0000024741 CORNING INC /NY false --12-31 FY 2021 42 46 13,969 13,663 100 100 10,000,000 10,000,000 0 2,300 0.50 0.50 3.8 3.8 1.8 1.7 970 961 0.80 42,500 0.88 42,500 0.96 10,625 50 1.1 120 120 120 120 8.875 8.875 2.90 2.90 3.70 3.70 7.66 7.66 3.90 3.90 5.45 5.45 0.698 0.698 0.722 0.722 0.992 0.992 1.043 1.043 1.153 1.153 1.513 1.513 6.85 1.219 1.219 7.25 7.25 4.70 4.70 1.583 1.583 5.75 5.75 4.75 4.75 5.35 5.35 4.375 4.375 5.85 5.85 4.4 4.4 4.33 4.33 0 0 0 3 0 5 5 5 507 1 5 1 10 1 10 3 21 These accumulated other comprehensive loss components are included in net periodic pension cost. Refer to Note 13 (Employee Retirement Plans) to the consolidated financial statements for additional details. The Company obtained a controlling interest in HSG during the third quarter of 2020 and has consolidated results in "All Other" as of September 9, 2020. Included in this amount are approximately $36 million, $58 million and $54 million of interest costs that were capitalized as part of property, plant and equipment, net of accumulated depreciation, in 2021, 2020 and 2019, respectively. Included in other liabilities. Primarily represents the equity earnings of HSG prior to September 9, 2020. Refer to Note 3 (Investments) and Note 4 (HSG Transactions and Acquisitions) to the consolidated financial statements for more information. The goodwill recognized is not deductible for U.S. income tax purposes. The goodwill was allocated to "All Other" within segment reporting as disclosed in Note 20 (Reportable Segments) to the consolidated financial statements for more information. For the years ended December 31, 2021 and 2020, the Preferred Stock was anti-dilutive and therefore excluded from the calculation of diluted earnings per share. Primarily represents the gain recognized from the initial public offering of an investment in the fourth quarter of 2020. Principle payments for finance leases have been classified as an investing outflow, and cash payments for operating leases, along with interest payments for finance leases, have been classified as an operating outflow on the consolidated statements of cash flows. Long-lived assets primarily include investments, plant and equipment, goodwill and other intangible assets. This amount primarily represents the impact of foreign currency adjustments in the Display Technologies segment. Amount represents the negative impact of a cumulative adjustment to reduce revenue by $105 million recorded during the first quarter of 2020. The adjustment was associated with a previously recorded commercial benefit asset, reflected as a prepayment, to a customer with a long-term supply agreement that substantially exited its production of LCD panels. Includes non-current corporate assets, including goodwill, other intangible assets, pension assets, long-term derivative assets, operating leases and deferred income taxes. Other liabilities as of December 31, 2021 include a $17 million put option pursuant to the Share Repurchase Agreement with SDC, which was measured using significant other observable (Level 2) inputs. Refer to Note 17 (Shareholders' Equity) to the consolidated financial statements for additional information A loss of $14 million was reclassified from accumulated other comprehensive loss into other expense, net, resulting from the de-designation of certain cash flow hedges during the year ended December 31, 2020. Research, development and engineering expenses include direct project spending that is identifiable to a segment. The estimate of interest payments assumes interest is paid through the date of maturity or expiration of the related debt, based upon stated rates in there spective debt instruments. Denominational currencies for average rate forward contracts include the Chinese yuan and British pound. Tax effect of reclassifications are disclosed separately within this footnote. Includes HSG’s net sales and long-lived assets as of December 31, 2021 and 2020. Refer to Note 3 (Investments) and Note 4 (HSG Transactions and Acquisitions) to the consolidated financial statements for more information. Debentures are stated at maturity value and excludes interest rate swap gains or losses and bond discounts. Activity reflected in cost of sales. Incometax (provision) benefit reflects a tax rate of 21%. Refer to Note 17 (Shareholders' Equity) and Note 18 (Earnings per Common Share) to the consolidated financial statements for additional information. Many of Corning’s administrative and staff functions are performed on a centralized basis. Where practicable, Corning charges these expenses to segments based upon the extent to which each business uses a centralized function. Other staff functions, such as corporate finance, human resources and legal, are allocated to segments, primarily as a percentage of sales. Expenses that are not allocated to the segments are included in the reconciliation of reportable segment net income (loss) to consolidated net income. This category includes industrial, office, apartments, hotels, infrastructure and retail investments which are limited partnerships predominately in the U.S. The inputs are valued by discounted cash flow analysis; comparable sale analysis and periodic external appraisals. Derivative assets and liabilities include foreign exchange contracts which are measured using observable inputs for similar assets and liabilities. Represents other corporate investments. Asset balance does not include equity method affiliate liability balance of $270 million for HSG in 2019. HSG became a fully consolidated subsidiary of Corning on September 9, 2020. Japanese yen-denominated option contracts include zero-cost collars, purchased call options and put options. With respect to the zero-cost collars, the gross notional amount includes the value of both the put and call options. However, due to the nature of the zero-cost collars, only the put or the call option can be exercised at maturity. Amounts in parentheses indicate debits to the statement of income. This amount primarily represents the impact of foreign currency adjustments in the Display Technologies, Environmental Technologies and Life Sciences segments. Other foreign currencies option contracts are purchased basket options that include a basket of underlying currencies, including the Japanese yen, South Korean won, Chinese yuan, euro and British pound, and each basket option will be settled against USD. Adjustments to retained earnings include the effect of the accounting changes recorded for the adoption of the new standard for reclassification of stranded tax effects in accumulated other comprehensive loss in the amount of $53 million and the impact of an equity affiliate's adoption of the new revenue standard in January 2019. A net reduction of $186 million net of tax was recorded to beginning retained earnings for performance obligations of which a significant amount settled by the end of 2019. Depreciation expense for Corning’s reportable segments includes an allocation of depreciation of corporate property not specifically identifiable to a segment. Represents corporate property not specifically identifiable to an operating segment. Included in other assets. Amount represents the pre-tax gain recorded on Corning’s previously held equity investment in HSG recorded in 2020. Refer to Note 4 (HSG Transactions and Acquisitions) to the consolidated financial statements for additional information on this transaction. Segment assets include inventory, accounts receivable, property, plant and equipment, net of accumulated depreciation, and associated equity companies. HSGa ssets are included as of December 31, 2020. Refer to Note 12 (Debt) to the consolidated financial statements for additional information on the bond redemption loss. Includes current corporate assets, including cash, other receivables, prepaid expenses and current portion of long-term derivative assets. Includes $52 million that was recognized during the first quarter of 2019 due to adoption of the new standard related to Income Statement - Reporting Comprehensive Income, which allows for reclassification from accumulated other comprehensive loss to retained earnings for stranded tax effects. The other current and non-current assets included a contingent consideration asset of $20 million at fair value for a cost adjustment contract related to the TCS Transaction. Refer to Note 16 (Fair Value Measurements) to the consolidated financial statements for additional information. At December 31, 2021, $80 million was included on the consolidated balance sheets related to uncertain tax positions. Refer to Note 2 (Restructuring, Impairment and Other Charges and Credits) to the consolidated financial statements for additional information on restructuring activities and impairment. Refer to Note 4 (HSG Transactions and Acquisitions) to the consolidated financial statements for more information. The purchase price used to measure the goodwill of the Redemption is $352 million, including the fair value of Corning’s previously held equity interest and non-controlling interest, in the amount of $250 million and $102 million, respectively. Amount does not include research, development, and engineering expense related to restructuring, impairment and other charges and credits. This category includes venture capital, leverage buyouts and distressed debt limited partnerships invested primarily in U.S. companies. The inputs are valuedby discounted cash flow analysis and comparable sale analysis. Excludes interest rate swap gains, bond discounts and deferred expenses. Other is comprised of intangible assets related to developed technologies and intellectual know-how. Net sales are attributed to countries based on location of customer. Capital expenditure obligations primarily reflect amounts associated with capital expansion activities. Amount represents the negative impact of a cumulative adjustment recorded during the first quarter of 2020 to reduce revenue in the amount of $105 million. The adjustment was associated with a previously recorded commercial benefit asset, reflected as a prepayment, to a customer with a long-term supply agreement that is exiting its production of LCD panels. Refer to Note 5 (Revenue) to the consolidated financial statements for additional information. At December 31, 2021, the Company had stand-by letters of credit commitments of $108 million; $39 million was included in other accrued liabilities on the consolidated balance sheets. Amounts are net of total tax benefit of $8 million, primarily driven by $7 million related to foreign currency translation adjustments; embedded in this number is the negative impact of $18 million related to the hedging component, offset by the positive impact of $19 million related to retirement plans. Tax effects related to equity method affiliates are not significant in the reported periods. HSG's net income for the period ended September 8, 2020, included a pre-tax gain recorded in the second quarter of 2020, related to the settlement of a long-term supply agreement of approximately $165 million, partially offset by an inventory provision of approximately $44 million associated with the settlement of the agreement. Prior to the Redemption, in the third quarter of 2020, HSG recorded a pre-tax loss of $200 million resulting from the TCS Settlement, of which Corning’s share of the pre-tax loss was $81 million. Accordingly, Corning’s share of the net impact was an equity loss of $19 million. The year ended December 31, 2020, only include HSG's results of operations through September 8, 2020. Immediately following the Redemption, Corning began consolidating HSG on September 9, 2020. Amount represents the negative impact of a cumulative adjustment recorded during the first quarter of 2020 to reduce revenue in the amount of $105 million.The adjustment was associated with a previously recorded commercial benefit asset, reflected as a prepayment, to a customer with a long-term supply agreement that is exiting its production of LCD panels. Refer to Note 5 (Revenue) to the consolidated financial statements for additional information. Purchase obligations are enforceable and legally binding obligations which primarily consist of raw material and energy-related take-or-pay contracts. The Company obtained a controlling interest in HSG during the third quarter of 2020. Refer to Note 4 (HSG Transactions and Acquisitions) to the consolidated financial statements for additional information on this transaction. Includes impact of intercompany asset sales. At December 31, 2021, derivatives designated as hedging instruments include foreign exchange cash flow hedges with gross notional amounts of $780 million and fair value hedges of leased precious metals with a gross notional amount of 7,559 troy ounces. At December 31, 2020, derivatives designated as hedging instruments include foreign currency contracts with notional amounts of $892 million and $251 million, respectively, for cash flow hedges and net investment hedges. Equity securities with readily available fair values that were measured using Level 1 inputs were reclassified from investments to other current assets and subsequently sold for $84 million during the year ended December 31, 2021. All amounts are after tax. Amounts in parentheses indicate debits to accumulated other comprehensive loss. Amounts are net of total tax expense of $4 million, primarily driven by $51 million related to retirement plans, offset by positive impacts of $44 million and $3 million related to foreign currency translation adjustments and the hedging component, respectively. Amounts are net of total tax expense of $22 million, primarily driven by $55 million related to foreign currency translation adjustments; embedded in this number are positive impacts of $5 million related to the hedging component and $28 million related to retirement plans. Refer to Note 17 (Shareholders' Equity) to the consolidated financial statement for additional information. The Company obtained a controlling interest in HSG during the third quarter of 2020 and has consolidated results in “All Other” since September 9, 2020. Included in investments as of December 31, 2020 were equity securities with readily available fair values that were measured using Level 1 inputs. A pre-tax gain of $107 million was recorded from the initial public offering of an investment for the year ended December 31, 2020. Amount represents the negative impact of a cumulative adjustment to reduce revenue in the amount of $105 million recorded during the first quarter of 2020. The adjustment was associated with a previously recorded commercial benefit asset, reflected as a prepayment, to a customer with a long-term supply agreement that substantially exited its production of LCD panels. Refer to Note 5 (Revenue) to the consolidated financial statements for additional information. 00000247412021-01-012021-12-31 iso4217:USD 00000247412021-06-30 xbrli:shares 00000247412022-01-31 thunderdome:item 00000247412020-01-012020-12-31 00000247412019-01-012019-12-31 iso4217:USDxbrli:shares 00000247412021-12-31 00000247412020-12-31 00000247412019-12-31 00000247412018-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:PreferredStockMember2018-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:CommonStockMember2018-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:AdditionalPaidInCapitalMember2018-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:RetainedEarningsMember2018-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:TreasuryStockMember2018-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:AccumulatedOtherComprehensiveIncomeMember2018-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:ParentMember2018-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:NoncontrollingInterestMember2018-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:RetainedEarningsMember2019-01-012019-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:ParentMember2019-01-012019-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:NoncontrollingInterestMember2019-01-012019-12-31 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0000024741us-gaap:CommonStockMember2020-01-012020-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:AdditionalPaidInCapitalMember2020-01-012020-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:PreferredStockMember2020-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:CommonStockMember2020-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:AdditionalPaidInCapitalMember2020-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:RetainedEarningsMember2020-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:TreasuryStockMember2020-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:AccumulatedOtherComprehensiveIncomeMember2020-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:ParentMember2020-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:NoncontrollingInterestMember2020-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:RetainedEarningsMember2021-01-012021-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:ParentMember2021-01-012021-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:NoncontrollingInterestMember2021-01-012021-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:AccumulatedOtherComprehensiveIncomeMember2021-01-012021-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:PreferredStockMember2021-01-012021-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:CommonStockMember2021-01-012021-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:AdditionalPaidInCapitalMember2021-01-012021-12-31 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0000024741glw:EnvironmentalSubstrateAndFilterProductsMember2019-01-012019-12-31 0000024741glw:LifeScienceProductsMember2021-01-012021-12-31 0000024741glw:LifeScienceProductsMember2020-01-012020-12-31 0000024741glw:LifeScienceProductsMember2019-01-012019-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:ProductAndServiceOtherMember2021-01-012021-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:ProductAndServiceOtherMember2020-01-012020-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:ProductAndServiceOtherMember2019-01-012019-12-31 00000247412020-01-012020-03-31 0000024741srt:MaximumMember2021-01-012021-12-31 0000024741glw:HSGMember2021-12-31 0000024741glw:HSGMember2020-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:OtherNoncurrentAssetsMember2021-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:OtherNoncurrentAssetsMember2020-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:OtherCurrentLiabilitiesMember2021-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:OtherCurrentLiabilitiesMember2020-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:OtherNoncurrentLiabilitiesMember2021-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:OtherNoncurrentLiabilitiesMember2020-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:OtherLiabilitiesMember2021-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:OtherLiabilitiesMember2020-12-31 0000024741glw:PropertyAndEquipmentNetMember2021-12-31 0000024741glw:PropertyAndEquipmentNetMember2020-12-31 0000024741glw:CurrentPortionOfLongtermDebtMember2021-12-31 0000024741glw:CurrentPortionOfLongtermDebtMember2020-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:LongTermDebtMember2021-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:LongTermDebtMember2020-12-31 0000024741glw:CurrentPortionOfLongtermDebtAndLongtermDebtMember2021-12-31 0000024741glw:CurrentPortionOfLongtermDebtAndLongtermDebtMember2020-12-31 0000024741glw:HemlockSemiconductorLLCMember2020-09-09 00000247412020-09-092020-09-09 0000024741glw:TaxYears2022Through2026Member2021-12-31 0000024741glw:TaxYears2027Through2031Member2021-12-31 0000024741glw:TaxYears2032Through2041Member2021-12-31 0000024741glw:IndefiniteMember2021-12-31 0000024741glw:NationalTaxServiceOfKoreaMember2021-12-31 0000024741glw:NationalTaxServiceOfKoreaMember2020-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:LandMember2021-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:LandMember2020-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:BuildingMember2021-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:BuildingMember2020-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:EquipmentMember2021-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:EquipmentMember2020-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:ConstructionInProgressMember2021-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:ConstructionInProgressMember2020-12-31 0000024741glw:DisplayTechnologiesMember2019-12-31 0000024741glw:OpticalCommunicationsMember2019-12-31 0000024741glw:SpecialtyMaterialsMember2019-12-31 0000024741glw:LifeScienceProductsMember2019-12-31 0000024741glw:SegmentsAllOtherMemberMember2019-12-31 0000024741glw:SegmentsAllOtherMemberMember2020-01-012020-12-31 0000024741glw:DisplayTechnologiesMember2020-01-012020-12-31 0000024741glw:OpticalCommunicationsMember2020-01-012020-12-31 0000024741glw:LifeScienceProductsMember2020-01-012020-12-31 0000024741glw:DisplayTechnologiesMember2020-12-31 0000024741glw:OpticalCommunicationsMember2020-12-31 0000024741glw:SpecialtyMaterialsMember2020-12-31 0000024741glw:LifeScienceProductsMember2020-12-31 0000024741glw:SegmentsAllOtherMemberMember2020-12-31 0000024741glw:DisplayTechnologiesMember2021-01-012021-12-31 0000024741glw:OpticalCommunicationsMember2021-01-012021-12-31 0000024741glw:LifeScienceProductsMember2021-01-012021-12-31 0000024741glw:SegmentsAllOtherMemberMember2021-01-012021-12-31 0000024741glw:DisplayTechnologiesMember2021-12-31 0000024741glw:OpticalCommunicationsMember2021-12-31 0000024741glw:SpecialtyMaterialsMember2021-12-31 0000024741glw:LifeScienceProductsMember2021-12-31 0000024741glw:SegmentsAllOtherMemberMember2021-12-31 0000024741glw:PatentsTrademarksAndTradenamesMember2021-12-31 0000024741glw:PatentsTrademarksAndTradenamesMember2020-12-31 0000024741glw:CustomerListsAndOtherMember2021-12-31 0000024741glw:CustomerListsAndOtherMember2020-12-31 0000024741glw:Debentures8875Due2021Member2021-12-31 0000024741glw:Debentures8875Due2021Member2020-12-31 0000024741glw:Debentures29Due2022Member2021-12-31 0000024741glw:Debentures29Due2022Member2020-12-31 