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OMB Number:3235-0006
Expires:Oct 31, 2018
Estimated average burden
hours per response:23.8

3M COMPANYCommon Stock88579Y1012291,303SH SOLE 001,303
ABBOTT LABORATORIESCommon Stock00282410016138SH SOLE 00138
ACCENTURE PLCCommon StockG1151C101928SH SOLE 0028
ADVANCED MICROCommon Stock007903107660SH SOLE 0060
AIRBNB INCCommon Stock009066101212SH SOLE 0012
ALLSTATE CORPCommon Stock02000210120157SH SOLE 00157
ALPHABET INCCommon Stock02079K10731SH SOLE 001
ALPHABET INCCommon Stock02079K30521781SH SOLE 0081
ALTRIA GROUPCommon Stock02209S1031573,444SH SOLE 003,444
AMAZON COMCommon Stock023135106388118SH SOLE 00118
AMERICAN AIRLINESCommon Stock02376R102221,055SH SOLE 001,055
AMERICAN TOWERCommon Stock03027X1002075SH SOLE 0075
AMGEN INCCommon Stock0311621002551,200SH SOLE 001,200
ANALOG DEVICESCommon Stock0326541051841,100SH SOLE 001,100
APPHARVEST INCCommon Stock03783T1032250SH SOLE 00250
APPLE INCCommon Stock0378331002,14615,165SH SOLE 0015,165
ARK INNOVATIONMF Closed and MF Open00214Q104868SH SOLE 0068
AT&T INCCommon Stock00206R102491,820SH SOLE 001,820
ATLASSIAN CORPCommon StockG0624210496244SH SOLE 00244
AUTOMATIC DATACommon Stock05301510376382SH SOLE 00382
BALL CORPCommon Stock0584981061081,200SH SOLE 001,200
BANK AMERICACommon Stock060505104551,289SH SOLE 001,289
BANK NEW YORKCommon Stock064058100621,200SH SOLE 001,200
BECTON DICKINSONCommon Stock075887109119486SH SOLE 00486
BERKSHIRE HATHAWAYCommon Stock0846707024041,481SH SOLE 001,481
BEYOND MEATCommon Stock08862E109221SH SOLE 0021
BIOGEN INCCommon Stock09062X103175620SH SOLE 00620
BLACKROCK INCCommon Stock09247X1012125SH SOLE 0025
BOEING COMPANYCommon Stock0970231052801,274SH SOLE 001,274
BOOZ ALLENCommon Stock09950210616200SH SOLE 00200
BOSTON SCIENTIFICCommon Stock10113710710221SH SOLE 00221
BP PLCCommon Stock055622104642,358SH SOLE 002,358
BRISTOL MYERSCommon Stock1101221081442,430SH SOLE 002,430
BROADCOM INCCommon Stock11135F1012042SH SOLE 0042
CACI INTERNATIONALCommon Stock1271903041662SH SOLE 0062
CARNIVAL CORPCommon Stock143658300321,275SH SOLE 001,275
CARRIER GLOBALCommon Stock14448C10431593SH SOLE 00593
CATCHMARK TIMBERCommon Stock14912Y2025419SH SOLE 00419
CATERPILLAR INCCommon Stock149123101116606SH SOLE 00606
CHARLES RIVERCommon Stock15986410783200SH SOLE 00200
CHEVRON CORPCommon Stock1667641001911,884SH SOLE 001,884
CHIPOTLE MEXICANCommon Stock1696561053117SH SOLE 0017
CISCO SYSTEMSCommon Stock17275R1023476,368SH SOLE 006,368
COCA COLA COMPANYCommon Stock1912161002785,304SH SOLE 005,304
COINBASE GLOBALCommon Stock19260Q10716SH SOLE 006
COLGATE-PALMOLIVECommon Stock194162103831,100SH SOLE 001,100
COMCAST CORPCommon Stock20030N10139705SH SOLE 00705
CONSTELLATION BRANDSCommon Stock21036P10842200SH SOLE 00200
CORTEVA INCCommon Stock22052L10426611SH SOLE 00611
CSX CORPCommon Stock1264081031434,800SH SOLE 004,800
