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OMB Number:3235-0006
Expires:Oct 31, 2018
Estimated average burden
hours per response:23.8

iShares S&P 500 GrowthExchange Traded Fund46428730932,752443,134SH SOLE 00443,134
iShares S&P 500 ValueExchange Traded Fund46428740823,417161,032SH SOLE 00161,032
iShares Core MSCI EAFEExchange Traded Fund46432F84216,532222,654SH SOLE 00222,654
Airbnb IncCommon Stock00906610114,79988,221SH SOLE 0088,221
Lord Abbett Ultra Short Bond IMutual Fund54401E45714,2121,418,443SH SOLE 001,418,443
iShares Core S&P Small-CapExchange Traded Fund46428780414,031128,503SH SOLE 00128,503
JPMorgan Ultra-Short Income ETFExchange Traded Fund46641Q83710,433205,698SH SOLE 00205,698
iShares Core S&P Mid-CapExchange Traded Fund46428750710,25138,968SH SOLE 0038,968
BlackRock Core Bond InstlMutual Fund09260B3098,936904,454SH SOLE 00904,454
Microsoft CorpCommon Stock5949181047,31125,933SH SOLE 0025,933
Columbia Contrarian Core Inst2Mutual Fund19766M6007,271203,505SH SOLE 00203,505
Vanguard FTSE Developed Markets ETFExchange Traded Fund9219438587,068139,991SH SOLE 00139,991
American Funds Europacific Growth F2Mutual Fund29875E1005,83084,620SH SOLE 0084,620
Vanguard Mega Cap Growth ETFExchange Traded Fund9219108165,77924,615SH SOLE 0024,615
Apple IncCommon Stock0378331005,53339,104SH SOLE 0039,104
Hartford Floating Rate IMutual Fund4166498045,315633,582SH SOLE 00633,582
Principal Global Div Inc InstlMutual Fund74254V2324,919359,848SH SOLE 00359,848
Vanguard PRIMECAP Core InvMutual Fund9219215084,778141,457SH SOLE 00141,457
Vanguard Mega Cap Value ETFExchange Traded Fund9219108404,52546,252SH SOLE 0046,252
iShares MSCI EAFE Small-CapExchange Traded Fund4642882734,47760,169SH SOLE 0060,169
iShares Core MSCI Emerging Markets ETFExchange Traded Fund46434G1034,27869,272SH SOLE 0069,272
Vanguard Mid-Cap ETFExchange Traded Fund9229086293,87716,375SH SOLE 0016,375
Vanguard Small-Cap ETFExchange Traded Fund9229087513,66216,750SH SOLE 0016,750
Vanguard CA Interm-Term Tax-Exempt AdmMutual Fund9220214073,457283,393SH SOLE 00283,393
Costco Wholesale CorpCommon Stock22160K1053,3887,542SH SOLE 007,542
JPMorgan Ultra-Short Municipal Inc ETFExchange Traded Fund46641Q6543,30564,715SH SOLE 0064,715
Vanguard REIT ETFExchange Traded Fund9229085533,26132,044SH SOLE 0032,044
iShares Core S&P 500Exchange Traded Fund4642872003,1667,351SH SOLE 007,351
Western Asset Core Bond IMutual Fund9576633053,062232,150SH SOLE 00232,150 IncCommon Stock0231351062,902883SH SOLE 00883
Vanguard Ltd-Term Tx-Ex AdmMutual Fund9229078862,867256,213SH SOLE 00256,213
Vanguard CA Long-Term Tax-Exempt AdmMutual Fund9220215062,801220,565SH SOLE 00220,565
AB Income AdvisorMutual Fund01881M4422,545320,185SH SOLE 00320,185
RingCentral IncCommon Stock76680R2062,51911,583SH SOLE 0011,583
Roper Technologies IncCommon Stock7766961062,4095,400SH SOLE 005,400
Vanguard 500 Index AdmiralMutual Fund9229087102,2545,670SH SOLE 005,670
Vanguard Small Cap Index AdmMutual Fund9229086862,10020,031SH SOLE 0020,031
SPDR Gold SharesExchange Traded Fund78463V1072,02212,314SH SOLE 0012,314
Touchstone Mid Cap Growth YMutual Fund89154X5341,95143,990SH SOLE 0043,990
Principal MidCap InstitutionalMutual Fund74253Q7471,76942,983SH SOLE 0042,983
Dodge & Cox StockMutual Fund2562191061,7237,303SH SOLE 007,303
Texas Instruments IncCommon Stock8825081041,7198,947SH SOLE 008,947
American Funds American Mutual F2Mutual Fund0276818241,67733,718SH SOLE 0033,718
Alphabet Inc ACommon Stock02079K3051,632610SH SOLE 00610
Boeing CoCommon Stock0970231051,6237,382SH SOLE 007,382
Vanguard FTSE Emerging Markets ETFExchange Traded Fund9220428581,59131,828SH SOLE 0031,828
