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Exhibit 21.1
Significant subsidiaries at December 31, 2010 of The Chubb Corporation, a New Jersey corporation, and their subsidiaries (indented), together with the percentages of ownership, are set forth below.
    Place of
  of Securities
Company   Incorporation   Owned
Federal Insurance Company
  Indiana     100 %
Pacific Indemnity Company
  Wisconsin     100  
Northwestern Pacific Indemnity Company
  Oregon     100  
Texas Pacific Indemnity Company
  Texas     100  
Executive Risk Indemnity Inc. 
  Delaware     100  
Executive Risk Specialty Insurance Company
  Connecticut     100  
Great Northern Insurance Company
  Indiana     100  
Vigilant Insurance Company
  New York     100  
Chubb National Insurance Company
  Indiana     100  
Chubb Indemnity Insurance Company
  New York     100  
Chubb Custom Insurance Company
  Delaware     100  
Chubb Insurance Company of New Jersey
  New Jersey     100  
CC Canada Holdings Ltd. 
  Canada     100  
Chubb Insurance Company of Canada
  Canada     100  
Chubb Insurance Investment Holdings Ltd. 
  United Kingdom     100  
Chubb Insurance Company of Europe SE 
  United Kingdom     100  
Chubb Capital Ltd. 
  United Kingdom     100  
Chubb Insurance Company of Australia Limited
  Australia     100  
Chubb Argentina de Seguros, S.A. 
  Argentina     100  
Chubb Insurance (China) Company Ltd. 
  China     100  
Chubb Atlantic Indemnity Ltd. 
  Bermuda     100  
DHC Corporation
  Delaware     100  
Chubb do Brasil Companhia de Seguros
  Brazil     99  
Bellemead Development Corporation
  Delaware     100  
Chubb Financial Solutions, Inc. 
  Delaware     100  
Certain other subsidiaries of Chubb and its consolidated subsidiaries have been omitted since, in the aggregate, they would not constitute a significant subsidiary.