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Capitalisation and Indebtedness
Exhibit 99.1
The following table sets out the Group’s capitalisation, indebtedness and contingent liabilities on a consolidated basis, in accordance with IFRS, as at 31 December 2023.
As at 31 Decemberm
Share Capital of Barclays PLC
Ordinary shares - issued and fully paid shares of £0.25 each15,155
Group equity
Called up share capital and share premium4,288
Other equity instruments13,259
Other reserves(77)
Retained earnings53,734
Total equity excluding non-controlling interests71,204
Non-controlling interests660
Total equity71,864
Group indebtedness
Subordinated liabilities10,494
Debt securities in issue96,825
Total indebtedness107,319
Total capitalisation and indebtedness179,183
Group contingent liabilities and commitments
Guarantees and letters of credit pledged as collateral security17,353
Performance guarantees, acceptances and endorsements7,987
Total contingent liabilities25,340
Documentary credits and other short-term trade related transactions2,352
Standby facilities, credit lines and other commitments388,085
Total commitments390,437