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Washington, D.C. 20549


OMB Number:3235-0006
Expires:Oct 31, 2018
Estimated average burden
hours per response:23.8

3MCOM88579Y1011,1856,757SH SOLENone6,75700
Abbott Labs ComCOM0028241003,46129,297SH OTR10029,297
Abbvie Inc ComCOM00287Y1093643,371SH SOLENone3,37100
Accenture PLC Ireland Class SHSSHS CLASS AG1151C1011,1333,543SH OTR1003,543
Adobe SYS Inc ComCOM00724F101343596SH SOLENone59600
Aileron Therapeutics Inc ComCOM00887A1057876,000SH SOLENone76,00000
Air Prods & Chems Inc ComCOM0091581068523,306SH SOLENone3,30600
Alphabet Inc Cap STK CL ACAP STK CL A02079K3051,730647SH SOLENone64700
Alphabet Inc Cap STK CL CCAP STK CL C02079K107938352SH SOLENone35200
Altimmune Inc Com NewCOM NEW02155H20022620,000SH SOLENone20,00000
Amazon Com IncCOM0231351066,2191,893SH SOLENone1,89300
American Electric Power CoCOM0255371015216,418SH SOLENone6,41800
American Tower REIT ComCOM03027X1001,7976,737SH OTR1006,737
American WTR WKS Co Inc New ComCOM0304201034232,500SH SOLENone2,50000
Amgen Inc ComCOM0311621002911,370SH SOLENone1,37000
Amneal Pharmaceuticals Inc ComCOM STK CL A03168L1055310,000SH SOLENone10,00000
Analog Devices Inc ComCOM0326541051,4778,816SH OTR1008,816
AppleCOM0378331008,21958,087SH OTR10058,087
Applied Materials IncCOM0382221052572,000SH SOLENone2,00000
Arcelormittal SA NY Registered SHSNY REGISTRY SH03938L20330210,000SH SOLENone10,00000
Ardelyx IncCOM0396971071310,000SH SOLENone10,00000
AT&TCOM00206R10272126,678SH SOLENone26,67800
Automatic Data Processing Inc ComCOM0530151031,8309,112SH SOLENone9,11200
Bank of AmericaCOM0605051042245,278SH SOLENone5,27800
Becton Dickinson & CoCOM0758871091,9017,733SH SOLENone7,73300
Berkshire Hathaway Inc Del CL B NewCL B NEW0846707027702,820SH SOLENone2,82000
Big 5 Sporting GoodsCOM08915P10170330,500SH SOLENone30,50000
BlackRock Inc ComCOM09247X1019901,181SH SOLENone1,18100
Borqs Tech Inc FSHSG1466B1031932,400SH SOLENone32,40000
Box Inc CL ACL A10316T10459225,000SH SOLENone25,00000
BP PLC Spons ADRSPONSORED ADR05562210442115,420SH SOLENone15,42000
Bristol Myers Squibb Co ComCOM1101221081,70428,559SH SOLENone28,55900
Broadcom Inc ComCOM11135F1011,7513,610SH OTR1003,610
C H Robinson Worldwide Inc Com NewCOM NEW12541W2096167,034SH SOLENone7,03400
Carlyle Group Inc ComCOM14316J1083347,057SH SOLENone7,05700
Carrier Global Corp ComCOM14448C1042174,200SH SOLENone4,20000
Centrus Energy Corp CL ACL A15643U1042887,450SH SOLENone7,45000
Chewy Inc CL ACL A16679L10982312,086SH SOLENone12,08600
Cisco SystemsCOM17275R1021,24422,860SH OTR10022,860
Cme Group Inc ComCOM12572Q1052,13711,050SH SOLENone11,05000
Coca-ColaCOM19121610086516,360SH SOLENone16,36000
Comcast Corp CL ACL A20030N1012,13038,078SH OTR10038,078
Constellation Brands Inc CL ACL A21036P1084342,060SH SOLENone2,06000
Costco Wholesale Corp New ComCOM22160K105271603SH SOLENone60300
Coupang IncCL A22266T10982729,707SH SOLENone29,70700
Cowen IncCL A NEW22362260634310,000SH SOLENone10,00000
