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These statements are subject to the risk that clinical trial data are subject to differing interpretations, and regulatory agencies, medical and scientific experts and others may not share HCCC’s or Alpha Tau’s views of the clinical study data. There can be no assurance that the clinical studies for our development programs will be successful in demonstrating safety and/or efficacy, that we will not encounter problems or delays in clinical development, or that any of our products will ever receive regulatory approval or be successfully commercialized. These forward-looking statements are based on information available to HCCC or Alpha Tau as of the date of this presentation and speak only as of the date of this presentation. HCCC and Alpha Tau disclaim any obligation to update these forward-looking statements, except as may be required by law. 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Confidential Alpha Tau – Key Investment Highlights Proprietary Alpha DaRT designed to safely deliver alpha radiation with localized precision in solid tumors, sparing 1 surrounding healthy tissue Broad potential and preclinical evidence supporting evaluation across various solid tumors (skin, pancreas, 2 breast, GBM, etc.) with 18 peer-reviewed pre-clinical papers Compelling potential immuno-stimulatory effect and synergetic combination with other therapies 3 Exhibited 100% ORR and ~78% CR in first-in-human clinical trial in 28 SCC tumors. Over 100 superficial 4 st tumors treated to date, with a similar profile observed. 100% CR seen at 12 weeks in 1 US study No systemic toxicities and minimal (grade < 2) local toxicities observed 5 Robust clinical-trial strategy with leading global centers, led by Memorial Sloan Kettering multi-center 6 feasibility study. Two FDA Breakthrough Device Designations (skin & GBM) Solid logistics based on purpose-built manufacturing facilities, built or in planning, in the US, Israel and Asia, 7 with a highly scalable and optimized proprietary production process 8 Strong intellectual property (method and device) with over 150 issued and pending patents worldwide Experienced management team, including Alpha DaRT’s co-inventors, with expertise in oncology development, 9 manufacturing scale up and commercialization 4

Confidential Therapeutic Focus We are focused on delivering solutions to three markets that we believe would be best served by the unique characteristics of the Alpha DaRT Localized & Unresectable Metastatic High Unmet Need • Localized tumors that are not • Alpha DaRT would be evaluated • Solid tumors that have limited surgical candidates and tumors for its potential to induce an treatment options with limited that recur after surgery and are SOC offering immune response in metastatic resistant to other therapies, tumors • Alpha DaRT could potentially specifically radiotherapy • Alpha DaRT would be evaluated in target broad patient populations • Alpha DaRT to be evaluated as a combination with check point • Tumor types include GBM and later line therapy inhibitors as an adjuvant therapy pancreatic cancer • Tumor types include SCC, H&N • Tumor types include liver, breast SCC and prostate and H&N (which includes lip, oral cavity, salivary glands, oropharynx & pharynx) cancers 5

Confidential Development Pipeline • Our clinical trial strategy involves progressing our lead program (superficial tumors), particularly in the US, and conducting feasibility studies in other tumors to evaluate the Alpha DaRT in tumors of high unmet need or metastatic disease • FDA Breakthrough Device Designation received for certain uses in skin cancer and GBM Pre-Clinical Feasibility Marketing Geography Indication Pivotal Trial Anticipated Milestones Research Trial Authorization • Initiation of US pivotal trial 1H 2022, pending Skin Cancers U.S. FDA feedback North America • First patient in feasibility trial 3Q 2022 Pancreatic Cancer Canada Skin & Oral SCC All Skin & Oral • Trial completion and submission Cancers la/mHNSCC (combo • Feasibility combination trial with Keytruda Israel with pembrolizumab) initiated 4Q 2021; awaiting interim results • Initiate feasibility trial 2H 2022 Pancreatic Cancer • Initiate feasibility trial 2Q 2022 Prostate Cancer • Initiate multi-center feasibility trial early 2023 Neoadjuvant – Oral • Trials underway Europe Skin Cancers • Trial underway Breast Cancer • Recruitment completed, awaiting results and Head & Neck SCC potential PMDA submission Japan • Trial underway Breast Cancer • Product development / pre-clinical trials Additional Tumor Hepatic cell currently underway carcinoma, GBM, lung Types 6

