EX-21.1 3 tm209441d1_ex21-1.htm EXHIBIT 21.1


Exhibit 21.1

Subsidiaries of the Registrant: Alpine Income Property Trust, Inc.

Laws of

Percentage of
Voting Securities
Owned by Immediate

Alpine Income Property GP, LLC  Delaware   100.0 (1)
Alpine Income Property OP, LP  Delaware   (2)
Bluebird Metrowest Orlando LLC  Delaware   100.0(3)
CTLC18 Lynn MA LLC  Delaware   100.0 (3)
CTO16 Charlottesville LLC  Delaware   100.0 (3)
CTO16 Huntersville LLC  Delaware   100.0 (3)
CTO16 Raleigh LLC  Delaware   100.0 (3)
CTO16 Reno LLC  Delaware   100.0 (3)
CTO17 Brandon FL LLC  Delaware   100.0 (3)
CTO17 Hillsboro OR LLC  Delaware   100.0 (3)
CTO17 Saugus MA LLC  Delaware   100.0 (3)
CTO19 Albany GA LLC  Delaware   100.0 (3)
CTO19 Birmingham LLC  Delaware   100.0 (3)
CTO19 Troy WI LLC  Delaware   100.0 (3)
CTO19 Winston Salem NC LLC  Delaware   100.0 (3)
Indigo Henry LLC  Florida   100.0 (3)
LHC15 Glendale AZ LLC  Delaware   100.0 (3)
PINE19 Alpharetta GA LLC  Delaware   100.0 (3)
PINE19 Asheville LLC  Delaware   100.0 (3)
PINE19 Georgetown TX LLC  Delaware   100.0 (3)
PINE19 Glendale AZ LLC  Delaware   100.0 (3)
PINE19 Jacksonville FL LLC  Delaware   100.0 (3)
PINE19 Slaughter Austin TX LLC  Delaware   100.0 (3)
PINE20 Hurst TX LLC  Delaware   100.0 (3)



(1)Alpine Income Property Trust, Inc. (the “Company”) is the sole member of Alpine Income Property GP, LLC (the “General Partner”).


(2)The General Partner is the sole general partner of Alpine Income Property OP, LP (the “Operating Partnership”). The Company owns an approximate 86.6% ownership interest in the Operating Partnership, with Consolidated-Tomoka Land Co. holding, directly and indirectly, an approximate 13.4% ownership interest in the Operating Partnership.


(3)The Operating Partnership is the sole member.


All subsidiaries are included in the Consolidated and Combined Financial Statements of the Company and its subsidiaries appearing elsewhere in the Company’s Annual Report on Form 10-K for the year ended December 31, 2019.