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Washington, D.C. 20549


OMB Number:3235-0006
Expires:Oct 31, 2018
Estimated average burden
hours per response:23.8

AT&T Inc ComCOM00206R1021073,943SH SOLE 3,94300
ARK Genomic Revolution ETFGENOMIC REV ETF00214Q30225330SH SOLE 33000
Abbott LaboratoriesCOM0028241001401,186SH SOLE 1,18600
ABBVIE IncCOM00287Y1091,20711,188SH SOLE 11,18800
Adobe Systems IncCOM00724F101176306SH SOLE 30600
AGEX TherapeuticCOM00848H10811,000SH SOLE 1,00000
Air Products & Chemical IncCOM0091581062,1208,278SH SOLE 8,27800
Alcoa CorporationCOM01387210612244SH SOLE 24400
Allstate Corp ComCOM02000210155431SH SOLE 43100
Alphabet, Inc. Class CCAP STK CL C02079K1075320SH SOLE 2000
Alphabet, Inc. Class ACAP STK CL A02079K30583SH SOLE 300
Altria Group Inc ComCOM02209S10344963SH SOLE 96300
Amazon Com IncCOM023135106539164SH SOLE 16400
American Airlines Group IncCOM02376R102117SH SOLE 1700
American Electric Power CoCOM02553710145555SH SOLE 55500
Apple IncCOM0378331006,13043,325SH SOLE 43,32500
Arconic IncCOM03966V1076183SH SOLE 18300
Astra ZenecaSPONSORED ADR04635310830500SH SOLE 50000
Avalonbay Communities Inc.COM053484101111500SH SOLE 50000
BP PLCSPONSORED ADR05562210465724,022SH SOLE 24,02200
BancorpSouthCOM05971J10232811,018SH SOLE 11,01800
Bank America CorpCOM060505104952,236SH SOLE 2,23600
Becton Dickinson & CoCOM0758871091,4095,731SH SOLE 5,73100
Berkshire HathawayCL A0846701084111SH SOLE 100
Berkshire Hathaway Inc DelCL B NEW0846707024131,513SH SOLE 1,51300
Block H & R IncCOM093671105261,050SH SOLE 1,05000
Boeing CompanyCOM0970231058503,864SH SOLE 3,86400
Boston Scientific CorpCOM101137107125SH SOLE 2500
Broadcom, Inc.COM11135F10137SH SOLE 700
Cigna Corp COM125523100631SH SOLE 3100
CSX CorpCOM126408103642,148SH SOLE 2,14800
CVS Health Corp ComCOM1266501007278,571SH SOLE 8,57100
Carnival CorporationUNIT 99/99/9999143658300251,000SH SOLE 1,00000
Caterpillar IncCOM14912310151266SH SOLE 26600
Chevron CorpCOM1667641001,19011,725SH SOLE 11,72500
Cisco Systems IncCOM17275R1021202,211SH SOLE 2,21100
Citigroup Inc NewCOM NEW17296742411159SH SOLE 15900
Citizens Financial Group Inc. COM1746101051413,000SH SOLE 3,00000
Citrix Systems IncCOM1773761001071,000SH SOLE 1,00000
Clorox CoCOM18905410946275SH SOLE 27500
Coca Cola CorpCOM1912161001272,429SH SOLE 2,42900
Colgate-Palmolive CoCOM19416210373965SH SOLE 96500
Comcast CorporationCL A20030N1011,24522,259SH SOLE 22,25900
Comerica IncCOM2003401074725,860SH SOLE 5,86000
ConAgra Food IncCOM2058871025140SH SOLE 14000
ConocoPhillips ComCOM20825C1041041,532SH SOLE 1,53200
Corning IncCOM219350105551,495SH SOLE 1,49500
Costco Wholesale CpCOM22160K1052,0964,665SH SOLE 4,66500
Crown Castle Intl Corp NewCOM22822V10188508SH SOLE 50800
Cullen/Frost Bankers Inc ComCOM2298991091191,000SH SOLE 1,00000
Cummins IncCOM23102110615SH SOLE 500
Deckers Outdoor CorporationCOM243537107108300SH SOLE 30000
Walt Disney COM2546871061,3678,083SH SOLE 8,08300
Discover Financial ServicesCOM254709108111SH SOLE 1100
Dominion Energy, IncCOM25746U109751,023SH SOLE 1,02300
Dow IncCOM26055710325426SH SOLE 42600