Confidential Types of Radioactive Decay Due to the mass of the alpha particle, in comparison to beta particle, alpha has a low penetration power. This means that the outside layer of the human skin, for example, can block these particles. 7

Confidential Potent Alpha Radiation: Extensively Damages the DNA Local radiation therapy with gamma or beta radiation is a mainstay of cancer treatment, but requires high local dose to be effective, as it primarily relies on single-strand breaks in a process relying on oxygen. Alpha radiation can be significantly more efficient given its ability to destroy both strands of the DNA directly, requiring lower levels of radiation Conventional Gamma/Beta Radiation Alpha Radiation • Indirectly damaging the DNA• Directly damaging the DNA • Dependent on oxygen presence• Independent of oxygen presence • Repairable single strand breaks• Irreparable double strand breaks γ/β Radiation Free O Radicals 2 α Radiation Double Strand Breaks Single Strand Breaks 8

Confidential Alpha Radiation is Focal - Short Range Limits Clinical Use Whereas beta and gamma radiation can penetrate tissue with sufficient range to facilitate tumor coverage (while risking damage to healthy tissue), alpha radiation has short range in tissue (<100 μm), which limits its clinical usefulness in local delivery Beta/Gamma Radiation Alpha Radiation Long therapeutic range with risk to Short range in tissue limits damage surrounding organs to surrounding organs but also limits coverage Healthy Tissue Healthy Tissue 9

Confidential Mechanism of Action of the Alpha DaRT Technology 224 Ra Decay Chain Alpha DaRT leverages the innate decay chain of Radium-224 The decay chain of Radium-224 includes four alpha particles Radium-224 has a half-life of ~3.7 days, while the remaining decay chain has a total half-life of approximately 12 hours, before eventually stabilizing in inert form 212 α Po - ααα - 224 220 216 212 212 208 Ra Rn Po Pb Bi Pb 3.7d 56s 0.15s 10.64h α - 208 Tl Alpha DaRT The Alpha DaRT utilizes stainless steel sources that are impregnated with Radium-224 When the Alpha DaRT source is injected into the tumor, the radium remains attached to the source while its daughter atoms detach, emitting cytotoxic alpha particle payloads as they move deeper into the tumor until eventually stabilizing Alpha DaRT is designed to overcome the range limitations of alpha particles through precise release of alpha emitters into the tumor, generating a potent and tight distribution of alpha radiation 10

Confidential Alpha DaRT - Diffusing Alpha-emitters Radiation Therapy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nwfzJHm0fTQ 11

Confidential Alpha DaRT Has a Unique Potential to Preserve Healthy Tissues Alpha DaRT is unique in its potential to deliver a high The range of the Alpha DaRT was observed to be dose of radiation in a very conformal form, with sharp meaningfully more extensive in tumor tissue than in dose drop-off outside of a 5mm range healthy tissue in animal studies Dose until Removal (Gy) 5mm Asymptotic Dose (Gy) S (0) = 0.31 mCi Rn Asymptotic Dose (Gy) S (0) = 1.60 mCi Rn 12

Confidential Alpha DaRT Source Placement Through a series of Alpha DaRT injections to the tumor, spread a few millimeters apart, a clinician can potentially deliver alpha radiation to the full geometry of the tumor while taking care to avoid sensitive healthy tissue around the tumor < 5 mm between sources Coverage of margins of 8 5 mm safety distance 5mm mm (last source to be from critical organs placed 5 mm outside of the tumor) 8mm 5mm 13

Confidential Intra-tumoral Delivery Methods We Have a Total of Seven Applicators Which Have Been Developed for a Range of Potential Uses to Accommodate for: Treatment Delivery Duration of Tumor Location Method Implantation Our Applicators Allow Us Flexibility to Deliver Alpha DaRTs Into Both Superficial and Internal Tumors Temporary Implants (Superficial Tumors) Permanent Implants (Internal Tumors) Applicators are supplied preloaded, sealed and designed for immediate use in the Applicators are supplied preloaded or unloaded, and are designed to allow procedure room clinicians flexibility to load the sources in the course of treatment and to select Sources are hollow and strung onto a surgical suture, allowing the clinician to insert how many sources to deliver the sources into the tumor and leave the suture in place Procedure: FNA in Conjunction with Endoscopic Ultrasound Alpha DaRT Needle Applicator Needle Applicator in Action Loading Device Example Indication: Pancreatic Tumors. Device is designed to Example Indication: be fitted to existing Superficial Tumors. needles such as sources are affixed standard Fine Needle to a biocompatible Aspirator (FNA) to suture and loaded ultimately deliver sources inside the needle into the tumor 14