DANAHER CORPCommon Stock235851102278912SH SOLE 00912
DEERE & COCommon Stock244199105149445SH SOLE 00445
DELTA AIRLINESCommon Stock24736170221490SH SOLE 00490
DISCOVER FINANCIALCommon Stock25470910880653SH SOLE 00653
DOLBY LABORATORIES INCCommon Stock25659T107893SH SOLE 0093
DOLLAR TREECommon Stock25674610843450SH SOLE 00450
DOMINION ENERGYCommon Stock25746U1091001,370SH SOLE 001,370
DOW INCCommon Stock26055710325432SH SOLE 00432
DUKE ENERGYCommon Stock26441C20480816SH SOLE 00816
DUPONT DECommon Stock26614N10230438SH SOLE 00438
ECOLAB INCCommon Stock2788651002701,295SH SOLE 001,295
ELI LILLYCommon Stock53245710858250SH SOLE 00250
EMERSON ELECTRICCommon Stock2910111048018,500SH SOLE 008,500
ENERGY TRANSFEROil & Gas, Real Estate and REIT29273V100181,920SH SOLE 001,920
EPAM SYSTEMSCommon Stock29414B10488154SH SOLE 00154
ERIE INDEMNITYCommon Stock29530P1022651,488SH SOLE 001,488
ESSENTIAL UTILITIESCommon Stock29670G10242906SH SOLE 00906
EXELON CORPCommon Stock30161N101581,190SH SOLE 001,190
EXXON MOBILCommon Stock30231G1025839,920SH SOLE 009,920
FACEBOOK INCCommon Stock30303M10238112SH SOLE 00112
FIRST TRUSTMF Closed and MF Open33739Q2002434,813SH SOLE 004,813
FIRSTENERGY CORPCommon Stock3379321076164SH SOLE 00164
FOMENTO ECONOMICOCommon Stock344419106443SH SOLE 0043
FORTUNE BRANDSCommon Stock34964C10636400SH SOLE 00400
GENERAL DYNAMICSCommon Stock36955010820100SH SOLE 00100
GLOBAL XMF Closed and MF Open37954Y8559110SH SOLE 00110
GLOBAL XMF Closed and MF Open37954Y871933,915SH SOLE 003,915
GLOBE LIFECommon Stock37959E102991,110SH SOLE 001,110
HEALTHPEAK PPTYSCommon Stock42250P1035152SH SOLE 00152
HERSHEY COMPANYCommon Stock4278661085793,420SH SOLE 003,420
HOME DEPOTCommon Stock4370761025781,761SH SOLE 001,761
HONEYWELL INTLCommon Stock43851610676356SH SOLE 00356
HOWARD BANCORPCommon Stock4424961052100SH SOLE 00100
HUBBELL INCCommon Stock443510607162894SH SOLE 00894
HUNTINGTON INGALLSCommon Stock446413106316SH SOLE 0016
INTEL CORPCommon Stock4581401003246,085SH SOLE 006,085
INTL BUSINESSCommon Stock45920010169500SH SOLE 00500
INVESCO QQQMF Closed and MF Open46090E1031851SH SOLE 0051
INVESCO S&PMF Closed and MF Open46137V3571791,193SH SOLE 001,193
INVITATION HOMESCommon Stock46187W107541,400SH SOLE 001,400
ISHARES 1-3YRMF Closed and MF Open464287457888SH SOLE 0088
ISHARES 20MF Closed and MF Open464287432136943SH SOLE 00943
ISHARES 7-10YRMF Closed and MF Open464287440439SH SOLE 0039
ISHARES BROADMF Closed and MF Open4642886201,27221,167SH SOLE 0021,167
ISHARES COREMF Closed and MF Open46428715061616SH SOLE 00616
ISHARES COREMF Closed and MF Open46428720011,61726,965SH SOLE 0026,965
ISHARES COREMF Closed and MF Open4642872263743,261SH SOLE 003,261
ISHARES COREMF Closed and MF Open4642875073181,207SH SOLE 001,207
ISHARES COREMF Closed and MF Open4642878041,0549,649SH SOLE 009,649
