0001810019-23-000019.txt : 20230201 0001810019-23-000019.hdr.sgml : 20230201 20230201080032 ACCESSION NUMBER: 0001810019-23-000019 CONFORMED SUBMISSION TYPE: 8-K PUBLIC DOCUMENT COUNT: 13 CONFORMED PERIOD OF REPORT: 20230130 ITEM INFORMATION: Departure of Directors or Certain Officers; Election of Directors; Appointment of Certain Officers: Compensatory Arrangements of Certain Officers ITEM INFORMATION: Financial Statements and Exhibits FILED AS OF DATE: 20230201 DATE AS OF CHANGE: 20230201 FILER: COMPANY DATA: COMPANY CONFORMED NAME: Rackspace Technology, Inc. CENTRAL INDEX KEY: 0001810019 STANDARD INDUSTRIAL CLASSIFICATION: SERVICES-COMPUTER PROGRAMMING, DATA PROCESSING, ETC. [7370] IRS NUMBER: 813369925 STATE OF INCORPORATION: DE FISCAL YEAR END: 1231 FILING VALUES: FORM TYPE: 8-K SEC ACT: 1934 Act SEC FILE NUMBER: 001-39420 FILM NUMBER: 23574776 BUSINESS ADDRESS: STREET 1: 1 FANATICAL PLACE STREET 2: CITY OF WINDCREST CITY: SAN ANTONIO STATE: TX ZIP: 78218 BUSINESS PHONE: (210) 312-4000 MAIL ADDRESS: STREET 1: 1 FANATICAL PLACE STREET 2: CITY OF WINDCREST CITY: SAN ANTONIO STATE: TX ZIP: 78218 FORMER COMPANY: FORMER CONFORMED NAME: Rackspace Corp. DATE OF NAME CHANGE: 20200417 8-K 1 rxt-20230130.htm 8-K rxt-20230130

Washington, D.C. 20549
Pursuant to Section 13 OR 15(d) of The Securities Exchange Act of 1934

Date of Report (Date of earliest event reported): January 30, 2023

(Exact name of registrant as specified in its charter)
(State of Incorporation)
(Commission File Number)
(I.R.S. Employer Identification No.)
1 Fanatical Place
City of Windcrest
San Antonio, Texas 78218
(Address of principal executive offices, including zip code)

(210) 312-4000
(Registrant's telephone number, including area code)

(Former name or former address, if changed since last report)

Check the appropriate box below if the Form 8-K filing is intended to simultaneously satisfy the filing obligation of the registrant under any of the following provisions:

Written communications pursuant to Rule 425 under the Securities Act (17 CFR 230.425)

Soliciting material pursuant to Rule 14a-12 under the Exchange Act (17 CFR 240.14a-12)

Pre-commencement communications pursuant to Rule 14d-2(b) under the Exchange Act (17 CFR 240.14d-2(b))

Pre-commencement communications pursuant to Rule 13e-4(c) under the Exchange Act (17 CFR 240.13e-4(c))

Securities registered pursuant to Section 12(b) of the Act:
Title of each classTrading Symbol(s)
Name of each exchange on which registered
Common stock, par value $0.01 per shareRXTThe Nasdaq Stock Market LLC
Indicate by check mark whether the registrant is an emerging growth company as defined in Rule 405 of the Securities Act of 1933 (17 CFR §230.405) or Rule 12b-2 of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 (17 CFR §240.12b-2).

Emerging growth company

If an emerging growth company, indicate by check mark if the registrant has elected not to use the extended transition period for complying with any new or revised financial accounting standards provided pursuant to Section 13(a) of the Exchange Act.

Item 5.02.    Departure of Directors or Certain Officers; Election of Directors; Appointment of Certain Officers; Compensatory Arrangements of Certain Officers.

Appointment of Director

On January 30, 2023, the Board of Directors of the Company, with the recommendation of the Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee of the Board of Directors, appointed Mr. Anthony Roberts as a member of the Board of Directors, to fill the vacant seat created by the departure of Timothy Campos in December 2022. At this time, the Board has not appointed Mr. Roberts to any committees.