Confidential Response Observed in All Tested Solid Tumors in Preclinical Studies 18 Published Preclinical Studies in Peer-Reviewed Journals Across a variety of tumor types, we have not observed resistance to the radiation delivered by the Alpha DaRT Squamous Cell Carcinoma Colon Carcinoma Lung Adenocarcinoma Glioblastoma Multiforme Lung Squamous Cell Sarcoma Carcinoma Pancreas Adenocarcinoma Melanoma Prostate Adenocarcinoma Breast Carcinoma 15

Confidential Observed Cancer-Specific Immune Protection (1/2) In challenging mice 4 months after treatment, those previously treated by the Alpha DaRT displayed a meaningful retained protection against regrowth of the same tumor type, as compared to the two control groups 1 Tumor Re-Inoculation after Treatment by Tumor Treatment by DaRT + Immunomodulators 1 DaRT + Immunomodulators vs. Inert Colon Tumor Cell Treatment by DaRT + ~ 4 months Re-inoculation of 2 1 Inoculation Immunomodulators 3 Colon Tumor Cells (More Cells ) Naïve Mice CR from Treatment / Complete response Tumor volume Surgical ~2.5 months post inoculation post colon tumor re-inoculation per previous treatment Resection 74% Naïve (n=5) Inert + Immuno-modulation¹ (n=9) DaRT + Immuno-modulation¹ (n=13) 14% DaRT + Immunomodulators (n=20) Inert + Immunomodulators (n=9) 0 3 6 9 12 15 18 21 24 27 Days Post Re-Inoculation 5 (1) Three groups of mice were inoculated with 5 x 10 CT26 tumor cells and then treated with (1) DaRT + CP, Sildenafil and 2xCpG, N=10 (2) DaRT + CP, Sildenafil and CpG, N=10 or (3) inert + CP, Sildenafil and 2xCpG, N=9. Complete 6 responders or tumor-resected mice were re-challenged ~4 months after DaRT with 5 x 10 CT26 tumor cells. 5 (2) CT26 5 x 10 . 6 (3) CT26 5 x 10 . 16 3 Tumor Volume (mm )

Confidential Observed Cancer-Specific Immune Protection (2/2) This activity was then shown to be tumor-specific – the challenge only resisted regrowth of the same tumor line. It was also shown to be transferrable via the transfer of splenocytes 2 2 Tumor Re-Inoculation Immune-Memory Transfer Tumor Treatment by (Challenge Assay) (Winn Assay) DaRT + Immunomodulators 3 Inoculation of Colon Tumor Treatment by DaRT + 3 4 Colon / Breast Tumor Cell 3 4 1 Colon / Breast Tumor Cells Cell Inoculation Immunomodulators Re-inoculation + Naïve Mice DaRT-Treated Tumor-free Naïve + Splenocytes from Tumor-free Pretreated Mice Mice + Naïve Mice Tumor-bearing mice Complete response Tumor-bearing mice ~2 months post inoculation ~2 months post inoculation ~2 months post re-inoculation Tumor-free Splenocytes from tumor-free Naïve mice Splenocytes from DaRT-treated mice DaRT-treated mice naïve mice 51% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 17% 6% 0% Colon Breast Colon Breast Colon Breast Colon Breast DaRT + Immunomodulators Inert + Immunomodulators (n=12) (n=9) (n=12) (n=8) (n=10) (n=8) (n=10) (n=10) (n=43) (n=17) (1) Immuno-modulation refers to a combination of low dose CP, Sildenafil and CpG. 5 (2) Mice with CR from DaRT + immuno-modulators (n = 18) and naïve mice (n = 20) were inoculated with 5 x 10 CT26 or DA3 cells 52 days post inoculation (Challenge Assay). Naïve mice were injected intradermally with splenocytes from either naïve or CT26-bearing mice treated by DaRT and immunomodulators, coupled with CT26 or DA3 tumor cells (Winn assay). The presented results are based on cumulative data from two different experiments. 5 (3) CT26 5 x 10 . 5 (4) DA3 5 x 10 . 17