Columbia Oregon Itmt Muncpl Bd Inst2Mutual Fund19766M6911,565124,956SH SOLE 00124,956
American Funds Growth Fund of Amer F2Mutual Fund3998748251,51720,079SH SOLE 0020,079
Schwab Bank Sweep FeatureMutual FundH468680631,5021,502,765SH SOLE 001,502,765
Vanguard FTSE All-World ex-US Sm-Cp ETFExchange Traded Fund9220427181,39710,449SH SOLE 0010,449
Amgen IncCommon Stock0311621001,3936,555SH SOLE 006,555
Hartford Multifactor Dev Mkts (exUS) ETFExchange Traded Fund5184161021,38946,169SH SOLE 0046,169
Vanguard Wellington AdmiralMutual Fund9219352011,34416,017SH SOLE 0016,017
iShares Ultra Short-Term Bond ETFExchange Traded Fund46434V8781,34226,580SH SOLE 0026,580
SPDR Portfolio S&P 500 Value ETFExchange Traded Fund78464A5081,33434,225SH SOLE 0034,225
SPDR Portfolio Developed Wld ex-US ETFExchange Traded Fund78463X8891,32836,680SH SOLE 0036,680
Union Pacific CorpCommon Stock9078181081,2976,618SH SOLE 006,618
Polen Growth InstitutionalMutual Fund3608736571,29624,010SH SOLE 0024,010
Facebook Inc ACommon Stock30303M1021,2663,731SH SOLE 003,731
Schwab Bank Sweep FeatureMutual FundH673463481,2651,265,839SH SOLE 001,265,839
Vanguard Interm-Term Bond Index AdmMutual Fund9219378011,230101,441SH SOLE 00101,441
Nike Inc BCommon Stock6541061031,1938,216SH SOLE 008,216
American Funds Capital Income Bldr F2Mutual Fund1401941011,17017,548SH SOLE 0017,548
Johnson & JohnsonCommon Stock4781601041,1106,875SH SOLE 006,875
Intel CorpCommon Stock4581401001,09820,623SH SOLE 0020,623 IncCommon Stock79466L3021,0213,766SH SOLE 003,766
Berkshire Hathaway Inc BCommon Stock0846707029763,577SH SOLE 003,577
Procter & Gamble CoCommon Stock7427181099766,982SH SOLE 006,982
American Funds Income Fund of Amer F2Mutual Fund45332082296138,003SH SOLE 0038,003
Fidelity Money Market PremiumMutual Fund31617H805945945,577SH SOLE 00945,577
JP Morgan 6.125 Perp '24 FRNCorporate Bonds46625HJW1941875,000SH SOLE 00875,000
Polen Growth InvestorMutual Fund36087366592517,601SH SOLE 0017,601
Starbucks CorpCommon Stock8552441099248,383SH SOLE 008,383
Cisco Systems IncCommon Stock17275R10289216,399SH SOLE 0016,399
T. Rowe Price Capital AppreciationMutual Fund77954M10588823,301SH SOLE 0023,301
BlackRock Floating Rate Income InstlMutual Fund09260B74788789,160SH SOLE 0089,160
Vanguard Long-Term Tax-ExemptMutual Fund92290730888472,884SH SOLE 0072,884
Lam Research CorpCommon Stock5128071088821,551SH SOLE 001,551
Vanguard Interm-Term Tx-Ex InvMutual Fund92290720987959,817SH SOLE 0059,817
Vanguard Ltd-Term Tx-ExMutual Fund92290770487778,396SH SOLE 0078,396
Tesla Motors IncCommon Stock88160R1018651,116SH SOLE 001,116
SPROTT PHYSICAL URANIUM UNTCommon Stock85210A10486377,000SH SOLE 0077,000
Columbia Large Cap Growth InstMutual Fund19765P66186013,356SH SOLE 0013,356
Schwab Value Advantage Money InvMutual Fund808515605859859,126SH SOLE 00859,126
Fidelity 500 IndexMutual Fund3159117508515,680SH SOLE 005,680
Ecolab IncCommon Stock2788651008444,050SH SOLE 004,050
Mastercard Inc ACommon Stock57636Q1048362,407SH SOLE 002,407
Moody's CorporationCommon Stock6153691057982,250SH SOLE 002,250
Alphabet Inc CCommon Stock02079K107796298SH SOLE 00298
Microchip Technology IncCommon Stock5950171047685,010SH SOLE 005,010
Medtronic PLCCommon StockG5960L1037385,893SH SOLE 005,893
iShares US Real EstateExchange Traded Fund4642877397327,155SH SOLE 007,155
Schwab Bank Sweep FeatureMutual FundH55576397725725,583SH SOLE 00725,583
Vanguard Developed Markets Index AdmiralMutual Fund92194380972344,645SH SOLE 0044,645
EV Tax Advantaged Dividend IncClosed End Funds27828G10771426,017SH SOLE 0026,017
Bank of America CorporationCommon Stock06050510470816,684SH SOLE 0016,684
