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Washington, D.C. 20549


OMB Number:3235-0006
Expires:Oct 31, 2018
Estimated average burden
hours per response:23.8

3MCOM88579Y1015643,214SH SOLE 56400
Abbott LabsCOM0028241001501,267SH SOLE 15000
AbbVie Inc.COM00287Y1091741,610SH SOLE 17400
Abiomed, Inc.COM00365410012SH SOLE 100
Adobe Systems IncCOM00724F10124SH SOLE 200
AFLAC IncCOM001055102235SH SOLE 200
Air Products & Chemicals IncCOM00915810615SH SOLE 100
Alcon Inc Ord F Swiss SharesCOMH0130112814170SH SOLE 1400
Align Technology IncCOM01625510123SH SOLE 200
Allegion PLCCOMG0176J109212SH SOLE 200
Altria Group IncCOM02209S103115SH SOLE 100
Amazon.comCOM023135106165SH SOLE 1600
Amcor PlcCOMG0250X107191SH SOLE 100
America Movil SA LADR F Sponsored ADRCOM02364W105553,098SH SOLE 5500
American Electric Power Co., Inc.COM025537101230SH SOLE 200
Ametek IncCOM03110010016SH SOLE 100
Amgen Inc.COM03116210067317SH SOLE 6700
Amphenol Corp Cl ACOM03209510104SH SOLE 000
Anthem Inc.COM0367521031540SH SOLE 1500
Apple IncCOM0378331008075,701SH SOLE 80700
Applied Materials Inc.COM03822210567524SH SOLE 6700
Arista Networks, Inc.COM04041310613SH SOLE 100
Arthur J Gallagher & Co.COM363576109213SH SOLE 200
ASML Holding NVCOMN0705921023SH SOLE 200
AT&TCOM00206R102903,342SH SOLE 9000
Auto Data ProcessingCOM053015103421SH SOLE 400
Bank of AmericaCOM060505104129SH SOLE 100
Bank of New York Co IncCOM064058100468SH SOLE 400
Barrick Gold CorpCOM0679011087413SH SOLE 700
Baxter International IncCOM07181310972900SH SOLE 7200
Berkshire Hathaway Cl BCOM0846707023241,188SH SOLE 32400
Berkshire Hathaway Inc Class BCOM08467070281298SH SOLE 8100
Blackrock IncCOM09247X10156SH SOLE 500
Brighthouse Finl Inc ComCOM10922N103120SH SOLE 100
Bristol-Myers Squibb CompanyCOM11012210820341SH SOLE 2000
Broadcom, Inc.COM11135F10112SH SOLE 100
Burlington Stores IncCOM12201710612SH SOLE 100
C S X CorpCOM126408103451,500SH SOLE 4500
C V S Caremark CorpCOM12665010015171SH SOLE 1500
Canopy Growth CorpCOM1380351008600SH SOLE 800
Carrier Global Corp-WiCOM14448C104961,860SH SOLE 9600
Caterpillar IncCOM14912310179411SH SOLE 7900
Celanese CorpCOM150870103210SH SOLE 200
Chevron CorporationCOM16676410023231SH SOLE 2300
Choice Hotels International Inc.COM1699051063532,792SH SOLE 35300
Chubb CorporationCOMH1467J10426150SH SOLE 2600
Cisco SystemsCOM17275R1022384,381SH SOLE 23800
Citigroup IncCOM172967424113SH SOLE 100
Clorox CompanyCOM18905410950300SH SOLE 5000
Cognex CorpCOM19242210306SH SOLE 000
Comcast Corp Class ACOM20030N10150898SH SOLE 5000
ConocoPhillipsCOM20825C104236SH SOLE 200
Consolidated TanagerCOM209935105095SH SOLE 000
Consumer Discretionary SPDR ETFCOM81369Y40724135SH SOLE 2400
Copart, Inc.COM21720410618SH SOLE 100
Corteva Inc comCOM22052L104120SH SOLE 100
Costco Wholesale CorpCOM22160K1053681SH SOLE 3600
Crown Castle Intl CorpCOM22822V10117SH SOLE 100
Dominion Resources IncCOM25746U109346SH SOLE 300
Domino's Pizza IncCOM25754A20112SH SOLE 100
Dover CorpCOM260003108322SH SOLE 300
DT Midstream IncCOM23345M107361SH SOLE 300
DTE Energy CompanyCOM23333110714123SH SOLE 1400
