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Capitalisation and Indebtedness
Exhibit 99.1
The following table sets out the Barclays Bank Group’s capitalisation, indebtedness and contingent liabilities on a consolidated basis, in accordance with IFRS, as at 31 December 2023.
As at 31 December(000)
Share Capital of Barclays Bank PLC
Ordinary shares - issued and fully paid shared of £1 each2,342,559
Preference shares - issued and fully paid shares of U.S.$100 each58
Preference shares - issued and fully paid shares of €100 each32
Group equity
Called up share capital and share premium2,348
Other equity instruments10,765
Other reserves(363)
Retained earnings47,754
Total equity60,504
Group indebtedness
Subordinated liabilities35,903
Debt securities in issue45,653
Total indebtedness81,556
Total capitalisation and indebtedness142,060
Group contingent liabilities and commitments
Guarantees and letters of credit pledged as collateral security17,578
Performance guarantees, acceptances and endorsements9,251
Total contingent liabilities26,829
Documentary credits and other short-term trade related transactions2,352
Standby facilities, credit lines and other commitments335,583
Total commitments337,935
Barclays Bank PLC 2023 Annual Report on Form 20-F 1