PRIMECAP Odyssey Aggressive GrowthMutual Fund74160Q20268711,930SH SOLE 0011,930
Fidelity Contrafund K6Mutual Fund31607183668731,775SH SOLE 0031,775
First Trust Value Line Dividend ETFExchange Traded Fund33734H10668617,500SH SOLE 0017,500
Danaher CorpCommon Stock2358511026842,250SH SOLE 002,250
Fidelity Advisor New Insights IMutual Fund31607160468216,051SH SOLE 0016,051
Verizon Communications IncCommon Stock92343V10467812,571SH SOLE 0012,571
Applied Materials IncCommon Stock0382221056755,247SH SOLE 005,247
SPDR S&P 500 ETFExchange Traded Fund78462F1036691,559SH SOLE 001,559
Norfolk Southern CorpCommon Stock6558441086572,750SH SOLE 002,750
Touchstone Sands Capital Select Growth YMutual Fund89155H82764828,385SH SOLE 0028,385
Columbia Mid Cap Growth InstMutual Fund19765P23263218,856SH SOLE 0018,856
BlackRock Municipal 2030 Target TermClosed End Funds09257P10562224,400SH SOLE 0024,400
Franklin OR Tax Free Income AdvMutual Fund35472450259850,644SH SOLE 0050,644
Enterprise Products Partners LPCommon Stock29379210759327,442SH SOLE 0027,442
Franklin Income AdvMutual Fund353496847582236,926SH SOLE 00236,926
Calamos Market Neutral Income IMutual Fund12811988057440,181SH SOLE 0040,181
Hartford Capital Appreciation YMutual Fund41664560457210,091SH SOLE 0010,091
Lord Abbett High Yield IMutual Fund54400N40955773,410SH SOLE 0073,410
SPDR S&P MidCap 400 ETFExchange Traded Fund78467Y1075571,160SH SOLE 001,160
Vanguard Real Estate Index AdmiralMutual Fund9219088775563,854SH SOLE 003,854
Avaya Holdings CorpCommon Stock05351X10154427,538SH SOLE 0027,538
Amana Growth InstitutionalMutual Fund0228655055358,231SH SOLE 008,231
Invesco Main Street Mid Cap YMutual Fund00900R53153415,343SH SOLE 0015,343
Lord Abbett Short Duration Income IMutual Fund543916688534127,837SH SOLE 00127,837
Walt Disney CoCommon Stock2546871065323,150SH SOLE 003,150
my529 Total Stock Market Index Investment Mutual FundMutual Fund62851T73452452,997SH SOLE 0052,997
The Home Depot IncCommon Stock4370761025051,540SH SOLE 001,540
Pfizer IncCommon Stock71708110349911,614SH SOLE 0011,614
Fidelity Tax-Exempt Money Market PrmMutual Fund316341403499499,037SH SOLE 00499,037
PIMCO Income I-3Mutual Fund72202E39348840,603SH SOLE 0040,603
Five9 IncCommon Stock3383071014873,049SH SOLE 003,049
NVR IncCommon Stock62944T105479100SH SOLE 00100
Visa Inc Class ACommon Stock92826C8394682,103SH SOLE 002,103
American Funds Invmt Co of Amer F2Mutual Fund4613088274669,317SH SOLE 009,317
Fastenal CoCommon Stock3119001044649,000SH SOLE 009,000
PIMCO Income I2Mutual Fund72201M71946238,443SH SOLE 0038,443
iShares Gold TrustExchange Traded Fund46428520446113,825SH SOLE 0013,825
Vanguard Interm-Term Tx-Ex AdmMutual Fund92290787844830,522SH SOLE 0030,522
Vanguard Long-Term Tax-Exempt AdmMutual Fund92290786044836,918SH SOLE 0036,918
CarMax IncCommon Stock1431301024473,500SH SOLE 003,500
BlackRock MuniHoldings FundClosed End Funds09253N10443226,400SH SOLE 0026,400
AT&T IncCommon Stock00206R10243215,996SH SOLE 0015,996
Columbia Large Cap Growth Inst2Mutual Fund19766D3784236,559SH SOLE 006,559
Target CorpCommon Stock87612E1064231,849SH SOLE 001,849
PGIM High Yield R6Mutual Fund74440Y88442275,523SH SOLE 0075,523
Chubb LtdCommon StockH1467J1044172,407SH SOLE 002,407
American Funds Growth Fund of Amer 529F2Mutual Fund3998747424135,463SH SOLE 005,463
Berkshire Hathaway Inc ACommon Stock0846701084111SH SOLE 001
JPMorgan Chase & CoCommon Stock46625H1004062,481SH SOLE 002,481
American Century Equity Growth InvMutual Fund02507M60040110,972SH SOLE 0010,972
Chevron CorpCommon Stock1667641003963,908SH SOLE 003,908
Markel CorpCommon Stock570535104388325SH SOLE 00325