Confidential Alpha DaRT Elicits Effect from anti-PD1 in SCC Mouse Model (SQ2) While mice with the SQ2 squamous cell carcinoma model showed little to no effect when treated with a murine anti-PD1 agent, the observed effect was larger for the combination with Alpha DaRT than for Alpha DaRT on its own Anti-PD1 Regimen 45 Inert 40 Anti-PD1 Alpha DaRT 35 Alpha DaRT + Anti-PD1 30 25 20 15 10 5 1 0 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 50 Time After Alpha DaRT Insertion (days) 18 Avg. Tumor Volume Fold Change

Confidential Alpha DaRT Increases Infiltration of CD3+ T-cells Into the Tumor The combination of Alpha DaRT with anti-PD1 demonstrates the highest level of TILs in mice with SQ2 SCC tumors, potentially indicating an ability to potentiate the checkpoint blockade TILs in SQ2 tumors anti PD-1 Alpha DaRT + anti PD-1 15 p=0.005 p=0.03 p=0.02 10 5 0 Inert DaRT aPD-1 DaRT+anti-PD1 % CD3+ Cells/Tumor cells

Confidential Outline of Our First Clinical Study: Skin / Head & Neck SCC Trial Sites: Israel, Italy Primary objective: Evaluate feasibility & safety Secondary objective: Evaluate initial tumor response & local progression-free survival Timeline and Key Eligibility Criteria Treatment & Procedure Follow-Up SCC histopathologically confirmed Treatment plan based on CT- Alpha DaRT sources insertion Lesions ≤ 5 cm* simulation Removal after 15 days Age ≥ 18 Sources 1cm length, 0.7mm diam. Check-up on days 4, 9 and 30 ECOG performance scale ≤ 2 Activity per source 2 µCi after insertion Patients W/O immunosuppression Outpatient setting Long term follow up based on Generally previously treated by Local anesthesia standard of care radiation or surgery, recurrent Number of sources inserted: min 3, max 169 *in the longest diameter (without nodal spread). 20

Confidential Skin / Head & Neck SCC Study Results 100% overall Responses Well tolerated; Durable response observed no systemic responses rate within days toxicity observed observed Baseline Disease Characteristics Efficacy Results CR Durability (~7 months) 22.7% Overall Response Effective against radioresistant tumors Local Control (n=28) (Patient median age = 80.5 years) 1 Local Recurrence P rev i o u s T rea tm en t P rev i o u s Ra d i o th era p y 100% 77.2% 78.6% 80% First-line Previous 39% 60% RT 42% 40% 21.4% Previously Others 20% Treated 58% 61% 0% Partial Complete Response Response 1 Most patients (60.7%) had recurrent and previously treated disease by either surgery, prior external beam radiotherapy or both; 13 of 31 (42%) had received prior RT. 21

Confidential AP-02 Complete Response Age 80 Applicators used 6 Previous treatments Radiation, Surgery Alpha DaRT sources inserted 10 3 Tumor initial volume [cm ] 1.4 Total activity [µCi] 20 Before Planning After During 21/03/2017 21/03/2017 01/06/2017 22

Confidential AP-022 Complete Response Age 68 Applicators used 12 Previous treatments None Alpha DaRT sources inserted 24 3 Tumor initial volume [cm ] 2.8 Total activity [µCi] 48 During Before After During 30/08/2018 27/08/2018 30/08/2018 30/09/2018 23

Confidential AP-024 Complete Response Age 61 Applicators used 8 Previous treatments None Alpha DaRT sources inserted 11 3 Tumor initial volume [cm ] 0.6 Total activity [µCi] 22 Before During During After 13/11/2018 13/11/2018 13/11/2018 29/11/2018 24