Duke Energy Corp NewCOM NEW26441C2045715,856SH SOLE 5,85600
Dupont De Nemours IncCOM26614N10229426SH SOLE 42600
EOG Resources IncCOM26875P101565SH SOLE 6500
Enbridge IncCOM29250N10529734SH SOLE 73400
Energy Transfer L.P.COM UT LTD PTN29273V10048750,840SH SOLE 50,84000
Enterprise Prods Partners LP ComCOM29379210721610,000SH SOLE 10,00000
Etsy, IncCOM29786A10625120SH SOLE 12000
Evergy IncCOM30034W106459SH SOLE 5900
Exxon Mobil CorpCOM30231G1021,99133,849SH SOLE 33,84900
Facebook Inc Com Class ACL A30303M1021030SH SOLE 3000
Fedex Corp ComCOM31428X10679358SH SOLE 35800
Fifth Third Bancorp COM3167731001613,800SH SOLE 3,80000
First Financial Bankshares IncCOM32020R10937796SH SOLE 79600
Fiserv IncCOM33773810882755SH SOLE 75500
Ford Motor Company DelCOM345370860231,605SH SOLE 1,60500
Generations Bancorp NYCOM37149G108161,400SH SOLE 1,40000
Glaxo Smithkline PLCSPONSORED ADR37733W105701,825SH SOLE 1,82500
Goodyear Tire & Rbr CoCOM3825501012100SH SOLE 10000
HP IncCOM40434L105291,050SH SOLE 1,05000
Hewlett Packard Enterprise CoCOM42824C109241,670SH SOLE 1,67000
Hologic IncCOM43644010118250SH SOLE 25000
Home Bancshares Inc.COM436893200241,000SH SOLE 1,00000
Home Depot IncCOM4370761023,44510,495SH SOLE 10,49500
Honeywell International IncCOM438516106187879SH SOLE 87900
Howmet Aerospace IncCOM44320110823733SH SOLE 73300
Illinois Tool Works IncCOM45230810921100SH SOLE 10000
Independent Bk Group Inc.COM45384B1061422,000SH SOLE 2,00000
Intel CorpCOM4581401002685,029SH SOLE 5,02900
Intercontinental ExchangeCOM45866F104219SH SOLE 1900
International Business Machine IncCOM45920010152374SH SOLE 37400
IntuitCOM461202103111205SH SOLE 20500
iShares MSCI Hong Kong Index FdMSCI HONG KG ETF464286871602,500SH SOLE 2,50000
iShares Morningstar Growth ETFMORNINGSTAR GRWT4642871193,65555,758SH SOLE 55,75800
iShares Core S&P Total U.S. Stock MarketCORE S&P TTL STK4642871501701,727SH SOLE 1,72700
ETF iShares Dow JonesSELECT DIVID ETF46428716856490SH SOLE 49000
iShares MSCI Emerging Markets Index FundMSCI EMG MKT ETF4642872349175SH SOLE 17500
iShares S & P 500 Growth Index S&P 500 GRWT ETF464287309801,076SH SOLE 1,07600
iShares MSCI EAFE IndexMSCI EAFE ETF4642874651411,805SH SOLE 1,80500
iShares Russell Midcap IndexRUS MID CAP ETF46428749940516SH SOLE 51600
iShares Tr Core S&P Mid-Cap ETFCORE S&P MCP ETF4642875071,5315,818SH SOLE 5,81800
iShares Biotechnology ETFISHARES BIOTECH4642875563091,910SH SOLE 1,91000
iShares Russell 2000 IndexRUSSELL 2000 ETF46428765512,56957,459SH SOLE 57,45900
iShares Core S & P Smallcap ETFCORE S&P SCP ETF4642878041,49713,707SH SOLE 13,70700
iShares S & P Smallcap 600 Value Index FundSP SMCP600VL ETF46428787922216SH SOLE 21600
iShares Trust, Pref & Income Sec ETFPFD AND INCM SEC46428868736920SH SOLE 92000
iShares MSCI EAFE Min Vol Factor ETFMSCI EAFE MIN VL46429B6894,14254,971SH SOLE 54,97100
iShares Edge MSCI USA Min Vol Factor ETFMSCI USA MIN VOL46429B69761835SH SOLE 83500
iShares MSCI USA Momentum Factor ETFMSCI USA MMENTM46432F3961480SH SOLE 8000
iShares Core MSCI EAFECORE MSCI EAFE46432F8422,07627,964SH SOLE 27,96400
iShares Core MSCI Emerging Markets ETFCORE MSCI EMKT46434G1032,18535,378SH SOLE 35,37800