Square IncCommon Stock8522341033881,619SH SOLE 001,619
Vanguard Growth ETFExchange Traded Fund9229087363871,337SH SOLE 001,337
American Century Equity Income InvMutual Fund02507610037738,781SH SOLE 0038,781
C.H. Robinson Worldwide IncCommon Stock12541W2093684,235SH SOLE 004,235
Progressive CorpCommon Stock7433151033614,000SH SOLE 004,000
Intuitive Surgical IncCommon Stock46120E602360363SH SOLE 00363
Western Asset Short Duration Muni Inc IMutual Fund52469F17635568,876SH SOLE 0068,876
Johnson Controls International PLCCommon StockG515021053535,191SH SOLE 005,191
iShares Core S&P Total US Stock Mkt ETFExchange Traded Fund4642871503513,570SH SOLE 003,570
3M CoCommon Stock88579Y1013501,996SH SOLE 001,996
Oakmark International InvestorMutual Fund41383820234912,402SH SOLE 0012,402
American Funds American Mutual 529-F-2Mutual Fund0276817413476,986SH SOLE 006,986
Copart IncCommon Stock2172041063462,500SH SOLE 002,500
DFA US Sustainability Core 1Mutual Fund2332032153439,975SH SOLE 009,975
Vanguard Total Stock Mkt Idx AdmMutual Fund9229087283403,149SH SOLE 003,149
Vanguard Total Stock Market ETFExchange Traded Fund9229087693391,529SH SOLE 001,529
Nuveen Intermediate Duration Muni TermClosed End Funds67067110633823,000SH SOLE 0023,000
Vanguard Total Intl Stock Index AdmiralMutual Fund9219098183389,955SH SOLE 009,955
Vanguard S&P 500 Value ETFExchange Traded Fund9219327033382,406SH SOLE 002,406
Lord Abbett Short Duration Income AMutual Fund54391610033680,265SH SOLE 0080,265
KLA CorpCommon Stock4824801003341,000SH SOLE 001,000
CashMutual Fund315994103331331,177SH SOLE 00331,177
SPDR S&P Emerging Markets Small Cap ETFExchange Traded Fund78463X7563275,586SH SOLE 005,586
Travel & Leisure CoCommon Stock8941641023185,845SH SOLE 005,845
BP PLC ADRCommon Stock05562210431611,574SH SOLE 0011,574
American Funds Fundamental Invs F2Mutual Fund3608028213134,163SH SOLE 004,163
Exxon Mobil CorpCommon Stock30231G1023075,233SH SOLE 005,233
Fidelity ContrafundMutual Fund31607110930516,242SH SOLE 0016,242
Abbott LaboratoriesCommon Stock0028241002962,510SH SOLE 002,510
International Business Machines CorpCommon Stock4592001012912,100SH SOLE 002,100
Charles Schwab CorpCommon Stock8085131052914,000SH SOLE 004,000
SPDR S&P Emerging Markets ETFExchange Traded Fund78463X5092866,744SH SOLE 006,744
US BancorpCommon Stock9029733042854,809SH SOLE 004,809
Nuveen S&P 500 Buy-Write IncomeClosed End Funds6706ER10128319,896SH SOLE 0019,896
Los Angeles Calif Dept Arpts 5.000 05/15/41 '31Municipal Bonds544445TR0282220,000SH SOLE 00220,000
Fidelity Advisor Intl Capital App IMutual Fund3159208192819,051SH SOLE 009,051
American Funds Europacific Growth 529F2Mutual Fund2987067632814,072SH SOLE 004,072
iShares Russell 1000Exchange Traded Fund4642876222801,160SH SOLE 001,160
Mettler-Toledo International IncCommon Stock592688105275200SH SOLE 00200
Invesco QQQ TrustExchange Traded Fund46090E103268751SH SOLE 00751
Columbia Banking System IncCommon Stock1972361022667,019SH SOLE 007,019
California St Pub Wks Brd 5.000 11/01/30 '28Municipal Bonds13068L2S3266210,000SH SOLE 00210,000
Real Estate Select Sector SPDRExchange Traded Fund81369Y8602615,884SH SOLE 005,884
Vanguard Strategic Equity InvMutual Fund9220381042605,911SH SOLE 005,911
Hartford Floating Rate High Inc IMutual Fund41664M15125926,892SH SOLE 0026,892
PayPal Holdings IncCommon Stock70450Y103258993SH SOLE 00993
Hartford Capital Appreciation IMutual Fund4166493092575,465SH SOLE 005,465
Los Angeles Calif Dept Wtr & 5.000 07/01/38 '28Municipal Bonds5444954S0256210,000SH SOLE 00210,000
Netflix IncCommon Stock64110L106255418SH SOLE 00418