ISHARES COREMF Closed and MF Open46432F8341,45220,454SH SOLE 0020,454
ISHARES COREMF Closed and MF Open46432F8426,50487,595SH SOLE 0087,595
ISHARES COREMF Closed and MF Open46434G1031,83829,760SH SOLE 0029,760
ISHARES EXPONENTIALMF Closed and MF Open46434V3818123SH SOLE 00123
ISHARES FALLENMF Closed and MF Open46435G474136SH SOLE 0036
ISHARES GLOBALMF Closed and MF Open4642882247331SH SOLE 00331
ISHARES IBOXXMF Closed and MF Open464287242647SH SOLE 0047
ISHARES IBOXXMF Closed and MF Open464288513443SH SOLE 0043
ISHARES INTLMF Closed and MF Open46428811730580SH SOLE 00580
ISHARES MBSMF Closed and MF Open4642885887086,546SH SOLE 006,546
ISHARES MSCIMF Closed and MF Open46428746531398SH SOLE 00398
ISHARES MSCIMF Closed and MF Open46428887719371SH SOLE 00371
ISHARES MSCIMF Closed and MF Open4642888851161,090SH SOLE 001,090
ISHARES MSCIMF Closed and MF Open46429B6975,75378,274SH SOLE 0078,274
ISHARES MSCIMF Closed and MF Open46432F3391180SH SOLE 0080
ISHARES MSCIMF Closed and MF Open46432F38812117SH SOLE 00117
ISHARES MSCIMF Closed and MF Open46432F39626150SH SOLE 00150
ISHARES MSCIMF Closed and MF Open46434V44949613,028SH SOLE 0013,028
ISHARES MSCIMF Closed and MF Open46434V4567187SH SOLE 00187
ISHARES NATIONALMF Closed and MF Open4642884145204,476SH SOLE 004,476
ISHARES RUSSELLMF Closed and MF Open4642875981488SH SOLE 0088
ISHARES S&PMF Closed and MF Open4642871012061,045SH SOLE 001,045
ISHARES SELECTMF Closed and MF Open46428716860521SH SOLE 00521
ISHARES SHORTMF Closed and MF Open4642881583303,072SH SOLE 003,072
ISHARES SILVERCommon Stock46428Q10911521SH SOLE 00521
ISHARES TIPSMF Closed and MF Open464287176430SH SOLE 0030
ISHARES U SMF Closed and MF Open46428868733860SH SOLE 00860
ISHARES U SMF Closed and MF Open46429B2671,55358,523SH SOLE 0058,523
JOHNSON & JOHNSONCommon Stock4781601043722,306SH SOLE 002,306
JOHNSON CONTROLSCommon StockG5150210524350SH SOLE 00350
JPMORGAN CHASECommon Stock46625H1002921,781SH SOLE 001,781
KIMBERLY CLARKCommon Stock49436810386653SH SOLE 00653
KKR & COCommon Stock48251W1042323,805SH SOLE 003,805
LANCASTER COLONYCommon Stock5138471031,1536,833SH SOLE 006,833
LEMONADE INCCommon Stock52567D10713200SH SOLE 00200
LIGHTINTHEBOX HOLDINGCommon Stock53225G1020204SH SOLE 00204
LOWES COMPANIESCommon Stock5486611071783SH SOLE 0083
MARRIOTT INTLCommon Stock57190320260403SH SOLE 00403
MASTERCARD INCCommon Stock57636Q10435100SH SOLE 00100
MCDONALDS CORPCommon Stock580135101191791SH SOLE 00791
MEDTRONIC PLCCommon StockG5960L10318140SH SOLE 00140
MERCK & COMPANYCommon Stock58933Y105921,223SH SOLE 001,223
METLIFE INCCommon Stock59156R10843700SH SOLE 00700
MICROSOFT CORPCommon Stock5949181041,9196,807SH SOLE 006,807
MONDELEZ INTERNATIONALCommon Stock609207105611,049SH SOLE 001,049
MONGODB INCCommon Stock60937P1061327SH SOLE 0027
NATIONAL HEALTHCommon Stock63633D1048153SH SOLE 00153
NATIONAL RETAILCommon Stock63741710611254SH SOLE 00254