0000024741glw:Debentures370Due2023Member2021-12-31 0000024741glw:Debentures370Due2023Member2020-12-31 0000024741glw:MediumtermNotesAverageRate766DueThrough2023Member2021-12-31 0000024741glw:MediumtermNotesAverageRate766DueThrough2023Member2020-12-31 0000024741glw:Debentures39Due2049Member2021-12-31 0000024741glw:Debentures39Due2049Member2020-12-31 0000024741glw:Debentures545Due2079Member2021-12-31 0000024741glw:Debentures545Due2079Member2020-12-31 0000024741glw:YendenominatedDebentures0698Due2024Member2021-12-31 0000024741glw:YendenominatedDebentures0698Due2024Member2020-12-31 0000024741glw:YendenominatedDebentures0722Due2025Member2021-12-31 0000024741glw:YendenominatedDebentures0722Due2025Member2020-12-31 0000024741glw:YendenominatedDebentures992Due2027Member2021-12-31 0000024741glw:YendenominatedDebentures992Due2027Member2020-12-31 0000024741glw:YendenominatedDebentures1043Due2028Member2021-12-31 0000024741glw:YendenominatedDebentures1043Due2028Member2020-12-31 0000024741glw:YenDenominatedDebentures1153Due2031Member2020-12-31 0000024741glw:YenDenominatedDebentures1153Due2031Member2021-12-31 0000024741glw:YenDenominatedDebentures1513Due2039Member2021-12-31 0000024741glw:YenDenominatedDebentures1513Due2039Member2020-12-31 0000024741glw:Debentures685Due2029Member2021-12-31 0000024741glw:Debentures685Due2029Member2020-12-31 0000024741glw:YendenominatedDebentures1219Due2030Member2021-12-31 0000024741glw:YendenominatedDebentures1219Due2030Member2020-12-31 0000024741glw:DebenturesCallable725Due2036Member2021-12-31 0000024741glw:DebenturesCallable725Due2036Member2020-12-31 0000024741glw:Debentures470Due2037Member2021-12-31 0000024741glw:Debentures470Due2037Member2020-12-31 0000024741glw:YendenominatedDebentures1583Due2037Member2021-12-31 0000024741glw:YendenominatedDebentures1583Due2037Member2020-12-31 0000024741glw:Debentures575Due2040Member2021-12-31 0000024741glw:Debentures575Due2040Member2020-12-31 0000024741glw:Debentures475Due2042Member2021-12-31 0000024741glw:Debentures475Due2042Member2020-12-31 0000024741glw:Debentures535Due2048Member2021-12-31 0000024741glw:Debentures535Due2048Member2020-12-31 0000024741glw:Debentures4375Due2057Member2021-12-31 0000024741glw:Debentures4375Due2057Member2020-12-31 0000024741glw:Debentures585Due2068Member2021-12-31 0000024741glw:Debentures585Due2068Member2020-12-31 0000024741glw:FinancingLeasesAverageDiscountRate57DueThrough2044Member2021-12-31 0000024741glw:FinancingLeasesAverageDiscountRate57DueThrough2044Member2020-12-31 0000024741glw:OtherDebtAverageRateOf433DueThrough2043Member2021-12-31 0000024741glw:OtherDebtAverageRateOf433DueThrough2043Member2020-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:FairValueInputsLevel2Member2021-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:FairValueInputsLevel2Member2020-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:CommercialPaperMember2021-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:CommercialPaperMember2020-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:RevolvingCreditFacilityMemberglw:AmendedCreditFacilityMember2021-12-31 0000024741glw:DebenturesDueIn2023Member2021-07-012021-09-30 0000024741glw:DebenturesDueIn2023Member2021-09-30 0000024741glw:DebenturesDueIn2023Member2021-01-012021-12-31 0000024741glw:DebenturesDueIn2022Member2021-04-012021-06-30 0000024741glw:DebenturesDueIn2022Member2021-06-30 0000024741glw:DebenturesDueIn2022Member2021-01-012021-12-31 iso4217:CNY 0000024741glw:UnsecuredVariableRateLoanFacilitiesDMember2021-01-012021-12-31 iso4217:JPY 0000024741glw:IncrementalLiquidityFacilityMember2021-12-31 0000024741glw:Debentures700Due2024Member2020-10-012020-12-31 0000024741glw:Debentures700Due2024Member2020-12-31 0000024741glw:VariableRateLoanFacilityMember2020-09-09 0000024741glw:IncrementalLiquidityFacilityMember2020-06-30 0000024741glw:IncrementalLiquidityFacilityMember2020-04-012020-06-30 0000024741glw:IncrementalLiquidityFacilityMember2020-12-31 0000024741glw:UnsecuredVariableRateLoanFacilitiesBMember2020-03-31 0000024741glw:UnsecuredVariableRateLoanFacilitiesCMember2020-03-31 0000024741glw:UnsecuredVariableRateLoanFacilitiesBMember2020-01-012020-03-31 0000024741glw:UnsecuredVariableRateLoanFacilitiesCMember2020-01-012020-03-31 0000024741glw:UnsecuredVariableRateLoanFacilitiesDMember2020-12-31 0000024741glw:UnsecuredVariableRateLoanFacilitiesDMember2020-10-012020-12-31 0000024741glw:UnsecuredVariableRateLoanFacilityMember2020-12-31 0000024741country:USus-gaap:PensionPlansDefinedBenefitMember2021-01-012021-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:ForeignPlanMemberus-gaap:PensionPlansDefinedBenefitMember2021-01-012021-12-31 0000024741country:USus-gaap:PensionPlansDefinedBenefitMember2020-01-012020-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:ForeignPlanMemberus-gaap:PensionPlansDefinedBenefitMember2020-01-012020-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:ForeignPlanMemberus-gaap:PensionPlansDefinedBenefitMember2021-12-31 0000024741country:USus-gaap:OtherPostretirementBenefitPlansDefinedBenefitMember2021-01-012021-12-31 0000024741country:USus-gaap:OtherPostretirementBenefitPlansDefinedBenefitMember2020-01-012020-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:OtherPostretirementBenefitPlansDefinedBenefitMember2021-12-31 0000024741country:USus-gaap:PensionPlansDefinedBenefitMember2020-12-31 0000024741country:USus-gaap:PensionPlansDefinedBenefitMember2019-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:ForeignPlanMemberus-gaap:PensionPlansDefinedBenefitMember2020-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:ForeignPlanMemberus-gaap:PensionPlansDefinedBenefitMember2019-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:OtherPostretirementBenefitPlansDefinedBenefitMember2020-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:OtherPostretirementBenefitPlansDefinedBenefitMember2019-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:OtherPostretirementBenefitPlansDefinedBenefitMember2021-01-012021-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:OtherPostretirementBenefitPlansDefinedBenefitMember2020-01-012020-12-31 0000024741country:USus-gaap:PensionPlansDefinedBenefitMember2021-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:PensionPlansDefinedBenefitMember2021-01-012021-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:PensionPlansDefinedBenefitMember2020-12-312020-12-31 0000024741country:USus-gaap:PensionPlansDefinedBenefitMember2020-12-312020-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:PensionPlansDefinedBenefitMember2021-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:PensionPlansDefinedBenefitMember2020-12-31 0000024741country:USus-gaap:PensionPlansDefinedBenefitMember2019-01-012019-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:ForeignPlanMemberus-gaap:PensionPlansDefinedBenefitMember2019-01-012019-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:OtherPostretirementBenefitPlansDefinedBenefitMember2019-01-012019-12-31 0000024741srt:MinimumMember2021-01-012021-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:EquitySecuritiesMember2021-12-31 0000024741glw:BondInvestmentsMember2021-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:DefinedBenefitPlanEquitySecuritiesUsMembercountry:USglw:PensionPlanAndOtherPostretirementBenefitsPlanMember2021-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:DefinedBenefitPlanEquitySecuritiesUsMemberus-gaap:FairValueInputsLevel1Membercountry:USglw:PensionPlanAndOtherPostretirementBenefitsPlanMember2021-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:DefinedBenefitPlanEquitySecuritiesUsMemberus-gaap:FairValueInputsLevel2Membercountry:USglw:PensionPlanAndOtherPostretirementBenefitsPlanMember2021-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:DefinedBenefitPlanEquitySecuritiesUsMembercountry:USglw:PensionPlanAndOtherPostretirementBenefitsPlanMember2020-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:DefinedBenefitPlanEquitySecuritiesUsMemberus-gaap:FairValueInputsLevel1Membercountry:USglw:PensionPlanAndOtherPostretirementBenefitsPlanMember2020-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:DefinedBenefitPlanEquitySecuritiesUsMemberus-gaap:FairValueInputsLevel2Membercountry:USglw:PensionPlanAndOtherPostretirementBenefitsPlanMember2020-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:DefinedBenefitPlanEquitySecuritiesNonUsMembercountry:USglw:PensionPlanAndOtherPostretirementBenefitsPlanMember2021-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:DefinedBenefitPlanEquitySecuritiesNonUsMemberus-gaap:FairValueInputsLevel2Membercountry:USglw:PensionPlanAndOtherPostretirementBenefitsPlanMember2021-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:DefinedBenefitPlanEquitySecuritiesNonUsMembercountry:USglw:PensionPlanAndOtherPostretirementBenefitsPlanMember2020-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:DefinedBenefitPlanEquitySecuritiesNonUsMemberus-gaap:FairValueInputsLevel2Membercountry:USglw:PensionPlanAndOtherPostretirementBenefitsPlanMember2020-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:USTreasurySecuritiesMembercountry:USglw:PensionPlanAndOtherPostretirementBenefitsPlanMember2021-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:USTreasurySecuritiesMemberus-gaap:FairValueInputsLevel1Membercountry:USglw:PensionPlanAndOtherPostretirementBenefitsPlanMember2021-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:USTreasurySecuritiesMembercountry:USglw:PensionPlanAndOtherPostretirementBenefitsPlanMember2020-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:USTreasurySecuritiesMemberus-gaap:FairValueInputsLevel1Membercountry:USglw:PensionPlanAndOtherPostretirementBenefitsPlanMember2020-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:DomesticCorporateDebtSecuritiesMembercountry:USglw:PensionPlanAndOtherPostretirementBenefitsPlanMember2021-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:DomesticCorporateDebtSecuritiesMemberus-gaap:FairValueInputsLevel2Membercountry:USglw:PensionPlanAndOtherPostretirementBenefitsPlanMember2021-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:DomesticCorporateDebtSecuritiesMembercountry:USglw:PensionPlanAndOtherPostretirementBenefitsPlanMember2020-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:DomesticCorporateDebtSecuritiesMemberus-gaap:FairValueInputsLevel2Membercountry:USglw:PensionPlanAndOtherPostretirementBenefitsPlanMember2020-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:PreferredStockMembercountry:USglw:PensionPlanAndOtherPostretirementBenefitsPlanMember2021-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:PreferredStockMemberus-gaap:FairValueInputsLevel2Membercountry:USglw:PensionPlanAndOtherPostretirementBenefitsPlanMember2021-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:PreferredStockMembercountry:USglw:PensionPlanAndOtherPostretirementBenefitsPlanMember2020-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:PreferredStockMemberus-gaap:FairValueInputsLevel2Membercountry:USglw:PensionPlanAndOtherPostretirementBenefitsPlanMember2020-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:PrivateEquityFundsMembercountry:USglw:PensionPlanAndOtherPostretirementBenefitsPlanMember2021-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:PrivateEquityFundsMemberus-gaap:FairValueInputsLevel3Membercountry:USglw:PensionPlanAndOtherPostretirementBenefitsPlanMember2021-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:PrivateEquityFundsMembercountry:USglw:PensionPlanAndOtherPostretirementBenefitsPlanMember2020-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:PrivateEquityFundsMemberus-gaap:FairValueInputsLevel3Membercountry:USglw:PensionPlanAndOtherPostretirementBenefitsPlanMember2020-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:DefinedBenefitPlanRealEstateMembercountry:USglw:PensionPlanAndOtherPostretirementBenefitsPlanMember2021-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:DefinedBenefitPlanRealEstateMemberus-gaap:FairValueInputsLevel3Membercountry:USglw:PensionPlanAndOtherPostretirementBenefitsPlanMember2021-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:DefinedBenefitPlanRealEstateMembercountry:USglw:PensionPlanAndOtherPostretirementBenefitsPlanMember2020-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:DefinedBenefitPlanRealEstateMemberus-gaap:FairValueInputsLevel3Membercountry:USglw:PensionPlanAndOtherPostretirementBenefitsPlanMember2020-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:DefinedBenefitPlanCashAndCashEquivalentsMembercountry:USglw:PensionPlanAndOtherPostretirementBenefitsPlanMember2021-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:DefinedBenefitPlanCashAndCashEquivalentsMemberus-gaap:FairValueInputsLevel1Membercountry:USglw:PensionPlanAndOtherPostretirementBenefitsPlanMember2021-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:DefinedBenefitPlanCashAndCashEquivalentsMembercountry:USglw:PensionPlanAndOtherPostretirementBenefitsPlanMember2020-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:DefinedBenefitPlanCashAndCashEquivalentsMemberus-gaap:FairValueInputsLevel1Membercountry:USglw:PensionPlanAndOtherPostretirementBenefitsPlanMember2020-12-31 0000024741country:USglw:PensionPlanAndOtherPostretirementBenefitsPlanMember2021-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:FairValueInputsLevel1Membercountry:USglw:PensionPlanAndOtherPostretirementBenefitsPlanMember2021-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:FairValueInputsLevel2Membercountry:USglw:PensionPlanAndOtherPostretirementBenefitsPlanMember2021-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:FairValueInputsLevel3Membercountry:USglw:PensionPlanAndOtherPostretirementBenefitsPlanMember2021-12-31 0000024741country:USglw:PensionPlanAndOtherPostretirementBenefitsPlanMember2020-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:FairValueInputsLevel1Membercountry:USglw:PensionPlanAndOtherPostretirementBenefitsPlanMember2020-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:FairValueInputsLevel2Membercountry:USglw:PensionPlanAndOtherPostretirementBenefitsPlanMember2020-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:FairValueInputsLevel3Membercountry:USglw:PensionPlanAndOtherPostretirementBenefitsPlanMember2020-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:ForeignCorporateDebtSecuritiesMemberus-gaap:ForeignPlanMemberus-gaap:PensionPlansDefinedBenefitMember2021-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:ForeignCorporateDebtSecuritiesMemberus-gaap:FairValueInputsLevel1Memberus-gaap:ForeignPlanMemberus-gaap:PensionPlansDefinedBenefitMember2021-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:ForeignCorporateDebtSecuritiesMemberus-gaap:FairValueInputsLevel2Memberus-gaap:ForeignPlanMemberus-gaap:PensionPlansDefinedBenefitMember2021-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:ForeignCorporateDebtSecuritiesMemberus-gaap:ForeignPlanMemberus-gaap:PensionPlansDefinedBenefitMember2020-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:ForeignCorporateDebtSecuritiesMemberus-gaap:FairValueInputsLevel1Memberus-gaap:ForeignPlanMemberus-gaap:PensionPlansDefinedBenefitMember2020-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:ForeignCorporateDebtSecuritiesMemberus-gaap:FairValueInputsLevel2Memberus-gaap:ForeignPlanMemberus-gaap:PensionPlansDefinedBenefitMember2020-12-31 0000024741glw:InsuranceContractsMemberus-gaap:ForeignPlanMemberus-gaap:PensionPlansDefinedBenefitMember2021-12-31 0000024741glw:InsuranceContractsMemberus-gaap:FairValueInputsLevel3Memberus-gaap:ForeignPlanMemberus-gaap:PensionPlansDefinedBenefitMember2021-12-31 0000024741glw:InsuranceContractsMemberus-gaap:ForeignPlanMemberus-gaap:PensionPlansDefinedBenefitMember2020-12-31 0000024741glw:InsuranceContractsMemberus-gaap:FairValueInputsLevel3Memberus-gaap:ForeignPlanMemberus-gaap:PensionPlansDefinedBenefitMember2020-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:MortgageBackedSecuritiesMemberus-gaap:ForeignPlanMemberus-gaap:PensionPlansDefinedBenefitMember2021-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:MortgageBackedSecuritiesMemberus-gaap:FairValueInputsLevel3Memberus-gaap:ForeignPlanMemberus-gaap:PensionPlansDefinedBenefitMember2021-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:MortgageBackedSecuritiesMemberus-gaap:ForeignPlanMemberus-gaap:PensionPlansDefinedBenefitMember2020-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:MortgageBackedSecuritiesMemberus-gaap:FairValueInputsLevel3Memberus-gaap:ForeignPlanMemberus-gaap:PensionPlansDefinedBenefitMember2020-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:DefinedBenefitPlanCashAndCashEquivalentsMemberus-gaap:ForeignPlanMemberus-gaap:PensionPlansDefinedBenefitMember2021-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:DefinedBenefitPlanCashAndCashEquivalentsMemberus-gaap:FairValueInputsLevel1Memberus-gaap:ForeignPlanMemberus-gaap:PensionPlansDefinedBenefitMember2021-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:DefinedBenefitPlanCashAndCashEquivalentsMemberus-gaap:ForeignPlanMemberus-gaap:PensionPlansDefinedBenefitMember2020-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:DefinedBenefitPlanCashAndCashEquivalentsMemberus-gaap:FairValueInputsLevel1Memberus-gaap:ForeignPlanMemberus-gaap:PensionPlansDefinedBenefitMember2020-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:FairValueInputsLevel1Memberus-gaap:ForeignPlanMemberus-gaap:PensionPlansDefinedBenefitMember2021-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:FairValueInputsLevel2Memberus-gaap:ForeignPlanMemberus-gaap:PensionPlansDefinedBenefitMember2021-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:FairValueInputsLevel3Memberus-gaap:ForeignPlanMemberus-gaap:PensionPlansDefinedBenefitMember2021-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:FairValueInputsLevel1Memberus-gaap:ForeignPlanMemberus-gaap:PensionPlansDefinedBenefitMember2020-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:FairValueInputsLevel2Memberus-gaap:ForeignPlanMemberus-gaap:PensionPlansDefinedBenefitMember2020-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:FairValueInputsLevel3Memberus-gaap:ForeignPlanMemberus-gaap:PensionPlansDefinedBenefitMember2020-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:PrivateEquityFundsMemberus-gaap:FairValueInputsLevel3Membercountry:USus-gaap:PensionPlansDefinedBenefitMember2019-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:DefinedBenefitPlanRealEstateMemberus-gaap:FairValueInputsLevel3Membercountry:USus-gaap:PensionPlansDefinedBenefitMember2019-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:MortgageBackedSecuritiesMemberus-gaap:FairValueInputsLevel3Memberus-gaap:ForeignPlanMemberus-gaap:PensionPlansDefinedBenefitMember2019-12-31 0000024741glw:InsuranceContractsMemberus-gaap:FairValueInputsLevel3Memberus-gaap:ForeignPlanMemberus-gaap:PensionPlansDefinedBenefitMember2019-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:PrivateEquityFundsMemberus-gaap:FairValueInputsLevel3Membercountry:USus-gaap:PensionPlansDefinedBenefitMember2020-01-012020-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:DefinedBenefitPlanRealEstateMemberus-gaap:FairValueInputsLevel3Membercountry:USus-gaap:PensionPlansDefinedBenefitMember2020-01-012020-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:MortgageBackedSecuritiesMemberus-gaap:FairValueInputsLevel3Memberus-gaap:ForeignPlanMemberus-gaap:PensionPlansDefinedBenefitMember2020-01-012020-12-31 0000024741glw:InsuranceContractsMemberus-gaap:FairValueInputsLevel3Memberus-gaap:ForeignPlanMemberus-gaap:PensionPlansDefinedBenefitMember2020-01-012020-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:PrivateEquityFundsMemberus-gaap:FairValueInputsLevel3Membercountry:USus-gaap:PensionPlansDefinedBenefitMember2020-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:DefinedBenefitPlanRealEstateMemberus-gaap:FairValueInputsLevel3Membercountry:USus-gaap:PensionPlansDefinedBenefitMember2020-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:PrivateEquityFundsMemberus-gaap:FairValueInputsLevel3Membercountry:USus-gaap:PensionPlansDefinedBenefitMember2021-01-012021-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:DefinedBenefitPlanRealEstateMemberus-gaap:FairValueInputsLevel3Membercountry:USus-gaap:PensionPlansDefinedBenefitMember2021-01-012021-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:MortgageBackedSecuritiesMemberus-gaap:FairValueInputsLevel3Memberus-gaap:ForeignPlanMemberus-gaap:PensionPlansDefinedBenefitMember2021-01-012021-12-31 0000024741glw:InsuranceContractsMemberus-gaap:FairValueInputsLevel3Memberus-gaap:ForeignPlanMemberus-gaap:PensionPlansDefinedBenefitMember2021-01-012021-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:PrivateEquityFundsMemberus-gaap:FairValueInputsLevel3Membercountry:USus-gaap:PensionPlansDefinedBenefitMember2021-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:DefinedBenefitPlanRealEstateMemberus-gaap:FairValueInputsLevel3Membercountry:USus-gaap:PensionPlansDefinedBenefitMember2021-12-31 0000024741glw:PerformanceBondsAndGuaranteesMember2021-12-31 0000024741glw:LessThan1YearMemberglw:PerformanceBondsAndGuaranteesMember2021-12-31 0000024741glw:OneToThreeYearsMemberglw:PerformanceBondsAndGuaranteesMember2021-12-31 0000024741glw:ThreeToFiveYearsMemberglw:PerformanceBondsAndGuaranteesMember2021-12-31 0000024741glw:FiveYearsAndThereafterMemberglw:PerformanceBondsAndGuaranteesMember2021-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:FinancialStandbyLetterOfCreditMember2021-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:FinancialStandbyLetterOfCreditMemberglw:LessThan1YearMember2021-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:FinancialStandbyLetterOfCreditMemberglw:OneToThreeYearsMember2021-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:FinancialStandbyLetterOfCreditMemberglw:FiveYearsAndThereafterMember2021-12-31 0000024741glw:LessThan1YearMember2021-12-31 0000024741glw:OneToThreeYearsMember2021-12-31 0000024741glw:ThreeToFiveYearsMember2021-12-31 0000024741glw:FiveYearsAndThereafterMember2021-12-31 0000024741glw:PurchaseObligationsMember2021-12-31 0000024741glw:LessThan1YearMemberglw:PurchaseObligationsMember2021-12-31 0000024741glw:OneToThreeYearsMemberglw:PurchaseObligationsMember2021-12-31 