Crown Castle Intl Corp New ComCOM22822V1011,1056,375SH OTR1006,375
Cummins IncCOM231021106214952SH SOLENone95200
D R Horton IncCOM23331A1095466,500SH SOLENone6,50000
Diamondback Energy Inc ComCOM25278X1096947,329SH SOLENone7,32900
Dimensional Intern Core EQT MKT ETFINTL CORE EQT MK25434V20345915,875SH SOLENone15,87500
Docusign Inc ComCOM256163106202784SH SOLENone78400
Dominion Res Inc Va ComCOM25746U1092203,007SH SOLENone3,00700
Dover Corp ComCOM2600031083472,230SH SOLENone2,23000
Draftkings Inc CL ACOM CL A26142R1044489,300SH SOLENone9,30000
Eaton Corp PLC SHSSHSG291831031,1137,453SH SOLENone7,45300
Eli Lilly & Co ComCOM5324571081,1605,019SH OTR1005,019
Energy Transfer Equity LP Com Units Repstg LTD Partnership IntCOM UT LTD PTN29273V10093097,085SH SOLENone97,08500
Envestnet Inc ComCOM29404K1063013,750SH SOLENone3,75000
Equinix Inc Com Par $0.001COM29444U700559708SH SOLENone70800
Facebook Inc CL ACL A30303M1024,44313,091SH SOLENone13,09100
First Solar Inc ComCOM3364331071,18912,455SH SOLENone12,45500
First TR Exchange Traded FD Dow Jones Internet Index FDDJ INTERNT IDX33733E3022,90712,323SH SOLENone12,32300
First TR Exchange-Traded FD II Ise Cloud Computing Index FDCLOUD COMPUTING33734X1923,29431,260SH SOLENone31,26000
First TR Exchange-Traded FD III First TR PFD Secs & Income ETFPFD SECS INC ETF33739E1087,029342,200SH SOLENone342,20000
First TR Exchange-Traded FD IV North Amern EnergyNO AMER ENERGY33738D1011,87179,045SH SOLENone79,04500
First TR Exchange-Traded FD VI Rising Divid Achievers ETFRISNG DIVD ACHIV33738R50613,619286,890SH SOLENone286,89000
First TR Value Line Divid Index FD SHSSHS33734H10613,669348,700SH SOLENone348,70000
Ford Motor Co Del Com ParCOM34537086021915,500SH SOLENone15,50000
Freeport-Mcmoran Copper & Gold Inc CL BCL B35671D8572,13865,712SH SOLENone65,71200
General Dynamics Corp ComCOM3695501081,3226,746SH SOLENone6,74600
General Mills Inc ComCOM3703341042123,546SH SOLENone3,54600
Genuine Parts CoCOM3724601053843,142SH SOLENone3,14200
Globalstar IncCOM3789734084225,000SH SOLENone25,00000
Goldman Sachs Group Inc ComCOM38141G104313828SH SOLENone82800
Home DepotCOM4370761022,0226,159SH OTR1006,159
Honeywell Intl Inc ComCOM4385161063,12814,736SH OTR10014,736
Illinois Tool Works Inc ComCOM4523081094432,133SH SOLENone2,13300
IntelCOM4581401002,85053,496SH SOLENone53,49600
Intercontinental Exchange Group Inc ComCOM45866F1041,28811,217SH OTR10011,217
Intuit Incorporated ComCOM461202103227420SH SOLENone42000
Intuitive Surgical Inc Com NewCOM NEW46120E6023,2593,278SH SOLENone3,27800
Invesco Exchange Traded FD TR S&P 500 Equal Weight ETFS&P500 EQL WGT46137V35711,87379,250SH SOLENone000
Invesco Exchange Traded FD TR S&P 500 Pure Value ETFS&P500 PUR VAL46137V25821,394282,200SH SOLENone32300
Invesco QQQ TR Unit Ser 1UNIT SER 146090E1033,5679,952SH OTR2009,952
iShares Core Aggressive Allocati ETFAGGRES ALLOC ETF46428985982911,882SH OTR20011,882
iShares Core Dividend Growth ETFCORE DIV GRWTH46434V6213376,715SH OTR2006,715
