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                Exhibit 21
Certain Subsidiaries of Textron Inc.*
(Unless indicated otherwise, all entities listed are wholly-owned.)
*Other subsidiaries, which considered in the aggregate do not constitute a significant subsidiary, are omitted from this list.

Avco CorporationDelaware
United Industrial CorporationDelaware
Textron Systems CorporationMaryland
AAI Services CorporationMaryland
Airborne Tactical Advantage Company, LLC
Howe & Howe Inc.Delaware
Overwatch Systems, Ltd.Delaware
Medical Numerics, Inc.Virginia
Textron Systems Canada Inc.Ontario
Opto-Electronics Inc.Ontario
Textron Systems Electronic Systems UK (Holdings) LimitedEngland
Textron Systems Electronic Systems UK LimitedEngland
Textron Systems Australia Holding Pty Ltd
Textron Systems Australia Pty LtdAustralia
Bell Textron Co., LtdJapan
Bell Textron LLCJapan
Bell Textron Inc.Delaware
Aeronautical Accessories LLCTennessee
Bell Textron Miami Inc.Delaware
Bell Textron Rhode Island Inc.Delaware
Response Technologies, LLCRhode Island
Bell Textron Services Inc.Delaware
Bell Textron Asia (Pte.) Ltd.Singapore
Zhenjiang Bell Textron Aviation Services LimitedPRC
Bell Textron Korea Inc.Delaware
Bell Textron Technical Services Inc.Delaware
B/K Navigational Equipment sroCzech Republic
Bell Textron Prague, a.s. (67%; 33% - Bell Textron Services Inc.)
Czech Republic
Aviation Service servis letal, doo, LjubljanaSlovenia
Kautex Inc.Delaware
McCord CorporationMichigan
Kautex of Georgia Inc.Massachusetts
CWC Textron LLCDelaware
Premiair Aviation Maintenance Pty LtdAustralia
Bell Textron Australia Pty LtdAustralia
Textron Atlantic LLCDelaware
Bell Textron Supply Center BVNetherlands
Bell Textron Canada Limited/LimitéeCanada
Bell Textron Canada International Inc.Canada
Cessna Spanish Citation Service Center SLUSpain
Cessna Zurich Citation Service Center GmbHSwitzerland
Textron Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.PRC
Kautex Textron CVS LimitedEngland
Kautex Textron Ibérica SLSpain
Kautex Craiova srl (99.9797%; 0.0203% - Textron Capital BV)
Kautex Textron do Brasil Ltda. (99.9%; 1 share - Bell Textron Supply Center BV)
Kautex Textron Portugal – Produtos Plásticos, Sociedade Unipessoal, Lda.Portugal
LLC Textron RUS (99.98%; 0.02% - Textron Limited)
Russian Federation
Textron Capital BVNetherlands
Kautex Textron GmbH & Co. KG (94.82%; 5.18% - Bell Textron Supply Center BV)
Cessna Düsseldorf Citation Service Center GmbHGermany
Textron Aviation Prague Service Center sroCzech Republic
Kautex (Changchun) Plastics Technology Co., Ltd.PRC
Kautex Germany Holding GmbHGermany
Kautex CorporationNova Scotia
Kautex Textron Benelux BVBA (99.9%; 1 share – Kautex Textron Ibérica SL)
Kautex Textron Bohemia spol sroCzech Republic
Kautex Japan KKJapan
Kautex Shanghai GmbHGermany