Duke Energy CorporationCOM26441C204658SH SOLE 600
Eastman Chemical CompanyCOM277432100112SH SOLE 100
Edison InternationalCOM2810201076104SH SOLE 600
Edwards Lifesciences Corp.COM28176E1081391,231SH SOLE 13900
Electronic Arts Inc.COM285512109217SH SOLE 200
Emerson Electric CoCOM291011104111SH SOLE 100
Etsy Inc.COM29786A10614SH SOLE 100
Exelon CorporationCOM30161N1019179SH SOLE 900
Exxon Mobil Corp.COM30231G10217295SH SOLE 1700
F M C CorpCOM30249130359640SH SOLE 5900
Facebook IncCOM30303M10243126SH SOLE 4300
Fidelity MSCI Health Care Index ETFCOM31609260016257SH SOLE 1600
Fidelity National Financial, Inc Class ACOM31620R303121SH SOLE 100
Financial Select Sector SPDR ETFCOM81369Y605701,864SH SOLE 7000
Fortinet IncCOM34959E10927SH SOLE 200
Gabelli Healthcare & Wellness TrustCOM36246K1033216SH SOLE 300
General Dynamics CorpCOM369550108524SH SOLE 500
General ElectricCOM36960430121200SH SOLE 2100
General Motors CorpCOM37045V1006116SH SOLE 600
Genuine Parts Co.COM372460105324SH SOLE 300
Gilead Sciences IncCOM37555810368977SH SOLE 6800
Google Inc.COM02079K107114SH SOLE 1100
Hasbro IncCOM41805610736400SH SOLE 3600
Home Depot, Inc.COM437076102260793SH SOLE 26000
Honeywell InternationalCOM43851610653250SH SOLE 5300
HP Company Inc.COM40434L105392SH SOLE 300
Huntington Bancshs IncCOM446150104160SH SOLE 100
IDEX CorporationCOM45167R10402SH SOLE 000
IDEXX Labs, Inc.COM45168D10423SH SOLE 200
Illinois Tool Works IncCOM45230810964312SH SOLE 6400
Illumina, Inc.COM45232710912SH SOLE 100
Intel CorpCOM4581401001853,477SH SOLE 18500
International Business MachinesCOM45920010174532SH SOLE 7400
International Paper CompanyCOM460146103116SH SOLE 100
Intuit IncCOM46120210347SH SOLE 400
Intuitive SurgicalCOM46120E60255SH SOLE 500
Invesco QQQ Trust ETFCOM46090E1034241,184SH SOLE 42400
Invesco S&P 500 Equal Weight ETFCOM46137V35731205SH SOLE 3100
Invesco S&P 500 Low Volatility ETFCOM46138E354761,242SH SOLE 7600
Invesco Water Resources ETFCOM46137V142781,423SH SOLE 7800
IPG Photonics CorporationCOM44980X10915SH SOLE 100
iShares Core S&P 500 ETFCOM464287200164380SH SOLE 16400
iShares Core S&P Mid Cap ETFCOM4642875071973SH SOLE 1900
iShares Core S&P Small Cap ETFCOM4642878042,84326,035SH SOLE 2,84300
iShares ESG Aware MSCI USA ETFCOM46435G4253,71137,692SH SOLE 3,71100
iShares MSCI EAFE Small-Cap ETFCOM46428827339530SH SOLE 3900
iShares MSCI Mexico ETFCOM464286822691,440SH SOLE 6900
iShares MSCI Netherlands ETFCOM46428681422450SH SOLE 2200
iShares MSCI Switzerland Index ETFCOM4642867492234,780SH SOLE 22300
iShares Nasdaq Biotechnology ETFCOM46428755616101SH SOLE 1600
iShares Russell 1000 ETFCOM464287622148612SH SOLE 14800
iShares Russell 1000 Growth ETFCOM4642876142486SH SOLE 2400
iShares Russell 2000 ETFCOM46428765533150SH SOLE 3300
iShares Russell 2000 Value ETFCOM464287630144900SH SOLE 14400
iShares Russell 3000 ETFCOM46428768942165SH SOLE 4200
iShares Russell Mid Cap Value ETFCOM4642874739,99888,282SH SOLE 9,99800
iShares S&P 500 Growth ETFCOM4642873093034,104SH SOLE 30300
iShares S&P 500 Value ETFCOM4642874083632,499SH SOLE 36300
iShares S&P Mid Cap 400 Growth ETFCOM4642876063985,024SH SOLE 39800