iShares Core Growth Allocation ETFGRWT ALLOCAT ETF4642898672394,306SH SOLENone4,30600
iShares Global Financials ETF IVGLOBAL FINLS ETF4642873331,36217,362SH OTR20017,362
iShares Global Tech ETFGLOBAL TECH ETF4642872911,60028,242SH OTR20028,242
iShares Inc Core MSCI Emerging MKTS ETFCORE MSCI EMKT46434G1035288,557SH OTR2008,557
iShares Inc Esg MSCI Em ETFESG AWR MSCI EM46434G8631,55437,507SH OTR20037,507
iShares Micro Cap ETFMICRO-CAP ETF4642888692922,020SH SOLENone2,02000
iShares MSCI EAFE Growth ETFEAFE GRWTH ETF4642888853,71834,916SH OTR20034,916
iShares MSCI EAFE Value ETFEAFE VALUE ETF4642888773,89076,496SH OTR20076,496
iShares S&P 100 ETF IVS&P 100 ETF4642871014102,079SH OTR2002,079
iShares TR Core MSCI EAFE ETFCORE MSCI EAFE46432F8424696,318SH OTR2006,318
iShares TR Core S&P 500 ETFCORE S&P500 ETF4642872008,68620,162SH OTR20020,162
iShares TR Core S&P Small-Cap ETFCORE S&P SCP ETF4642878042,77925,448SH OTR20025,448
iShares TR Edge MSCI USA Value Factor ETFMSCI USA VALUE46432F3882,07020,554SH OTR20020,554
iShares TR Global Infrastructure ETF Index FDGLB INFRASTR ETF4642883724,26092,800SH SOLENone92,80000
iShares TR MSCI USA Esg Optimized ETFESG AWR MSCI USA46435G4258,06481,902SH OTR20081,902
iShares TR MSCI USA Minimum Volatility ETFMSCI USA MIN VOL46429B6974275,805SH SOLENone5,80500
iShares TR MSCI Utd Kingdom ETF NewMSCI UK ETF NEW46435G3345,459169,281SH SOLENone169,28100
iShares TR Nasdaq Biotechnology ETFISHARES BIOTECH4642875563,42121,158SH OTR20021,158
iShares TR Russell 1000 Growth Index FDRUS 1000 GRW ETF4642876146,70124,452SH SOLENone24,45200
iShares TR Russell 1000 Value ETFRUS 1000 VAL ETF4642875983732,384SH SOLENone2,38400
iShares TR Russell 2000 Index FDRUSSELL 2000 ETF4642876558,19037,439SH OTR20037,439
iShares TR Russell 2000 Value Index FDRUS 2000 VAL ETF4642876301,5099,415SH SOLENone9,41500
iShares TR Select Divid ETF FDSELECT DIVID ETF46428716836,387317,179SH SOLENone317,17900
iShares US Energy ETFU.S. ENERGY ETF4642877961,05037,158SH OTR20037,158
Ishars Edg MSCI USA QLTY FCTR ETFMSCI USA QLT FCT46432F3392631,996SH OTR2001,996
Johnson & JohnsonCOM4781601041,0986,800SH SOLENone6,80000
JPMorgan ChaseCOM46625H1005,15631,498SH OTR10031,498
Kellogg Co ComCOM4878361085248,200SH SOLENone8,20000
Kemper Corp Del ComCOM48840110066810,000SH SOLENone10,00000
Kla-Tencor Corp ComCOM NEW4824801001,8745,602SH OTR1005,602
Lazydays Holdings I N CCOM52110H1001,69979,600SH SOLENone79,60000
Lockheed Martin Corp ComCOM5398301093901,131SH SOLENone1,13100
Lowes Cos Inc ComCOM5486611073,71318,304SH OTR10018,304
Luminar Technologies Inc Class ACOM CL A55042410532821,000SH SOLENone21,00000
Mastercard Inc CL A ComCL A57636Q1049452,718SH OTR1002,718
McDonald'sCOM5801351011,5186,297SH SOLENone6,29700
Medical PPTYS TR Inc ComCOM58463J30445422,326SH SOLENone22,32600
Medtronic PLC SHSSHSG5960L1035704,523SH SOLENone4,52300
Merck & Co Inc New ComCOM58933Y1052,51033,128SH OTR10033,128