There are no arrangements or understandings between Mr. Roberts and any other persons pursuant to which he was elected as a director of the Company. There are no family relationships between Mr. Roberts and any other director or executive officer of the Company and he has no direct or indirect material interest in any transaction required to be disclosed pursuant to Item 404(a) of Regulation S-K promulgated by the SEC. Mr. Roberts qualifies as an independent director under the independence requirements set forth under Rule 5605(a)(2) of the Nasdaq Listing Rules.

Item 9.01.    Financial Statements and Exhibits.

(d) Exhibits.

Exhibit NumberExhibit Description
104Cover Page Interactive Data File (formatted as Inline XBRL)


Pursuant to the requirements of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, the registrant has duly caused this report to be signed on its behalf by the undersigned thereunto duly authorized.

Date:February 1, 2023By:/s/ Amar Maletira
Amar Maletira
Chief Executive Officer
EX-99.1 2 rxt9912123.htm EX-99.1 Document
Exhibit 99.1

Rackspace Technology Appoints Leading Technology Executive Anthony Roberts to Board of Directors

SAN ANTONIO – February 1, 2023– Rackspace Technology® (NASDAQ: RXT), a leading end-to-end multicloud technology solutions company, today announced the appointment of Anthony Roberts to its board of directors, effective as of January 30, 2023. Roberts is filling the board seat recently vacated by Tim Campos who stepped down due to his increase of time commitments related to his new role as Chief Information Officer at Apple.

“I am thrilled to welcome Anthony to our Board of Directors. His extensive experience as a senior technology executive and board director, will be a tremendous asset as we further solidify our market position as the leading pureplay multicloud solutions company,” said Amar Maletira, CEO of Rackspace Technology. “Anthony will help guide our multicloud solutions and technology roadmap, including our heightened focus on industry verticals like healthcare, as well as with our international expansion.”

Roberts has over 35 years of technology, change management, and entrepreneurial experience and is currently an investor, business, and technology advisor. Prior to his current roles, Roberts worked for over 15 years at healthcare, retail and pharmacy group, Walgreens Boots Alliance culminating in seven years as Global Chief Information Officer based in Chicago. He led transformational change to a digital and platform based operating model and migration to cloud-native systems. Prior to that, Roberts worked in Europe and the US for the Multinational Forces and Observers - a Non-Governmental Organization, for PepsiCo Europe, United Parcel Service, and the M&G Reinsurance Company in technology and supply chain roles.

Roberts currently serves in non-executive and advisory roles for technology-led global businesses, including Kearney, Photon Interactive, and Connection Capital in the UK. Roberts holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Keele, UK, in German and French and a Post Graduate degree in education.

I am excited to join the Rackspace Technology Board of Directors to work with the Executive Management Team and innovative leaders who are delivering the future for companies through industry-leading multicloud solutions by providing a Fanatical Experience for its customers,” said Roberts.

About Rackspace Technology
Rackspace Technology is a leading end-to-end multicloud technology services company. We can design, build, and operate our customers’ cloud environments across all major technology platforms, irrespective of technology stack or deployment model. We partner with our customers at every stage of their cloud journey, enabling them to modernize applications, build new products and adopt innovative technologies.