0000024741glw:ThreeToFiveYearsMemberglw:PurchaseObligationsMember2021-12-31 0000024741glw:FiveYearsAndThereafterMemberglw:PurchaseObligationsMember2021-12-31 0000024741glw:CapitalExpenditureObligationsMember2021-12-31 0000024741glw:LessThan1YearMemberglw:CapitalExpenditureObligationsMember2021-12-31 0000024741glw:TotalDebtMember2021-12-31 0000024741glw:OneToThreeYearsMemberglw:TotalDebtMember2021-12-31 0000024741glw:ThreeToFiveYearsMemberglw:TotalDebtMember2021-12-31 0000024741glw:FiveYearsAndThereafterMemberglw:TotalDebtMember2021-12-31 0000024741glw:FinanceLeasesAndFinancingObligationsMember2021-12-31 0000024741glw:LessThan1YearMemberglw:FinanceLeasesAndFinancingObligationsMember2021-12-31 0000024741glw:OneToThreeYearsMemberglw:FinanceLeasesAndFinancingObligationsMember2021-12-31 0000024741glw:ThreeToFiveYearsMemberglw:FinanceLeasesAndFinancingObligationsMember2021-12-31 0000024741glw:FiveYearsAndThereafterMemberglw:FinanceLeasesAndFinancingObligationsMember2021-12-31 0000024741glw:InterestOnLongtermDebtMember2021-12-31 0000024741glw:LessThan1YearMemberglw:InterestOnLongtermDebtMember2021-12-31 0000024741glw:OneToThreeYearsMemberglw:InterestOnLongtermDebtMember2021-12-31 0000024741glw:ThreeToFiveYearsMemberglw:InterestOnLongtermDebtMember2021-12-31 0000024741glw:FiveYearsAndThereafterMemberglw:InterestOnLongtermDebtMember2021-12-31 0000024741glw:ImputedInterestOnCapitalLeasesMember2021-12-31 0000024741glw:LessThan1YearMemberglw:ImputedInterestOnCapitalLeasesMember2021-12-31 0000024741glw:OneToThreeYearsMemberglw:ImputedInterestOnCapitalLeasesMember2021-12-31 0000024741glw:ThreeToFiveYearsMemberglw:ImputedInterestOnCapitalLeasesMember2021-12-31 0000024741glw:FiveYearsAndThereafterMemberglw:ImputedInterestOnCapitalLeasesMember2021-12-31 0000024741glw:MinimumRentalCommitmentsMember2021-12-31 0000024741glw:LessThan1YearMemberglw:MinimumRentalCommitmentsMember2021-12-31 0000024741glw:OneToThreeYearsMemberglw:MinimumRentalCommitmentsMember2021-12-31 0000024741glw:ThreeToFiveYearsMemberglw:MinimumRentalCommitmentsMember2021-12-31 0000024741glw:FiveYearsAndThereafterMemberglw:MinimumRentalCommitmentsMember2021-12-31 0000024741glw:UncertainTaxPositionsMember2021-12-31 0000024741glw:LessThan1YearMemberglw:UncertainTaxPositionsMember2021-12-31 0000024741glw:OneToThreeYearsMemberglw:UncertainTaxPositionsMember2021-12-31 0000024741glw:ThreeToFiveYearsMemberglw:UncertainTaxPositionsMember2021-12-31 0000024741glw:FiveYearsAndThereafterMemberglw:UncertainTaxPositionsMember2021-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:OtherCurrentLiabilitiesMemberus-gaap:FinancialStandbyLetterOfCreditMember2020-12-31 0000024741glw:UncertainTaxPositionsMember2021-12-31 0000024741glw:DowCorningChapter11RelatedMattersMemberglw:DowCorningCorporationMember2016-06-01 0000024741glw:DowCorningChapter11RelatedMattersMemberglw:DowCorningCorporationMember2016-05-312016-05-31 0000024741glw:DowCorningBreastImplantLitigationMemberglw:DowCorningCorporationMember2021-01-012021-12-31 0000024741glw:DowCorningBreastImplantLitigationMemberglw:DowCorningCorporationMember2016-05-31 0000024741glw:DowCorningBreastImplantLitigationMemberglw:DowCorningCorporationMember2021-12-31 0000024741glw:DowCorningBankruptcyPendencyInterestClaimsMemberglw:DowCorningCorporationMember2016-05-31 0000024741glw:DowCorningEnvironmentalClaimsMemberglw:DowCorningCorporationMember2021-01-012021-12-31 0000024741glw:EnvironmentalLitigationMember2021-12-31 0000024741glw:EnvironmentalLitigationMember2020-12-31 0000024741glw:NewInvestmentHedgesMemberus-gaap:CashFlowHedgingMember2021-12-31 0000024741glw:NewInvestmentHedgesMemberus-gaap:CashFlowHedgingMember2020-12-31 0000024741glw:PropertyAndEquipmentNetMemberglw:LeasedPreciousMetalPoolsMember2021-12-31 0000024741glw:AverageRateForwardContractsJapaneseYenDenominatedMemberus-gaap:NondesignatedMember2021-12-31 0000024741glw:AverageRateForwardContractsJapaneseYenDenominatedMemberus-gaap:NondesignatedMember2020-12-31 0000024741glw:AverageRateForwardContractsSouthKoreanWonDenominatedMemberus-gaap:NondesignatedMember2021-12-31 0000024741glw:AverageRateForwardContractsSouthKoreanWonDenominatedMemberus-gaap:NondesignatedMember2020-12-31 0000024741glw:AverageRateForwardContractsEuroDenominatedMemberus-gaap:NondesignatedMember2021-12-31 0000024741glw:AverageRateForwardContractsEuroDenominatedMemberus-gaap:NondesignatedMember2020-12-31 0000024741glw:AverageRateForwardContractsOtherForeignCurrenciesMemberus-gaap:NondesignatedMember2021-12-31 0000024741glw:AverageRateForwardContractsOtherForeignCurrenciesMemberus-gaap:NondesignatedMember2020-12-31 0000024741glw:OptionsContractsJapaneseYenDenominatedMemberus-gaap:NondesignatedMember2021-12-31 0000024741glw:OptionsContractsJapaneseYenDenominatedMemberus-gaap:NondesignatedMember2020-12-31 0000024741glw:OptionsContractsOtherForeignCurrenciesMemberus-gaap:NondesignatedMember2021-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:NondesignatedMember2021-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:NondesignatedMember2020-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:ForeignExchangeContractMemberus-gaap:DesignatedAsHedgingInstrumentMember2021-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:ForeignExchangeContractMemberus-gaap:DesignatedAsHedgingInstrumentMember2020-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:OtherCurrentAssetsMemberus-gaap:ForeignExchangeContractMemberus-gaap:DesignatedAsHedgingInstrumentMember2021-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:OtherCurrentAssetsMemberus-gaap:ForeignExchangeContractMemberus-gaap:DesignatedAsHedgingInstrumentMember2020-12-31 0000024741glw:OtherAccruedLiabilitiesMemberus-gaap:ForeignExchangeContractMemberus-gaap:DesignatedAsHedgingInstrumentMember2021-12-31 0000024741glw:OtherAccruedLiabilitiesMemberus-gaap:ForeignExchangeContractMemberus-gaap:DesignatedAsHedgingInstrumentMember2020-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:OtherAssetsMemberus-gaap:ForeignExchangeContractMemberus-gaap:DesignatedAsHedgingInstrumentMember2021-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:OtherAssetsMemberus-gaap:ForeignExchangeContractMemberus-gaap:DesignatedAsHedgingInstrumentMember2020-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:OtherLiabilitiesMemberus-gaap:ForeignExchangeContractMemberus-gaap:DesignatedAsHedgingInstrumentMember2021-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:OtherLiabilitiesMemberus-gaap:ForeignExchangeContractMemberus-gaap:DesignatedAsHedgingInstrumentMember2020-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:ForeignExchangeContractMemberus-gaap:NondesignatedMember2021-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:ForeignExchangeContractMemberus-gaap:NondesignatedMember2020-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:OtherCurrentAssetsMemberus-gaap:ForeignExchangeContractMemberus-gaap:NondesignatedMember2021-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:OtherCurrentAssetsMemberus-gaap:ForeignExchangeContractMemberus-gaap:NondesignatedMember2020-12-31 0000024741glw:OtherAccruedLiabilitiesMemberus-gaap:ForeignExchangeContractMemberus-gaap:NondesignatedMember2021-12-31 0000024741glw:OtherAccruedLiabilitiesMemberus-gaap:ForeignExchangeContractMemberus-gaap:NondesignatedMember2020-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:OtherAssetsMemberus-gaap:ForeignExchangeContractMemberus-gaap:NondesignatedMember2021-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:OtherAssetsMemberus-gaap:ForeignExchangeContractMemberus-gaap:NondesignatedMember2020-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:OtherLiabilitiesMemberus-gaap:ForeignExchangeContractMemberus-gaap:NondesignatedMember2021-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:OtherLiabilitiesMemberus-gaap:ForeignExchangeContractMemberus-gaap:NondesignatedMember2020-12-31 0000024741glw:TranslatedEarningsContractsMemberus-gaap:NondesignatedMember2021-12-31 0000024741glw:TranslatedEarningsContractsMemberus-gaap:NondesignatedMember2020-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:OtherCurrentAssetsMemberglw:TranslatedEarningsContractsMemberus-gaap:NondesignatedMember2021-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:OtherCurrentAssetsMemberglw:TranslatedEarningsContractsMemberus-gaap:NondesignatedMember2020-12-31 0000024741glw:OtherAccruedLiabilitiesMemberglw:TranslatedEarningsContractsMemberus-gaap:NondesignatedMember2021-12-31 0000024741glw:OtherAccruedLiabilitiesMemberglw:TranslatedEarningsContractsMemberus-gaap:NondesignatedMember2020-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:OtherAssetsMemberglw:TranslatedEarningsContractsMemberus-gaap:DesignatedAsHedgingInstrumentMember2021-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:OtherAssetsMemberglw:TranslatedEarningsContractsMemberus-gaap:DesignatedAsHedgingInstrumentMember2020-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:OtherLiabilitiesMemberglw:TranslatedEarningsContractsMemberus-gaap:DesignatedAsHedgingInstrumentMember2021-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:OtherLiabilitiesMemberglw:TranslatedEarningsContractsMemberus-gaap:DesignatedAsHedgingInstrumentMember2020-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:ForeignExchangeForwardMemberus-gaap:CashFlowHedgingMemberus-gaap:DesignatedAsHedgingInstrumentMember2021-12-31 utr:ozt 0000024741glw:LeasePreciousMetalsMemberus-gaap:CashFlowHedgingMemberus-gaap:DesignatedAsHedgingInstrumentMember2021-01-012021-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:ForeignExchangeForwardMemberus-gaap:CashFlowHedgingMemberus-gaap:DesignatedAsHedgingInstrumentMember2020-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:ForeignExchangeForwardMemberus-gaap:NetInvestmentHedgingMemberus-gaap:DesignatedAsHedgingInstrumentMember2020-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:ReclassificationOutOfAccumulatedOtherComprehensiveIncomeMember2021-01-012021-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:ReclassificationOutOfAccumulatedOtherComprehensiveIncomeMember2020-01-012020-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:ReclassificationOutOfAccumulatedOtherComprehensiveIncomeMember2019-01-012019-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:ForeignExchangeContractMember2021-01-012021-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:ForeignExchangeContractMember2020-01-012020-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:ForeignExchangeContractMember2019-01-012019-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:ForeignExchangeContractMemberus-gaap:NondesignatedMemberglw:OtherExpenseIncomeNetMember2021-01-012021-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:ForeignExchangeContractMemberus-gaap:NondesignatedMemberglw:OtherExpenseIncomeNetMember2020-01-012020-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:ForeignExchangeContractMemberus-gaap:NondesignatedMemberglw:OtherExpenseIncomeNetMember2019-01-012019-12-31 0000024741glw:TranslatedEarningsContractsMemberus-gaap:NondesignatedMemberglw:TranslatedEarningsContractLossGainNetMember2021-01-012021-12-31 0000024741glw:TranslatedEarningsContractsMemberus-gaap:NondesignatedMemberglw:TranslatedEarningsContractLossGainNetMember2020-01-012020-12-31 0000024741glw:TranslatedEarningsContractsMemberus-gaap:NondesignatedMemberglw:TranslatedEarningsContractLossGainNetMember2019-01-012019-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:NondesignatedMember2021-01-012021-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:NondesignatedMember2020-01-012020-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:NondesignatedMember2019-01-012019-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:FairValueInputsLevel1Member2021-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:FairValueInputsLevel3Member2021-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:FairValueInputsLevel3Member2020-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:FairValueInputsLevel1Member2020-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:SubsequentEventMember2022-02-022022-02-02 00000247412021-02-032021-02-03 00000247412020-02-052020-02-05 00000247412020-02-042020-02-04 0000024741glw:SeriesAConvertiblePreferredStockMember2021-12-31 0000024741glw:SeriesAConvertiblePreferredStockMember2021-01-16 0000024741glw:SamsungMemberglw:ShareRepurchaseAgreementMember2021-04-082021-04-08 0000024741glw:SamsungMemberglw:ShareRepurchaseAgreementMembersrt:ScenarioForecastMember2021-04-082023-04-08 0000024741glw:SamsungMemberglw:ShareRepurchaseAgreementMembersrt:ScenarioForecastMember2021-04-092022-04-08 0000024741glw:ConvertedFromPreferredStockMember2021-04-08 0000024741glw:SamsungMemberglw:ShareRepurchaseAgreementMember2021-04-08 0000024741glw:SamsungMemberglw:ShareRepurchaseAgreementMember2021-12-31 0000024741glw:The2019RepurchaseProgramMember2021-01-012021-12-31 0000024741glw:SamsungMemberglw:The2018And2019RepurchaseProgramsMember2021-04-082021-04-08 0000024741glw:SamsungMemberglw:The2018And2019RepurchaseProgramsMembersrt:ScenarioForecastMember2021-04-082023-04-08 0000024741glw:SamsungMemberglw:The2018And2019RepurchaseProgramsMembersrt:ScenarioForecastMember2022-04-082022-04-08 0000024741glw:SamsungMemberglw:The2018And2019RepurchaseProgramsMembersrt:ScenarioForecastMember2023-04-082023-04-08 0000024741glw:The2018RepurchaseProgramMember2020-01-012020-12-31 0000024741glw:The2018RepurchaseProgramMember2018-04-26 0000024741glw:The2018RepurchaseProgramMember2019-07-172019-07-17 0000024741glw:The2018RepurchaseProgramMember2019-01-012019-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:AccumulatedTranslationAdjustmentMember2018-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:AccumulatedDefinedBenefitPlansAdjustmentMember2018-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:AccumulatedNetUnrealizedInvestmentGainLossMember2018-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:AccumulatedNetGainLossFromDesignatedOrQualifyingCashFlowHedgesMember2018-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:AociIncludingPortionAttributableToNoncontrollingInterestMember2018-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:AccumulatedTranslationAdjustmentMember2019-01-012019-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:AccumulatedDefinedBenefitPlansAdjustmentMember2019-01-012019-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:AccumulatedNetUnrealizedInvestmentGainLossMember2019-01-012019-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:AccumulatedNetGainLossFromDesignatedOrQualifyingCashFlowHedgesMember2019-01-012019-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:AociIncludingPortionAttributableToNoncontrollingInterestMember2019-01-012019-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:AccumulatedTranslationAdjustmentMember2019-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:AccumulatedDefinedBenefitPlansAdjustmentMember2019-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:AccumulatedNetUnrealizedInvestmentGainLossMember2019-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:AccumulatedNetGainLossFromDesignatedOrQualifyingCashFlowHedgesMember2019-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:AociIncludingPortionAttributableToNoncontrollingInterestMember2019-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:AccumulatedTranslationAdjustmentMember2020-01-012020-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:AccumulatedDefinedBenefitPlansAdjustmentMember2020-01-012020-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:AccumulatedNetGainLossFromDesignatedOrQualifyingCashFlowHedgesMember2020-01-012020-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:AociIncludingPortionAttributableToNoncontrollingInterestMember2020-01-012020-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:AccumulatedTranslationAdjustmentMember2020-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:AccumulatedDefinedBenefitPlansAdjustmentMember2020-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:AccumulatedNetUnrealizedInvestmentGainLossMember2020-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:AccumulatedNetGainLossFromDesignatedOrQualifyingCashFlowHedgesMember2020-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:AociIncludingPortionAttributableToNoncontrollingInterestMember2020-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:AccumulatedTranslationAdjustmentMember2021-01-012021-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:AccumulatedDefinedBenefitPlansAdjustmentMember2021-01-012021-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:AccumulatedNetGainLossFromDesignatedOrQualifyingCashFlowHedgesMember2021-01-012021-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:AociIncludingPortionAttributableToNoncontrollingInterestMember2021-01-012021-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:AccumulatedTranslationAdjustmentMember2021-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:AccumulatedDefinedBenefitPlansAdjustmentMember2021-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:AccumulatedNetUnrealizedInvestmentGainLossMember2021-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:AccumulatedNetGainLossFromDesignatedOrQualifyingCashFlowHedgesMember2021-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:AociIncludingPortionAttributableToNoncontrollingInterestMember2021-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:ReclassificationOutOfAccumulatedOtherComprehensiveIncomeMemberus-gaap:AccumulatedDefinedBenefitPlansAdjustmentNetUnamortizedGainLossMember2021-01-012021-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:ReclassificationOutOfAccumulatedOtherComprehensiveIncomeMemberus-gaap:AccumulatedDefinedBenefitPlansAdjustmentNetUnamortizedGainLossMember2020-01-012020-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:ReclassificationOutOfAccumulatedOtherComprehensiveIncomeMemberus-gaap:AccumulatedDefinedBenefitPlansAdjustmentNetUnamortizedGainLossMember2019-01-012019-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:ReclassificationOutOfAccumulatedOtherComprehensiveIncomeMemberus-gaap:AccumulatedDefinedBenefitPlansAdjustmentNetPriorServiceCostCreditMember2021-01-012021-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:ReclassificationOutOfAccumulatedOtherComprehensiveIncomeMemberus-gaap:AccumulatedDefinedBenefitPlansAdjustmentNetPriorServiceCostCreditMember2020-01-012020-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:ReclassificationOutOfAccumulatedOtherComprehensiveIncomeMemberus-gaap:AccumulatedDefinedBenefitPlansAdjustmentNetPriorServiceCostCreditMember2019-01-012019-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:ReclassificationOutOfAccumulatedOtherComprehensiveIncomeMemberus-gaap:AccumulatedDefinedBenefitPlansAdjustmentMember2021-01-012021-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:ReclassificationOutOfAccumulatedOtherComprehensiveIncomeMemberus-gaap:AccumulatedDefinedBenefitPlansAdjustmentMember2020-01-012020-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:ReclassificationOutOfAccumulatedOtherComprehensiveIncomeMemberus-gaap:AccumulatedDefinedBenefitPlansAdjustmentMember2019-01-012019-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:ReclassificationOutOfAccumulatedOtherComprehensiveIncomeMemberus-gaap:AccumulatedNetGainLossFromDesignatedOrQualifyingCashFlowHedgesMember2021-01-012021-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:ReclassificationOutOfAccumulatedOtherComprehensiveIncomeMemberus-gaap:AccumulatedNetGainLossFromDesignatedOrQualifyingCashFlowHedgesMember2020-01-012020-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:ReclassificationOutOfAccumulatedOtherComprehensiveIncomeMemberus-gaap:AccumulatedNetGainLossFromDesignatedOrQualifyingCashFlowHedgesMember2019-01-012019-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:ReclassificationOutOfAccumulatedOtherComprehensiveIncomeMemberus-gaap:AccumulatedDefinedBenefitPlansAdjustmentMember2019-01-012019-03-31 0000024741glw:SeriesAConvertiblePreferredStockMember2021-01-012021-12-31 0000024741glw:SeriesAConvertiblePreferredStockMember2020-01-012020-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:StockCompensationPlanMember2020-01-012020-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:StockCompensationPlanMember2019-01-012019-12-31 0000024741glw:ConversionOfPreferredStockIntoCommonStockMember2020-01-012020-12-31 0000024741glw:ConversionOfPreferredStockIntoCommonStockMember2021-04-082021-04-08 0000024741us-gaap:RetainedEarningsMember2021-04-082021-04-08 0000024741us-gaap:EmployeeStockOptionMembersrt:MinimumMember2021-01-012021-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:EmployeeStockOptionMembersrt:MaximumMember2021-01-012021-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:EmployeeStockOptionMember2021-01-012021-12-31 0000024741glw:InthemoneyOptionsMember2021-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:EmployeeStockOptionMember2020-01-012020-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:EmployeeStockOptionMember2019-01-012019-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:EmployeeStockOptionMember2021-12-31 0000024741srt:MinimumMember2019-01-012019-12-31 0000024741srt:MaximumMember2019-01-012019-12-31 0000024741glw:RestrictedStockAndRestrictedStockUnitsMembersrt:MinimumMember2021-01-012021-12-31 0000024741glw:RestrictedStockAndRestrictedStockUnitsMembersrt:MaximumMember2021-01-012021-12-31 0000024741glw:RestrictedStockAndRestrictedStockUnitsMember2020-12-31 0000024741glw:RestrictedStockAndRestrictedStockUnitsMember2021-01-012021-12-31 0000024741glw:RestrictedStockAndRestrictedStockUnitsMember2021-12-31 0000024741glw:RestrictedStockAndRestrictedStockUnitsMember2020-01-012020-12-31 0000024741glw:RestrictedStockAndRestrictedStockUnitsMember2019-01-012019-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:PerformanceSharesMember2021-01-012021-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:PerformanceSharesMember2020-12-31 0000024741us-gaap:PerformanceSharesMember2021-12-31 0000024741glw:PerformancebasedRestrictedStockUnitsMember2021-12-31 0000024741glw:PerformancebasedRestrictedStockUnitsMember2021-01-012021-12-31 0000024741glw:PerformancebasedRestrictedStockUnitsMember2020-01-012020-12-31 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Table of Contents