iShares Inc MSCI Singapore IndMSCI SINGPOR ETF46434G780502,183SH SOLE 2,18300
iShares Core Total USD Bond Mkt ETFCORE TOTAL USD46434V6139,175172,340SH SOLE 172,34000
JP Morgan Chase & Co ComCOM46625H1001,3087,990SH SOLE 7,99000
Johnson & JohnsonCOM4781601042,49615,458SH SOLE 15,45800
Kimberly-Clark CorporationCOM4943681037115,369SH SOLE 5,36900
Kinder Morgan IncCOM49456B10134520,612SH SOLE 20,61200
LTC Properties IncCOM502175102321,000SH SOLE 1,00000
Leggett & Platt IncCOM524660107497SH SOLE 9700
Eli Lilly & CoCOM53245710846200SH SOLE 20000
Lockheed Martin CorporationCOM539830109106306SH SOLE 30600
Lowes Cos IncCOM548661107150740SH SOLE 74000
Magellan Midstream Partners LPCOM UNIT RP LP55908010628620SH SOLE 62000
Martin Marietta Matls Inc. ComCOM573284106239700SH SOLE 70000
Mastercard Inc Class ACL A57636Q104115330SH SOLE 33000
McDonalds CorpCOM580135101209867SH SOLE 86700
Merck & Co Inc NewCOM58933Y1053484,636SH SOLE 4,63600
Metlife IncCOM59156R1081111,803SH SOLE 1,80300
Microsoft CorporationCOM5949181044,03914,328SH SOLE 14,32800
Mondelez Intl Inc Class A ComCL A6092071051111,900SH SOLE 1,90000
Morgan StanleyCOM NEW61744644879807SH SOLE 80700
Netflix, IncCOM64110L10679130SH SOLE 13000
NextEra Energy CommonCOM65339F1011,89524,139SH SOLE 24,13900
Nike Inc Class BCL B6541061032,26115,565SH SOLE 15,56500
Novartis A G Spons ADRSPONSORED ADR66987V109116SH SOLE 1600
NVIDIA CorpCOM67066G1042,62312,660SH SOLE 12,66000
Occidental Petroleum Corp ComCOM674599105612,054SH SOLE 2,05400
WTS Occidental Pete C*W EXP 08/03/2026745991623256SH SOLE 25600
Old Dominion Fght Line IncCOM67958010014SH SOLE 400
Oneok, Inc.COM68268010329500SH SOLE 50000
Open Lending CorporationCOM CL A68373J104361,000SH SOLE 1,00000
Organon & CoCOMMON STOCK68622V1064128SH SOLE 12800
Pacific Premier Bancorp Inc.COM69478X105411,000SH SOLE 1,00000
PayPal Holdings, Inc.COM70450Y103725SH SOLE 2500
Pepsico IncCOM7134481089996,641SH SOLE 6,64100
Pfizer IncCOM7170811031964,552SH SOLE 4,55200
Phillips 66 New ComCOM7185461044286,107SH SOLE 6,10700
Pilgrims Pride CorporationCOM72147K1081,04736,000SH SOLE 36,00000
Pioneer Natural Resources CompanyCOM72378710783500SH SOLE 50000
Procter & Gamble CoCOM7427181091,3819,879SH SOLE 9,87900
ProShares Ultra S&P 500 ETFPSHS ULT S&P 50074347R10728230SH SOLE 23000
ProShares Ultra Bloomberg Crude Oil ETF CommoditiesULTA BLMBG 201774347Y88842500SH SOLE 50000
Prospect Capital CorpCOM74348T10238550,000SH SOLE 50,00000
Qualcomm IncCOM7475251035184,017SH SOLE 4,01700
Rapid7, Inc.COM75342210457500SH SOLE 50000
Raytheon Technologies CorpCOM75513E1011,10112,808SH SOLE 12,80800
Realty Income CorpCOM75610910432500SH SOLE 50000
Roku, IncCOM CL A77543R1023711,185SH SOLE 1,18500
Roper Technologies IncCOM77669610624SH SOLE 400
Royal Dutch Shell PLCSPON ADR B7802591075110SH SOLE 11000
Royal Dutch Shell RDS Class ASPONS ADR A780259206118SH SOLE 1800
SPDR S & P 500 ETF TrustTR UNIT78462F1036,95916,216SH SOLE 16,21600
S & P Dividend ETFS&P DIVID ETF78464A7637,70165,509SH SOLE 65,50900
Standard & Poors Midcap 400 ETF Trust Series 1UTSER1 S&PDCRP78467Y10712,46625,923SH SOLE 25,92300
