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Exhibit 21.1
Subsidiaries of the Registrant
Jurisdiction of
1198786 B.C. Ltd.British Columbia
12008432 Canada Inc.Canada
12038528 Canada Inc.Canada
1-800 All Parts Holdings, LLCDelaware
1-800 All Parts, LLCCalifornia
1-800 Radiator & A/C, LLCCalifornia
1-800 Radiator Canada Co.Nova Scotia
1-800-Radiator Franchise, LLCCalifornia
1-800-Radiator Franchisor SPV LLCDelaware
1-800-Radiator Product Sourcing LLCDelaware
2373404 Ontario Inc.Ontario
2559275 Ontario Inc.1
79411 USA, LLCDelaware
A-1 Auto Glass 2019, LLCDelaware
ABRA Franchising, LLCDelaware
ABRA Franchisor SPV LLCDelaware
Advanced Auto Glass, LLCDelaware
AGN Glass LLCDelaware
American Financial, LLCMaryland
AML –automobilové mycílinky, spol. s r.o.Czech Republic
Anduff Car Wash LimitedEngland and Wales
Anduff Holdings LimitedEngland and Wales
Artego Auto Wasch-u. Service GmbHAustria
Association of Collision Repairers, LLCCalifornia
Auto Center Auto Body, LLCCalifornia
Automotive Training Institute, LLCDelaware
Boing Acquisitions LimitedEngland and Wales
Boing Midco LimitedEngland and Wales
Boing US Holdco, Inc.Delaware
Brossecar Indústria e Cómerciode Escovas Auto, LdaPortugal
Carstar Canada GP Corp.Canada

1Majority owned by Registrant.


Jurisdiction of
Carstar Canada Partnership, LPOntario
Carstar Canada SPV GP CorporationCanada
Carstar Canada SPV LPOntario
CARSTAR Franchise Systems, Inc.Kansas
CARSTAR Franchisor SPV LLCDelaware
CARSTAR Holdings Corp.Delaware
CARSTAR, Inc.Kansas
Caulfield-Bickett, LLCCalifornia
Claim Driver Inc.Delaware
Clairus Acquisition (2019), LLCDelaware
Clairus Group USA Holdco, LLCDelaware
Clairus Group USA Midco, LLCDelaware
Clairus Group USA, LLCDelaware
Cleanland LimitedEngland and Wales
Compagnie Parisienne de Services SASFrance
Drive N Style Franchisor SPV LLCDelaware
Drive N’ Style, LLCDelaware
Driven Acquisition LLCNorth Carolina
Driven Brands Canada Funding CorporationCanada
Driven Brands Canada Shared Services Inc.Canada
Driven Brands Canada, Inc.Canada
Driven Brands Funding, LLCDelaware
Driven Brands Shared Services, LLCDelaware
Driven Brands, Inc.Delaware
Driven Canada Claims Management GP CorporationCanada
Driven Canada Claims Management LPOntario
Driven Canada Funding HoldCo CorporationCanada
Driven Canada Product Sourcing GP CorporationCanada
Driven Canada Product Sourcing LPOntario
Driven Funding HoldCo, LLCDelaware
Driven Glass Inc.Delaware
Driven Holdings LLCDelaware
Driven Holdings Parent LLCDelaware
Driven Product Sourcing LLCDelaware
Driven Sister Holdings LLCDelaware
Driven Systems LLCDelaware
Econo Lube Franchisor SPV LLCDelaware
Econo-Lube N’ Tune, LLCDelaware
Express Management Arkansas Inc.Arkansas
FUSA Franchisor SPV LLCDelaware
FUSA Properties SPV LLCDelaware
FUSA, LLCDelaware

