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Exhibit 3.2


 BARBARA K. CEGAVSKE Secretary of State 202 North Carson Street Carson City, Nevada 89701-4201 (775} 684-5708 Website: www.nvsos.gov llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll *140503* Articles of Domestication (PURSUANT TO NRS 92A.270) USE BLACK INK ONLY-DO NOT HIGHLIGHT ABOVE SPACE IS FOR OFFICE USE ONLY 1.Entity Name and Type of Domestic Entity as set forth in its Constituent Documents: 2. Entity Name Before Filing Articles of Domestication: 3.Date and Jurisdiction of Original [M ntreux CapitalCo-.- ---- ------------------ - - ------- !Corporation fonned under the British Columbia Business Corporations Act. I ! .--···--IMontreux Capital Corp. I I_ --------------- ----- ---------------- ------- --- ---September 24,2007 British Columbia, Canada - - ------.-----·-.. ·-.,. l Formation: 4.Jurisdiction that Constituted the Principal Place of Business, Central Administration or Equivalent of the Undomesticated Entity Immediately Before Articles of Domestication: 5. Signature of Authorized Representative: L - -----------·--------.... ----------· ----------------i I !British Columbia, Canada I ! . -.-.. ------------....... - .. ----------···--------------··-····-----------··-··· --·-··-··..---······-----Authorized Sj ' pture r\ Date Filing Fee: $350.00 IMPORTANT: This document must be accompanied by the appropriate constituent document for the type of domestic entity described in article 1 above and the filing fees. This form must be accompanied by appropriate fees. Nevada Secretary of State NRS 92A Domestication Revised: 1-5-15