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Cheddar TV

Opening Bell

August 20, 2021


Welcome back to Cheddar’s Opening Bell everyone online ticket marketplace Vivid Seats return to profitability in Q2 according to its latest earnings, the company reported revenue of $115.5 million, compared to a net loss of $28 million last year, when nearly all live events were canceled or postponed due to this pandemic. Additionally, Vivid Seats is in the process of going public via a merger with Horizon Acquisition Corporation. The company recently announced its future Board of Directors, which includes leadership from the tech and e commerce space. And joining me now is Stan Chia, CEO of Vivid Seats Stan, good to be with you Vivid posted better than expected revenue in the second quarter. What does this signal about the demand you're seeing around live events?


Hey, good morning, Azia, and thank you for having me. Yeah, we saw, you know, great, great numbers in the in the second quarter coming in with you know, $693 million in gross order value generating, you know, $36 million in EBITDA. And when you look at as you said, where that was versus last year, a year with no live events, you know, due to due to the unfortunate perils of the pandemic and the impacts on the industry. I think what you saw in the second quarter was really one a few indicators. One, you know, there was real pent up demand, I think consumers really were looking to come back and enjoy and experiencing the power of being there together at live events. I think the second thing you had, I think, certainly with respect to our numbers, and you look, you had three sports leagues all firing at the same time you had baseball happening, you had NBA Playoffs NHL playoffs, you saw concerts, and artists start to put things on sale, I think for new availability this year and into 2022. So certainly, a lot of that, I think reflected in the strength of our second quarter numbers.


Absolutely. It was supposed to be a hot vac summer for so many people. We've seen so much travel, a lot of live events being attended. But I want to give Vivid, a little bit of credit here. What do you think Vivid Seats is doing to better connect with concert goers and sports fans during this time?


Yeah, well, thanks for giving us credit, Azia, we appreciate that. Hey, you know, for us, we are you know, we've always been so passionate about, you know, becoming the ultimate partner for fans. And you're connecting them to the performers and teams that they love. You know, what I'll point you back to, you know, during COVID. And all that time, we were really thoughtful, we were really deliberate. And we said, you know, this is a difficult time. But we really thought about the long term for when events came back. We wanted to make sure we kept consumers front and center, you know, we never took away refund options for our consumers then. And then really, as you see us coming back, we invested last year and really building out platforms, programs that we thought would really enhance value for our customers, right? We believe in raising the bar, we believe in creating exceptional value. And what you saw us Do you know two weeks ago, is we launched our rebrand, which came with an enhanced loyalty program and a new app, we've got a lot of personalization elements in our lap, you'll see I think, really, really simple ways to look for find what you're looking for, as well as check out when you're ready. And on top of that we enhanced you know our loyalty program. In our loyalty program, we now really free tickets for every fans there. Every single fan earns 10% on every ticket that they purchase. And we also launched, you know, surprise and delight program with upgrades and exclusive access to exclusive events. We kick that off with an inaugural party at Lollapalooza, jointly hosted with Rolling Stone where an invite only group of our rewards members were able to experience a really intimate moment with Roddy Ricch and some other artists that ended up showing them showing up there.




It's a lot of exciting stuff. And especially now we know loyalty is one of the most powerful currencies for any business during this time the connection with the fans or the customers, but I do have to point out new Coronavirus cases here in the US rose by nearly 18% over the last week. That's according to the CDC. So, do you anticipate for Vivid that COVID-19 could be disrupting operations similar to what we saw last year? I mean, fingers crossed it doesn't. But how are you kind of preparing for that?


Yeah, I mean, definitely with you if we had a fingers crossed, knock on wood, you know, hope that things are there? I think I think the honest answer is, you know, no one really knows what, you know, the Delta variant will do and in the short to medium term. I think what we've definitely seen and certainly from our q2 numbers, is that fans are yearning to get back to live experiences when it's safe to do so. Safety 100% you know, at the front and center of what we do, I think I go back to what we what we've learned I think and this shows up and I think some external validation from consumers as well as certainly our internal discipline and how to run the business. You know, last year through Coronavirus, our customer service policies everything we did you know we won best customer service in ticketing in 2020, in a pandemic year, and so I think what you'll see us do is take all the learnings that we've had there, we apply that to our service to our policies in terms of refunds, how we manage consumers. We did it, then we've learned from that I think we're going to continue to enhance that as we come out here. And you know, when you look at what the Coronavirus could do, to the industry in our forward looking process, you know, I think the strength of our business being able to withstand a year without events and essentially come out in the second quarter swinging where, you know, we've delivered, essentially our full year forecast in revenue and almost five times our EBITDA in a quarter, I think we feel pretty good about our ability to withstand the pressure and we continue to keep focused on the long term here.


Yeah, in Vivid Seats aiming to go public later this year, you've refreshed your board of directors ahead of this SPAC deal. I'm wondering if there's a consensus among members about innovation on the platform?


Yeah, I think you know, one, I'm so privileged to have, one, an amazing group of employees here at Vivid Seats that have gotten us this far and have made this next part of our journey possible. And furthermore, now as I look at you know, the new board that will be formed upon the successful completion of our merger with Horizon Corporation, and I'm excited you know, and again, just privileged humbled to have you know, these industry giants, you know, up with me, I've got existing and really supportive board members, you know, in Dave Donnini having chairing the new board from GTCR; Vista Equity Martin Taylor, a lot of our existing investors, they're getting Todd Boehly on board with this SPAC and as part of our board you know, again, so privileged to have that and then we look at some of the new folks that we're going to bring in with Julie Masino, you know, from Yum and Taco Bell, prior history and Starbucks as well. Just great experience in brand building, you know, great brands out there. And as we embark on our brand journey, I'm so excited to work with her to shape that. In addition, we've got Jane DeFlorio wonderful experience across multiple public companies, you know, years as in the financial industry, chairing our audit committee, I can think of no one better to really help mature and stabilize our processes. And then Craig Dixon, you know, with many years as an entrepreneur, many years leading sports facilities also helping guide and shape what we're doing in the future. So, I couldn't be more excited about our future board and their ability to help influence and shape our strategy going forward.


It's an all-star board hopefully an all-star year ahead for Vivid Seats. But thanks so much for joining us here on Cheddar Stan Chia, CEO of Vivid Seats.






About Vivid Seats


Founded in 2001, Vivid Seats is a leading online ticket marketplace committed to becoming the ultimate partner for connecting fans to the live events, artists, and teams they love. Based on the belief that everyone should “Experience It Live”, the Chicago-based company provides exceptional value by providing one of the widest selections of events and tickets in North America and an industry leading Vivid Seats Rewards program where all fans earn on every purchase. Vivid Seats has been chosen as the official ticketing partner by some of the biggest brands in the entertainment industry including ESPN, Rolling Stone, and the Los Angeles Clippers. Through its proprietary software and unique technology, Vivid Seats drives the consumer and business ecosystem for live event ticketing and enables the power of shared experiences to unite people. Vivid Seats is recognized by Newsweek as America’s Best Company for Customer Service in ticketing. Fans who want to have the best live experiences can start by downloading the Vivid Seats mobile app, going to vividseats.com, or calling at 866-848-8499.


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