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Exhibit 21.1

Subsidiaries of GXO Logistics, Inc.

EntityLocation of Incorporation
GXO Logistics, Inc.Delaware
GXO Enterprise Services LLCDelaware
GXO Logistics UK LimitedScotland
GXO Logistics Europe SASFrance
GXO Logistics International SASFrance
GXO Logistics Services UK LimitedUnited Kingdom
XPO Supply Chain Netherlands BVNetherlands
XPO Supply Chain Netherlands III BVNetherlands
GXO Logistics Spain SLSpain
GXO Logistics France SASFrance
GXO Logistics Italy SPAItaly
GXO Logistics Finance, LLCDelaware
GXO Logistics Worldwide Holding Company, LLCDelaware
GXO Logistics Worldwide, LLCDelaware
GXO Logistics Holding Company, LLCDelaware
GXO Logistics Supply Chain, Inc.North Carolina
JHCI Holdings, Inc.Delaware
JHCI Acquisitions, Inc.Delaware
GXO Warehouse Company, Inc.Iowa

The names of certain consolidated subsidiaries that do not constitute a significant subsidiary have been omitted. Entities directly owned by subsidiaries of GXO Logistics, Inc. are indented and listed below their immediate parent. Ownership is 100% unless otherwise indicated.