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Bloomberg Quicktake: Take the Lead

Live shows in the age of Covid-19

July 19, 2021


Scarlet Fu:
Millions of live entertainment fans are eager to move past the pandemic and start packing stadiums, concert halls, and theaters once again, but will the appetite for attending live events, plateau, or explode as COVID-19 continues spreading through contagious variance? One tech company that pairs ticket sellers with consumers is betting big on a comeback in live entertainment, Vivid Seats, CEO, Stan Chia joins us now to talk about the future of big gatherings.


Stan, welcome to Quicktake. COVID variants are making stock market investors in some city officials nervous. We've been talking about the soft and the S&P 500 and the return of masking guidelines in LA, for instance.


Do you see this starting to show up in any way in your line of business, the supply and demand of tickets for live events?

Stan Chia:
Thanks Scarlet, thanks for, thanks for having me on today. You know, I think we, we follow that really closely and certainly safety at the foremost of everything that I think we do. I think we're still a little early in terms of perhaps the Delta variant, you know, and rising COVID cases impact. I think up until this point, we've continued to see a lot of strength and a lot of excitement from fans around live events, with events like Bonnaroo, Austin City Limits selling out, you know, at record pace on the primary and what we see, you know, within our dataset, we've seen consumers almost like to go to events and in larger groups than they have before with you know, with orders of four or more tickets larger than we've ever seen before.

Scarlet Fu:
Yeah. Everyone wants to gather in groups now.


At the top of your website, you offer a FAQ on canceled events. So explain to us how you built out your policy so that consumers don't feel like they're always being nickel and dimed on things that are really just beyond their control, such as COVID being spread everywhere and, you know, make sure that they do get not only a refund, but they're not docked for delivery charges, restocking fees, and other hidden fees?

Stan Chia:

I think for us, you know, I think especially through the pandemic and through 2020, which was certainly a difficult year for everyone. And, you know, for those in, in, in this industry where every, everything went to almost nothing and suddenly we were faced with mass cancellations, we took that time to be really thoughtful and deliberate about the right policies for consumers, that Vivid Seats, what we do for consumers for any canceled event, you know, we never took a cash refund option away. So if you're, if your event was canceled and you wanted a cash refund, we provided that in its entirety. We also provided another option and that we would provide 110% and vivid seats for rewards credits. If you elected to take that option. And also as, as this part of our culture, we also took that 10% premium and donated it to MusiCares to really help those impacted through the pandemic as well.






Scarlet Fu:
Got it, got it.



There are clearly a number of marketplaces for tickets, including StubHub, Ticketmaster. How willing are consumers to experiment with different platforms hop from one to the next, if you had to boil it down to one factor, is it inventory? Is it customer service? Or is it something else that drives their decision-making in terms of which platform to use?

Stan Chia:
Yeah, although I think consumers are always looking for value, you know, what's value to them. And I think at Vivid Seats, what we've done to differentiate ourselves is perhaps threefold. One: We look at our pricing and we try to make sure that we are extremely competitive, but on top of that, you know, we have the industry's only rewards program and vivid seats rewards, which applies to every single transaction that's that happens on our side. Every customer who buys is able to earn incremental rewards credit for future purchases. And then third, when you look at buying tickets to go to an event, you want to be assured that you've got fantastic service and an organization that stand behinds what they sell. For two years in a row now, we've won best customer service and ticketing. So I think when we look at what we've got to offer across the variety of marketplaces and competition, we're really confident in the value across those dimensions and we offer consumers.

Scarlet Fu:
Yeah, Stan, you have an expertise in supply chains, which clearly is top of mind for everyone right now. You had worked at Amazon and Cisco and also Grubhub as well. What's the biggest difference between managing the supply chain of physical items that need to be manufactured like semiconductors for laptops, versus virtual items that represent something physical, like seats at a concert.

Stan Chia:
It's a great question Scarlet. You know, I think for, for everything, and really it's a, it's a marketplace dynamic. It's about managing supply and demand, right? Supply chain is really there so that you can make the demand that's there in this space it's really no different. At the end of the day, we look to make sure we have ample supply of, of tickets and inventory that our consumers are looking and when they choose to buy it, that we offer it in competitive prices and that they have absolute assurance that they will receive that supply in time for their, for their event.

Scarlet Fu:
And very quickly you plan to go public by merging with a blank check company. Give us the latest on your timeline here. Especially as we see the market kind of wobbling right now and SPACs of late have not done too well. The SPAC index for instance, is at its lowest this year.






Stan Chia:
Yeah. Look, I think there is a little bit, and we've talked about this on, on, on a couple of times, like there was a little bit of a SPAC-lash and at times, you know, I think we continue to look at SPACs as a chassis for organizations to go public. And I think it's less about the SPAC and it is about the company. For us, you know, we are a unique organization. That's always at scale growth and profitability. And through this back process, we found a new partner in Todd Boehly who I think when you look at what that brings to us strategically, on top of the capital infusion, we have a lot of relationships now through Todd and through the Horizon and the Eldridge organization with the Dodgers in baseball, DraftKings, Penske media, a lot of strategic opportunities. So I think we feel really good about the partner we found as we look at our timeline. You know, I think we are still confident that we should be able to complete the business transaction and the combination in the third quarter.

Scarlet Fu:
Gotcha – Stan Chia, CEO of Vivid Seats thank you so much. And of course SPAC refers to a special purpose acquisition companies - really appreciate your time with us today.


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