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Washington, D.C. 20549


OMB Number:3235-0006
Expires:Oct 31, 2018
Estimated average burden
hours per response:23.8

Academy Sports & OutdoorCOM00402L10725625SH SOLE 00625
Aeva Technologies IncCOM00835Q1031150SH SOLE 00150
Agilent Technologies IncCOM00846U10147296SH SOLE 00296
Air Prod & Chemicals IncCOM00915810626100SH SOLE 00100
Airgain IncorporaratedCOM00938A1041100SH SOLE 00100
Albemarle CorpCOM012653101312SH SOLE 0012
Align Technology IncCOM01625510146SH SOLE 006
Allstate CorporationCOM02000210151400SH SOLE 00400
Amazon Com IncCOM0231351066921SH SOLE 0021
American Express CompanyCOM02581610934200SH SOLE 00200
Annaly Capital MgmtCOM0357104091120SH SOLE 00120
Apple IncCOM0378331009376,623SH SOLE 006,623
Aptiv PlcCOMG6095L10915100SH SOLE 00100
Arista Networks IncCOM040413106310SH SOLE 0010
Ark Genomic RevolutionCOM00214Q302680SH SOLE 0080
Ark Next GenerationCOM00214Q4011070SH SOLE 0070
Ast Spacemobile IncCOM00217D1004400SH SOLE 00400
Astra Space IncCOM04634X1033375SH SOLE 00375
Atif Holdings LtdCOMG0602B2091180SH SOLE 00180
Aurinia PharmaceuticCOM05156V1026250SH SOLE 00250
Auto Data ProcessingCOM05301510360300SH SOLE 00300
Azure Pwr Global LtdCOMV0393H1032100SH SOLE 00100
Baker Hughes Company Com CL ACOM05722G1002100SH SOLE 00100
Blackberry LtdCOM09228F1035500SH SOLE 00500
Blackline IncCOM09239B109220SH SOLE 0020
Boeing CoCOM0970231051252SH SOLE 0052
Booking Holdings IncCOM09857L10852SH SOLE 002
Boston Scientific CoCOM101137107379SH SOLE 0079
Bp Plc AdrCOM05562210423846SH SOLE 00846
Broadcom IncCOM11135F101511SH SOLE 0011
Calamp CorpCOM128126109028SH SOLE 0028
Canadian Pac RailwayCOM13645T100345SH SOLE 0045
Carnival Corp NewCOM1436583005200SH SOLE 00200
Centene CorpCOM15135B101347SH SOLE 0047
Cheniere Energy IncCOM16411Q10114145SH SOLE 00145
Chimera Investment CorpCOM16934Q10924516,490SH SOLE 0016,490
Chipotle Mexican GrlCOM16965610542SH SOLE 002
Coca Cola CompanyCOM19121610014258SH SOLE 00258
Coca Cola Consolidated ICOM191098102410SH SOLE 0010
Cognex CorpCOM19242210310121SH SOLE 00121
ConocophillipsCOM20825C1041351,998SH SOLE 001,998
Constellation Brand Cl ACOM21036P108210SH SOLE 0010
Corteva IncCOM22052L1046139SH SOLE 00139
Cosan S ACOM22113B1034210SH SOLE 00210
Costco Whsl Corp NewCOM22160K1053374SH SOLE 0074
Cummins IncCOM231021106730SH SOLE 0030
Cytosorbents CorporaCOM23283X2062250SH SOLE 00250
D X C Technology ComCOM23355L10610287SH SOLE 00287
Danaher Corp DelCOM235851102515SH SOLE 0015
Datadog IncCOM23804L10321150SH SOLE 00150
Deere & CoCOM24419910544130SH SOLE 00130
Defiance Next GenCOM26922A289250SH SOLE 0050
Dell IncCOM24702R10121200SH SOLE 00200
Dexcom IncCOM252131107611SH SOLE 0011
Dimensional U S CoreCOM25434V7081,47755,584SH SOLE 0055,584
Dimensional Wld Ex US CrCOM25434V88030411,731SH SOLE 0011,731
Disney Walt CoCOM25468710619111SH SOLE 00111
Dollar Tree IncCOM256746108225SH SOLE 0025
Dow Chemical CompanyCOM2605431039151SH SOLE 00151
Du Pont E I De Nemour&CoCOM26353410910140SH SOLE 00140
Duke Energy Corp NewCOM26441C105224SH SOLE 0024
Ecolab IncCOM27886510029SH SOLE 009
ELEMENTS Rogers Intl Commodity AgCOM8702976031180SH SOLE 00180
Emagin CorpCOM29076N2062850SH SOLE 00850
Enbridge IncCOM29250N1057177SH SOLE 00177
Enterprise Prd Prtnrs LpCOM29379210742319,537SH SOLE 0019,537
Estee Lauder Co IncCOM518439104412SH SOLE 0012
Exxon Mobil CorporationCOM30231G10279013,424SH SOLE 0013,424
Facebook IncCOM30303M1021131SH SOLE 0031