Textron Atlantic LLCDelaware
Bell Textron Supply Center BV
Textron Capital BV
Kautex Textron GmbH & Co. KG (94.82%; 5.18% - Bell Textron Supply Center BV)
Kautex Germany Holding GmbHGermany
Kautex Shanghai GmbH (continued from prior page)
Kautex (Chongqing) Plastic Technology Co., Ltd.PRC
Kautex (Guangzhou) Plastic Technology Co., Ltd.PRC
Kautex (Pinghu) Plastic Technology Co., Ltd.PRC
Kautex (Wuhan) Plastic Technology Co., Ltd.PRC
Kautex (Shanghai) Plastic Technology Co., Ltd.PRC
Kautex Textron de Mexico, S de RL de CV (99.97%; 0.03% - Bell Textron Supply Center BV)
Kautex Textron Management Services Company de Puebla, S. de RL de CV (98%; 2% - Bell Textron Supply Center BV)
Textron Motors GmbHGermany
Textron SI d.o.o.
PIPISTREL d.o.o. (90%; 10% Ivo Boscarol)
PIPISTREL VERTICAL SOLUTIONS d.o.o. (90%; 10% Ivo Boscarol)
PIPISTREL ITALIA S.R.L. (90%; 10% Ivo Boscarol)
Textron France Holding SAS
Cessna Citation European Service Center SAS
Ransomes Jacobsen France SAS
Bell Textron Valencia, S.L.U.Spain
E-Z-GO Canada LimitedCanada
TekGPS Engineering Srl
Ransomes Investment LLCDelaware
Cushman Inc.Delaware
Ransomes Inc.Wisconsin
Textron LimitedEngland
Doncaster Citation Service Centre LimitedEngland
Kautex Textron (UK) LimitedEngland
Ransomes LimitedEngland
Ransomes Jacobsen LimitedEngland
Ransomes Pensions Trustee Company Limited
Rotor Blades LimitedEngland
Textron UK Pension Trustee LimitedEngland
Textron Shared Service Centre (Canada) Inc.Canada
Textron Verwaltungs-GmbHGermany
Textron Aviation Canada Ltd.British Columbia
Textron Aviation Inc.
Able Aerospace Services, Inc.Arizona
Replacement Part Solutions, LLCIllinois
Arkansas Aerospace, Inc.Arkansas
Beech Aircraft CorporationKansas
Beechcraft Domestic Service CompanyKansas
Beechcraft International Service CompanyKansas
Beechcraft International Holding LLCDelaware
Hawker Beechcraft Argentina SA (95%; 5% - Arkansas Aerospace, Inc.)
Textron Aviation Services de Mexico S de RL de CV (99%; 1% - HBC, LLC)
Cessna Mexico, S de RL de CV (99.97%; 0.03% - Citation Parts Distribution International, Inc.)
Citation Parts Distribution International, Inc.Kansas
HBC, LLCKansas
Hawker Beech de Mexico, S de RL de CV (>99%; <1% - HBC, LLC)
Textron Airland, LLCDelaware
Textron Aviation Defense LLCDelaware
Beechcraft Defense Support Holding, LLCDelaware
Beechcraft New ZealandNew Zealand
Textron Aviation Rhode Island Inc.Delaware
Textron Communications Inc.Delaware
Textron eAviation Inc.Delaware
Textron E-Z-GO LLCDelaware
Textron Far East Pte. Ltd.Singapore
Kautex (Tianjin) Automotive Technology Co., Ltd.PRC

Textron Far East Pte. Ltd. (continued from prior page)
Textron India Private Limited (98.6%; 1.39% – Beechcraft International Service Company; 0.01% - Beechcraft International Holding LLC; 1 share - Textron Atlantic LLC; 1 share – Textron Inc.)
Textron Financial CorporationDelaware
Cessna Finance CorporationKansas
Textron Finance Holding CompanyDelaware
Cessna Finance Export CorporationDelaware
Textron Aviation Finance CorporationDelaware
Textron Financial Corporation Receivables Trust 2002-CP-2Delaware
Textron Fluid and Power Inc.Delaware
Textron Global Services Inc.Delaware
Textron International Mexico, S de RL de CV (99%; 1% - Textron Atlantic LLC)
Textron IPMP Inc.Delaware
Textron Innovations Inc.Delaware
Textron Management Services Inc.Delaware
Textron Realty CorporationDelaware
Textron Specialized Vehicles Inc.Delaware
Arctic Cat Inc.Minnesota
Arctic Cat Production LLCMinnesota
Arctic Cat Production Support LLCMinnesota
Arctic Cat Sales Inc.Minnesota
Arctic Cat ACE Holding GmbHAustria
Arctic Cat GmbHAustria
Arctic Cat France SARLFrance
Arctic Cat UK Ltd.England
MotorFist LLCMinnesota
Arctic Cat Shared Services LLCMinnesota
MillenWorks Themed TechnologiesCalifornia
Textron Ground Support Equipment Inc.Delaware
Textron Motors North America Inc.Delaware
Textron Outdoor Power Equipment Inc.Delaware
Textron Sweden ABSweden
TRU Simulation + Training Inc.Delaware
OPINICUS Simulation and Training Services, LLCDelaware
TRU Simulation + Training LLCCalifornia
Turbine Engine Components Textron (Newington Operations) Inc.Connecticut
Westminster Insurance CompanyVermont