Tiaa Fsb Jacksonville Fla 2.5PERCENT 22Certificate of Deposit87270LCE1248245,000SH SOLE 00245,000
Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (BTC)Exchange Traded Fund3896371092457,239SH SOLE 007,239
USAA Intermediate-Term BondMutual Fund90328883524122,085SH SOLE 0022,085
US Global Jets ETFExchange Traded Fund26922A84224010,185SH SOLE 0010,185
Honeywell International IncCommon Stock4385161062401,132SH SOLE 001,132
Fidelity Capital & IncomeMutual Fund31606210823320,622SH SOLE 0020,622
JPMorgan Large Cap Growth CMutual Fund4812C05222314,992SH SOLE 004,992
Illumina IncCommon Stock452327109228563SH SOLE 00563
Affirm Holdings IncCommon Stock00827B1062231,878SH SOLE 001,878
Vanguard S&P 500 Growth ETFExchange Traded Fund921932505210789SH SOLE 00789
Linn Cnty Ore Sch Dist No 055 4.000 02/01/23Municipal Bonds535885EE3209200,000SH SOLE 00200,000
iShares Core 1-5 Year USD Bond ETFExchange Traded Fund46432F8592074,055SH SOLE 004,055
Washington Cnty Ore Sch Dist N 5.000 06/15/22Municipal Bonds938429J73206200,000SH SOLE 00200,000
Vanguard Value ETFExchange Traded Fund9229087442051,520SH SOLE 001,520
University Calif Revs 5.000 05/15/36 '28Municipal Bonds91412HAV5205165,000SH SOLE 00165,000
California Infrastructure & 5.000 05/15/35 '28Municipal Bonds13034ATT7205165,000SH SOLE 00165,000
Los Angeles Calif Uni Sch Dist 5.000 07/01/31 '30Municipal Bonds544647BN9204155,000SH SOLE 00155,000
Privia Health Group IncCommon Stock74276R1022048,695SH SOLE 008,695
BlackRock Global Dividend InstlMutual Fund09256H32820316,681SH SOLE 0016,681
San Francisco Calif City & 5.000 05/01/29 '26Municipal Bonds79766DFS3202170,000SH SOLE 00170,000
my529 Total International Stock Index Investment Mutual FundMutual Fund62851T64320120,796SH SOLE 0020,796
Vanguard Short-Term Tx-Ex AdmMutual Fund92290780320112,648SH SOLE 0012,648
Portland Ore Urban Renewal & R 5.000 06/15/26 '21Municipal Bonds736746VY1200200,000SH SOLE 00200,000
Columbia Short Term Bond Inst2Mutual Fund19766B29919219,043SH SOLE 0019,043
Fidelity New Markets IncomeMutual Fund31591083618012,385SH SOLE 0012,385
Fidelity Tax-Exempt Money MarketMutual Fund650914609176176,384SH SOLE 00176,384
Los Angeles Calif Uni Sch Dist 5.000 07/01/26Municipal Bonds5446465P3168140,000SH SOLE 00140,000
New Residential Invt Corp Com NewCommon Stock64828T20116214,813SH SOLE 0014,813
California Health Facs Fing 5.000 11/01/27Municipal Bonds13032UMR6162130,000SH SOLE 00130,000
Los Angeles Cnty Calif Met 5.000 07/01/23Municipal Bonds54466HCA2157145,000SH SOLE 00145,000
Lord Abbett Floating Rate IMutual Fund54391613415618,567SH SOLE 0018,567
Fidelity Global ex US IndexMutual Fund31614631515510,109SH SOLE 0010,109
Los Angeles Calif Dept Wtr & 5.000 07/01/40 '30Municipal Bonds544532BL7153120,000SH SOLE 00120,000
San Diego Calif Pub Facs Fing 5.000 08/01/28Municipal Bonds79730CKA1153120,000SH SOLE 00120,000
California Edl Facs Auth Rev 5.000 10/01/37 '28Municipal Bonds130179RB2152125,000SH SOLE 00125,000
Fidelity Floating Rate High IncomeMutual Fund31591678315115,989SH SOLE 0015,989
PIMCO Income AMutual Fund72201F47414812,346SH SOLE 0012,346
California St Univ Rev 5.000 11/01/39 '29Municipal Bonds13077DHB1147115,000SH SOLE 00115,000
California Health Facs Fing 5.000 11/15/32 '25Municipal Bonds13032UBG2135115,000SH SOLE 00115,000
San Francisco Calif City & 5.000 11/01/33 '26Municipal Bonds79765RJ26132110,000SH SOLE 00110,000
Lord Abbett Short Duration Income FMutual Fund54391646412429,618SH SOLE 0029,618
California Edl Facs Auth Rev 5.000 10/01/34 '28Municipal Bonds130179QY3123100,000SH SOLE 00100,000
EV Tax-Mgd Gbl Div Equity IncomeClosed End Funds27829F10812112,136SH SOLE 0012,136