iShares S&P Mid Cap 400 Value ETFCOM4642877053353,252SH SOLE 33500
iShares US Financials ETFCOM46428778874898SH SOLE 7400
J M Smucker Co NewCOM83269640541344SH SOLE 4100
J. P. Morgan ChaseCOM46625H1006413,914SH SOLE 64100
Johnson & JohnsonCOM4781601041931,196SH SOLE 19300
Keycorp Inc NewCOM493267108273SH SOLE 200
Kimberly ClarkCOM494368103215SH SOLE 200
Kinder Morgan Inc.COM49456B101183SH SOLE 100
Kraft Heinz CoCOM5007541067190SH SOLE 700
Lockheed Martin CorpCOM539830109108314SH SOLE 10800
Lowe's CompaniesCOM54866110773359SH SOLE 7300
Lucid Group Inc.COM5494981034150SH SOLE 400
Lyon Dell Basell IndCOMN53745100112SH SOLE 100
M&T Bank CorporationCOM55261F10419SH SOLE 100
Man Group PLCCOMG5799110431,201SH SOLE 300
Manulife Financial Corporation (USA)COM56501R1067368SH SOLE 700
Marsh & Mc Lennan Co IncCOM571748102214SH SOLE 200
Martin Marietta MatrlsCOM573284106120351SH SOLE 12000
McDonalds CorpCOM58013510177319SH SOLE 7700
Medtronic Inc.COMG5960L103218SH SOLE 200
Merck & Co., Inc.COM58933Y1051331,766SH SOLE 13300
Metlife IncCOM59156R10816264SH SOLE 1600
MicrosoftCOM5949181045271,870SH SOLE 52700
Mondelez Intl Inc Cl ACOM60920710533562SH SOLE 3300
Monster Beverage CorpCOM61174X109444SH SOLE 400
Motorola Solutions IncCOM62007630715SH SOLE 100
National Oilwell VarcoCOM62955J1033250SH SOLE 300
NextEra Energy IncCOM65339F1011301,651SH SOLE 13000
Nike Inc Class BCOM654106103324SH SOLE 300
Nokia Corp Spon ADRCOM6549022041226SH SOLE 100
Novartis AG BaslCOMH5820Q15070850SH SOLE 7000
Novo-Nordisk A-S ADRCOM6701002052592,695SH SOLE 25900
Nucor CorporationCOM6703461051381,400SH SOLE 13800
Nuveen Muni Value Fund IncCOM670928100191,665SH SOLE 1900
NVIDIA CorpCOM67066G10402SH SOLE 000
NVR, Inc.COM62944T1051,568327SH SOLE 1,56800
OmnicomCOM6819191061431,975SH SOLE 14300
Optibase Ltd.COM001083161170SH SOLE 100
Oracle CorporationCOM68389X10546526SH SOLE 4600
Organon & CoCOM68622V1066168SH SOLE 600
OTIS Worldwide Corp-WiCOM68902V10777930SH SOLE 7700
Paycom Software, Inc.COM70432V10212SH SOLE 100
Paypal Holdings IncCOM70450Y103313SH SOLE 300
People's United Financial, Inc.COM712704105297SH SOLE 200
PepsiCoCOM713448108100663SH SOLE 10000
Pfizer, Inc.COM7170811035111SH SOLE 500
Philip Morris Intl IncCOM718172109224SH SOLE 200
Phillips 66COM718546104461SH SOLE 400
Pinnacle West Cap CPCOM7234841011642,271SH SOLE 16400
PNC Finl Services Gp IncCOM6934751051050SH SOLE 1000
Proctor & Gamble CoCOM7427181092842,035SH SOLE 28400
Prologis REITCOM74340W103219SH SOLE 200
Prudential Financial IncCOM74432010251485SH SOLE 5100
Public Service Enterprise Group Inc.COM744573106121SH SOLE 100
Public StorageCOM74460D10965219SH SOLE 6500
Qualcomm IncCOM747525103217SH SOLE 200
Raytheon Technologies OrdCOM75513E1011601,860SH SOLE 16000
Regeneron Pharmaceuticals IncCOM75886F10724SH SOLE 200
Roper Industries IncCOM77669610624SH SOLE 200
S&P 500 SPDR TrustCOM78462F1038,17219,044SH SOLE 8,17200
S&P Global IncCOM78409V10401SH SOLE 000
Schwab Emerging Markets ETFCOM80852470661720,240SH SOLE 61700
Schwab International Equity ETFCOM8085248051,14829,658SH SOLE 1,14800
Schwab Short-Term US Treasury ETFCOM80852486220390SH SOLE 2000
