations Netherlands B.V.     Netherlands   
NIKE Finance Ltd.     Bermuda   
NIKE Finland OY     Finland   
NIKE Flight     Bermuda   
NIKE France S.A.S.     France   
NIKE Galaxy Holding B.V.     Netherlands   
NIKE Global Holding B.V.     Netherlands   
NIKE Global Services PTE. LTD.     Singapore   

Entity Name   Jurisdiction of Formation  
NIKE Global Trading PTE. LTD.     Singapore   
NIKE GmbH.     Austria   
NIKE Group Holding B.V.     Netherlands   
NIKE Hellas EPE     Greece   
NIKE Holding, LLC     Delaware   
NIKE Hong Kong Limited     Hong Kong   
NIKE Huarache     Bermuda   
NIKE Hungary LLC     Hungary   
NIKE Ignite, LLC     Delaware   
NIKE -IHM, Inc.     Missouri   
NIKE India Holding B.V.     Netherlands   
NIKE India Private Limited     India   
NIKE International Holding B.V.     Netherlands   
NIKE International Holding, Inc.     Delaware   
NIKE International LLC     Delaware   
NIKE International Ltd.     Bermuda   
NIKE Israel Ltd.     Israel   
NIKE Italy S.R.L.     Italy   
NIKE Japan Corp.     Japan   
NIKE Japan Group LLC     Japan   
NIKE Jump Ltd.     Bermuda   
NIKE Korea LLC     Korea   
NIKE Laser Holding B.V.     Netherlands   
NIKE Lavadome     Bermuda   
NIKE Licenciamentos do Brasil, Ltda.     Brazil   
NIKE Logistics Yugen Kaisha     Japan   
NIKE Max LLC     Delaware   
NIKE Mexico Holdings, LLC     Delaware   
NIKE New Zealand Company     New Zealand   
NIKE Norway AS     Norway   
NIKE NZ Holding B.V.     Netherlands   
NIKE Offshore Holding B.V.     Netherlands   
NIKE Pegasus     Bermuda   
NIKE Philippines, Inc.     Philippines   
NIKE Poland Sp.zo.o     Poland   
NIKE Retail B.V.     Netherlands   
NIKE Retail Hellas Ltd.     Greece   
NIKE Retail LLC     Russia   
NIKE Retail Poland sp. z o. o.     Poland   
NIKE Retail Services, Inc.     Oregon   
NIKE Retail Turkey     Turkey   
NIKE Russia LLC     Russia   
NIKE Servicios de Mexico S. de R.L. de C.V.     Mexico   
NIKE Slovakia s.r.o.     Slovakia   
NIKE Sourcing India Private Limited     India   
NIKE Sourcing (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd.     China   
NIKE South Africa (Proprietary) Limited     South Africa   
NIKE South Africa Holdings LLC     Delaware   
NIKE Sphere C.V.     Netherlands   
NIKE Sports (China) Company, Ltd.     People’s Republic of China   
NIKE Sports Korea Co., Ltd.     South Korea   
NIKE Suzhou Holding HK Limited     Hong Kong   
NIKE (Suzhou) Sports Company, Ltd.     People’s Republic of China   
NIKE Sweden AB     Sweden   
NIKE (Switzerland) GmbH     Switzerland   
NIKE Tailwind     Bermuda   
NIKE Taiwan Limited  
NIKE (Thailand) Limited     Thailand   
NIKE TN, Inc.     Oregon   
NIKE Trading Company B.V.     Netherlands   



Entity Name   Jurisdiction of Formation  
NIKE UK Holding B.V.     Netherlands   
NIKE (UK) Limited     United Kingdom   
NIKE USA, Inc.     Oregon   
NIKE Vapor Ltd.     United Kingdom   
NIKE Victory Cooperatief U.A.     Netherlands   
NIKE Vietnam Limited Liability Company     Vietnam   
NIKE Vision, Timing and Techlab, LP     Texas   
NIKE Vomero Cooperatief U.A.     Netherlands   
NIKE Waffle     Bermuda   
NIKE Wholesale LLC     Slovenia   
NIKE Zoom LLC     Delaware   
PT Hurley Indonesia     Indonesia   
PT NIKE Indonesia     Indonesia   
Savier, Inc.     Oregon   
Triax Insurance, Inc.     Hawaii   
Twin Dragons Global Limited     Hong Kong   
Twin Dragons Holding B.V.     Netherlands   
Umbro Asia Sourcing Limited     Hong Kong   
Umbro Corp.     Delaware   
Umbro Finance Limited     United Kingdom   
Umbro Hong Kong Limited     Hong Kong   
Umbro International Holdings Limited     United Kingdom   
Umbro International JV     Delaware   
Umbro International Limited     United Kingdom   
Umbro JV Limited     United Kingdom   
Umbro Licensing Limited     United Kingdom   
Umbro Ltd.     United Kingdom   
Umbro Schweiz Limited     United Kingdom   
Umbro Sportwear Limited     United Kingdom   
Umbro Worldwide Limited     United Kingdom   
Umbro.com     United Kingdom   
Yugen Kaisha Hurley Japan     Japan