Media Contact
Natalie Silva

EX-101.SCH 3 rxt-20230130.xsd XBRL TAXONOMY EXTENSION SCHEMA DOCUMENT 0000001 - Document - Cover link:presentationLink link:calculationLink link:definitionLink EX-101.LAB 4 rxt-20230130_lab.xml XBRL TAXONOMY EXTENSION LABEL LINKBASE DOCUMENT Pre-commencement Tender Offer Pre-commencement Tender Offer Amendment Flag Amendment Flag Entity Address, State or Province Entity Address, State or Province Entity Tax Identification Number Entity Tax Identification Number Title of 12(b) Security Title of 12(b) Security Entity File Number Entity File Number Written Communications Written Communications Pre-commencement Issuer Tender Offer Pre-commencement Issuer Tender Offer Entity Emerging Growth Company Entity Emerging Growth Company Trading Symbol Trading Symbol Document Period End Date Document Period End Date Soliciting Material Soliciting Material Document Type Document Type City Area Code City Area Code Entity Incorporation, State or Country Code Entity Incorporation, State or Country Code Entity Address, Address Line One Entity Address, Address Line One Entity Registrant Name Entity Registrant Name Entity Address, Address Line Two Entity Address, Address Line Two Local Phone Number Local Phone Number Entity Address, City or Town Entity Address, City or Town Cover [Abstract] Entity Address, Postal Zip Code Entity Address, Postal Zip Code Entity Central Index Key Entity Central Index Key Security Exchange Name Security Exchange Name EX-101.PRE 5 rxt-20230130_pre.xml XBRL TAXONOMY EXTENSION PRESENTATION LINKBASE DOCUMENT XML 6 R1.htm IDEA: XBRL DOCUMENT v3.22.4
Jan. 30, 2023
Cover [Abstract]  
Document Type 8-K
Document Period End Date Jan. 30, 2023
Entity Incorporation, State or Country Code DE
Entity File Number 001-39420
Entity Tax Identification Number 81-3369925
Entity Address, Address Line One 1 Fanatical Place
Entity Address, Address Line Two City of Windcrest
Entity Address, City or Town San Antonio
Entity Address, State or Province TX
Entity Address, Postal Zip Code 78218
City Area Code 210
Local Phone Number 312-4000
Written Communications false
Soliciting Material false
Pre-commencement Tender Offer false
Pre-commencement Issuer Tender Offer false
Title of 12(b) Security Common stock, par value $0.01 per share
Trading Symbol RXT
Security Exchange Name NASDAQ
Entity Emerging Growth Company false
Entity Central Index Key 0001810019
Amendment Flag false
XML 7 rxt-20230130_htm.xml IDEA: XBRL DOCUMENT 0001810019 2023-01-30 2023-01-30 0001810019 false 8-K 2023-01-30 RACKSPACE TECHNOLOGY, INC. DE 001-39420 81-3369925 1 Fanatical Place City of Windcrest San Antonio TX 78218 210 312-4000 false false false false Common stock, par value $0.01 per share RXT NASDAQ false EXCEL 8 Financial_Report.xlsx IDEA: XBRL DOCUMENT begin 644 Financial_Report.xlsx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border: 2px solid #2F4497; font-size: 1em; position: absolute; } ..report table.authRefData a { display: block; font-weight: bold; } ..report table.authRefData p { margin-top: 0px; } ..report table.authRefData .hide { background-color: #2F4497; padding: 1px 3px 0px 0px; text-align: right; } ..report table.authRefData .hide a:hover { background-color: #2F4497; } ..report table.authRefData .body { height: 150px; overflow: auto; width: 400px; } ..report table.authRefData table{ font-size: 1em; } /* Report Styles */ ..pl a, .pl a:visited { color: black; text-decoration: none; } /* table */ ..report { background-color: white; border: 2px solid #acf; clear: both; color: black; font: normal 8pt Helvetica, Arial, san-serif; margin-bottom: 2em; } ..report hr { border: 1px solid #acf; } /* Top labels */ ..report th { background-color: #acf; color: black; font-weight: bold; text-align: center; } ..report th.void { background-color: transparent; color: #000000; font: bold 10pt Helvetica, Arial, san-serif; text-align: left; } ..report .pl { text-align: left; vertical-align: top; white-space: normal; width: 200px; white-space: normal; /* word-wrap: break-word; */ } ..report td.pl a.a { cursor: pointer; display: block; width: 200px; overflow: hidden; } ..report td.pl div.a { width: 200px; } ..report td.pl