Confidential Alpha DaRT Treatment was Well Tolerated No systemic toxicities and minimal (< grade 2) local toxicities observed to date Incidence (%) Severity Grade Acute Local Targeted treatment Toxicity 1 2 3 Designed to spare neighboring healthy tissue Administration 11 (41%) 9 (33%) 0 (0%) site erythema No systemic toxicity observed Administration 9 (33%) 10 (37%) 0 (0%) Negligible and short-term radioactivity site edema Administration in the patient’s body 8 (30%) 11 (41%) 0 (0%) site pain Administration 2 (7%) 8 (30%) 0 (0%) Minimal local toxicity observed site exudate Minimal local toxicity with grade ≤2 resolved Administration 4 (15%) 5 (19%) 0 (0%) within a month site ulcer Administration 1 (4%) 0 (0%) 0 (0%) site numbness Safe procedure for caregivers Administration No special shielding required 3 (11%) 0 (0%) 0 (0%) site pruritus Administration 1 (4%) 0 (0%) 0 (0%) site bleeding No suppression of immune system observed Aural myiasis Critical in these times of pandemic (administration 1 (4%) 0 (0%) 0 (0%) site) Decreased 1 (4%) 0 (0%) 0 (0%) appetite 25

Confidential Potential Systemic Immune Effect Observed in One Patient Where a Second, Untreated Lesion Manifested CR Complete Response + Potential Systemic Immune Effect Treated Tumor Untreated Tumors Before After Before After 30-Nov-17 29-Dec-17 30-Nov-17 29-Dec-17 26

Confidential U.S. Pilot Feasibility Study • FDA Breakthrough Device Designation received in June 2021 • Study results announced in January 2022: At 12 weeks, 100% complete response rate seen across all tested tumors, with no product-related SAEs Locations 5 centers in the US, led by Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center Treatment Timeframe H2 2021 # of Patients 10 Tumor Type Skin Cancers Determine feasibility of delivering radiotherapy using Alpha DaRT, with successful delivery in at least 7 Primary Objectives patients, and assess frequency and severity of acute AEs Assessments of radiotherapy-related AEs, tumor response, radiation safety, stability of device placement, Secondary Objectives and QoL Malignant skin or superficial soft tissue tumor 1-5 cm in size that is suitable Eligibility for percutaneous interstitial brachytherapy 27

Confidential Applicable Market Size – Estimates of Annual Incidence Data SCC / H&N Annual Incidence US Incidence: ~1 million US Applicable Mkt. Size Surgery Canada Recurrence, China 17,500 Surgery, Europe 4.5%, 40,500 133,500 1L: 100,000 900,000, 90% 550,000 US Japan Non-Surgery, 2L: 57,500 1,000,000 28,000 100,000, 10% Non-Surgery Recurrence 17%, 17,000 Pancreas Annual Incidence US Incidence : 57,600 US Applicable Mkt. Size Canada China 6,000 Europe 125,000 Broad 57,600 103,400 US Incidences, Japan 57,600 44,000 100% Breast Annual Incidence US Incidence : 276,480 US Applicable Mkt. Size Canada Radiation Stage 4, Stage 3, China 26,900 151,580 18,860 4,080 Europe 416,370 55% 355,460 US 151,580 Non- Japan 276,480 92,300 Radiation 124,900 45% Stage 1, Stage 2, 83,150 45,490 28 Source: Company estimates based on public industry sources.

Confidential S Sim imp pl le e R Ra ad dio ioa ac ct ti iv ve e S Su up pp pl ly y C Ch ha ain in Delivery does not require any special handling and simple planning ensures on-time arrival Alpha DaRT is shipped in Excepted Packages (low levels of radioactivity), Alpha DaRT Radioactive Decay and can therefore be dispatched in suitable applicators by standard courier, 9 requiring no special handling or protective gear in transit 8 µCi shipment 8 7 6 224 224 1 half-life of Ra 2 half-lives of Ra = 3.7 days = 7.3 days 5 4 µCi shipment 4 Targeted 2 µCi 3 treatment dose 2 1 0 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Days after Shipment Sent Personalized treatment, shipped out on a per-patient basis Simple planning ensures that an Alpha DaRT arrives with the 224 required amount of Ra available, even when allowing for 224 radioactive decay, based on the known half-life of the Ra 29 Activity per DaRT, µCi