Fedex CorporationCOM31428X10673331SH SOLE 00331
Fidelity Natl InfoCOM31620M106326SH SOLE 0026
Ford Motor Company NewCOM3453708605365SH SOLE 00365
Fortune Brands Hm&SCOM34964C106329SH SOLE 0029
FTSE RAFI Internat'l Dev MktsCOM73936T78924516SH SOLE 00516
Fubotv IncCOM35953D10412500SH SOLE 00500
General Electric CompanyCOM36960410315149SH SOLE 00149
Gilead Sciences IncCOM37555810321300SH SOLE 00300
Granite ConstructionCOM3873281074100SH SOLE 00100
Gxo Logistics IncCOM36262G101223SH SOLE 0023
Hewlett PackardCOM42824C109493,441SH SOLE 003,441
Hewlett-Packard CompanyCOM428236103953,473SH SOLE 003,473
Home Depot IncCOM43707610252157SH SOLE 00157
Indie Semiconductor IncCOM45569U1013270SH SOLE 00270
Intel CorpCOM458140100851,588SH SOLE 001,588
Intercontinental ExcCOM45866F104328SH SOLE 0028
Ion Geophysical Corp ComCOM46204420711,000SH SOLE 001,000
iShares Core S&P 500 ETFCOM46428720080185SH SOLE 00185
iShares Core S&P Mid-Cap ETFCOM46428720029SH SOLE 009
Ishares Core S&P SmallCOM464287804550SH SOLE 0050
iShares Core S&P Total US Stock Mkt ETFCOM46428715039394SH SOLE 00394
Ishares Gold EtfCOM4642851051715,122SH SOLE 005,122
iShares JPM USD Emerging Market Bond ETFCOM464288281217SH SOLE 0017
Ishares RussellCOM46428759821136SH SOLE 00136
iShares Russell 1000 ETFCOM464287622313SH SOLE 0013
iShares Russell 1000 Growth ETFCOM4642876141035SH SOLE 0035
iShares S&P EuroCOM464287861247SH SOLE 0047
Ishares S&P Mid CapCOM46428760616208SH SOLE 00208
IShares S&P MidcapCOM46428770521206SH SOLE 00206
Ishares S&P Small CapCOM464287879325SH SOLE 0025
Ishares S&P Smll CapCOM46428788716SH SOLE 006
Ishares Tr Barclays FundCOM46428722627236SH SOLE 00236
iShares Trust US Treasury Bond ETFCOM46429B267371,396SH SOLE 001,396
Jpmorgan Chase & CoCOM46625H100850SH SOLE 0050
Kb Finl Group IncCOM48241A105240SH SOLE 0040
Keysight Tech IncCOM49338L10323140SH SOLE 00140
Kinder Morgan IncCOM49456B101503,000SH SOLE 003,000
Kroger CompanyCOM501044101370SH SOLE 0070
Lincoln National CorpCOM534187109120SH SOLE 0020
Lockheed Martin CorpCOM5398301091853SH SOLE 0053
Lowes Companies IncCOM54866110700SH SOLE 000
Lucid Group IncCOM54949810324950SH SOLE 00950
Lululemon AthleticaCOM55002110937SH SOLE 007
Match Group Inc New ComCOM57667L10716100SH SOLE 00100
Mc Donalds CorpCOM580135101625SH SOLE 0025
Microsoft CorpCOM594918104185656SH SOLE 00656
Mondelez Intl Inc Cl ACOM609207105469SH SOLE 0069
Moodys CorpCOM615369105107300SH SOLE 00300
Morgan StanleyCOM617446448556SH SOLE 0056
Nautilus BiotechnologyCOM63909J1081150SH SOLE 00150
Netflix IncCOM64110L10646SH SOLE 006
Nextgen Acquisition CoCOMG653171021100SH SOLE 00100
Nike Inc Class BCOM65410610316112SH SOLE 00112
NIO INC ADRCOM62914V10625705SH SOLE 00705
Norwegian Cruise LinCOMG667211043100SH SOLE 00100
Nuvve Hldg CorpCOM67079Y1001100SH SOLE 00100
Nvidia CorpCOM67066G104732SH SOLE 0032
Occidental Pete CorpCOM6745991052006,750SH SOLE 006,750
Occidental Petrol 27 WtsCOM67459916210843SH SOLE 00843
Oncorus IncCOM68236R1031100SH SOLE 00100
Palo Alto NetworksCOM697435105612SH SOLE 0012
Paysafe LtdCOMG6964L107121,500SH SOLE 001,500
Pfizer IncorporatedCOM7170811034100SH SOLE 00100
PhillipsCOM7185461043825,456SH SOLE 005,456
Pimco Active Bond ETFCOM72201R77537,082335,436SH SOLE 00335,436
Pinterest IncCOM72352L1068150SH SOLE 00150
Pool CorpCOM73278L10538SH SOLE 008
Procter & GambleCOM742718109325SH SOLE 0025
Qualigen Therapeutics InCOM74754R1030200SH SOLE 00200