a:hover { background-color: #ffc; } /* Header rows... */ ..report tr.rh { background-color: #acf; color: black; font-weight: bold; } /* Calendars... */ ..report .rc { background-color: #f0f0f0; } /* Even rows... */ ..report .re, .report .reu { background-color: #def; } ..report .reu td { border-bottom: 1px solid black; } /* Odd rows... */ ..report .ro, .report .rou { background-color: white; } ..report .rou td { border-bottom: 1px solid black; } ..report .rou table td, .report .reu table td { border-bottom: 0px solid black; } /* styles for footnote marker */ ..report .fn { white-space: nowrap; } /* styles for numeric types */ ..report .num, .report .nump { text-align: right; white-space: nowrap; } ..report .nump { padding-left: 2em; } ..report .nump { padding: 0px 0.4em 0px 2em; } /* styles for text types */ ..report .text { text-align: left; white-space: normal; } ..report .text .big { margin-bottom: 1em; width: 17em; } ..report .text .more { display: none; } ..report .text .note { font-style: italic; font-weight: bold; } ..report .text .small { width: 10em; } ..report sup { font-style: italic; } ..report .outerFootnotes { font-size: 1em; } XML 11 FilingSummary.xml IDEA: XBRL DOCUMENT 3.22.4 html 1 23 1 false 0 0 false 0 false false R1.htm 0000001 - Document - Cover Sheet http://wackspace.com/role/Cover Cover Cover 1 false false All Reports Book All Reports rxt-20230130.htm rxt-20230130.xsd rxt-20230130_lab.xml rxt-20230130_pre.xml rxt9912123.htm http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2021 true false JSON 13 MetaLinks.json IDEA: XBRL DOCUMENT { "instance": { "rxt-20230130.htm": { "axisCustom": 0, "axisStandard": 0, "baseTaxonomies": { "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2021": 23 }, "contextCount": 1, "dts": { "inline": { "local": [ "rxt-20230130.htm" ] }, "labelLink": { "local": [ "rxt-20230130_lab.xml" ] }, "presentationLink": { "local": [ "rxt-20230130_pre.xml" ] }, "schema": { "local": [ "rxt-20230130.xsd" ], "remote": [ "http://www.xbrl.org/2003/xbrl-instance-2003-12-31.xsd", "http://www.xbrl.org/2003/xbrl-linkbase-2003-12-31.xsd", "http://www.xbrl.org/2003/xl-2003-12-31.xsd", "http://www.xbrl.org/2003/xlink-2003-12-31.xsd", "http://www.xbrl.org/2005/xbrldt-2005.xsd", "http://www.xbrl.org/lrr/role/negated-2009-12-16.xsd", "http://www.xbrl.org/lrr/role/net-2009-12-16.xsd", "https://www.xbrl.org/dtr/type/2020-01-21/types.xsd", "https://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2021/dei-2021.xsd" ] } }, "elementCount": 24, "entityCount": 1, "hidden": { "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2021": 2, "total": 2 }, "keyCustom": 0, "keyStandard": 23, "memberCustom": 0, "memberStandard": 0, "nsprefix": "rxt", "nsuri": "http://wackspace.com/20230130", "report": { "R1": { "firstAnchor": { "ancestors": [ "span", "div", "body", "html" ], "baseRef": "rxt-20230130.htm", "contextRef": "i07f2201f48c4433f830edb5f44714523_D20230130-20230130", "decimals": null, "first": true, "lang": "en-US", "name": "dei:DocumentType", "reportCount": 1, "unique": true, "unitRef": null, "xsiNil": "false" }, "groupType": "document", "isDefault": "true", "longName": "0000001 - Document - Cover", "menuCat": "Cover", "order": "1", "role": "http://wackspace.com/role/Cover", "shortName": "Cover", "subGroupType": "", "uniqueAnchor": { "ancestors": [ "span", "div", "body", "html" ], "baseRef": "rxt-20230130.htm", "contextRef": "i07f2201f48c4433f830edb5f44714523_D20230130-20230130", "decimals": null, "first": true, "lang": "en-US", "name": "dei:DocumentType", "reportCount": 1, "unique": true, "unitRef": null, "xsiNil": "false" } } }, "segmentCount": 0, "tag": { "dei_AmendmentFlag": { "auth_ref": [], "lang": { "en-us": { "role": { "documentation": "Boolean flag that is true when the XBRL content amends previously-filed or accepted submission.", "label": "Amendment Flag", "terseLabel": "Amendment Flag" } } }, "localname": "AmendmentFlag", "nsuri": "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2021", "presentation": [ "http://wackspace.com/role/Cover" ], "xbrltype": "booleanItemType" }, "dei_CityAreaCode": { "auth_ref": [], "lang": { "en-us": { "role": { "documentation": "Area