EX-21 2 tv501271_ex21.htm EXHIBIT 21

Exhibit 21




Subsidiary   State or other jurisdiction of
corporation or organization
Acci Realty Corp.   New York
Aceto (Holding) B.V.   The Netherlands
Aceto (Hong Kong) Ltd.   Hong Kong
Aceto Agricultural Chemical Corporation Limited   United Kingdom
Aceto Agricultural Chemicals Corp.   New York
Aceto B.V.   The Netherlands
Aceto FineChem GmbH   Germany
Aceto France S.A.S.   France
Aceto Health Ingredients GmbH   Germany
Aceto Holding GmbH   Germany
Aceto Ltd.   Bermuda
Aceto Holding Luxembourg S.a.r.L.   Luxembourg
Aceto Agricultural Chemicals Corp. Mx, S De R. L. DE C.V   Mexico
Aceto Pharma India Pvt. Ltd.   India
Aceto (Shanghai) Ltd.   China
Aceto Pharma GmbH   Germany
Acetopharma Philippines, Inc.   Philippines
Aceto Pte Ltd.   Singapore
Aceto Realty LLC   New York
Acetris Health, LLC   Delaware
Arsynco, Inc.   New Jersey
Canegrass, LLC   Delaware
PACK Pharmaceuticals,  LLC   Arizona
Pharma Waldhof GmbH   Germany
Rising Health, LLC   Delaware
Rising Pharmaceuticals, Inc.   Delaware