Confidential Global Manufacturing Facilities For efficient commercial operations, we look to establish manufacturing operations in multiple regions of the world, to enable relatively short shipping times to our core markets Jerusalem (~400,000 sources per year – Ramping Up) Lawrence, Massachusetts (~125,000 sources per year Togane, Japan - Ramping Up) (In Design) 30

Confidential The Alpha Tau Executive Team Strong management team with years of experience across the scientific and medical device space Uzi Sofer Raphi Levy Prof. Itzhak Kelson Prof. Yona Robert Den, MD Amnon Gat Ronen Segal CEO & Chairman Chief Financial Chief Physics Keisari Chief Medical Chief Operations Chief Technology Officer Officer Chief Scientific Officer Officer Officer Officer • Co-Founder and • Former executive • Co-inventor of DaRT • Co-inventor of • Radiation oncologist • >20 years • >20 years of top CEO of BrainsWay director in charge technology DaRT technology and Associate experience in leadership roles, (NASDAQ: BWAY) of healthcare • Emeritus professor of • Professor of Professor at Thomas medical devices and including medical • Medical device investment physics (taught at Tel Immunology and Jefferson University healthcare device industry development, banking in Aviv University, Yale Microbiology at Tel Hospital• Marketing strategy • Chairman of the BSMT regulation, Goldman Sachs University, Weizmann Aviv University, • Medical degree from specialist Consortium financing Israel Institute, etc.) former NCI Post Harvard Medical Doc Fellow School 31

Confidential Board of Directors Diverse mix of cancer therapeutic, medical device and financial expertise providing value-added oversight and guidance to corporate leadership Uzi Sofer Michael Morry Blumenfeld Meir Jakobsohn Alan Adler Gary Leibler Peter Melnyk CEO & Chairman Avruch Director Director Director Director Director Director • Co-Founder and • Expert in • Former managing • Founder of • 14 Years at • Founder of • Former Chief CEO of financing and director at GE Medison Ltd., McKinsey Shavit Capital Commercial Officer at BrainsWay restructuring Healthcare, CEO of • Representing • Senior Partner • Led >20 Novocure (NASDAQ: • CEO & CFO Quescon Amgen, Biogen, Evergreen companies to • CEO of Fortovia BWAY) experience Consultants, etc. for the Venture Capital IPO Therapeutics • Medical device Founding partner marketing and • Chairman and • Former Neuroscience development, of Meditech distribution of CEO of Oridion marketing director at regulation, Advisors their products until its sale to Bristol-Myers Squibb financing Management, Covidien director at Mako Significant Industry Experience: 32

Confidential Continued Track Record of Execution Completion First patient Radioactive Provisional Israeli MoH Breakthrough 100% CR rate of treated in license for Israeli MoH and approval Device in US pilot enrollment combination Jerusalem IRB approvals for prostate Designation for study in US pilot with facility for combination cancer Alpha DaRT in SCC trial with protocol in skin and oral study Keytruda Keytruda cavity Aug-20 Sep-20 Dec-20 Feb-21 Mar-21 Jun-21 Jul-21 Oct-21 Nov-21 Jan-22 Israeli FDA approval of Breakthrough marketing IDE supplement Completion of Device approval for Construction for expansion of First Japanese head Designation for SCC of the Lease of Jerusalem pilot feasibility patient & neck pivotal the Alpha DaRT skin & oral facility manufacturing study into multi- treated in trial in recurrent cavity in Japan facility center study the US recruitment GBM 33

Confidential Anticipated Milestones Geography Indication 1H 2022 2H 2022 1H 2023 Skin Cancers Completion of multi-center Initiation of multi-center pivotal trial (United States) pivotal trial North America Pancreatic Cancer (Canada) First patient in feasibility Interim read-out of feasibility trial (Subject to COVID trial Opening) la/mHNSCC Interim results in combination trial with Keytruda (combination with pembrolizumab) Israel Prostate Cancer Initiate feasibility trial Pancreatic Cancer Initiate feasibility trial Potential submission of pivotal trial Head & Neck SCC Potential PMDA approval Japan for PMDA review Clinical / Enrollment Regulatory 34

Confidential Saving Lives Globally 35