Jurisdiction of
Gauthier Auto Glass Limited 2
Go Glass Franchisor SPV GP CorporationCanada
Go Glass Franchisor SPV LPOntario
IMO Auto Lavagens, SAPortugal
IMO Autopflege Beteiligungsverwaltungs GmbHGermany
IMO Autopflege GmbHGermany
IMO AutopflegeBeteiligungsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KGGermany
IMO Car Wash Australasia Pty LtdAustralia
IMO Car Wash Group LTDEngland and Wales
IMO Denmark ApS3
IMO Denmark Holdings LimitedEngland and Wales
IMO Deutschland Holding GmbHGermany
IMO France SNCFrance
IMO Group Holdings Pty LtdAustralia
IMO Holding GmbHGermany
IMO Hungary Autómosó KftHungary
IMO Polska Sp. z o.o.Poland
IMO US Alabama, LLCDelaware
IMO US Development, LLCDelaware
IMO US Georgia, LLCDelaware
IMO US Ohio, LLCDelaware
IMO US South, LLCDelaware
IMO US Utah, LLCDelaware
IMO US West, LLCDelaware
International Car Wash Group Financing PLCEngland and Wales
International Car Wash Group LTD.England and Wales
IPIC BVNetherlands
IPIC Luxembourg S.àr.l.Luxembourg
Le Roseau SALuxembourg
M&M Auto Glass Services, LLCNew York
Maaco Canada GP Corp.Canada
Maaco Canada Partnership, LPOntario
Maaco Canada SPV GP CorporationCanada
Maaco Canada SPV LPOntario
Maaco Franchising, LLCDelaware
Maaco Franchisor SPV LLCDelaware
Manufacture des Brosses du Marais Poitevin SASFrance

2Majority owned by Registrant.

3Majority-owned joint venture.

Jurisdiction of
Meineke Advertising Trust FundNorth Carolina
Meineke Canada GP Corp.Canada
Meineke Canada Partnership, LPOntario
Meineke Canada SPV GP CorporationCanada
Meineke Canada SPV LPOntario
Meineke Car Care Centers, LLCNorth Carolina
Meineke Discount Muffler Holding, LLCNorth Carolina
Meineke Franchisor SPV LLCDelaware
Meineke Realty, LLCDelaware
Merlin Franchisor SPV LLCDelaware
Mid-South Supply & Development Co. LLCTennessee
Milburn Productions LimitedEngland and Wales
Pro Oil Canada GP Corp.Canada
Pro Oil Canada Partnership, LPOntario
Radiator Express of Canada, Inc.California
Rose FinanceCo PLCEngland and Wales
Rose HoldCo LimitedEngland and Wales
Rose MidCo LimitedEngland and Wales
SBA-TLC, LLCNorth Carolina
Shine Acquisition Co LimitedEngland and Wales
Shine Acquisition Co. S.à r.l.Luxembourg
Shine Holdco (UK) LimitedEngland and Wales
Shine Holdco I LimitedEngland and Wales
Shine Holdco II LimitedEngland and Wales
Shine Holdco III LimitedEngland and Wales
Shine Nominee LimitedEngland and Wales
Sodeal SABelgium
Spire Supply LLCDelaware
Star Auto Glass Franchisor SPV GP CorporationCanada
Star Auto Glass Franchisor SPV LPOntario
T5 Holding, LLCDelaware
Take 5 Canada GP Corp.Canada
Take 5 Canada Partnership, LPOntario
Take 5 Canada SPV GP CorporationCanada
Take 5 Canada SPV LPOntario
Take 5 Express Car Wash Franchisor Inc.Delaware
Take 5 Franchising LLCNorth Carolina

Jurisdiction of
Take 5 Franchisor SPV LLCDelaware
Take 5 LLCNorth Carolina
Take 5 Oil Change LLCDelaware
Take 5 Properties SPV LLCDelaware
TOMAN Handels-und Beteiligungsverwaltungsgesellschaft GmbHGermany
TOMAN Handels-undBeteiligungsgesellschaft GmbHGermany
TOPAS Chemie GmbHGermany