Form 10-K



For the fiscal year ended December 31, 2021



For the transition period from ___ to ___

Commission file number: 1-3247



(Exact name of registrant as specified in its charter)

New York


(State or other jurisdiction of incorporation or organization)

(I.R.S. Employer Identification No.)


One Riverfront Plaza, Corning, New York


(Address of principal executive offices)

(Zip Code)


(Registrant’s telephone number, including area code)

Securities registered pursuant to Section 12(b) of the Act:


Title of each class


Trading Symbol(s)


Name of each exchange on which registered

Common Stock




New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)


Securities registered pursuant to Section 12(g) of the Act: None

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Indicate by check mark whether the registrant has submitted electronically every Interactive Data File required to be submitted pursuant to Rule 405 of Regulation S-T (§ 232.405 of this chapter) during the preceding 12 months (or for such shorter period that the registrant was required to submit such files.)

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Indicate by check mark whether the registrant is a large accelerated filer, an accelerated filer, a non-accelerated filer, smaller reporting company, or an emerging growth company. See the definitions of “large accelerated filer,” “accelerated filer,” “smaller reporting company,” and “emerging growth company” in Rule 12b-2 of the Exchange Act.


Large accelerated filer

Accelerated filer

Non-accelerated filer

Emerging growth company

Smaller reporting company



If an emerging growth company, indicate by check mark if the registrant has elected not to use the extended transition period for complying with any new or revised financial accounting standards provided pursuant to Section 13(a) of the Exchange Act.  ☐


Indicate by check mark whether the registrant has filed a report on and attestation to its management’s assessment of the effectiveness of its internal control over financial reporting under Section 404(b) of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (15 U.S.C. 7262(b)) by the registered public accounting firm that prepared or issued its audit report.  


Indicate by check mark whether the registrant is a shell company (as defined in Rule 12b-2 of the Exchange Act).

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As of June 30, 2021, the aggregate market value of the registrant’s common stock held by non-affiliates of the registrant was $35 billion based on the $40.90 closing price as reported on the New York Stock Exchange.


There were 845,849,498 shares of Corning’s common stock issued and outstanding as of January 31, 2022.




Part III of this Annual Report on Form 10-K will be incorporated by reference from certain portions of the definitive Proxy Statement for the Registrant’s 2022 Annual Meeting of Stockholders, which definitive Proxy Statement will be filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission pursuant to Regulation 14A or will be included in an amendment to this Report.







Corning Incorporated and its consolidated subsidiaries are hereinafter sometimes referred to as the “Company,” the “Registrant,” “Corning,” “we,” “our,” or “us.”


This report contains forward-looking statements that involve a number of risks and uncertainties. These statements relate to plans, objectives, expectations and estimates and may contain words such as “believes,” “expects,” “anticipates,” “estimates,” “forecasts,” or similar expressions. Actual results could differ materially from what is expressed or forecasted in forward-looking statements. Some of the factors that could contribute to these differences include those discussed under “Forward-Looking Statements,” “Risk Factors,” “Management’s Discussion and Analysis of Financial Condition and Results of Operations,” and elsewhere in this report.


Item 1. Business




Corning traces its origins to a glass business established in 1851. The present corporation was incorporated in the State of New York in December 1936. The Company’s name was changed from Corning Glass Works to Corning Incorporated on April 28, 1989.


Corning Incorporated is a leading innovator in materials science. For 170 years, Corning has combined its unparalleled expertise in glass science, ceramic science, and optical physics with deep manufacturing and engineering capabilities to develop category-defining products that transform industries and enhance people's lives. We succeed through sustained investment in research and development, a unique combination of material and process innovation, and deep, trust-based relationships with customers who are global leaders in their industries.


Corning’s capabilities are versatile and synergistic, allowing the Company to evolve to meet changing market needs, while also helping customers capture new opportunities in dynamic industries. Today, Corning’s markets include optical communications, mobile consumer electronics, display technology, automotive emissions control, laboratory products and other glass products. Corning's industry-leading products include damage-resistant cover glass for mobile devices; precision glass for advanced displays; optical fiber and cable, wireless technologies, and connectivity solutions for state-of-the-art communications networks; trusted products to accelerate drug discovery and delivery; and clean-air technologies for cars and trucks.


Corning operates in five reportable segments: Display Technologies, Optical Communications, Specialty Materials, Environmental Technologies and Life Sciences, and manufactures products at 119 plants in 15 countries.


Display Technologies Segment


Corning’s Display Technologies segment manufactures glass substrates for flat panel displays, including liquid crystal displays (“LCDs”) and organic light-emitting diodes (“OLEDs”) that are used primarily in televisions, notebook computers, desktop monitors, tablets and handheld devices.  This segment develops, manufactures, and supplies high quality glass substrates using technology expertise and a proprietary fusion manufacturing process, which Corning invented and is the cornerstone of the Company’s technology leadership in the display glass industry.  Our highly automated process yields glass substrates with a pristine surface and excellent thermal stability and dimensional uniformity – essential attributes in the production of large, high-performance display panels.  Corning’s fusion process is scalable and we believe it is the most cost-effective process in producing large size substrates.




We are recognized as a world leader in precision glass innovations that enable our customers to produce larger, thinner, more flexible, and higher-resolution displays. Some of the product innovations we have launched over the past ten years utilizing our world-class processes and capabilities include the following:


Corning® EAGLE XG® Slim Glass, Corning’s flagship glass product enabling thinner televisions and monitors with larger-sized screens; it is trusted by the world’s leading panel makers for LCD displays with more than 35 billion square feet sold;

Corning Astra® Glass, an innovative glass solution designed to meet the emerging needs for high-resolution displays. This glass is designed for oxide backplanes, but enables a range of applications made using traditional aluminosilicate to specific low temperature polysilicon processes;

Corning Lotus™ NXT Glass, a high-performance display glass designed to withstand high-temperature processing requirements enabling highest-resolution displays in smaller and flexible devices; and

The world’s first Gen 10 and Gen 10.5 glass substrate sizes in support of improved efficiency in manufacturing large-sized displays.


Corning has display glass manufacturing operations in China, South Korea, Japan and Taiwan, and services its glass customers in all regions, utilizing its manufacturing facilities throughout Asia.


Patent protection and proprietary trade secrets are important to the Display Technologies segment’s operations. Refer to the material under the heading “Patents and Trademarks” for information relating to patents and trademarks.


The Display Technologies segment represented 26% of Corning’s consolidated net sales in 2021.


Optical Communications Segment


Corning invented the world’s first low-loss optical fiber in 1970. Since that milestone, we have continued to pioneer optical fiber, cable and connectivity solutions. As global demand driven by video usage grows exponentially, telecommunications networks continue to migrate from copper to optical-based systems that can deliver the required cost-effective capacity. Our experience puts us in a unique position to design and deliver optical solutions that reach every edge of the communications network.


This segment is divided into two main product groupings – carrier network and enterprise network. The carrier network group consists primarily of products and solutions for optical-based communications infrastructure for services such as video, data and voice communications. The enterprise network group consists primarily of optical-based communication networks sold to businesses, governments and individuals for their own use.


Our carrier network product portfolio encompasses an array of optical fiber products, including Vascade® optical fibers for use in submarine networks; LEAF® optical fiber for long-haul, regional and metropolitan networks; SMF-28® ULL and TXF® fiber for more scalable long-haul and regional networks; SMF-28e+™ single-mode optical fiber providing additional transmission wavelengths in metropolitan and access networks, and ClearCurve® ultra-bendable single-mode fiber for use in multiple-dwelling units and fiber-to-the-home applications.  For high performance across the range of long-haul, metro, access, and fiber-to-the-home network applications, SMF-28® Ultra and SMF-28® Contour fibers deliver industry-leading attenuation, compatibility, and improved macrobend performance in one fiber. A portion of our optical fiber is sold directly to end users and third-party cablers globally. Corning’s remaining fiber production is cabled internally and sold to end users as either bulk cable or as part of an integrated optical solution. Corning’s cable products, including the RocketRibbon® and miniXtend® portfolios, support various outdoor, indoor/outdoor and indoor applications and include a broad range of loose tube, ribbon and drop cable designs with flame-retardant versions available for indoor and indoor/outdoor use including 5G networks.


In addition to optical fiber and cable, our carrier network product portfolio also includes hardware and equipment products, including cable assemblies, fiber-optic hardware, fiber-optic connectors, optical components and couplers, closures, network interface devices, and other accessories. These products may be sold as individual components or as part of integrated optical connectivity solutions designed for various carrier network applications. Examples of these solutions include our Evolv™ platform, which provides pre-connectorized solutions for cost-effectively deploying fiber-to-the-home and 5G networks; and the Centrix platform, which provides a fiber management system with industry-leading density and innovative jumper routing that can be deployed in a wide variety of carrier switching centers.




In addition to our optical-based portfolio, Corning’s carrier network portfolio also contains select copper-based products including subscriber demarcation, connection and protection devices, xDSL (different variations of digital subscriber lines) passive solutions and outside plant enclosures.


Our enterprise network portfolio leverages optical fiber products, including ClearCurve® ultra-bendable multimode fiber for private and hyperscale data centers and other enterprise network applications.


Corning’s hardware and equipment for enterprise network applications include cable assemblies, fiber-optic hardware, fiber-optic connectors, optical components and couplers, closures and other accessories. These products may be sold as individual components or as part of integrated optical connectivity solutions designed for various network applications, including hyperscale data centers. Examples of enterprise network solutions include the EDGE® platform, which provides high-density pre-connectorized cabling solutions for data center applications, supporting a path to speeds of 400G and beyond, and Everon™ Network Solutions, which provide next-generation cellular connectivity products for interior spaces of all sizes.


Our optical fiber manufacturing facilities are in North Carolina, China and India, with a new facility in Poland coming online in 2022. Cabling operations are in North Carolina, Poland and smaller regional locations. Our manufacturing operations for hardware and equipment products are in Texas, Mexico, Brazil, Germany, Poland, and China.


Patent protection is important to the segment’s operations. The segment has an extensive portfolio of patents relating to its products, technologies and manufacturing processes. The segment licenses certain of its patents to third parties and generates revenue from these licenses, although the royalty income is not currently material to this segment’s operating results. Corning is licensed to use certain patents owned by others, which are considered important to the segment’s operations. Refer to the material under the heading “Patents and Trademarks” for information relating to the Company’s patents and trademarks.


The Optical Communications segment represented 31% of Corning’s consolidated net sales in 2021.


Specialty Materials Segment


The Specialty Materials segment manufactures products that provide more than 150 material formulations for glass, glass ceramics, and crystals, as well as precision metrology instruments and software to meet requirements for unique customer needs. Consequently, this segment operates in a wide variety of commercial and industrial markets including materials optimized for mobile consumer electronics, semiconductor equipment optics and consumables, aerospace and defense optics, radiation shielding products, sunglasses, and telecommunications components.


Our highly durable glass, known as Corning® Gorilla® Glass, is a chemically strengthened thin glass designed specifically to function as a cover, or back-enclosure glass, for mobile consumer electronic devices such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops and smartwatches. Elegant and lightweight, Corning® Gorilla® Glass is durable enough to resist many real-world events that commonly cause wear or scratch damage and glass failure, while providing optical clarity, touch sensitivity, and RF transparency, thus enabling exciting new applications in technology and design. In 2020, Corning unveiled its toughest Gorilla Glass yet, Corning® Gorilla® Glass Victus®, which significantly improves both drop and scratch performance, addressing consumer demand for improved durability. Corning® Gorilla® Glass is manufactured in the United States ("U.S."), South Korea and Taiwan.


‎In 2020, Corning invented the world’s first transparent, color-free glass-ceramic suitable for smartphone applications, which is featured as "Ceramic Shield" on the front cover of the latest iPhone models. Apple and Corning partnered to develop and scale the manufacturing of Ceramic Shield, which offers unparalleled durability and toughness.


Corning’s semiconductor optics include high-performance optical materials including Corning® HPFS® Fused Silica and Corning® ULE® Ultra-Low Expansion Glass, optical-based metrology instruments, and custom optical assemblies for applications in the global semiconductor industry. Corning’s semiconductor optics products are manufactured in New York.


