EX-FILING FEES 5 tm2118847d32_ex-fillingfees.htm EX-FILING FEES


Exhibit 107


Calculation of Registration Fee


Title of Class of Securities to be Registered   Amount to
Be Registered
   Proposed Maximum
Offering Price per
   Proposed Maximum
Offering Price
   Amount of
Registration Fee (1)
Ordinary shares of Graphex Group Limited, par value HK$0.01 per share (2)(3)   600,000   $2.50   $1,500,000   $139.05 
Total   600,000   $2.50   $1,500,000   $139.05 


(1)Estimated in accordance with Rule 457(c) solely for purposes of calculating the registration fee.


(2)The security issued to purchasers in this offering will be American Depositary Shares, each American Depositary Share representing 20 ordinary shares.


(3)In accordance with Rule 416(a), the Registrant is also registering an indeterminate number of additional ordinary shares of the common stock of the registrant that shall be issuable pursuant to Rule 416 to prevent dilution resulting from share splits, share dividends or similar transactions.