Eaton Vance OR Municipal Income IMutual Fund27826Y61311913,526SH SOLE 0013,526
California St Dept Wtr Res Wtr 5.000 05/01/22Municipal Bonds13066YSX8118115,000SH SOLE 00115,000
California St 5.000 10/01/25Municipal Bonds13063DJZ2118100,000SH SOLE 00100,000
Riverside Calif Swr Rev 5.000 08/01/37 '28Municipal Bonds769047JT911190,000SH SOLE 0090,000
Greater Albany Sch Dist No 8j 5.000 06/15/23Municipal Bonds391554BZ4108100,000SH SOLE 00100,000
my529 Mid Cap Index Investment Mutual FundMutual Fund62851T68410610,594SH SOLE 0010,594
Oregon St Dept Transn Hwy User 5.000 11/15/22Municipal Bonds68607DSS5105100,000SH SOLE 00100,000
my529 Small Cap Growth Index Investment Mutual FundMutual Fund62851T65010010,242SH SOLE 0010,242
Federated Hermes Strategic Value Div ISMutual Fund31417256010018,208SH SOLE 0018,208
Modesto Calif Irr Dist Fing 5.000 10/01/39 '29Municipal Bonds607767CC210080,000SH SOLE 0080,000
Portland Ore Urban Renewal & R 4.750 06/15/25 '21Municipal Bonds736746VX3100100,000SH SOLE 00100,000
Fidelity Municipal Money MarketMutual Fund316048107100100,000SH SOLE 00100,000
Salem-Keizer Ore Sch Dist No 06/15/22Municipal Bonds794173FN999100,000SH SOLE 00100,000
Invesco Senior Floating Rate YMutual Fund00141G8318511,977SH SOLE 0011,977
California St Pub Wks Brd 5.000 04/01/24Municipal Bonds13068LZZ18375,000SH SOLE 0075,000
Los Angeles Calif Wastewtr Sys 5.000 06/01/34 '28Municipal Bonds53945CJS07460,000SH SOLE 0060,000
Iowa St Brd Regents Hosp Rev 2.000 09/01/41 '28Municipal Bonds46256QLL87175,000SH SOLE 0075,000
California Edl Facs Auth Rev 5.000 10/01/25Municipal Bonds130179QP27060,000SH SOLE 0060,000
California St Dept Wtr Res 5.000 12/01/33 '28Municipal Bonds13067WQC97055,000SH SOLE 0055,000
Turlock Calif Irr Dist Rev 5.000 01/01/39 '30Municipal Bonds900190KH16350,000SH SOLE 0050,000
California St 5.000 08/01/24Municipal Bonds13063CVL16255,000SH SOLE 0055,000
Allegheny Cnty Pa Hosp Dev 4.000 07/15/39 '29Municipal Bonds01728A5C65750,000SH SOLE 0050,000
Long Is Pwr Auth N Y Elec Sys 3.375 09/01/31 '28Municipal Bonds542691BM15550,000SH SOLE 0050,000
Smith Cnty Tex 3.000 02/15/27Municipal Bonds832033JR65550,000SH SOLE 0050,000
Ball St Univ Ind Univ Revs 3.250 07/01/32 '28Municipal Bonds058508JY95550,000SH SOLE 0050,000
Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid 3.000 07/01/36 '29Municipal Bonds5917454V35450,000SH SOLE 0050,000
Charlotte N C Arpt Rev 3.000 07/01/35 '29Municipal Bonds161036PU65450,000SH SOLE 0050,000
Connecticut St Spl Tax Oblig R 3.125 05/01/40 '30Municipal Bonds207758A525450,000SH SOLE 0050,000
New York N Y 5.000 08/01/26Municipal Bonds64966MPD55445,000SH SOLE 0045,000
Las Vegas Nev 3.000 06/01/34 '27Municipal Bonds517697BU15350,000SH SOLE 0050,000
Holmdel Twp N J 2.000 05/01/26Municipal Bonds436272FZ65350,000SH SOLE 0050,000
University N Mex Univ Revs 2.500 06/01/29 '26Municipal Bonds914692Z435250,000SH SOLE 0050,000
San Diego Calif Pub Facs Fing 5.000 08/01/32 '30Municipal Bonds79730CKE35240,000SH SOLE 0040,000
Metropolitan Wtr Dist Salt 2.300 07/01/28 '26Municipal Bonds592657CH15250,000SH SOLE 0050,000
Toms River N J Brd Ed 2.000 07/15/25Municipal Bonds890125XZ55250,000SH SOLE 0050,000
Holmdel Twp N J 2.000 05/01/24Municipal Bonds436272FX15250,000SH SOLE 0050,000
Burlington Cnty N J 2.000 05/01/23Municipal Bonds121638FA35150,000SH SOLE 0050,000
Allegheny Cnty Pa Hosp Dev 3.000 07/15/22Municipal Bonds01728A5D45150,000SH SOLE 0050,000
California St Dept Wtr Res 5.000 12/01/34 '28Municipal Bonds13067WQD75040,000SH SOLE 0040,000
El Dorado Calif Irr Dist Ctfs 5.000 03/01/40 '30Municipal Bonds283059GB35040,000SH SOLE 0040,000
Florida St Brd Ed Pub Ed 3.000 06/01/33 '29Municipal Bonds34153QRL25045,000SH SOLE 0045,000