Corning also manufactures ultra-flat, ultra-thin glass wafers and substrates for a variety of applications including augmented reality, advanced semiconductor packaging, 3D sensing, and more. These products are manufactured in New York, France, and China.  


Other specialty glass products include tinted sunglasses and radiation shielding products that are made in France.




Patent protection is important to the segment’s operations. The segment has a growing portfolio of patents relating to its products, technologies and manufacturing processes. Brand recognition and loyalty, through well-known trademarks, are important to the segment. Refer to the material under the heading “Patents and Trademarks” for information relating to the Company’s patents and trademarks.


The Specialty Materials segment represented 14% of Corning’s consolidated net sales in 2021.


Environmental Technologies Segment


Corning’s Environmental Technologies segment manufactures ceramic substrates and filter products for emissions control in mobile applications around the world.  In the early 1970s, Corning developed an economical, high-performance cellular ceramic substrate that is now the standard for catalytic converters in vehicles worldwide.  As global emissions control regulations tighten, Corning has continued to develop more effective and durable ceramic substrate and filter products for gasoline and diesel applications, most recently launching low-mass Corning® FLORA® substrates and Corning® DuraTrap® GC gasoline particulate filters. Corning manufactures substrate and filter products in New York, Virginia, China, Germany and South Africa. Corning sells its ceramic substrate and filter products worldwide to catalyzers and manufacturers of emission control systems who then sell to automotive and diesel vehicle or engine manufacturers.  Although most sales are made to the emission control systems manufacturers, the use of Corning substrates and filters is generally required by the specifications of the automotive and diesel vehicle or engine manufacturers.


Patent protection is important to the segment’s operations. The segment has an extensive portfolio of patents relating to its products, technologies and manufacturing processes. Corning is licensed to use certain patents owned by others, which are also considered important to the segment’s operations. Refer to the material under the heading “Patents and Trademarks” for information relating to the Company’s patents and trademarks.


The Environmental Technologies segment represented 11% of Corning’s consolidated net sales in 2021.


Life Sciences Segment


As a leading developer, manufacturer and global supplier of laboratory products for over 105 years, Corning’s Life Sciences segment works with researchers and drug manufacturers seeking to drive innovation, increase efficiencies, reduce costs and compress timelines. Using unique expertise in the fields of materials science, polymer surface science, cell culture and cell biology, the segment provides innovative solutions that improve productivity and enable breakthrough research for traditional small molecule, or chemical, drugs, biologics, vaccines, and emerging cell and gene therapies.


Life Sciences products include consumables, such as plastic vessels, liquid handling plastics, specialty surfaces, cell culture media and serum, as well as general labware and equipment.  These products are used for drug discovery research and development, compound screening and toxicology testing, advanced cell culture research, genomics applications and mass production of cells for clinical trials and bioproduction. 


Corning sells life sciences products under these primary brands: Corning, Falcon, PYREX and Axygen. The products are marketed globally, primarily through distributors, to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, contract manufacturing organizations, central testing labs, academic institutions, hospitals, government entities, and other facilities. Corning manufactures these products in California, Illinois, Maine, Massachusetts, New York, North Carolina, Utah, Virginia, China, France, Mexico and Poland.


Patent protection is important to the segment’s operations. The segment has a growing portfolio of patents relating to its products, technologies and manufacturing processes. Brand recognition and loyalty, through well-known trademarks, are important to the segment. Refer to the material under the heading “Patents and Trademarks” for more information.


The Life Sciences segment represented 9% of Corning’s consolidated net sales in 2021.




All Other


All other businesses that do not meet the quantitative threshold for separate reporting have been grouped as “All Other.” The Company obtained a controlling interest in Hemlock Semiconductor Group (“HSG”) during the third quarter of 2020 and has consolidated results in “All Other” beginning on September 9, 2020. This group is comprised of the results of HSG, the pharmaceutical technologies business, auto glass, new product lines and development projects, as well as other businesses and certain corporate investments. 


Refer to Note 3 (Investments) and Note 4 (HSG Transactions and Acquisitions) to the consolidated financial statements for additional information on this transaction.


“All Other” represented 9% of Corning’s consolidated net sales in 2021.


Additional explanation regarding Corning and its five reportable segments, as well as financial information about geographic areas, is presented in Management’s Discussion and Analysis of Financial Condition and Results of Operations and Note 20 (Reportable Segments) to the consolidated financial statements.




Corning competes with many large and varied manufacturers, both domestic and foreign. Some of these competitors are larger than Corning, and some have broader product lines. Corning strives to maintain and improve its market position through technology and product innovation. For the foreseeable future, Corning believes its competitive advantage lies in its commitment to research and development, deep customer relationships, reliability of supply, product quality, superior customer service and technical specification of its products. There is no assurance that Corning will be able to maintain or improve its market position or competitive advantage.


Display Technologies Segment


Corning is the largest worldwide producer of glass substrates for flat panel display glass. The environment for high-performance display glass substrate products is very competitive and Corning believes it has maintained its competitive advantages by investing in new products, continually improving its proprietary fusion manufacturing process and providing a consistent and reliable supply of high quality products. Our process allows us to deliver glass that is larger, thinner and lighter, with exceptional surface quality and without heavy metals. AGC Inc. and Nippon Electric Glass Co., Ltd. are Corning’s principal competitors in display glass substrates.


Optical Communications Segment


Corning believes it maintains a leadership position in the segment’s principal product groups, which include carrier and enterprise networks. The competitive landscape includes industry consolidation, pricing pressure and competition for the innovation of new products. These competitive conditions are likely to persist. Corning believes its large-scale manufacturing experience, fiber process, technology leadership and intellectual property provide cost advantages relative to several of its competitors. The primary competitors of the Optical Communications segment are CommScope Inc. and Prysmian Group S.p.A.


Specialty Materials Segment


Corning has deep capabilities in materials science, optical design, shaping, coating, finishing, metrology, and optical system assembly. Our products and capabilities in this segment position the Company to meet the needs of a broad array of markets, including semiconductor, aerospace, defense, industrial, commercial, and telecommunications. Schott AG, AGC Inc., Nippon Electric Glass Co., Ltd. and Heraeus are the main competitors for this segment.


Environmental Technologies Segment


Corning believes it maintains a strong position in the worldwide market for automotive ceramic substrate and filter products, as well as in the heavy-duty and light-duty diesel vehicle markets.  The Company believes its competitive advantage in automotive ceramic substrate products for catalytic converters and filter products for particulate emissions in exhaust systems is based on an advantaged product portfolio, collaborative engineering design services, customer service and support, strategic global presence and continued product innovation.  Corning’s Environmental Technologies products face principal competition from NGK Insulators, Ltd. and Ibiden Co., Ltd.




Life Sciences Segment


Corning seeks to maintain a competitive advantage by emphasizing product quality, global distribution, supply chain efficiency, a broad product line and superior product attributes. Our principal competitors include Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc., Greiner AG, Eppendorf AG, Sarstedt AG and Danaher Corporation. Corning also faces competition from large distributors that have pursued backward integration or introduced private label products.


Raw Materials


Corning’s manufacturing processes and products require access to uninterrupted power sources, significant quantities of industrial water, certain precious metals and various batch materials. Availability of resources (ores, minerals, polymers, helium and processed chemicals) required in manufacturing operations, appear to be adequate. From time to time, Corning’s suppliers may experience capacity limitations in their own operations or may eliminate certain product lines. Corning believes it has adequate programs to ensure a reliable supply of raw and batch materials, as well as precious metals. For many of its materials, Corning has alternate suppliers that would allow operations to continue without interruption in the event of specific materials shortages.


Certain key materials and proprietary equipment used in the manufacturing of products are currently sole-sourced or available only from a limited number of suppliers.  To minimize this risk, Corning closely monitors raw materials and equipment with limited availability or sole-sourced suppliers.  However, any future difficulty in obtaining sufficient and timely delivery, or inflationary pricing, of components and/or raw materials could result in lost sales due to delays or reductions in product shipments, or reductions in Corning’s gross margins.


Patents and Trademarks


Inventions by members of Corning’s research and engineering staff continue to be important to the Company’s growth. Patents have been granted on many of these inventions in the U.S. and other countries. Some of these patents have been licensed to other manufacturers. Many of our earlier patents have now expired, but Corning continues to seek and obtain patents protecting its innovations. In 2021, Corning was granted about 420 patents in the U.S. and over 1,600 patents in countries outside the U.S.


Each business segment possesses a patent portfolio that provides certain competitive advantages in protecting Corning’s innovations.  Corning has historically enforced, and will continue to enforce, its intellectual property rights.  At the end of 2021, Corning and its wholly owned subsidiaries owned about 12,150 unexpired patents in various countries of which about 4,350 were U.S. patents.  Between 2022 and 2024, approximately 625 (5%) of these worldwide patents will expire, while at the same time Corning intends to seek patents protecting its newer innovations.  Worldwide, Corning has about 9,050 patent applications in process, with about 2,150 in process in the U.S.  Corning believes that its patent portfolio will continue to provide a competitive advantage in protecting the Company’s innovation, although Corning’s competitors in each of its businesses are actively seeking patent protection as well.




While each of our reportable segments has numerous patents in various countries, no one patent is considered material to any of these segments. Important U.S.-issued patents in our reportable segments include the following:


Display Technologies: patents relating to glass compositions and methods for the use and manufacture of glass substrates for display applications.

Optical Communications: patents relating to (i) multimode and single mode optical fiber products including low-loss optical fiber, large effective area optical fiber, and other high data rate optical fiber, and processes and equipment for manufacturing optical fiber, including methods for making optical fiber preforms and methods for drawing, cooling and winding optical fiber; (ii) optical fiber ribbons and methods for making such ribbon, indoor and outdoor fiber optic cable products and methods for making and installing optical fiber cable; (iii) optical fiber connectors and factory-terminated assemblies, hardware, termination and storage and associated methods of manufacture; and (iv) optical fiber and hybrid fiber-coax wireless communication systems.

Specialty Materials: patents relating to protective cover glass materials and coatings, ophthalmic glasses and polarizing dyes, and semiconductor/microlithography optics and blanks, metrology instrumentation and laser/precision optics, glass polarizers, specialty fiber, and refractories.

Environmental Technologies: patents relating to cellular ceramic honeycomb products, together with ceramic batch and binder system compositions, honeycomb extrusion and firing processes, and honeycomb extrusion dies and equipment for the high-volume, low-cost manufacture of such products.

Life Sciences: patents relating to methods and apparatus for the manufacture and use of scientific laboratory equipment including multiwell plates and cell culture products, as well as equipment and processes for cell and gene therapy research.


Approximate number of patents granted to our reportable segments are as follows:


    Number of patents worldwide    

U.S. patents

    Important U.S. patents expiring between 2022 and 2024  

Display Technologies

    1,176       165       3  

Optical Communications

    4,562       2,110       33  

Specialty Materials

    2,399       743       5  

Environmental Technologies

    1,050       362       10  

Life Sciences

    567       173       1  


Many of the Company’s patents are used in operations or are licensed for use by others, and Corning is licensed to use patents owned by others. Corning has entered into cross-licensing arrangements with some major competitors, but the scope of such licenses has been limited to specific product areas or technologies.


Corning’s principle trademarks include the following:  Axygen, Celcor, ClearCurve, Corning, DuraTrap, Eagle XG, Edge8, Falcon, Gorilla, Guardiant, HPFS, Leaf, PYREX, RocketRibbon, SMF-28e, Steuben, UniCam, Valor, Velocity, and Victus.


Protection of the Environment


Corning has an extensive program to ensure that its facilities comply with state, federal and foreign pollution-control regulations. This program has resulted in capital and operating expenditures each year. To maintain compliance with such regulations, capital expenditures for pollution control in operations were approximately $18.4 million in 2021 and are estimated to be $23.3 million in 2022.


Corning’s 2021 consolidated operating results were charged with approximately $54.9 million for depreciation, maintenance, waste disposal and other operating expenses associated with pollution control.




Human Capital Management Overview


At Corning, we are proud of the life-changing innovations we bring to the world.  Our unparalleled expertise in our core technologies along with deep manufacturing and engineering capabilities require a talent strategy focused on attracting and retaining exceptional people, fostering a culture that enables innovation and collaboration and supporting long and successful careers. 


Each of our 61,200 full- and part-time employees in 44 countries make an important contribution, whether in one of our manufacturing or processing facilities, research labs, sales offices or other facilities.  Approximately 68% of our employees are production and maintenance and an estimated 66% are represented by a union or works council.  Our global workforce is concentrated in North America, the Asia Pacific region and EMEA.




Corning is guided by an enduring set of Values that defines our relationship with employees, customers, and our communities:  Quality, Integrity, Performance, Leadership, Innovation, Independence and the Individual.  Our Values are the key to our business success, a source of pride and excitement for our employees, and the factor that ultimately sets us apart from our competitors.  In short, we believe that how we do things is as important as what we do.  We measure how we live our Values through the annual Corporate Values Survey.  We use the results to see what actions can be taken toward better achievement of the Values. Corning employees all contribute to the success of the Company by living our Values—all seven, all the time, all around the world. 


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion


We are focused on leveraging globally diverse teams and creating an inclusive environment for all employees.  Our global workforce is comprised of 61% men and 39% women.  In all regions of the world, we are continuing to invest in building our pipeline of female and underrepresented talent through targeted recruitment efforts, mentoring and coaching programs, networking opportunities, personalized development plans and proactive career management.   As a result of these efforts, we have made significant diversity gains within our leadership teams.  Since 2010, gender and ethnic diversity among members of the Corporate Management Group, which includes about 230 of the Company’s top global leaders, increased from 28% to 50%; corporate officer diverse representation has increased from 21% to 38%. 


In 2021, as planned, we achieved 100% pay equity for all salaried men and women in our worldwide operations and we continued to maintain pay equity across minority groups compared with white salaried employees in the U.S. We furthered our longstanding commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion in 2020 by creating the Office of Racial Equality and Social Unity (ORESU) to further our goal of a more equitable and inclusive culture at Corning and beyond. The efforts of this office have not only impacted policies, practices, communications, and our corporate culture, but have championed diversity and inclusion in the communities in which our employees live and work.  Since its creation, in addition to launching enterprise-wide Unconscious Bias training and entering a $5.5 million strategic partnership with North Carolina A&T University, ORESU is also engaging with local communities to enhance public safety and create places where students of color can thrive.


Corning proudly sponsors 16 different Employee Resource Groups ("ERGs") with 59 chapters worldwide. They represent employees who are women, Black, Asian, Latino, Native American, people with disabilities, members of the LGBTQ+ community, and veterans, among others. The ERGs are vital in raising awareness, recruiting and retaining diverse talent, and inspiring corporate leadership to adopt new policies, practices, and services.


Talent Management


Each year we formally evaluate the talent implications of our strategic business plans and align our actions and objectives accordingly.  As businesses grow organically or through acquisition, we create human capital objectives to ensure we have the right people with the right skills in place to deliver that growth.  In 2021, as a result of these objectives, our talent processes supported the net addition of approximately 11,100 employees worldwide, with significant growth in all regions.




Corning strives to attract and recruit diverse qualified candidates to maintain our culture of innovation and to foster creativity.  We have created a strategic talent pipeline through internships, co-operatives, rotational leadership programs, and partnerships with various universities, including Historically Black Colleges & Universities (HBCUs).  In addition, we collaborate with organizations such as the Society of Women Engineers, The Association of Latino Professionals for America, National Society of Black Engineers, National Association of Black Accountants, Out for Undergrad, and military veterans’ groups to introduce us to qualified, diverse candidates.


Businesses conduct climate surveys at least every two years, and ad hoc pulse surveys as needed, to measure engagement, satisfaction and alignment with our Values.  It is important to Corning that employees develop, grow and are inspired to continue their careers at the Company over the long-term.  We offer rich simulations, assessments, and experiences that are digital, classroom, and a blend of both, targeted to all levels in the organization.  We provide on-the-job learning experience, mentoring, and career planning to ensure immediate application and lasting impact.  Talent retention is an ongoing important focus area which aligns with our strategy of encouraging and supporting longer-term careers with Corning.  Historically, our talent retention has been consistently higher than the markets in which we compete for talent.  Although 2021 yielded some recruitment and retention challenges primarily in specific locations within our US operations, our talent management approach enabled our HR teams to mobilize quickly with plans in place to address those issues.  Salaried talent retention in 2021 was 94%.


At Corning, the health and safety of our workforce is always of paramount consideration.  Our safety standards always meet, and often exceed, local regulatory standards.  We continue to rank within the top quartile of our ORCHSE Strategies, LLC. (a National Safety Council membership-based workplace safety group) peer group in terms of total recordable incident rate (TRIR) performance with a Company-wide TRIR of just 0.50 in 2021.  We promote employee wellbeing through wellness programs which vary by region such as nutrition, mental health, and fitness-related offerings, smoking cessation programs, and smoke free campuses. With the continuation of the pandemic in 2021, we continued our Responsible Corning program with enhanced cleaning, screening, testing and other measures initiated in 2020. In addition, we encouraged COVID vaccinations and boosters among our employees and in the communities in which we operate, supplying more than 100,000 vaccines to employees, families and community members in locations such as Reynosa Mexico, Asan Korea and Pune India.




Executive Officers of the Registrant


John P. Bayne, Jr.  Senior Vice President & General manager, Mobile Consumer Electronics

Mr. Bayne joined Corning in 1995 as the Fallbrook plant controller, and in 1997 became an international business controller in the Optical Fiber division. From 1999 to 2003 he held a variety of management positions in Photonic Technologies. In 2003 he joined Display Technologies and in 2006, he was named president, Display Technologies, China. In 2009 he became director of strategy, Display Technologies. Beginning in 2012 he was vice president and general manager for High Performance Displays and in 2014 he assumed responsibility for the Advanced Glass Innovations group. In 2015 he was named vice president and general manager of the Gorilla Glass business. He was appointed senior vice president and general manager of Mobile Consumer Electronics in April 2020. Age 56.


Stefan Becker  Senior Vice President & Operations Controller

Mr. Becker joined Corning in 2000 through Corning’s acquisition of Siemens Communication Cable Division. From 2001, he held positions as manager, Planning and Analysis and later director of Finance, Corning Cable Systems. He joined the Display Technologies division in 2005 as U.S. Controller. In 2007 he was appointed CFO, Corning Display Technologies Taiwan. In 2009 he was named director of Finance, Corning Display Technologies (“CDT”) and in 2010 was appointed division controller, CDT. Between 2012 and 2015, he served as international division vice president, Finance, Corning Glass Technologies. He was appointed as Corning’s Operations Controller in 2015 and senior vice president in 2019. Age 50.


