EX-21 3 d287051dex21.htm SUBSIDIARIES OF DOLE FOOD COMPANY, INC. Subsidiaries of Dole Food Company, Inc.



Registrant’s consolidated subsidiaries are shown below together with the percentage of voting securities owned and the state or jurisdiction of organization of each subsidiary. The names have been omitted for subsidiaries which, if considered in the aggregate as a single subsidiary, do not constitute a significant subsidiary.


Name of Subsidiary

   Jurisdiction of
Incorporation or
   Percent of Outstanding
Voting Securities
Owned as of
December 31,  2011

Agroindustrial Pinas del Bosque S.A.

   Costa Rica    100%

Bananapuerto Puerto Bananero S.A.

   Ecuador    100%

Bud Antle, Inc.

   California    100%

Copdeban S.A.C.

   Peru    100%

Coastal Berry Company, LLC

   Delaware    100%

Dole Australia Pty Ltd.

   Australia    100%

Dole Chile S.A.

   Chile    100%

Dole Dried Fruit and Nut Company, a California general partnership

   California    100%

Dole Foods of Canada Ltd.

   Canada    100%

Dole Fresh Fruit Company

   Nevada    100%

Dole Fresh Fruit Europe OHG

   Germany    100%

Dole Fresh Fruit International, Limited

   Bermuda    100%

Dole Fresh Vegetables, Inc.

   California    100%

Dole Italia s.p.a.

   Italy    100%

Dole Japan, Ltd.

   Japan    100%

Dole Korea Limited

   Korea    100%

Dole Lanka (Private) Limited

   Sri Lanka    100%

Dole Packaged Foods Europe

   France    100%

Dole Packaged Foods, LLC

   California    100%

Dole Philippines, Inc.

   Philippines    100%

Dole South Africa (Pty), Ltd.

   South Africa    100%

Dole Thailand Limited

   Thailand    64%

Dole U.K. Limited

   United Kingdom    100%

Lindero Headquarters Company, Inc.

   California    100%

Paul Kempowski GmbH & Co. KG

   Germany    100%

Saba Fresh Cuts AB

   Sweden    100%

Saba Frukt & Gront AB, Helsingborg

   Sweden    100%

Shanghai Dole Food Company, Ltd.

   China    100%

Solvest, Ltd.

   Bermuda    100%

Standard Fruit Company (Bermuda) Ltd.

   Bermuda    100%

Standard Fruit Company de Costa Rica, S.A.

   Costa Rica    100%

Standard Fruit De Honduras, S.A.

   Honduras    100%

SunnyRidge Farm, Inc.

   Florida    100%

Union de Bananeros Ecuatorianos, S.A.

   Ecuador    100%

Ventura Trading Limited

   Bermuda    100%