Lake Elsinore Calif Rec Auth 4.000 02/01/22Municipal Bonds50963UAJ25050,000SH SOLE 0050,000
University Idaho Univ Revs 5.000 04/01/38 '30Municipal Bonds914318S845040,000SH SOLE 0040,000
Goldman Bank USA 2.950 01/24/22Certificate of Deposit38148P4G95050,000SH SOLE 0050,000
Cook Cnty Ill 5.250 11/15/25 '21Municipal Bonds213185FL05050,000SH SOLE 0050,000
Los Angeles Calif Wastewtr Sys 5.000 06/01/26Municipal Bonds53945CKA74840,000SH SOLE 0040,000
Los Angeles Calif Dept Wtr & 5.000 07/01/37 '31Municipal Bonds544525C304635,000SH SOLE 0035,000
New York St Twy Auth St Pers 5.000 03/15/35 '31Municipal Bonds650028WV14535,000SH SOLE 0035,000
Pennsylvania St Higher Edl 5.000 08/15/24Municipal Bonds70917SYE74540,000SH SOLE 0040,000
Oklahoma St Mun Pwr Auth Pwr S 5.000 01/01/30Municipal Bonds67910HQX14535,000SH SOLE 0035,000
San Diego Calif Pub Facs Fing 5.000 05/15/24Municipal Bonds79730AJA74440,000SH SOLE 0040,000
Chicago Ill O Hare Intl Arpt R 5.000 01/01/23Municipal Bonds167593QZ84240,000SH SOLE 0040,000
California St 5.000 11/01/22Municipal Bonds13063DBG24240,000SH SOLE 0040,000
University Calif Revs 5.000 05/15/25Municipal Bonds91412GZ404035,000SH SOLE 0035,000
Willingboro Twp N J 2.125 09/01/33 '28Municipal Bonds970582MK54040,000SH SOLE 0040,000
California St 5.000 03/01/27 '25Municipal Bonds13063CQU74035,000SH SOLE 0035,000
University Calif Revs 5.000 05/15/36 '31Municipal Bonds91412HHZ93930,000SH SOLE 0030,000
California St Pub Wks Brd 5.000 05/01/35 '31Municipal Bonds13068XBL23930,000SH SOLE 0030,000
Pennsylvania St Tpk Commn Tpk 5.000 12/01/34 '31Municipal Bonds709225CS33930,000SH SOLE 0030,000
Colorado Health Facs Auth Rev 5.000 11/15/39 '31Municipal Bonds19648FSD73930,000SH SOLE 0030,000
West Va Pkwys Auth Tpk Toll 5.000 06/01/37 '31Municipal Bonds956510BR13930,000SH SOLE 0030,000
Colorado Health Facs Auth Rev 5.000 11/15/41 '31Municipal Bonds19648FSF23830,000SH SOLE 0030,000
New York State Dormitory Autho 5.000 02/15/33 '30Municipal Bonds64990FPL23830,000SH SOLE 0030,000
New York N Y 5.000 08/01/28Municipal Bonds64966QPQ73830,000SH SOLE 0030,000
US Treasury 0.625 01/15/26TIPS912828N713830,000SH SOLE 0030,000
California St Pub Wks Brd 5.000 03/01/23Municipal Bonds13068LE763735,000SH SOLE 0035,000
Missouri Jt Mun Elec Util 5.000 12/01/27Municipal Bonds606094BS83730,000SH SOLE 0030,000
Morris Cnty N J 2.000 02/01/28Municipal Bonds618024BR33735,000SH SOLE 0035,000
UPS 2.450 10/01/22Corporate Bonds911312AQ93535,000SH SOLE 0035,000
Walmart 2.350 12/15/22 '22Corporate Bonds931142DU43535,000SH SOLE 0035,000
Connecticut St 5.000 08/15/25Municipal Bonds20772J2P63530,000SH SOLE 0030,000
California St Univ Rev 5.000 11/01/31Municipal Bonds13077DRG93425,000SH SOLE 0025,000
Los Angeles Cnty Calif Met 5.000 06/01/32 '30Municipal Bonds54466HJV93325,000SH SOLE 0025,000
Los Angeles Cnty Calif Met 5.000 06/01/34 '30Municipal Bonds54466HJX53225,000SH SOLE 0025,000
Los Angeles Calif Dept Wtr & 5.000 07/01/40 '31Municipal Bonds544532CK83225,000SH SOLE 0025,000
California St Dept Wtr Res 5.000 12/01/28Municipal Bonds13067WPX43225,000SH SOLE 0025,000
Lubbock Tex Elec Lt & Pwr Sys 5.000 04/15/31 '30Municipal Bonds549203XA03225,000SH SOLE 0025,000
California St Pub Wks Brd 5.000 11/01/28Municipal Bonds13068L6N03125,000SH SOLE 0025,000
Procter Gamble 3.100 08/15/23Corporate Bonds742718EB13130,000SH SOLE 0030,000
Los Angeles Cnty Calif Met 5.000 07/01/27Municipal Bonds54466HGX83125,000SH SOLE 0025,000
Los Angeles Cnty Calif Met 5.000 07/01/28 '27Municipal Bonds54466HEQ53125,000SH SOLE 0025,000
San Rafael Calif Jt Pwrs Fing 5.000 06/01/33 '28Municipal Bonds799317CE03125,000SH SOLE 0025,000