Michael A. Bell  Senior Vice President & General Manager, Optical Communications

Mr. Bell joined Corning in 1991 as a process engineer for the Telecommunications Cable Plant in Hickory, North Carolina. He has held a variety of positions in manufacturing and engineering. He was appointed to CCS Americas Cable Manufacturing Manager in 2004, which expanded to include hardware manufacturing in 2009. In 2012 he was appointed senior vice president and general manager, Optical Connectivity Solutions for Corning Optical Communications. He was appointed senior vice president and general manager, Optical Communications in April 2020. Age 57.


Cheryl C. Capps  Senior Vice President and Chief Supply Chain Officer, Global Supply Chain

Ms. Capps joined Corning in 2011 as vice president, procurement and transportation and in 2018 she was appointed as senior vice president, global supply chain.  Since joining Corning, Ms. Capps has worked to develop the capabilities within the global supply management function and across the corporation to transform supply chain into a competitive advantage for enabling innovation, growth, and financial success.  She has many years of diverse leadership experience in business management, strategic planning, manufacturing, supply chain, quality, research, and development.  Ms. Capps was appointed as senior vice president and chief supply chain officer in 2020.  Age 60.


Martin J. Curran  Executive Vice President and Innovation Officer

Mr. Curran joined Corning in 1984 and has held a variety of roles in finance, manufacturing, and marketing.  He has served as senior vice president, general manager for Corning Cable Systems Hardware and Equipment Operations in the Americas, responsible for operations in Hickory, North Carolina; Keller, Texas; Reynosa, Mexico; Shanghai, China; and the Dominican Republic.  In 2007, he was appointed as senior vice president and general manager of Corning Optical Fiber.  Mr. Curran was appointed as executive vice president and innovation officer in August 2012.  Age 63.


Jeffrey W. Evenson  Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer

Dr. Evenson joined Corning in 2011 as senior vice president and operations chief of staff.  In 2015, he was named chief strategy officer.  He was appointed executive vice president in 2018. He oversees corporate strategy, corporate communications, and advanced analytics.  Prior to joining Corning, Dr. Evenson was a senior vice president with Sanford C. Bernstein & Co., LLC, where he served as a senior analyst.  Before that, Dr. Evenson was a partner at McKinsey & Company, where he led technology and market assessment for early-stage technologies.   Age 56.


Li Fang  President & General Manager, Corning Greater China

Mr. Fang joined Corning International in 1997 as business development manager, China. In 1999 he transferred to the Environmental Products Division and became production manager of CET’s China Plant - Corning (Shanghai) Company Ltd. In July 2004, he was appointed operations manager and in October 2004 he was appointed director of operations and plant manager of Corning (Shanghai) Company Ltd. In 2007, he was appointed vice president, Corning Display Technologies China, and director of commercial operations, government affairs and supply chain. In 2009 he was named president, Corning Display Technologies China. He was appointed president and general manager of Corning Greater China in 2012. Age 59.




Robert P. France  Senior Vice President, Human Resources

Mr. France joined Corning in 2000 as a commercial Human Resources manager for Optical Fiber. He moved to Display Technologies in 2004 as the division Human Resources manager. He was Human Resources director for Corning Glass Technologies and Asia from 2004 to 2016. From 2016 to 2018, Mr. France was Human Resources senior vice president for Corning Optical Communications, responsible for leading all aspects of the Human Resources function across several businesses and had HR Generalist responsibility for the Corning China organization. In 2018 he was appointed as vice president, Human Resources and was appointed senior vice president, Human Resources in 2019. Age 56.


Lawrence D. McRae  Vice Chairman and Corporate Development Officer

Mr. McRae joined Corning in 1985 and has held a broad range of leadership positions in various finance, sales, marketing, and general management across Corning’s businesses. In 1995 he was appointed vice president of Corning Consumer Products Company and president of Revere Ware Corporation. He then moved to Telecommunications Products, where he served as vice president, Global Development, from 1996 to 2000. He was appointed vice president Corporate Development in 2000 and progressed through a series of senior leadership positions. He has led strategy and corporate development since 2010.  He was named vice chairman in 2015 and first vice chairman and corporate development officer in April 2020.  Age 63.


David L. Morse  Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Morse joined Corning in 1976 as a composition scientist in glass research.  In 1985, he was named senior research associate, manager of consumer products development in 1987 and director of materials research in 1990.  He served in a variety of technology leadership positions in organic materials and telecommunications before joining Corporate Research in 2001.  From 2006 to 2012, he served as senior vice president and director, Corporate Research.  Dr. Morse was appointed to his current position in 2012.  Age 69.


Anne Mullins  Senior Vice President & Chief Digital & Information Officer

Ms. Mullins joined Corning as senior vice president & chief digital & information officer in August 2019. In this role, she is responsible for leading the strategic direction of Corning’s global information technology function and evolving the Company’s digital footprint. Prior to joining Corning, Ms. Mullins served as chief information officer for Lockheed Martin and previously served as Lockheed Martin’s chief information security officer. Age 59.


Eric S. Musser  President & Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Musser joined Corning in 1986 and served in a variety of manufacturing and general management roles in Corning’s Optical Communications businesses.  In 2005, he was named vice president and general manager of Optical Fiber.  Mr. Musser served as general manager, Corning Greater China from 2007 to 2012 and president of Corning International from 2012 to 2014.  In 2014, he was appointed executive vice president, Corning Technologies and International. In April 2020, he was appointed as president & chief operating officer.  Age 62.


Avery H. Nelson III  Senior Vice President & General Manager, Automotive

Mr. Nelson joined Corning in 1991 as shift supervisor at the Harrodsburg, Kentucky plant and subsequently served in progressive roles in Corning Display Technologies. In 2007, he joined CET as general manager, Corning (Shanghai) Company Limited. In 2009, he became general manager and regional director of China and India, CET. In 2010 he returned to the U.S. as program director, CET. In 2011, he assumed the role of business director, AAA Corning® Gorilla® Glass, New Business Development. Later that year, he was appointed division vice president, Heavy Duty Diesel (HDD). In 2013, he was appointed division vice president and business director. In 2014, he was appointed vice president and general manager for Environmental Technologies. He was appointed to his current position in April 2020. Age 53.


Edward A. Schlesinger  Senior Vice President and Corporate Controller

Mr. Schlesinger joined Corning in 2013 as senior vice president and chief financial officer of Corning Optical Communications.  He was elected vice president and corporate controller in September 2015 and principal accounting officer in December 2015. He was named senior vice president in February 2019.  Prior to joining Corning, Mr. Schlesinger served as Vice President, Finance and Sector Chief Financial Officer for the Climate Solutions Sector for Ingersoll Rand.  Mr. Schlesinger has a financial career that spans more than 20 years garnering extensive expertise in accounting, technical financial management and reporting.  Age 54.


On December 7, 2021, Corning's Board of Directors appointed Mr. Schlesinger as executive vice president and chief financial officer, effective February 18, 2022.




Lewis A. Steverson  Executive Vice President and Chief Legal & Administrative Officer

Mr. Steverson joined Corning in 2013 as senior vice president and general counsel.  In 2018 he was named executive vice president and general counsel. Prior to joining Corning, Mr. Steverson served as senior vice president, general counsel, and corporate secretary of Motorola Solutions, Inc.  During his 18 years with Motorola, he held a variety of law leadership roles across the company’s numerous business units.  Prior to Motorola, Mr. Steverson was in private practice at the law firm of Arnold & Porter.  He was appointed Executive Vice President and Chief Legal & Administrative Officer in April 2020.  Age 58.


R. Tony Tripeny  Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Tripeny joined Corning Cable Systems in 1985 as the corporate accounting manager and became the Keller, Texas facility’s plant controller in 1989.  In 1993, he was appointed equipment division controller and, in 1996, corporate controller.  Mr. Tripeny was appointed chief financial officer of Corning Cable Systems in July 2000 and, in 2003, he took on the additional role of group controller, Telecommunications.  He was appointed division vice president, Operations Controller in August 2004, vice president, corporate controller in October 2005, and senior vice president and principal accounting officer in April 2009.  Mr. Tripeny was then appointed as Corning’s senior vice president and chief financial officer in September 2015.  He was appointed executive vice president in 2018.  Age 62.


On December 9, 2021, the Company announced that Mr. Tripeny will relinquish the chief financial officer title effective February 18, 2022, as part of his plan to retire in March 2022 after a successful 36-year tenure with Corning.


Ronald L. Verkleeren  Senior Vice President & General Manager, Life Sciences Technologies

Mr. Verkleeren joined Corning in 2001 in the Optical Communications segment. He joined the Life Sciences segment in 2004 and has held a variety of progressive roles in that segment. In 2010, he was named division vice president and director of Advanced Life Sciences. In 2012 he was named division vice president and program director for Corning Pharmaceutical Technologies. In 2015, he became vice president and general manager of the Pharmaceutical Technologies division. He was elected as senior vice president & general manager, Life Sciences in April 2020. Age 51.


Wendell P. Weeks  Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Weeks joined Corning in 1983 in the finance group.  He has held a variety of financial, business development, commercial, and general management roles.  He was named vice president and general manager of the Optical Fiber business in 1996 and president of Corning’s Optical Communications division in 2001.  He became Corning’s president and chief operation officer in April 2002. Mr. Weeks has been a member of Corning’s Board of Directors since December 2000.  He was named chief executive officer in April 2005 and chairman of the board in April 2007.  Mr. Weeks is a director of Amazon.com, Inc.  Age 62.


John Z. Zhang  Senior Vice President & General Manager, Display Technologies

Mr. Zhang joined Corning in 2008 as director, corporate development. In 2009, he was appointed director, corporate development Asia Pacific. In 2010, he further expanded his role to lead the strategy & corporate development organization of Corning International. In 2014, he was named deputy general manager, Corning Display Technologies. In 2015, he was elected as senior vice president and general manager, Corning Display Technologies. Age 49.


Document Availability


A copy of Corning’s 2021 Annual Report on Form 10-K filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission is available upon written request to Corporate Secretary, Corning Incorporated, One Riverfront Plaza, Corning, NY 14831. The Annual Report on Form 10-K, quarterly reports on Form 10-Q, current reports on Form 8-K, and amendments pursuant to Section 13(a) or 15(d) of the Exchange Act of 1934 and other filings are available as soon as reasonably practicable after such material is electronically filed or furnished to the SEC, and can be accessed electronically free of charge at www.SEC.gov, or through the Investor Relations page on Corning’s website at www.corning.com. The information contained on the Company’s website is not included in, or incorporated by reference into, this Annual Report on Form 10-K.




Additional information in response to Item 1 is found in Note 20 (Reportable Segments) to the consolidated financial statements.




Item 1A. Risk Factors 


We operate in rapidly changing economic, political, and technological environments that present numerous risks. Our operations and financial results are subject to risks and uncertainties, including those described below, that could adversely affect our business, financial condition, results of operations, cash flows, our ability to successfully execute our strategy and the trading price of our common stock or debt. The following discussion identifies the most significant factors that may adversely affect the Company. This information should be read in conjunction with Management's Discussion and Analysis of Financial Conditions and Results of Operations ("MD&A") and the consolidated financial statements and related notes incorporated by reference into this report. The following discussion of risks is not all inclusive but is designed to highlight what we believe are important factors to consider, as these factors could cause our future results to differ from those in our forward-looking statements and from historical trends.


Risks Related to Our Business

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has, and may continue to, adversely impact the global economy and disrupt our operations and supply chains, which may have an adverse effect on our results of operations


COVID-19 has impacted and may further impact the global economy and could have additional impacts on economic growth, the proper functioning of financial and capital markets, foreign currency exchange rates, and interest rates. The pandemic has resulted in authorities around the world implementing numerous unprecedented measures such as travel restrictions, quarantines, shelter in place orders, vaccine mandates and facility shutdowns. These measures have impacted, and may continue to impact our workforce, operations and supply chains, and those of our customers, contract manufacturers and suppliers, particularly in the event of a significant global resurgence of the illness. There is considerable uncertainty regarding the duration, scope and severity of the pandemic and the impacts on our business and the global economy from the effects of the ongoing pandemic and response measures.  


Inflationary price pressures and uncertain availability of commodities, raw materials, utilities, labor or other inputs used by us and our suppliers, or instability in logistics and related costs, could negatively impact our profitability. 


Increases in the price of commodities, raw materials, utilities, labor or other inputs that we or our suppliers use in manufacturing and supplying products, components and parts, along with logistics and other related costs, may lead to higher production and shipping costs for our products, parts, and components. Further, increasing global demand for, and uncertain supply of, such materials could disrupt our or our suppliers’ ability to obtain such materials in a timely manner to meet our supply needs and/or could lead to increased costs. Any increase in the cost of inputs to our production could lead to higher costs for our products and could negatively impact our operating results, future profitability and ability to successfully deliver on our strategy. Increasing prices to our customers to offset the impact of higher costs, may cause certain of our customers to push out, cancel or refrain from purchasing our products, which could materially adversely impact demand for our products, and therefore also negatively impact our operating results, future profitability and ability to successfully deliver on our strategy.


Supply chain disruptions, manufacturing interruptions or delays, or the failure to accurately forecast customer demand, could affect our ability to meet customer demand, lead to higher costs, or result in excess or obsolete inventory; if we are unable to obtain the necessary equipment, raw and batch materials, natural resources or utilities required in our products or processes, our business will be negatively impacted


Corning’s business relies on its timely supply of materials, equipment, services and related products to meet the changing technical and volume requirements of its customers, which depends in part on the timely delivery of materials, equipment and services, from suppliers and contract manufacturers. Significant and sudden increases in demand for such materials, equipment and services, as well as delays in and unpredictability of shipments due to transportation interruptions, have resulted in, and may continue to result in, a shortage of materials, equipment and services needed to manufacture Corning’s products. Such shortages have adversely impacted, and may continue to adversely impact, our suppliers’ ability to meet our demand requirements and Corning’s manufacturing operations and its ability to meet customer demand. Some key materials, equipment and services are subject to long lead-times or available only from a single supplier or limited group of suppliers. Volatility of demand for manufacturing equipment can increase capital, technical, operational and other risks for Corning and for companies throughout our supply chain, and may cause some suppliers to exit businesses, or scale back or cease operations, which could impact our ability to meet customer demand.




Our ability to meet customer demand depends, in part, on our ability to obtain timely and adequate delivery of equipment, raw and batch materials, natural resources or utilities, equipment, parts, components and raw materials from our suppliers. We may experience shortages that could adversely affect our operations. Certain manufacturing equipment, components and raw materials are available only from single or limited sources, and we may not be able to find alternate sources in a timely manner. A reduction, interruption or delay of supply, or a significant increase in the price for supplies, such as manufacturing equipment, precious metals, raw materials, utilities including energy and industrial water, could have a material adverse effect on our business. 


Corning may also experience significant interruptions of its manufacturing operations, delays in its ability to deliver products or services, increased costs or customer order cancellations as a result of:


The failure or inability to accurately forecast demand and obtain sufficient quantities of materials, equipment and services on a cost-effective basis;

Volatility in the availability and cost of materials, equipment and services, including rising prices due to inflation or scarcity of availability;
Difficulties or delays in obtaining required import or export approvals;
Shipment delays due to transportation interruptions or capacity constraints;
A worldwide shortage of semiconductor components as a result of sharp increases in demand for semiconductor products in general;
Information technology or infrastructure failures, including those of a third-party supplier or service provider; and
Natural disasters, the impacts of climate change, or other events beyond Corning’s control (such as earthquakes, utility interruptions, tsunamis, hurricanes, typhoons, floods, storms or extreme weather conditions, fires, regional economic downturns, regional or global health epidemics, including the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, geopolitical turmoil, increased trade restrictions between the U.S. and China and other countries, social unrest, political instability, terrorism, or acts of war) in locations where it or its customers or suppliers have manufacturing, research, engineering or other operations.


Cornings Display Technologies segment generates a significant amount of the Companys profits and cash flow; any significant decrease in display glass pricing or market share could have a material and negative impact on our financial results


Corning’s ability to generate profits and operating cash flow depends largely on the profitability of our display glass business, which is subject to continuous pricing pressure due to industry competition, potential over-capacity, and development of new technologies. If we are not able to achieve proportionate reductions in costs and/or increases in volume to offset ongoing pricing pressure, it could have a material adverse impact on our financial results.


Because we have a concentrated customer base, future sales and cash flows could be negatively impacted by the actions or loss of one or more key customers


A relatively small number of end customers accounted for a high percentage of our net sales.  This concentration subjects us to a variety of risks including:


The loss or insolvency of one or more of our key customers, could result in a substantial loss of sales and reduction in anticipated cash flows;

Customers may possess substantial leverage in negotiating contractual obligations, including liability provisions; and 

Mergers and consolidations between customers could result in further concentration of the customer base.


The following table details the number of combined customers of our segments that accounted for a large percentage of segment net sales:


    Number of combined end customers   % of total segment net sales in 2021

Display Technologies





Optical Communications





Specialty Materials





Environmental Technologies





Life Sciences








Events outside of Cornings control, or those of our contract manufacturers, could cause a disruption to our manufacturing operations and adversely impact our customers, resulting in a negative impact to Cornings net sales, net income, asset values and liquidity


Disruption to our manufacturing operations, or those of our contract manufacturers, could significantly impact Corning’s ability to supply its customers and could produce a near-term severe impact on our individual business units and the Company. Given the geographical concentration of certain of the Company's and our contract manufacturers' plants, the highly engineered nature of the facilities and the globally dispersed talent required to run these facilities, any event that adversely affects or restricts movement into or out of a specific geographic area where we, our contract manufacturers, our suppliers, or our customers have a presence, could adversely impact our results. Due to the specialized nature of our products and single-site manufacturing locations, in the event such a location experiences disruption, it we may not be possible to find replacement capacity or substitute production from other facilities. 


We may experience difficulties in enforcing our intellectual property rights, which could result in loss of market share, and we may be subject to claims of infringement of the intellectual property rights of others


We rely on patent and trade secret laws, copyright, trademark, confidentiality procedures, controls and contractual commitments to protect our intellectual property rights. Despite our efforts, these protections may be limited and we may encounter difficulties in protecting our intellectual property rights or obtaining rights to additional intellectual property necessary to permit us to continue or expand our businesses. We cannot provide assurance that the patents that we hold or may obtain will provide meaningful protection against our competitors. Changes in or enforcement of laws concerning intellectual property may affect our ability to prevent or address the misappropriation of, or the unauthorized use of, our intellectual property, potentially resulting in loss of market share. Litigation may be necessary to enforce our intellectual property rights. Litigation is inherently uncertain and outcomes are unpredictable. If we cannot protect our intellectual property rights against unauthorized copying or use, or other misappropriation, we may not remain competitive.