MGM Resorts Intl ComCOM5529531011,43333,200SH SOLENone33,20000
MicrosoftCOM59491810412,59544,675SH OTR10044,675
Moderna Inc ComCOM60770K1071,1282,930SH SOLENone2,93000
Moodys Corp ComCOM6153691059862,778SH OTR1002,778
Naked Brank Group LTD SHS NewSHS NEWQ6519T1176085,000SH SOLENone85,00000
Netflix Inc ComCOM64110L1064,1926,868SH SOLENone6,86800
Nextera Energy Inc ComCOM65339F1011,00112,745SH SOLENone12,74500
Nike Inc Class BCL B6541061038926,128SH SOLENone6,12800
Norfolk Southern CorpCOM6558441081,8037,538SH SOLENone7,53800
Northrop Grumman Corp ComCOM6668071021,3483,742SH OTR1003,742
Nortonlifelock IncCOM66877110838015,000SH SOLENone15,00000
Nvidia Corp ComCOM67066G1042,59212,510SH SOLENone12,51000
O Reilly Automotive Inc New ComCOM67103H1072,4073,939SH SOLENone3,93900
Oracle Corp ComCOM68389X1052482,842SH SOLENone2,84200
Organon & Co ComCOMMON STOCK68622V10646814,258SH SOLENone14,25800
Paychex Inc ComCOM7043261071,58514,098SH SOLENone14,09800
Paypal HLDGS Inc ComCOM70450Y1035952,285SH SOLENone2,28500
Peloton Interactive Inc CL A ComCL A COM70614W1003073,525SH SOLENone3,52500
Pepsico Inc ComCOM7134481083042,022SH SOLENone2,02200
PfizerCOM7170811032335,428SH SOLENone5,42800
Philip Morris Intl Inc ComCOM7181721095986,229SH SOLENone6,22900
Physicians RLTY TR ComCOM71943U10443924,893SH SOLENone24,89300
Pinterest Inc CL ACL A72352L1064,39186,191SH SOLENone86,19100
PNC Finl SVCS Group Inc ComCOM6934751054302,200SH SOLENone2,20000
Potlatch Corp New ComCOM7376301033306,400SH SOLENone6,40000
Procter & GambleCOM7427181094,16729,806SH OTR10029,806
Pultegroup Inc ComCOM7458671012495,409SH SOLENone5,40900
Qualcomm IncCOM7475251032111,639SH SOLENone1,63900
Raytheon Technologies Corp ComCOM75513E1013,44440,060SH OTR10040,060
Regal Beloit Corp WisconsinCOM7587501033152,000SH SOLENone2,00000
Regions Finl Corp New ComCOM7591EP10088041,003SH OTR10041,003
Republic SVCS Inc ComCOM7607591003,19026,466SH SOLENone26,46600
Resolute FST Prods Inc ComCOM76117W10935730,000SH SOLENone30,00000
S&P Global IncCOM78409V1045261,238SH OTR1001,238
SalesforceCOM79466L302241890SH SOLENone89000
Schwab Strategic TR US Large-Cap Growth ETFUS LCAP GR ETF8085243003562,405SH OTR2002,405
Schwab Strategic TR US Large-Cap Value ETFUS LCAP VA ETF8085244093234,791SH OTR2004,791
Schwab US Broad Market ETFUS BRD MKT ETF8085241021,23711,914SH OTR20011,914
Select Sector SPDR TR Consumer Discretionary Transn ToSBI CONS DISCR81369Y40715,67787,359SH OTR20087,359
Select Sector SPDR TR Consumer StaplesSBI CONS STPLS81369Y3081,24318,060SH SOLENone18,06000
Select Sector SPDR TR FinancialFINANCIAL81369Y6051,37336,592SH OTR20036,592
Select Sector SPDR TR Health CareSBI HEALTHCARE81369Y20910,34781,282SH OTR20081,282
Select Sector SPDR TR IndlSBI INT-INDS81369Y7045,66557,898SH OTR20057,898
Select Sector SPDR TR MatlsSBI MATERIALS81369Y1004185,284SH OTR2005,284
Select Sector SPDR TR Real Estate Select Sector SPDR FDRL EST SEL SEC81369Y8601,10224,795SH OTR20024,795