code of city", "label": "City Area Code", "terseLabel": "City Area Code" } } }, "localname": "CityAreaCode", "nsuri": "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2021", "presentation": [ "http://wackspace.com/role/Cover" ], "xbrltype": "normalizedStringItemType" }, "dei_CoverAbstract": { "auth_ref": [], "lang": { "en-us": { "role": { "documentation": "Cover page.", "label": "Cover [Abstract]" } } }, "localname": "CoverAbstract", "nsuri": "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2021", "xbrltype": "stringItemType" }, "dei_DocumentPeriodEndDate": { "auth_ref": [], "lang": { "en-us": { "role": { "documentation": "For the EDGAR submission types of Form 8-K: the date of the report, the date of the earliest event reported; for the EDGAR submission types of Form N-1A: the filing date; for all other submission types: the end of the reporting or transition period. The format of the date is YYYY-MM-DD.", "label": "Document Period End Date", "terseLabel": "Document Period End Date" } } }, "localname": "DocumentPeriodEndDate", "nsuri": "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2021", "presentation": [ "http://wackspace.com/role/Cover" ], "xbrltype": "dateItemType" }, "dei_DocumentType": { "auth_ref": [], "lang": { "en-us": { "role": { "documentation": "The type of document being provided (such as 10-K, 10-Q, 485BPOS, etc). The document type is limited to the same value as the supporting SEC submission type, or the word 'Other'.", "label": "Document Type", "terseLabel": "Document Type" } } }, "localname": "DocumentType", "nsuri": "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2021", "presentation": [ "http://wackspace.com/role/Cover" ], "xbrltype": "submissionTypeItemType" }, "dei_EntityAddressAddressLine1": { "auth_ref": [], "lang": { "en-us": { "role": { "documentation": "Address Line 1 such as Attn, Building Name, Street Name", "label": "Entity Address, Address Line One", "terseLabel": "Entity Address, Address Line One" } } }, "localname": "EntityAddressAddressLine1", "nsuri": "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2021", "presentation": [ "http://wackspace.com/role/Cover" ], "xbrltype": "normalizedStringItemType" }, "dei_EntityAddressAddressLine2": { "auth_ref": [], "lang": { "en-us": { "role": { "documentation": "Address Line 2 such as Street or Suite number", "label": "Entity Address, Address Line Two", "terseLabel": "Entity Address, Address Line Two" } } }, "localname": "EntityAddressAddressLine2", "nsuri": "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2021", "presentation": [ "http://wackspace.com/role/Cover" ], "xbrltype": "normalizedStringItemType" }, "dei_EntityAddressCityOrTown": { "auth_ref": [], "lang": { "en-us": { "role": { "documentation": "Name of the City or Town", "label": "Entity Address, City or Town", "terseLabel": "Entity Address, City or Town" } } }, "localname": "EntityAddressCityOrTown", "nsuri": "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2021", "presentation": [ "http://wackspace.com/role/Cover" ], "xbrltype": "normalizedStringItemType" }, "dei_EntityAddressPostalZipCode": { "auth_ref": [], "lang": { "en-us": { "role": { "documentation": "Code for the postal or zip code", "label": "Entity Address, Postal Zip Code", "terseLabel": "Entity Address, Postal Zip Code" } } }, "localname": "EntityAddressPostalZipCode", "nsuri": "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2021", "presentation": [ "http://wackspace.com/role/Cover" ], "xbrltype": "normalizedStringItemType" }, "dei_EntityAddressStateOrProvince": { "auth_ref": [], "lang": { "en-us": { "role": { "documentation": "Name of the state or province.", "label": "Entity Address, State or Province", "terseLabel": "Entity Address, State or Province" } } }, "localname": "EntityAddressStateOrProvince", "nsuri": "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2021", "presentation": [ "http://wackspace.com/role/Cover" ], "xbrltype": "stateOrProvinceItemType" }, "dei_EntityCentralIndexKey": { "auth_ref": [ "r5" ], "lang": { "en-us": { "role": { "documentation": "A unique 10-digit SEC-issued value to identify entities that have filed disclosures with the SEC. It