The intellectual property rights of others could inhibit our ability to introduce new products. Other companies hold patents on technologies used in our industries and are aggressively seeking to expand, enforce and license their patent portfolios. We periodically receive notices from, or have lawsuits filed against us by third parties claiming infringement, misappropriation or other misuse of their intellectual property rights and/or breach of our agreements with them. These third parties often include entities that do not have the capabilities to design, manufacture, or distribute products or that acquire intellectual property like patents for the sole purpose of monetizing their acquired intellectual property through asserting claims of infringement and misuse. Such claims of infringement or misappropriation may result in loss of revenue, substantial costs, or lead to monetary damages or injunctive relief against us.


Information technology dependency and cybersecurity vulnerabilities could lead to reduced revenue, liability claims, competitive or reputational harm, and result in material adverse effects on our operations and financial results


The Company is dependent on information technology systems and infrastructure (“IT systems”) owned and operated by the Company or managed by third-party service providers, suppliers and contract manufacturers. IT systems enable us to conduct, monitor and/or protect our business, operations, systems, data and other assets. In the ordinary course of our business, we and our providers collect, process, transmit and store sensitive data, including intellectual property, our proprietary information and that of our customers, suppliers and business partners, as well as personally identifiable information.  Intrusion into a supplier or contract manufacturer system not integrated with a Corning IT system could result in service disruption and/or loss of financial control.  


Our IT systems, and those of our providers, may be vulnerable to compromise or disruption due to human error or malfeasance, outdated applications, computer viruses or malware (e.g., ransomware), natural disasters, unauthorized access, cyber-attacks and other similar incidents and disruptions. Increased work-from-home, at both the Company and our providers, presents additional operational risk.  Companies that provide utilities, water, transportation, natural gas, and other resources and services across our supply chain, are critical to our manufacturing operations and are vulnerable to cyber-attacks. From time to time, both we and certain of our providers, have been subject to cyberattacks and security incidents.  We may be unable to anticipate, detect, prevent or remediate future attacks, particularly as attackers are becoming more sophisticated in their ability to circumvent controls and remove forensic evidence.




Any significant disruption, breakdown, intrusion, interruption or corruption, data breach, or compromise to the accessibility, security or integrity of our or our providers’ IT systems, or the misappropriation or disclosure of any confidential, proprietary or personally identifiable information, could result in the loss of data or intellectual property, equipment or systems damage, downtime, safety related issues and could have a material adverse effect on our business, including by harming our competitive position and reputation, disrupting our manufacturing, reducing the value of our investment in research and development and other strategic initiatives, impairing our ability to access suppliers, contract manufacturers, customers, and cloud-based services, subjecting us to litigation or regulatory investigations or fines, increasing the costs of compliance and remediation, or otherwise adversely affecting our business.  We may be required to invest significant additional resources to comply with evolving cybersecurity regulations and to modify and enhance our IT systems, information security and controls, and to investigate and remediate any security vulnerabilities. Any losses, costs or liabilities may not be covered by, or may exceed the coverage limits of, any, or all, of our applicable insurance policies. 


We may not earn a positive return from our research, development and engineering investments


Developing our products through our innovation model of research and development is costly and often involves a long investment cycle. We make significant investments in research, development and engineering that may not earn an economic return. If our investments do not provide a pipeline of products or technologies that our customers demand or lower our manufacturing costs, it could negatively impact our revenue and operating margins for both near- and long-term.


Our innovation model depends on our ability to attract and retain specialized experts in our core technologies


Our innovation model requires us to employ highly specialized experts in glass science, ceramic science, and optical physics to conduct our research and development and engineer our products and design our manufacturing facilities. The loss of the services of any member of our key research and development or engineering team without adequate replacement, or the inability to attract new qualified personnel, could have a material adverse effect on our operations and financial performance.


We are subject to strict environmental regulations and regulatory changes that could result in fines or restrictions that interrupt our operations


Some of our manufacturing processes generate chemical waste, wastewater, other industrial waste or greenhouse gases, and we are subject to numerous laws and regulations relating to the use, storage, discharge and disposal of such substances. We have installed anti-pollution equipment for the treatment of chemical waste and wastewater at our facilities. We have taken steps to control the amount of greenhouse gases created by our manufacturing operations. However, we cannot provide assurance that environmental claims will not be brought against us or that government regulators will not take steps to adopt more stringent environmental standards.


Any failure on our part to comply with any present or future environmental regulations could result in the assessment of damages or imposition of fines against us, or the suspension/cessation of production or operations. In addition, environmental regulations could require us to acquire costly equipment, incur other significant compliance expenses or limit or restrict production or operations and thus materially and negatively affect our financial condition and results of operations.


Changes in regulations and the regulatory environment in the U.S. and other countries, such as those resulting from the regulation and impact of global warming and CO2 abatement, may affect our businesses and their results in adverse ways by, among other things, substantially increasing manufacturing costs, limiting availability of scarce resources, especially energy, or requiring limitations on production and sale of our products or those of our customers.




General Risk Factors


We may have additional tax liabilities


We are subject to income taxes in the U.S. and many foreign jurisdictions, and are commonly audited by various tax authorities.  There are many transactions and calculations where the ultimate tax treatment is uncertain.  Judgment is required in determining our worldwide provision for income taxes.  Although we believe our tax estimates are reasonable, the final determination of tax, assessments, audits and any related litigation could be materially different from our historical income tax provisions and accruals, or result in the forfeiture of funds deposited with the relevant government authorities.  The results of an audit or litigation could have a material effect on our financial statements in the period or periods for which such a determination is made.  


The U.S., other countries and international organizations, such as Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (“OECD”), may change their laws or issue new international tax standards that may also impact our taxes. 


As a global company, we face many risks which could adversely impact our operations and financial results


We are a global company and derive a substantial portion of our revenue from, and have significant operations, outside of the U.S. Our international operations include manufacturing, assembly, sales, research and development, customer support, and shared administrative service centers. Additionally, we rely on a global supply chain for key components and capabilities that are central to our ability to invent, make and sell products.


Compliance with laws and regulations increases our costs. We are subject to both U.S. laws and the local laws where we operate which, among other things, include data privacy requirements, employment and labor laws, tax laws, anti-competition regulations, prohibitions on payments to governmental officials, import and trade restrictions and export requirements. Non-compliance or violations could result in fines, criminal sanctions against us, our officers or employees, and prohibitions on the conduct of our business. Such violations could result in prohibitions on our ability to offer our products and services in one or more countries and could also materially damage our reputation, our brand, our international expansion efforts, our ability to attract and retain employees, our businesses and operating results. Our success depends, in part, on our ability to anticipate and manage these risks.


Corning is exposed to risks associated with an uncertain and inflationary global economy


Uncertain or adverse economic and business conditions, including uncertainties and volatility in the financial markets, national debt, fiscal or monetary concerns, inflation and rising interest rates in various regions, could materially adversely impact Corning’s operating results. Markets for our products depend largely on business and consumer spending and demand for network capacity, electronics and automotive products. Uncertain or adverse economic and business conditions that result in decreases in consumer spending and demand, or cause us to pass on increased costs to our customers, may cause certain of our customers to push out, cancel or refrain from purchasing our products, which could materially adversely impact demand for our products and our operating results. In addition, the COVID-19 pandemic, and transportation interruptions and other measures taken in response thereto, have had, and may continue to have, a significant adverse impact on the global and regional economic activity, as well as our ability to meet our customer demand.


Similarly, changes that result in sudden increases in consumer demand for electronic products have resulted in, and may continue to result in, a shortage of parts and materials needed to manufacture our products or the products in which our products are used. Such shortages, as well as shipment delays due to transportation interruptions, have adversely impacted, and may continue to adversely impact, our ability to meet our demand requirements.


Uncertain economic and industry conditions also make it more challenging for Corning to forecast its operating results, make business decisions, and identify and prioritize the risks that may affect its businesses, sources and uses of cash, financial condition and results of operations. If Corning does not appropriately manage its business operations in response to changing economic and industry conditions, it could have a significant negative impact on its business performance and financial condition. Even during periods of economic uncertainty or lower revenues, Corning must continue to invest in research and development and maintain a global business infrastructure to compete effectively and support its customers, which can have a negative impact on its operating margins and earnings.




We are also subject to a variety of other risks in managing a global organization, including those related to:


The economic and political conditions in each country or region and among countries;

Complex regulatory requirements affecting international trade and investment, including anti-dumping laws, export controls, the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and local laws prohibiting improper payments. Our operations may be adversely affected by changes in the substance or enforcement of these regulatory requirements, and by actual or alleged violations of them;

Fluctuations in currency exchange rates, convertibility of currencies and restrictions involving the movement of funds between jurisdictions and countries;

Governmental protectionist policies and sovereign and political risks that may adversely affect Corning’s profitability and assets;

Tariffs, trade duties and other trade barriers including anti-dumping duties;

Geographical concentration of our factories and operations, and regional shifts in our customer base;

Periodic health epidemic or pandemic concerns, such as COVID-19;

Political unrest, geopolitical tensions, confiscation or expropriation of assets by foreign governments, terrorism and the potential for other hostilities;

Difficulty in protecting intellectual property, sensitive commercial and operations data, and information technology systems;

Differing legal systems, including protection and treatment of intellectual property and patents;

Complex, changing or competing tax regimes;

Difficulty in collecting obligations owed to us;

Natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, tsunamis and windstorms; and

Potential loss of utilities or other disruption affecting manufacturing.


We have significant exposure to foreign currency movements


A large portion of our sales, profit and cash flows are transacted in non-U.S. dollar currencies. The Company expects to continue to experience fluctuations in the U.S. dollar value of these activities if it is not possible, cost-effective or should we not elect to hedge certain currency exposure.  Additionally, gains or losses may be experienced if the underlying exposure which has been hedged increases or decreases significantly.


The ultimate realized gain or loss with respect to currency fluctuations will generally depend on the size and type of cross-currency exposure that we have, the changes in exchange rates associated with those exposures, whether we have entered into foreign currency contracts to offset these exposures and other factors. 


These factors, which are variable and generally outside of our control, could materially impact our results of operations, anticipated future results, financial position and cash flows.


We may have significant exposure to counterparties of our related derivatives portfolio


We maintain a significant portfolio of over the counter derivatives to hedge our projected currency exposure.  We are exposed to potential losses in the event of non-performance by our counterparties to these derivative contracts. Any failure of a counterparty to pay on such a contract when due could materially impact our results of operations, financial position, and cash flows.


Current or future litigation or regulatory investigations may harm our financial condition or results of operations


As a global technology and manufacturing company, we are engaged in various litigation and regulatory matters. Litigation and regulatory proceedings may be uncertain, and adverse rulings could occur, resulting in significant liabilities, penalties or damages. Any such substantial legal liability or regulatory action could have a material adverse effect on our business, financial condition, cash flows and reputation.




Our business is subject to various governmental regulations, and compliance with these regulations may cause us to incur significant expense. If we fail to maintain compliance with applicable regulations, we may be forced to cease the manufacture and distribution of certain products, and we could be subject to administrative proceedings and civil or criminal penalties


Our products and operations are also subject to regulation by U.S. and non‐U.S. regulatory agencies, such as the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”). From time to time, we may also be involved or required to participate in regulatory investigations or inquiries, into certain of our contracting and business practices, which may evolve into legal or other administrative proceedings. Growing public concern over concentration of economic power in corporations is likely to result in increased anti‐competition legislation, regulation, administrative rule making, and enforcement activity. Involvement in regulatory investigations or inquiries, can be costly, lengthy, complex and time consuming, diverting the attention and energies of our management and technical personnel.  If any pending or future governmental investigations result in an unfavorable resolution, we could be required to cease the manufacture and sale of the subject products or technology, pay fines or disgorge profits or other payments, and/or cease certain conduct and/or modify our contracting or business practices, which could have a material adverse effect on our business, financial condition and results of operations. We may be obligated to indemnify our current or former directors or employees, or former directors or employees of companies that we have acquired, in connection with regulatory investigations. These liabilities could be substantial and may include, among other things, the cost of government, law enforcement or regulatory investigations and civil or criminal fines and penalties.


Our global operations are subject to extensive trade and anti-corruption laws and regulations


Due to the international scope of our operations, we are subject to a complex system of import- and export-related laws and regulations, including U.S. regulations issued by Customs and Border Protection, the Bureau of Industry and Security, the Office of Anti-boycott Compliance, the Directorate of Defense Trade Controls and the Office of Foreign Assets Control, as well as the counterparts of these agencies in other countries. Any alleged or actual violation by an employee or the Company may subject us to government scrutiny, investigation and civil and criminal penalties, and may limit our ability to import or export our products or to provide services outside the U.S. We cannot predict the nature, scope or effect of future regulatory requirements to which our operations might be subject to, based on the way existing laws might be administered or interpreted.


In addition, the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and similar foreign anti-corruption laws generally prohibit companies and their intermediaries from making improper payments or providing anything of value to improperly influence foreign government officials to obtain or retain business, or obtaining an unfair advantage. Recent years have seen a substantial increase in the global enforcement of anti-corruption laws. Our continued operation and expansion outside the U.S., including in developing countries, could increase the risk of alleged violations. Violations of these laws may result in severe criminal or civil sanctions, could disrupt our business, and result in an adverse effect on our reputation, business and results of operations or financial condition.


Moreover, several of our key customers are domiciled in areas of the world with laws, rules and business practices that may notably differ from those in the U.S., and we face the reputational and legal risk that our related partners may violate applicable laws, rules and business practices.


International trade policies may negatively impact our ability to sell and manufacture our products outside of the U.S.


Government policies on international trade and investment such as import quotas, tariffs, and capital controls, whether adopted by individual governments or addressed by regional trade blocs, can affect the demand for our products and services, impact the competitive position of our products or prevent us, our equity affiliates or joint ventures, from being able to sell and manufacture products in certain countries. The implementation of more restrictive trade policies, such as higher tariffs or new barriers to entry, together with anti-dumping claims, duties, slowed regulatory approvals and other restrictions, in countries in which we import raw materials and components or sell large quantities of products and services could negatively impact our business, results of operations and financial condition. For example, a government’s adoption of “buy national” policies or retaliation by another government against such policies could have a negative impact on our results of operations. 






Item 1B. Unresolved Staff Comments




Item 2. Properties


Corning operates 119 manufacturing plants and processing facilities in 15 countries, of which approximately 32% are in the U.S. We own approximately 54% of our executive and corporate buildings, with 94% located in and around Corning, New York. The Company also owns approximately 65% of our sales and administrative office square footage, 80% of our research and development square footage, 67% of our manufacturing square footage, and 6% of our warehousing square footage.

Manufacturing, sales and administrative, research and development facilities and warehouse facilities have an aggregate floor space of approximately 64.4 million square feet. Distribution of this total area is as follows:


(million square feet)









    55.8       21.1      



Sales and administrative








Research and development

















      28.0       36.4  


Total assets and capital expenditures by operating segment are included in Note 20 (Reportable Segments) to the consolidated financial statements. Information concerning lease commitments is included in Note 7 (Leases) and Note 14 (Commitments, Contingencies and Guarantees) to the consolidated financial statements.


Item 3. Legal Proceedings


Corning is a defendant in various lawsuits and is subject to various claims that arise in the normal course of business, the most significant of which are summarized in Note 14 (Commitments, Contingencies and Guarantees) to the consolidated financial statements. In the opinion of management, the likelihood that the ultimate disposition of these matters will have a material adverse effect on Corning’s consolidated financial position, liquidity, or results of operations, is remote.  


Environmental Litigation


Corning has been named by the Environmental Protection Agency (the Agency) under the Superfund Act, or by state governments under similar state laws, as a potentially responsible party for 15 active hazardous waste sites. Under the Superfund Act, all parties who may have contributed any waste to a hazardous waste site, identified by the Agency, are jointly and severally liable for the cost of cleanup unless the Agency agrees otherwise. It is Corning’s policy to accrue for its estimated liability related to Superfund sites and other environmental liabilities related to property owned by Corning based on expert analysis and continual monitoring by both internal and external consultants. At December 31, 2021 and 2020, Corning had accrued approximately $55 million (undiscounted) and $68 million (undiscounted), respectively, for the estimated liability for environmental cleanup and related litigation. Based upon the information developed to date, management believes that the accrued reserve is a reasonable estimate of the Company’s liability and that the risk of an additional loss in an amount materially higher than that accrued is remote.


Item 4. Mine Safety Disclosure








Item 5. Market for Registrants Common Equity, Related Shareholder Matters and Issuer Purchases of Equity Securities



Corning Incorporated common stock is listed on the New York Stock Exchange. In addition, it is traded on the Boston, Midwest and Philadelphia stock exchanges. Common stock options are traded on the Chicago Board Options Exchange. The NYSE ticker symbol for Corning Incorporated is “GLW”.


As of December 31, 2021, there were approximately 12,000 registered holders of common stock and approximately 680,000 beneficial shareholders.


Information with respect to securities authorized for issuance under equity compensation plans is included herein under Item 12.


Performance Graph


The following graph illustrates the cumulative total shareholder return over the last five years of Corning's common stock, the S&P 500 and the S&P Communications Equipment Companies. The graph includes the capital-weighted-performance results of those companies in the communications equipment company classification that are also included in the S&P 500.







Not applicable.



The following table provides information about purchases of common stock by the Company during the fiscal fourth quarter of 2021:


Issuer Purchases of Equity Securities



  Total number of shares purchased (1)    

Average price paid per share (2)


Number of shares purchased as part of publicly announced programs


Approximate dollar value of shares that may yet be purchased under the programs


October 1-31, 2021

    1,117,269     $ 36.83       1,051,401          

November 1-30, 2021

    2,825,712     $ 37.95       2,825,313          

December 1-31, 2021

    2,752,023     $ 37.45       2,742,712          


    6,695,004     $ 37.56       6,619,426     $ 3,522,218,861  



This column reflects: (i) 24,145 shares of common stock related to the vesting of employee restricted stock units; (ii) 296 shares of common stock related to the vesting of employee performance stock units; (iii) 51,078 shares of common stock related to the vesting of employee restricted stock; (iv) 59 shares of common stock related to the exercise of employee stock options and payment of the exercise price, and (v) the purchase of 6,619,426 shares of common stock in open market repurchases under the 2019 Repurchase Program.


Represents the stock price at the time of surrender.


Item 6. [Reserved]





Item 7. Managements Discussion and Analysis of Financial Condition and Results of Operations


For discussion of 2020 results year-over-year comparison with 2019 results refer to "Management's Discussion and Analysis of Financial Conditions and Results of Operations" in our Annual Report on Form 10-K for the fiscal year ended December 31, 2020.


