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Chesapeake Utilities Corporation

Subsidiaries of the Registrant



   State Incorporated
Eastern Shore Natural Gas Company    Delaware
Sharp Energy, Inc.    Delaware
Chesapeake Service Company    Delaware
Xeron, Inc.    Mississippi
Chesapeake OnSight Services, LLC    Delaware
Peninsula Energy Services Company, Inc.    Delaware
Peninsula Pipeline Company, Inc.    Delaware
Florida Public Utilities Company    Florida

Subsidiaries of Sharp Energy, Inc.

   State Incorporated
Sharpgas, Inc.    Delaware

Subsidiaries of Florida Public Utilities Company

   State Incorporated
Flo-Gas Corporation    Florida

Subsidiaries of Chesapeake Service Company

   State Incorporated
Skipjack, Inc.    Delaware
BravePoint, Inc.    Georgia
Chesapeake Investment Company    Delaware
Eastern Shore Real Estate, Inc.    Delaware