Select Sector SPDR TR UtilsSBI INT-UTILS81369Y88668510,721SH OTR20010,721
Senseonics HLDGS Inc ComCOM81727U1055415,800SH SOLENone15,80000
Servicenow Inc ComCOM81762P1026431,033SH SOLENone1,03300
Skyworks Solutions Inc ComCOM83088M1021,1176,776SH OTR1006,776
Southern Co ComCOM8425871072143,455SH SOLENone3,45500
SPDR Gold TR Gold SHSGOLD SHS78463V1071,6059,774SH OTR2009,774
SPDR S&P 500 ETF TR TR UnitTR UNIT78462F10319,80545,998SH OTR20045,998
SPDR Ser TR S&P Ins ETFS&P INS ETF78464A7892396,326SH SOLENone6,32600
Star Bulk Carriers FSHS PARY8162K20480533,500SH SOLENone33,50000
Starbucks Corp ComCOM8552441098988,140SH SOLENone8,14000
Stryker CorpCOM8636671012,2248,413SH OTR1008,413
T Rowe Price GroupCOM74144T1082931,488SH SOLENone1,48800
Te Connectivity LTD Reg SHSREG SHSH849891041,68512,279SH OTR10012,279
Tesla MotorsCOM88160R101302390SH SOLENone39000
Texas Instruments IncCOM8825081043,22616,784SH OTR10016,784
Thermo Fisher Scientific IncCOM883556102456797SH SOLENone79700
Twitter Inc ComCOM90184L1021,67027,650SH SOLENone27,65000
Ulta Salon Cosmetics & Fragrance Inc ComCOM90384S3034931,367SH SOLENone1,36700
Union Pacific Corp ComCOM9078181085762,937SH SOLENone2,93700
United Microelectronic F Sponsored ADRSPON ADR NEW91087340518616,300SH SOLENone16,30000
United Rentals Inc ComCOM9113631093511,000SH SOLENone1,00000
UnitedHealth GroupCOM91324P1023,2328,272SH OTR1008,272
US Foods Holding CorpCOM9120081091,90054,820SH SOLENone54,82000
Vanguard High Dividend Yield ETFHIGH DIV YLD9219464062082,010SH SOLENone2,01000
Vanguard Index FDS S&P 500 ETF SHS NewS&P 500 ETF SHS9229083633,2708,263SH SOLENone8,26300
Vanguard Index FDS Vanguard Growth ETFGROWTH ETF9229087362,4308,375SH SOLENone8,37500
Vanguard Index FDS Vanguard Small-Cap Growth ETFSML CP GRW ETF9229085954961,771SH SOLENone1,77100
Vanguard Index FDS Vanguard Value ETFVALUE ETF9229087446,41447,381SH SOLENone47,38100
Vanguard Spec Portfolios Divid App Index FD ETFDIV APP ETF9219088443031,972SH SOLENone1,97200
Vanguard World FDS Vanguard Consumer Staples ETFCONSUM STP ETF92204A2072,70615,012SH OTR20015,012
Vanguard World FDS Vanguard Finls ETFFINANCIALS ETF92204A4056,36268,270SH OTR20068,270
Vanguard World FDS Vanguard Health Care ETFHEALTH CAR ETF92204A5046,40325,814SH OTR20025,814
Vanguard World FDS Vanguard Indls ETFINDUSTRIAL ETF92204A6034,93326,168SH OTR20026,168
Vanguard World FDS Vanguard Information Technology ETFINF TECH ETF92204A70238,04894,606SH OTR20094,606
Vanguard World FDS Vanguard Matls ETFMATERIALS ETF92204A8014162,392SH OTR2002,392
VerizonCOM92343V1043085,711SH SOLENone5,71100
Viacomcbs Inc Class BCL B92556H2062,31958,338SH SOLENone58,33800
Visa Inc Com CL ACOM CL A92826C8392,0289,105SH OTR1009,105
Waitr HLDGS Inc ComCOM930752100910,000SH SOLENone10,00000
Wal-MartCOM9311421031,67512,021SH SOLENone3,44000
Walt DisneyCOM2546871061,0266,064SH SOLENone6,06400
Waste MGMT Inc Del ComCOM94106L1098325,571SH SOLENone5,57100
Zoetis Inc CL ACL A98978V1032,83114,584SH SOLENone14,58400