Salesforce Inc. COM79466L30281300SH SOLE 30000
Sarepta Therapeutics Inc. COM80360710037400SH SOLE 40000
Schlumberger LTDCOM STK80685710824800SH SOLE 80000
Charles Schwab Corp ComCOM8085131051091,500SH SOLE 1,50000
Health Care Select Sector SPDR ETFSBI HEALTHCARE81369Y2094443,490SH SOLE 3,49000
S & P Consumer Staple Select SectorSBI CONS STPLS81369Y3081371,985SH SOLE 1,98500
Select Sector SDPR Consumer DiscretionarySBI CONS DISCR81369Y4071,3557,550SH SOLE 7,55000
S & P Energy Select Sector SPDR FDENERGY81369Y5069175SH SOLE 17500
S & P Financial Select Sector SPDR FFINANCIAL81369Y6052,83875,608SH SOLE 75,60800
S & P Industrial Select SectorSBI INT-INDS81369Y7041811,855SH SOLE 1,85500
Select Sector SPDR TechnologyTECHNOLOGY81369Y8035,21134,900SH SOLE 34,90000
Select Sector SPDR Tr Real EstateRL EST SEL SEC81369Y8601,11725,123SH SOLE 25,12300
Sempra EnergyCOM81685110976600SH SOLE 60000
Solid BiosciencesCOM83422E105104,090SH SOLE 4,09000
Southern CoCOM8425871071242,000SH SOLE 2,00000
Southwest Airlines CoCOM8447411082144,157SH SOLE 4,15700
Starbucks CorpCOM8552441093723,372SH SOLE 3,37200
Stryker CorpCOM8636671011,7926,795SH SOLE 6,79500
Target CorpCOM87612E10669300SH SOLE 30000
Teva Pharmaceutical Industries LTDSPONSORED ADS8816242091100SH SOLE 10000
Texas Capital Bancshares IncCOM88224Q1071863,100SH SOLE 3,10000
Texas Instruments IncCOM8825081043,22616,783SH SOLE 16,78300
Texas Pacific Land CorporationCOM88262P102871720SH SOLE 72000
3M Co ComCOM88579Y101125710SH SOLE 71000
The Travelers CompaniesCOM89417E1091,0416,849SH SOLE 6,84900
UDR IncCOM9026531045,866110,713SH SOLE 110,71300
U S BancorpCOM NEW90297330417294SH SOLE 29400
Under Armour Inc.CL A9043111073155SH SOLE 15500
Union Pacific CorpCOM9078181081,6598,465SH SOLE 8,46500
United Parcel Service IncCL B9113121061,2496,860SH SOLE 6,86000
Valero Energy CorpCOM91913Y10086112,194SH SOLE 12,19400
Vanguard FTSE Developed Markets ETFFTSE DEV MKT ETF92194385814279SH SOLE 27900
Vanguard High Dividend YieldHIGH DIV YLD92194640639375SH SOLE 37500
Vanguard FTSE All-World Ex USA SM Cap IndexFTSE SMCAP ETF92204271814105SH SOLE 10500
Vanguard Communications ServicesCOMM SRVC ETF92204A8841,47010,445SH SOLE 10,44500
Vanguard Intermediate-Term Corporate BondINT-TERM CORP92206C870666SH SOLE 6600
Vanguard Real Estate ETFREAL ESTATE ETF9229085531421,398SH SOLE 1,39800
Vanguard Value ETFVALUE ETF92290874438278SH SOLE 27800
Verizon CommunicationCOM92343V1041,36225,209SH SOLE 25,20900
Visa Inc Class ACOM CL A92826C8392,0539,215SH SOLE 9,21500
Vodafone Group PLC NEW Spn ADRSPONSORED ADR92857W3085305SH SOLE 30500
Vizio Holding Corp.CL A COM92858V1014175SH SOLE 17500
Walmart Inc.COM9311421033842,757SH SOLE 2,75700
Waste Management Inc DelCOM94106L1092241,498SH SOLE 1,49800
Wayfair Inc Class A CommonCL A94419L101128500SH SOLE 50000
Welltower Inc.COM95040Q10416200SH SOLE 20000
The Williams CompanyCOM9694571001174,500SH SOLE 4,50000
Yum Brands IncCOM988498101216SH SOLE 1600
Zimmer Biomet Holdings IncCOM98956P10216111SH SOLE 11100
Zoetis Inc Class ACL A98978V1037623,925SH SOLE 3,92500
WAVE Life Sciences LtdSHSY953081052500SH SOLE 50000