Schwab US Aggregate Bond ETFCOM8085248392564,712SH SOLE 25600
Schwab US Broad Market ETFCOM8085241021,26112,143SH SOLE 1,26100
Schwab US Large Cap ETFCOM80852420148,879469,858SH SOLE 48,87900
Schwab US Large Cap Growth ETFCOM8085243003,33922,545SH SOLE 3,33900
Schwab US Large Cap Value ETFCOM8085244093935,827SH SOLE 39300
Schwab US Mid Cap ETFCOM80852450821,779284,103SH SOLE 21,77900
Schwab US Small Cap ETFCOM80852460736,589365,523SH SOLE 36,58900
Sector SPDR Tech Select SharesCOM81369Y80324158SH SOLE 2400
Sector SPDR Utilities SelectCOM81369Y886641,000SH SOLE 6400
Sherwin Williams CoCOM82434810613SH SOLE 100
Solaris Power Cells Inc (NV)COM83416X1010500SH SOLE 000
Southern CompanyCOM842587107231SH SOLE 200
SPDR S&P MidCap 400 ETFCOM78467Y1074,81210,007SH SOLE 4,81200
Starbucks CorpCOM855244109436SH SOLE 400
Stryker CorpCOM86366710148182SH SOLE 4800
Synovus Financial Corp.COM87161C5012716,183SH SOLE 27100
T Rowe Price Group IncCOM74144T10859300SH SOLE 5900
Take-Two Interactive Software Inc.COM87405410917SH SOLE 100
Target CorporationCOM87612E1062561,117SH SOLE 25600
Templeton Global Income FundCOM880198106234,210SH SOLE 2300
Teva Pharmaceuticals Ltd ADRCOM881624209020SH SOLE 000
Texas Instruments IncCOM88250810402SH SOLE 000
The Coca-Cola CompanyCOM191216100681,303SH SOLE 6800
The Gabelli Equity TrustCOM3623971017010,460SH SOLE 7000
TJX Companies, Inc.COM872540109112SH SOLE 100
Travelers Companies IncCOM89417E10943280SH SOLE 4300
Triad Hosps Inc.COM884903709324SH SOLE 300
Truist Financial CorporationCOM89832Q109124SH SOLE 100
Tyler TechnologiesCOM90225210512SH SOLE 100
Tyson Foods, IncCOM902494103227SH SOLE 200
Union Pacific CorpCOM90781810873371SH SOLE 7300
United Parcel Service B Class BCOM911312106420SH SOLE 400
UnitedHealth Group IncCOM91324P102717SH SOLE 700
US BancorpCOM90297330434565SH SOLE 3400
Vanguard Consumer Staples ETFCOM92204A20756314SH SOLE 5600
Vanguard Growth ETFCOM9229087363611,243SH SOLE 36100
Vanguard Mega Cap Value ETFCOM92191084014,459147,765SH SOLE 14,45900
Vanguard Mid Cap ETFCOM92290862924100SH SOLE 2400
Vanguard Small-Cap Growth ETFCOM922908595108386SH SOLE 10800
Vanguard Total Stock Market ETFCOM9229087695052,274SH SOLE 50500
Vanguard Value ETFCOM9229087442912,150SH SOLE 29100
Veeva Systems Inc.COM92247510813SH SOLE 100
Verisign Inc ComCOM92343E1021050SH SOLE 1000
Verizon CommunicationsCOM92343V104991,841SH SOLE 9900
Vertex PharmaceuticalsCOM92532F100317SH SOLE 300
Viatris IncCOM92556V10603SH SOLE 000
Visa Inc Cl ACOM92826C839626SH SOLE 600
W.P. Carey Co LLCCOM92936U10952717SH SOLE 5200
Wal Mart Stores, Inc.COM931142103641SH SOLE 600
Walgreens Boots Allianc IncCOM931427108238SH SOLE 200
Walt Disney Co.COM25468710615SH SOLE 100
Waste Management IncCOM94106L109424SH SOLE 400
Wells Fargo & CompanyCOM949746101354SH SOLE 300
WesBanco, Inc.COM950810101541,581SH SOLE 5400
Westinghouse Air Brake Technologies CorpCOM92974010802SH SOLE 000
Xcel EnergyCOM98389B1001171,871SH SOLE 11700
Xilinx IncCOM983919101320SH SOLE 300
Zoetis IncCOM98978V103526SH SOLE 500
Zoom Video CommunicationsCOM98980L101725SH SOLE 700