NETFLIX INCCommon Stock64110L106275451SH SOLE 00451
NEXTERA ENERGYCommon Stock65339F10137476SH SOLE 00476
NIKE INCCommon Stock6541061032401,650SH SOLE 001,650
NISOURCE INCCommon Stock65473P105241,000SH SOLE 001,000
NORTHROP GRUMMANCommon Stock66680710245125SH SOLE 00125
NORWEGIAN CRUISECommon StockG66721104291,100SH SOLE 001,100
NVIDIA CORPCommon Stock67066G104212SH SOLE 0012
OKTA INCCommon Stock679295105523SH SOLE 0023
OMNICOM GROUPCommon Stock681919106721,000SH SOLE 001,000
ORACLE CORPCommon Stock68389X1053624,159SH SOLE 004,159
ORGANON & COCommon Stock68622V106380SH SOLE 0080
OTIS WORLDWIDECommon Stock68902V10724292SH SOLE 00292
PACER TRENDPILOTMF Closed and MF Open69374H1051,66544,135SH SOLE 0044,135
PACER TRENDPILOTMF Closed and MF Open69374H20467419,196SH SOLE 0019,196
PACER TRENDPILOTMF Closed and MF Open69374H68364222,524SH SOLE 0022,524
PACER TRENDPILOTMF Closed and MF Open69374H808391,610SH SOLE 001,610
PAYCOM SOFTWARECommon Stock70432V10249SH SOLE 009
PAYPAL HOLDINGSCommon Stock70450Y10399381SH SOLE 00381
PEPSICO INCCommon Stock7134481081891,258SH SOLE 001,258
PFIZER INCCommon Stock71708110357613,394SH SOLE 0013,394
PHILIP MORRISCommon Stock7181721093343,524SH SOLE 003,524
PIMCO EHNANCEDMF Closed and MF Open72201R8333243,176SH SOLE 003,176
PIMCO STRATEGICMF Closed and MF Open72200X10401SH SOLE 001
PNC FINANCIALCommon Stock69347510555281SH SOLE 00281
PPL CORPCommon Stock69351T1061194,269SH SOLE 004,269
PROCTER & GAMBLECommon Stock7427181096244,462SH SOLE 004,462
PROLOGIS INCCommon Stock74340W10318147SH SOLE 00147
PRUDENTIAL FINANCIALCommon Stock74432010226247SH SOLE 00247
Q2 HOLDINGSCommon Stock74736L109220SH SOLE 0020
RAYTHEON TECHNOLOGIESCommon Stock75513E10150585SH SOLE 00585
ROYAL CARIBBEANCommon StockV7780T1039100SH SOLE 00100
SBA COMMUNICATIONSCommon Stock78410G10425SH SOLE 005
SCHWAB FUNDAMENTALMF Closed and MF Open8085247302608,059SH SOLE 008,059
SCHWAB FUNDAMENTALMF Closed and MF Open80852475534310,436SH SOLE 0010,436
SCHWAB FUNDAMENTALMF Closed and MF Open80852478925466SH SOLE 00466
SCHWAB USMF Closed and MF Open8085242011081,036SH SOLE 001,036
SCHWAB USMF Closed and MF Open80852479756757SH SOLE 00757
SCHWAB USMF Closed and MF Open8085248704607,355SH SOLE 007,355
SHERWIN WILLIAMSCommon Stock8243481061451SH SOLE 0051
SHOPIFY INCCommon Stock82509L107118SH SOLE 008
SKYWORKS SOLUTIONSCommon Stock83088M10219SH SOLE 009
SOUTHWEST AIRLINESCommon Stock84474110820395SH SOLE 00395
SPDR BLOOMBERGMF Closed and MF Open78468R66341450SH SOLE 00450
SPDR DOUBLELINEMF Closed and MF Open78467V8482264,684SH SOLE 004,684
SPDR GOLDCommon Stock78463V10756341SH SOLE 00341
SPDR INDEXMF Closed and MF Open78463X152372SH SOLE 0072
SPDR PORTFOLIOMF Closed and MF Open78464A4099148SH SOLE 00148
SPDR PORTFOLIOMF Closed and MF Open78464A5089227SH SOLE 00227
SPDR S&PMF Closed and MF Open78462F103385898SH SOLE 00898