California Health Facs Fing 5.000 11/15/32 '27Municipal Bonds13032UQK73025,000SH SOLE 0025,000
Virginia St Res Auth 2.000 11/01/35 '31Municipal Bonds92818N3M83030,000SH SOLE 0030,000
California Edl Facs Auth Rev 5.000 09/01/26Municipal Bonds130179LM43025,000SH SOLE 0025,000
California St 5.000 08/01/27 '26Municipal Bonds13063C4P23025,000SH SOLE 0025,000
California St Univ Rev 5.000 11/01/26 '26Municipal Bonds13077C3Z53025,000SH SOLE 0025,000
University Conn 5.000 01/15/32 '27Municipal Bonds914233L333025,000SH SOLE 0025,000
University Iowa Facs Corp Rev 2.000 06/01/36 '30Municipal Bonds914364XN92930,000SH SOLE 0030,000
California St Pub Wks Brd 5.000 12/01/25Municipal Bonds13068LXH32925,000SH SOLE 0025,000
Pasadena Calif Ctfs Partn 5.000 02/01/32 '25Municipal Bonds702204NR52825,000SH SOLE 0025,000
Riverside Cnty Calif Transn Co 5.000 06/01/24Municipal Bonds769125HG32825,000SH SOLE 0025,000
Campbell Calif Un High Sch 5.000 08/01/23Municipal Bonds134159UT72725,000SH SOLE 0025,000
Marion Cnty Ore 5.500 06/01/23Municipal Bonds569127BF92725,000SH SOLE 0025,000
Portland Ore Swr Sys Rev 3.000 10/01/28 '24Municipal Bonds736742VT12625,000SH SOLE 0025,000
Los Angeles Cnty Calif Regl 5.000 11/15/25 '22Municipal Bonds54465YAG52625,000SH SOLE 0025,000
King Cnty Wash Sch Dist No 414 2.500 12/01/23Municipal Bonds495260C582625,000SH SOLE 0025,000
Los Angeles Cnty Calif Regl 5.000 11/15/28 '22Municipal Bonds54465YAK62625,000SH SOLE 0025,000
Midpeninsula Regl Open Space D 5.000 09/01/23 '22Municipal Bonds598022JL62625,000SH SOLE 0025,000
Vista Calif Uni Sch Dist 5.000 08/01/27 '22Municipal Bonds928346NF82625,000SH SOLE 0025,000
Los Angeles Calif Dept Arpts 5.000 05/15/33 '30Municipal Bonds544445QC62520,000SH SOLE 0020,000
Connecticut St Health & Edl F 5.000 06/01/40 '30Municipal Bonds20775DHE52520,000SH SOLE 0020,000
New York N Y City Transitional 5.000 07/15/31 '28Municipal Bonds64972HF982520,000SH SOLE 0020,000
Hayward Calif Redev Successor 5.000 09/01/27 '26Municipal Bonds421248AM72320,000SH SOLE 0020,000
Fidelity California AMT Tax-Free MM IMutual Fund31606Y1082222,225SH SOLE 0022,225
California St Univ Rev 5.000 11/01/22Municipal Bonds13077CB602120,000SH SOLE 0020,000
Portland Ore Cmnty College Dis 3.000 06/15/28 '23Municipal Bonds736688JF02020,000SH SOLE 0020,000
Portland Ore Rev 3.000 09/01/30 '22Municipal Bonds736740NY32020,000SH SOLE 0020,000
Portland Ore Cmnty College Dis 5.000 06/15/23Municipal Bonds736688JA11615,000SH SOLE 0015,000
Oregon St 3.250 08/01/38 '23Municipal Bonds68608UTZ91515,000SH SOLE 0015,000
GoldMining IncCommon Stock38149E1011311,300SH SOLE 0011,300
Portland Ore Swr Sys Rev 3.000 06/01/30 '25Municipal Bonds736742XK81010,000SH SOLE 0010,000
Local Ore Cap Assets Program 3.500 06/01/34 '22Municipal Bonds53957KFN21010,000SH SOLE 0010,000
First Mining Gold CorpCommon Stock320890106941,300SH SOLE 0041,300
Winston Gold CorpCommon Stock97562T1028204,000SH SOLE 00204,000
Silver Elephant Mining CorpCommon Stock82770L109525,000SH SOLE 0025,000
Norsemont Mining IncCommon Stock65652P108513,000SH SOLE 0013,000
Silver One Resources IncCommon Stock828062109416,400SH SOLE 0016,400
International Iconic Gold Exploration CorpCommon Stock45968V106139,000SH SOLE 0039,000
Ginnie Mae 2 G2SF 003081 7.000 05/20/31CMO/MBS/ABS36202DM65045,000SH SOLE 0045,000
Ginnie Mae 2 G2SF 002714 6.500 02/20/29CMO/MBS/ABS36202DAP6025,000SH SOLE 0025,000
Ginnie Mae 2 G2SF 001901 8.000 11/20/24CMO/MBS/ABS36202CDE0025,000SH SOLE 0025,000
Lehman Bros Hldg 6.500 10/25/27 MTN DFTdCorporate Bonds525ESCFR5070,000SH SOLE 0070,000
Lehman Bros Hldg Inc EscrowStructured Notes525ESCW62021,500SH SOLE 0021,500