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Successful “Go-to-market” in Logistics/Trucking Showcasing Market Acceptance 5 Current logistics / trucking customers represent over 11,500 commercial vehicles Potential units amounts for pilot customer pipeline reflect estimates of vehicles in customer fleets provided to Spectaire by such customer. Revenue potential for pilot customer pipeline includes hardware revenue of $2,000 and annual maintenance revenue for three years at a rate of $1,000 per year and excludes carbon credit revenue. Potential to expand relationship with Nabors beyond the initial 500 units. Significant Install Base Opportunity Pilot Status Payment for Pilot Units Received Illustrative Opportunity and Revenue(1) Purchase Order Received $40M 8K Potential Units $10M 2K Potential Units Letter Of Intent $1M ~200 Potential Units Executed Definitive Agreement $2.5M 500 Potential Units(2) Filed by Perception Capital Corp. II and Spectaire, Inc. Pursuant to Rule 425 under the Securities Act of 1933 and deemed filed pursuant to Rule 14a-12 under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 Subject Company Perception Capital Corp. II Commission File No. 001-40976  

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Stationary Power Cogeneration Opportunity Source: Baker Hughes Worldwide Rig Counts – May 2023. Source: IREI – Feb 2023, USITC – May 2021, Schneider Electric, Generator Source. Source: American Hospital Association – May 2023, Definitive Healthcare – May 2023, E Source. 4 Industry service profile offers attractive recurring revenue Stationary Power Cogeneration Market Analysis Diesel Engines Worldwide Unit Economics $2K Per device (8 devices per engine) $3K Three (3) years service revenue per device (Day rate utilization, certified emissions reporting) Serviceable Available Market (SAM) ~$198M Total Device SAM ~$297M Total Service SAM ~$27M Total Device SAM ~$41M Total Service SAM ~13,600 Spectaire Devices 1,700 rigs with 4 diesel engines requiring minimum of 2 units each (1) Oil & Gas Rigs ~24,000 Spectaire Devices 8,000 data centers with 3 diesel engines each(2) ~$48M Total Device SAM ~$72M Total Service SAM Data Centers ~61,290 Spectaire Devices 6,129 U.S. hospitals with 10 generators each(3) United States ~$123M Total Device SAM ~$184M Total Service SAM Hospitals