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ERC Homebuilders


Video Clip 1 – What is ERC? Answered by Jerry Ellenburg


This is Jerry Ellenburg at ERC Homebuilders. I want discuss with you the nature of your actual investment.  As a prospective shareholder of ERC Homebuilders, what you are looking to invest in is a company that is going to build homes on a large scale -- housing tracts of 50 - 100 homes at a time, that will immediately be sold to regional and national rental operators. 





ERC Homebuilders

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We believe that there is significant pent up demand for single family homes.  And, this demand is not being driven solely be individual homebuyers.  These homes are being purchased more and more by major institutions. Institutions that are in the business of renting them. Our analysis demonstrates that there are not enough of these types of homes -- especially in rapidly growing states like Florida.  We believe the accelerating demand for quality rental homes is being driven by the cultural wave of millennials entering their next life cycle. They want privacy, more space and a backyard - and all without the hurdles and hidden expenses that come with home ownership.  We established ERC homebuilders to meet the increasing demand of build-to-rent in single family homes.  Our business model is to purchase land in the best available locations, and construct build-to-rent housing that aligns with institutional buyer requirements. In fact, we aim to secure institutional buyers before we even break ground. We have a team on board consisting of seasoned professionals with decades of experience. To help accomplish our goals. ERC Homebuilders will be building in Florida, specifically in the areas that are experiencing dynamic job and population growth. We intend to build where there is ample access to shopping, schools and leisure activities. In addition to participating in this rapid growing real estate sector we aim to provide investors annual dividend payments of 8% to be paid monthly and the first years dividend payment is tax free. Now is the time to capitalize on this wave of rental home demand. We would love to have you as shareholders with us in ERC Homebuilders.