is commonly abbreviated as CIK.", "label": "Entity Central Index Key", "terseLabel": "Entity Central Index Key" } } }, "localname": "EntityCentralIndexKey", "nsuri": "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2021", "presentation": [ "http://wackspace.com/role/Cover" ], "xbrltype": "centralIndexKeyItemType" }, "dei_EntityEmergingGrowthCompany": { "auth_ref": [ "r5" ], "lang": { "en-us": { "role": { "documentation": "Indicate if registrant meets the emerging growth company criteria.", "label": "Entity Emerging Growth Company", "terseLabel": "Entity Emerging Growth Company" } } }, "localname": "EntityEmergingGrowthCompany", "nsuri": "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2021", "presentation": [ "http://wackspace.com/role/Cover" ], "xbrltype": "booleanItemType" }, "dei_EntityFileNumber": { "auth_ref": [], "lang": { "en-us": { "role": { "documentation": "Commission file number. The field allows up to 17 characters. The prefix may contain 1-3 digits, the sequence number may contain 1-8 digits, the optional suffix may contain 1-4 characters, and the fields are separated with a hyphen.", "label": "Entity File Number", "terseLabel": "Entity File Number" } } }, "localname": "EntityFileNumber", "nsuri": "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2021", "presentation": [ "http://wackspace.com/role/Cover" ], "xbrltype": "fileNumberItemType" }, "dei_EntityIncorporationStateCountryCode": { "auth_ref": [], "lang": { "en-us": { "role": { "documentation": "Two-character EDGAR code representing the state or country of incorporation.", "label": "Entity Incorporation, State or Country Code", "terseLabel": "Entity Incorporation, State or Country Code" } } }, "localname": "EntityIncorporationStateCountryCode", "nsuri": "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2021", "presentation": [ "http://wackspace.com/role/Cover" ], "xbrltype": "edgarStateCountryItemType" }, "dei_EntityRegistrantName": { "auth_ref": [ "r5" ], "lang": { "en-us": { "role": { "documentation": "The exact name of the entity filing the report as specified in its charter, which is required by forms filed with the SEC.", "label": "Entity Registrant Name", "terseLabel": "Entity Registrant Name" } } }, "localname": "EntityRegistrantName", "nsuri": "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2021", "presentation": [ "http://wackspace.com/role/Cover" ], "xbrltype": "normalizedStringItemType" }, "dei_EntityTaxIdentificationNumber": { "auth_ref": [ "r5" ], "lang": { "en-us": { "role": { "documentation": "The Tax Identification Number (TIN), also known as an Employer Identification Number (EIN), is a unique 9-digit value assigned by the IRS.", "label": "Entity Tax Identification Number", "terseLabel": "Entity Tax Identification Number" } } }, "localname": "EntityTaxIdentificationNumber", "nsuri": "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2021", "presentation": [ "http://wackspace.com/role/Cover" ], "xbrltype": "employerIdItemType" }, "dei_LocalPhoneNumber": { "auth_ref": [], "lang": { "en-us": { "role": { "documentation": "Local phone number for entity.", "label": "Local Phone Number", "terseLabel": "Local Phone Number" } } }, "localname": "LocalPhoneNumber", "nsuri": "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2021", "presentation": [ "http://wackspace.com/role/Cover" ], "xbrltype": "normalizedStringItemType" }, "dei_PreCommencementIssuerTenderOffer": { "auth_ref": [ "r2" ], "lang": { "en-us": { "role": { "documentation": "Boolean flag that is true when the Form 8-K filing is intended to satisfy the filing obligation of the registrant as pre-commencement communications pursuant to Rule 13e-4(c) under the Exchange Act.", "label": "Pre-commencement Issuer Tender Offer", "terseLabel": "Pre-commencement Issuer Tender Offer" } } }, "localname": "PreCommencementIssuerTenderOffer", "nsuri": "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2021", "presentation": [ "http://wackspace.com/role/Cover" ], "xbrltype": "booleanItemType" }, "dei_PreCommencementTenderOffer": { "auth_ref": [ "r3" ], "lang": { "en-us": { "role": { "documentation": "Boolean flag that is true when the Form 8-K filing is