SPDR S&PMF Closed and MF Open78468R648234SH SOLE 0034
SPOTIFY TECHNOLOGYCommon StockL8681T102418SH SOLE 0018
SPROTT GOLDMF Closed and MF Open85210B10272129,026SH SOLE 0029,026
SPROTT PHYSICALMF Closed and MF Open85207H10479457,514SH SOLE 0057,514
SPROTT PHYSICALMF Closed and MF Open85207K10731641,157SH SOLE 0041,157
SQUARE INCCommon Stock85223410353221SH SOLE 00221
STARBUCKS CORPCommon Stock85524410976692SH SOLE 00692
STURM RUGERCommon Stock864159108450SH SOLE 0050
TESLA INCCommon Stock88160R101392505SH SOLE 00505
THERMO FISHERCommon Stock883556102163285SH SOLE 00285
THOR INDUSTRIESCommon Stock8851601011190SH SOLE 0090
TJX COSCommon Stock8725401098128SH SOLE 00128
TRADE DESKCommon Stock88339J10514200SH SOLE 00200
TWILIO INCCommon Stock90138F102824SH SOLE 0024
TWITTER INCCommon Stock90184L102235SH SOLE 0035
UNDER ARMOURCommon Stock904311107301,477SH SOLE 001,477
UNION PACIFIC CORPCommon Stock9078181082061,052SH SOLE 001,052
UNITED AIRLINESCommon Stock91004710920430SH SOLE 00430
VANGUARD ENERGYMF Closed and MF Open92204A30637500SH SOLE 00500
VANGUARD ESGMF Closed and MF Open921910733671SH SOLE 0071
VANGUARD FTSEMF Closed and MF Open92194385812,736252,249SH SOLE 300252,219
VANGUARD GLOBALMF Closed and MF Open922042676583SH SOLE 0083
VANGUARD GROWTHMF Closed and MF Open9229087361,2874,436SH SOLE 004,436
VANGUARD HEALTHMF Closed and MF Open92204A50459237SH SOLE 00237
VANGUARD HIGHMF Closed and MF Open9219464065375,197SH SOLE 005,197
VANGUARD LARGEMF Closed and MF Open92290863729144SH SOLE 00144
VANGUARD MIDMF Closed and MF Open92290862924102SH SOLE 00102
VANGUARD REALMF Closed and MF Open9229085532892,844SH SOLE 002,844
VANGUARD S&PMF Closed and MF Open92290836314,91137,807SH SOLE 0037,807
VANGUARD SHORTMF Closed and MF Open9219378272052,500SH SOLE 002,500
VANGUARD SHORTMF Closed and MF Open9220208051052,000SH SOLE 002,000
VANGUARD SMALLMF Closed and MF Open92290875149222SH SOLE 00222
VANGUARD TOTALMF Closed and MF Open92203J40712,486219,209SH SOLE 00219,209
VANGUARD TOTALMF Closed and MF Open9220427427957,803SH SOLE 7507,728
VANGUARD TOTALMF Closed and MF Open9229087693331,501SH SOLE 001,501
VANGUARD VALUEMF Closed and MF Open9229087441,1358,386SH SOLE 008,386
VERISIGN INCCommon Stock92343E10229141SH SOLE 00141
VERIZON COMMUNICATIONSCommon Stock92343V1042164,005SH SOLE 004,005
VIATRIS INCCommon Stock92556V106141,028SH SOLE 001,028
VISA INCCommon Stock92826C83964288SH SOLE 00288
WALMART INCCommon Stock93114210399709SH SOLE 00709
WALT DISNEYCommon Stock2546871064072,403SH SOLE 002,403
WASTE MANAGEMENTCommon Stock94106L1092031,358SH SOLE 001,358
WELLTOWER INCCommon Stock95040Q10413153SH SOLE 00153
WESTERN UNIONCommon Stock959802109211,041SH SOLE 001,041
WINNEBAGO INDUSTRIESCommon Stock97463710020272SH SOLE 00272
WIX LTDCommon StockM9806810546233SH SOLE 00233
XILINX INCCommon Stock9839191011491SH SOLE 0091