Organization of Information


Management’s Discussion and Analysis provides a historical and prospective narrative on the Company’s financial condition and results of operations. This discussion includes the following sections:



Results of Operations

Core Performance Measures

Reportable Segments

Liquidity and Capital Resources


Critical Accounting Estimates

New Accounting Standards

Forward-Looking Statements




In response to the COVID-19 pandemic ("the pandemic") and the ensuing economic uncertainty, including changing market conditions, the Company has and will continue to focus on three core priorities: protecting employees and communities; delivering on customer commitments and preserving the financial health of the Company.  We are continuing to build a stronger, more resilient company that is committed to rewarding shareholders and supporting all global stakeholders.


Despite the pandemic and resulting global disruptions, Corning adapted rapidly and remained resilient. We acted quickly to preserve our financial strength by executing well and advancing major innovations with industry leaders. We have continued to effectively leverage our focused and cohesive portfolio to create value and outperform our underlying markets, contributing to sales and earnings growth and strong free cash flow in the second half of 2020 and full year 2021.


Corning announced the Strategy & Growth Framework in 2019, highlighting significant opportunities to sell more Corning content through each of our Market-Access Platforms.  The Company is focused on our cohesive portfolio and the utilization of our financial strength, supported by strong operating cash flow generation, which we expect to continue.  Corning has and will continue to use its cash to grow, extend its leadership and reward shareholders.  Our key growth drivers remain intact, and some are accelerating as key trends converge around Corning’s capabilities. 


Corning will continue to advance the objectives of the Strategy & Growth Framework, which sets its leadership priorities and articulates opportunities across its businesses.  Our probability of success increases as we invest in our world-class capabilities.  Corning is concentrating approximately 80% of its research, development and engineering investment along with capital spending on a cohesive set of three core technologies, four manufacturing and engineering platforms, and five Market-Access Platforms.  This strategy allows us to quickly apply our talents and repurpose our assets across the Company, as needed, to capture high-return opportunities.




2021 Results


Net sales in the year ended December 31, 2021 were $14.1 billion, a net increase of $2.8 billion, or 25%, when compared to the year ended December 31, 2020, driven by higher sales for all segments.


For the year ended December 31, 2021, we generated net income of $1,906 million, or $1.28 per diluted share, compared to a net income of $512 million, or $0.54 per diluted share, for 2020. When compared to 2020, the $1.4 billion increase in net income was primarily due to the following items (amounts presented after tax):


Higher net income of $505 million for reportable segments;
Lower restructuring, impairment and other charges of $543 million;
The positive impact of mark-to-market translated earnings contract gains of $309 million;

Higher translation gains on Japanese yen-denominated debt of $205 million; and

Lower net losses of $163 million for "All Other" primarily driven by full-year consolidation of HSG.


The increases in net income, outlined above, were partially offset by the absence of a gain on a previously held equity investment in HSG of $387 million in 2020.


Diluted earnings per share increased in 2021 by $0.74 per diluted share, or 137%, when compared to 2020, primarily driven by the increase in net income, described above, partially offset by the immediate repurchase and retirement of 35 million Common Shares which resulted in an $803 million one-time reduction to net income available to common shareholders during the second quarter of 2021.  Refer to Note 17 (Shareholders' Equity) and Note 18 (Earnings per Common Share) to the consolidated financial statements for additional information.


The translation impact of fluctuations in foreign currency exchange rates, including the impact of hedges realized in the current year, positively impacted Corning’s net income by approximately $104 million in the year ended December 31, 2021, when compared to the same period in 2020.


2022 Corporate Outlook


We believe 2022 will be another year of growth and strong cash-flow generation. We expect full year net sales of approximately $15 billion in 2022.







Selected highlights from our operations follow (in millions):



Year ended December 31,


% change








21 vs. 20


20 vs. 19


Net sales

  $ 14,082     $ 11,303     $ 11,503       25       (2 )

Gross margin

  $ 5,063     $ 3,531     $ 4,035       43       (12 )

(gross margin %)

    36 %     31 %     35 %                

Selling, general and administrative expenses

  $ 1,827     $ 1,747     $ 1,585       5       10  

(as a % of net sales)

    13 %     15 %     14 %                

Research, development and engineering expenses

  $ 995     $ 1,154     $ 1,031       (14 )     12  

(as a % of net sales)

    7 %     10 %     9 %                

Equity in earnings (losses) of affiliated companies

  $ 35     $ (25 )   $ 17       *       *  

(as a % of net sales)

    0 %     (0 )%     0 %                

Translated earnings contract gain (loss), net

  $ 354     $ (38 )   $ 248       *       *  

(as a % of net sales)

    3 %     (0 )%     2 %                

Transaction-related gain, net

          $ 498               *       *  

(as a % of net sales)

            4 %                        

Income before income taxes

  $ 2,397     $ 623     $ 1,216       285       (49 )

(as a % of net sales)

    17 %     6 %     11 %                

Provision for income taxes

  $ (491 )   $ (111 )   $ (256 )     (342 )     57  

(as a % of net sales)

    (3 )%     (1 )%     (2 )%                

Net income attributable to Corning Incorporated

  $ 1,906     $ 512     $ 960       272       (47 )

(as a % of net sales)

    14 %     5 %     8 %                



Percent change not meaningful.




Segment Net Sales


The following table presents segment net sales by reportable segment (in millions):







Year ended December 31,












21 vs. 20


20 vs. 19

Display Technologies

  $ 3,700     $ 3,172     $ 3,254     17%   (3)%

Optical Communications

    4,349       3,563       4,064     22%   (12)%

Specialty Materials

    2,008       1,884       1,594     7%   18%

Environmental Technologies

    1,586       1,370       1,499     16%   (9)%

Life Sciences

    1,234       998       1,015     24%   (2)%

All Other

    1,243       465       230     167%   102%

Net sales of reportable segments and All Other

  $ 14,120     $ 11,452     $ 11,656     23%   (2)%

Impact of foreign currency movements (1)

    (38 )     (44 )     (153 )   14%   71%

Cumulative adjustment related to customer contract (2)

            (105 )           *   *

Consolidated net sales

  $ 14,082     $ 11,303     $ 11,503     25%   (2)%



This amount primarily represents the impact of foreign currency adjustments in the Display Technologies segment.


Amount represents the negative impact of a cumulative adjustment recorded during the first quarter of 2020 to reduce revenue in the amount of $105 million. The adjustment was associated with a previously recorded commercial benefit asset, reflected as a prepayment, to a customer with a long-term supply agreement that substantially exited its production of LCD panels.


*    Percent change not meaningful.


For the year ended December 31, 2021, segment and "All Other" net sales increased by $2.7 billion, or 23%, when compared to the same period in 2020. The primary sales drivers by segment were as follows:


Display Technologies’ net sales increased by $528 million, primarily driven by volume increases of approximately mid-teens in percentage terms and pricing consistent with 2020;

Optical Communications’ net sales increased $786 million, as sales increased for carrier products by $588 million and enterprise products by $198 million, primarily driven by strong growth of 5G, broadband and cloud computing;

Net sales for Environmental Technologies increased $216 million, primarily due to increased sales of heavy-duty diesel products and gas-particulate filters;

Net sales in the Life Sciences segment increased by $236 million, primarily driven by ongoing increased demand to support the global pandemic response, continued recovery in research labs, and strong demand for bioproduction vessels and diagnostic-related consumables.;

Net sales increased in the Specialty Materials segment in the amount of $124 million, primarily driven by strong demand for premium cover materials and advanced optics content used in semiconductor manufacturing; and

Net sales for “All Other” increased by $778 million, primarily driven by full-year consolidation of HSG.


Movements in foreign exchange rates positively impacted Corning’s consolidated net sales by $83 million in the year ended December 31, 2021, when compared to the same period in 2020.


In 2021 and 2020, sales in international markets accounted for 68% and 70% of total net sales, respectively.


Cost of Sales


The types of expenses included in the cost of sales line item are: raw materials consumption, including direct and indirect materials; salaries, wages and benefits; depreciation and amortization; production utilities; production-related purchasing; warehousing (including receiving and inspection); repairs and maintenance; inter-location inventory transfer costs; production and warehousing facility property insurance; rent for production facilities; and other production overhead.




Gross Margin


In the year ended December 31, 2021, gross margin increased by $1,532 million, or 43%. Gross margin as a percentage of sales increased by 5 percentage points.  The increase in gross margin was primarily driven by higher sales in all segments, as well as lower charges for severance and capacity realignment costs of $89 million and $252 million, respectively, partially offset by increased expenses due to elevated freight, logistics and raw material costs for the year ended December 31, 2021.


Movements in foreign exchange rates had a positive impact of $77 million on Corning’s consolidated gross margin in the year ended December 31, 2021, when compared to the same period in 2020.


Selling, General and Administrative Expenses


When compared to the year ended December 31, 2020, selling, general and administrative expenses increased by $80 million, or 5%, in the year ended December 31, 2021.  The increase was primarily driven by higher litigation and share-based compensation costs.  Selling, general and administrative expenses decreased by 2 percentage points as a percentage of sales.


The types of expenses included in the selling, general and administrative expenses line item are: salaries, wages and benefits; stock-based compensation expense; travel; sales commissions; professional fees; and depreciation and amortization, utilities and rent for administrative facilities.


Research, Development and Engineering Expenses


For the year ended December 31, 2021, research, development and engineering expenses decreased by $159 million, or 14%, when compared to the same period in the prior year, primarily driven by the absence of a pre-tax asset impairment loss of $211 million related to the reassessment and reprioritization of research and development programs within “All Other” that was incurred in 2020.  As a percentage of sales, these expenses were 3 percentage points lower when compared to the same period last year.


Translated earnings contract gain (loss), net


Included in the line item translated earnings contract gain (loss), net, is the impact of foreign currency contracts which hedge our translation exposure arising from movements in the Japanese yen, South Korean won, new Taiwan dollar, euro, Chinese yuan and British pound and its impact on our net income.


The following table provides detailed information on the impact of our translated earnings contracts gains and losses for the years ended December 31, 2021, 2020 and 2019:


(in millions)


Income (loss) before tax


Net income (loss)


(Loss) income before tax


Net (loss) income


Income before tax


Net income






2021 vs. 2020


Hedges related to translated earnings:


Realized gain (loss), net (1)

  $ 47     $ 36     $ (8 )   $ (5 )   $ 55     $ 41  

Unrealized gain (loss), net (2)

    307       237       (30 )     (24 )     337       261  

Total translated earnings contract gain (loss), net

  $ 354     $ 273     $ (38 )   $ (29 )   $ 392     $ 302  





2020 vs. 2019


Hedges related to translated earnings:


Realized (loss) gain, net (1)

  $ (8 )   $ (5 )   $ 18     $ 14     $ (26 )   $ (19 )

Unrealized (loss) gain, net (2)

    (30 )     (24 )     230       179       (260 )     (203 )

Total translated earnings contract (loss) gain, net

  $ (38 )   $ (29 )   $ 248     $ 193     $ (286 )   $ (222 )



Includes pre-tax realized losses related to the expiration of option contracts for the year ended December 31, 2021, 2020, and 2019 of $20 million, $20 million and $37 million, respectively.  These amounts were reflected in operating activities in the consolidated statements of cash flows.


The impact to income was primarily driven by Japanese yen, South Korean won, and euro-denominated hedges of translated earnings.




Income Before Income Taxes


The translation impact of fluctuations in foreign currency exchange rates, including the impact of hedges realized in the current year, positively impacted Corning’s income before income taxes by $134 million in the year ended December 31, 2021, when compared to the same period in 2020.


Provision for Income Taxes 


Our provision for income taxes and the related effective income tax rates were as follows (in millions):



Year ended December 31,








Provision for income taxes

    $ (491 )   $ (111 )   $ (256 )

Effective tax rate

      20.5 %     17.8 %     21.1 %


For the year ended December 31, 2021, the effective income tax rate differed from the U.S. statutory rate of 21% primarily due to the following:


A net provision of $52 million due to differences arising from foreign earnings, including the impact of intercompany asset sales;

A net benefit of $37 million related to share-based compensation payments; and

A net benefit of $62 million due to tax credits.


For the year ended December 31, 2020, the effective income tax rate differed from the U.S. statutory rate of 21% primarily due to the following:


Additional net provision of $73 million from changes to our tax reserves;

A net provision of $45 million due primarily to stronger foreign earnings relative to U.S. earnings in the current year, as well as U.S. income inclusion under the Internal Revenue Code (“Subpart F income”); and

A net benefit of $116 million due to a net operating loss carryback allowed under the CARES Act.


During 2021, the Company distributed approximately $2.3 billion from foreign subsidiaries to their respective U.S. parent companies.  As of December 31, 2021, Corning has approximately $2.4 billion of indefinitely reinvested foreign earnings.  It remains impracticable to calculate the tax cost of repatriating our unremitted earnings which are considered indefinitely reinvested. 


Refer to Note 8 (Income Taxes) to the consolidated financial statements for further details regarding income tax matters.




Net Income Attributable to Corning Incorporated


As a result of the items discussed above, net income and per share data was as follows (in millions, except per share amounts):



Year ended December 31,








Net income attributable to Corning Incorporated

  $ 1,906     $ 512     $ 960  

Series A convertible preferred stock dividend

    (24 )     (98 )     (98 )

Excess consideration paid for redemption of preferred stock (1)

    (803 )                

Net income available to common shareholders used in basic earnings per common share calculation

  $ 1,079     $ 414     $ 862  

Net income available to common shareholders used in diluted earnings per common share calculation

  $ 1,079     $ 414     $ 960  

Basic earnings per common share

  $ 1.30     $ 0.54     $ 1.11  

Diluted earnings per common share

  $ 1.28     $ 0.54     $ 1.07  

Weighted-average common shares outstanding - basic

    828       761       776  

Weighted-average common shares outstanding - diluted

    844       772       899  



On January 16, 2021, the Preferred Stock became convertible into 115 million Common Shares, in whole or in part, at the option of the holder, Samsung Display Co., Ltd. (“SDC”). On April 5, 2021, Corning and SDC executed a Share Repurchase Agreement ("SRA").  Refer to Note 18 (Earnings per Common Share) to the consolidated financial statements for additional information.

Comprehensive Income



Year ended December 31,


(In millions)








Net income attributable to Corning Incorporated

  $ 1,906     $ 512     $ 960  

Foreign currency translation adjustments and other (Note 17)

    (604 )     528       (143 )

Net unrealized gains on investments


Unamortized gains (losses) and prior service credits (costs) for postretirement benefit plans

    178       (88 )     (64 )

Net unrealized (losses) gains on designated hedges

    (9 )     (9 )     45  

Other comprehensive (loss) income, net of tax

    (435 )     431       (161 )

Comprehensive income attributable to Corning Incorporated

  $ 1,471     $ 943     $ 799  


For the year ended December 31, 2021, comprehensive income increased by $528 million, when compared to the same period in 2020, primarily due to the following:


An increase in net income of $1.4 billion; and 
The positive change of $266 million of unamortized gains (losses) and prior service credits (costs) for postretirement benefit plans.


This gain was partially offset by the following:


The unfavorable change in foreign currency translation adjustments of $1.1 billion, largely driven by the Japanese yen, South Korean won and Chinese yuan.


Refer to Note 13 (Employee Retirement Plans) and Note 17 (Shareholders’ Equity) to the consolidated financial statements for additional details.







In managing the Company and assessing our financial performance, we adjust certain measures provided by our consolidated financial statements to exclude specific items to report core performance measures. These items include gains and losses on our translated earnings contracts, acquisition-related costs, certain discrete tax items and other tax-related adjustments, restructuring, impairment losses, and other charges and credits, certain litigation-related expenses, pension mark-to-market adjustments and other items which do not reflect on-going operating results of the Company or our equity affiliates. Corning utilizes constant-currency reporting for our Display Technologies, Environmental Technologies, Specialty Materials and Life Sciences segments for the Japanese yen, South Korean won, Chinese yuan, new Taiwan dollar and the euro.  The Company believes that the use of constant-currency reporting allows investors to understand our results without the volatility of currency fluctuations and reflects the underlying economics of the translated earnings contracts used to mitigate the impact of changes in currency exchange rates on our earnings and cash flows. Corning also believes that reporting core performance measures provides investors greater transparency to the information used by our management team to make financial and operational decisions.


Core performance measures are not prepared in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles in the U.S. (“GAAP”). We believe investors should consider these non-GAAP measures in evaluating our results as they are more indicative of our core operating performance and how management evaluates our operational results and trends. These measures are not, and should not be viewed as a substitute for, GAAP reporting measures. With respect to the Company’s outlook for future periods, it is not possible to provide reconciliations for these non-GAAP measures because the Company does not forecast the movement of foreign currencies against the U.S. dollar, or other items that do not reflect ongoing operations, nor does it forecast items that 

have not yet occurred or are out of the Company’s control. As a result, the Company is unable to provide outlook information on a GAAP basis.


For a reconciliation of non-GAAP performance measures to their most directly comparable GAAP financial measure, please see “Reconciliation of Non-GAAP Measures”.




Selected highlights from our continuing operations, excluding certain items, follow (in millions):



Year ended December 31,


% change








21 vs. 20


20 vs. 19

Core net sales

  $ 14,120     $ 11,452     $ 11,656     23%   (2)%

Core equity in earnings of affiliated companies

  $ 38     $ 86     $ 237     (56)%   (64)%

Core net income

  $ 1,811     $ 1,237     $ 1,578     46%   (22)%


Core Net Sales


Core net sales are consistent with net sales by reportable segment and "All Other". The following table presents segment net sales by reportable segment and "All Other" (in millions):



Year ended December 31,


% change








21 vs. 20


20 vs. 19

Display Technologies

  $ 3,700     $ 3,172     $ 3,254     17%   (3)%

Optical Communications

    4,349       3,563       4,064     22%   (12)%

Specialty Materials

    2,008       1,884       1,594     7%   18%

Environmental Technologies

    1,586       1,370       1,499     16%   (9)%

Life Sciences

    1,234       998       1,015     24%   (2)%

All Other

    1,243       465       230     167%   102%

Net sales of reportable segments and All Other

  $ 14,120     $ 11,452     $ 11,656     23%   (2)%


Segment and "All Other" net sales and variances are discussed in detail in the Reportable Segments section of our MD&A.




Core Equity in Earnings of Affiliated Companies


The following provides a summary of core equity in earnings of affiliated companies (in millions):



Year ended December 31,


% change








21 vs. 20


20 vs. 19


Hemlock Semiconductor Group (1)

          $ 82     $ 229       (100 )%     (64 )%

All other

  $ 38       4       8       850