intended to satisfy the filing obligation of the registrant as pre-commencement communications pursuant to Rule 14d-2(b) under the Exchange Act.", "label": "Pre-commencement Tender Offer", "terseLabel": "Pre-commencement Tender Offer" } } }, "localname": "PreCommencementTenderOffer", "nsuri": "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2021", "presentation": [ "http://wackspace.com/role/Cover" ], "xbrltype": "booleanItemType" }, "dei_Security12bTitle": { "auth_ref": [ "r0" ], "lang": { "en-us": { "role": { "documentation": "Title of a 12(b) registered security.", "label": "Title of 12(b) Security", "terseLabel": "Title of 12(b) Security" } } }, "localname": "Security12bTitle", "nsuri": "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2021", "presentation": [ "http://wackspace.com/role/Cover" ], "xbrltype": "securityTitleItemType" }, "dei_SecurityExchangeName": { "auth_ref": [ "r1" ], "lang": { "en-us": { "role": { "documentation": "Name of the Exchange on which a security is registered.", "label": "Security Exchange Name", "terseLabel": "Security Exchange Name" } } }, "localname": "SecurityExchangeName", "nsuri": "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2021", "presentation": [ "http://wackspace.com/role/Cover" ], "xbrltype": "edgarExchangeCodeItemType" }, "dei_SolicitingMaterial": { "auth_ref": [ "r4" ], "lang": { "en-us": { "role": { "documentation": "Boolean flag that is true when the Form 8-K filing is intended to satisfy the filing obligation of the registrant as soliciting material pursuant to Rule 14a-12 under the Exchange Act.", "label": "Soliciting Material", "terseLabel": "Soliciting Material" } } }, "localname": "SolicitingMaterial", "nsuri": "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2021", "presentation": [ "http://wackspace.com/role/Cover" ], "xbrltype": "booleanItemType" }, "dei_TradingSymbol": { "auth_ref": [], "lang": { "en-us": { "role": { "documentation": "Trading symbol of an instrument as listed on an exchange.", "label": "Trading Symbol", "terseLabel": "Trading Symbol" } } }, "localname": "TradingSymbol", "nsuri": "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2021", "presentation": [ "http://wackspace.com/role/Cover" ], "xbrltype": "tradingSymbolItemType" }, "dei_WrittenCommunications": { "auth_ref": [ "r6" ], "lang": { "en-us": { "role": { "documentation": "Boolean flag that is true when the Form 8-K filing is intended to satisfy the filing obligation of the registrant as written communications pursuant to Rule 425 under the Securities Act.", "label": "Written Communications", "terseLabel": "Written Communications" } } }, "localname": "WrittenCommunications", "nsuri": "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2021", "presentation": [ "http://wackspace.com/role/Cover" ], "xbrltype": "booleanItemType" } }, "unitCount": 0 } }, "std_ref": { "r0": { "Name": "Exchange Act", "Number": "240", "Publisher": "SEC", "Section": "12", "Subsection": "b", "role": "http://www.xbrl.org/2003/role/presentationRef" }, "r1": { "Name": "Exchange Act", "Number": "240", "Publisher": "SEC", "Section": "12", "Subsection": "d1-1", "role": "http://www.xbrl.org/2003/role/presentationRef" }, "r2": { "Name": "Exchange Act", "Number": "240", "Publisher": "SEC", "Section": "13e", "Subsection": "4c", "role": "http://www.xbrl.org/2003/role/presentationRef" }, "r3": { "Name": "Exchange Act", "Number": "240", "Publisher": "SEC", "Section": "14d", "Subsection": "2b", "role": "http://www.xbrl.org/2003/role/presentationRef" }, "r4": { "Name": "Exchange Act", "Number": "240", "Publisher": "SEC", "Section": "14a", "Subsection": "12", "role": "http://www.xbrl.org/2003/role/presentationRef" }, "r5": { "Name": "Regulation 12B", "Number": "240", "Publisher": "SEC", "Section": "12", "Subsection": "b-2", "role": "http://www.xbrl.org/2003/role/presentationRef" }, "r6": { "Name": "Securities Act", "Number": "230", "Publisher": "SEC", "Section": "425", "role": "http://www.xbrl.org/2003/role/presentationRef" } }, "version": "2.2" } ZIP 14 0001810019-23-000019-xbrl.zip IDEA: XBRL DOCUMENT begin 644 0001810019-23-000019-xbrl.zip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