Rackspace Technology IncCOM7501021057500SH SOLE 00500
Relay Therapeutics IncCOM75943R1023100SH SOLE 00100
Retail Opportunity Investment CorpCOM76131N1013200SH SOLE 00200
Rocket Laboratory Usa InCOM7731221066350SH SOLE 00350
Rockwell AutomationCOM7739031092690SH SOLE 0090
Royal Dutch ShellCOM7802592061613,607SH SOLE 003,607
S P D R S&P 500 Etf TrCOM78462F1038612,005SH SOLE 002,005
S&P Global IncCOM78409V10438SH SOLE 008
Sales INCCOM79466L302724SH SOLE 0024
Schlumberger LtdCOM80685710899833,685SH SOLE 0033,685
Schwab Emerging Markets Equity ETFCOM8085247063,958129,853SH SOLE 00129,853
Schwab Fundamental Emerg Mkts Lg Co ETFCOM8085247304,673145,005SH SOLE 00145,005
Schwab Fundamental Intl Lg Co ETFCOM80852475513,500411,207SH SOLE 00411,207
Schwab Fundamental US Large Company ETFCOM8085247718,031148,856SH SOLE 00148,856
Schwab Fundamental US Small Company ETFCOM8085247633,35963,759SH SOLE 0063,759
Schwab Intermediate Term US TreasCOM80852485436,611645,574SH SOLE 00645,574
Schwab International Equity ETFCOM80852480513,069337,701SH SOLE 00337,701
Schwab US Large Cap ETFCOM8085242018,10677,917SH SOLE 0077,917
Schwab US Small Cap ETFCOM8085246073,19331,901SH SOLE 0031,901
Sculptor Cap MgmtCOM8112461073100SH SOLE 00100
Service Now IncCOM81762P10235SH SOLE 005
Skillz IncCOM83067L1092170SH SOLE 00170
Sonos IncCOM83570H108140SH SOLE 0040
Southwest AirlinesCOM84474110826500SH SOLE 00500
Southwestern Energy CoCOM8454671092369SH SOLE 00369
Spdr Doubleline Ttl RtrnCOM78467V8486125SH SOLE 00125
SPDR Gold TrustCOM78463V10712,18874,215SH SOLE 0074,215
SPDR Portfolio Developed World ex-US ETFCOM78463X8893068,461SH SOLE 008,461
Spdr S&P Oil & Gas Expl & ProdCOM78468R55622230SH SOLE 00230
SPDR Series Trust Portfolio Intermediate Term ETFCOM78464A6722256,972SH SOLE 006,972
SPDR Series Trust Portfolio Small Cap ETFCOM78468R8531884,414SH SOLE 004,414
SPDR Portfolio Emerging Markets ETFCOM78463X509932,194SH SOLE 002,194
SPDR Portfolio Large Cap ETFCOM78464A854841,671SH SOLE 001,671
Starbucks CorpCOM855244109101914SH SOLE 00914
Sun Life Financial IncCOM86679610514275SH SOLE 00275
Tattooed Chef IncCOM87663X10212675SH SOLE 00675
Tesla Motors IncCOM88160R101911SH SOLE 0011
Tractor Supply CompCOM892356106420SH SOLE 0020
Transdigm Group IncCOM89364110024SH SOLE 004
Trimble Navigation LtdCOM896239100334SH SOLE 0034
U S Bancorp Del NewCOM90297330428464SH SOLE 00464
Union Pacific CorpCOM9078181081260SH SOLE 0060
United Rentals IncCOM9113631091337SH SOLE 0037
Unitedhealth Group IncCOM91324P102137350SH SOLE 00350
Upstart Hldgs IncCOM91680M107930SH SOLE 0030
Valero Energy Corp NewCOM91913Y1007100SH SOLE 00100
Vaneck Vectors Jr Gold Miners ETFCOM57061R5448214SH SOLE 00214
Vanguard Growth ETFCOM9229087361243SH SOLE 0043
Vanguard Intl Eqty EtfCOM9220426768150SH SOLE 00150
Vanguard Mid Cap ETFCOM9229086291147SH SOLE 0047
Vanguard MSCI EAFE ETFCOM9219438585102SH SOLE 00102
Vanguard Msci EmergingCOM922042858475SH SOLE 0075
Vanguard Small Cap EtfCOM92290875140181SH SOLE 00181
Verizon CommunicationsCOM92343V104126SH SOLE 0026
Viatris IncCOM92556V10606SH SOLE 006
Village Farms IntlCOM92707Y1086700SH SOLE 00700
Virgin Galactic Hldgs InCOM92766K1067270SH SOLE 00270
Visa Inc Cl ACOM92826C839627SH SOLE 0027
Wal-Mart Stores IncCOM931142103640SH SOLE 0040
Weatherford Intl WtfCOMG488331260192SH SOLE 00192
Weatherford Intl OrdfCOMG48833118017SH SOLE 0017
Westlake Chemical CorpCOM96041310205SH SOLE 005
WisdomTree Emerging Markets High Dividend ETFCOM97717W315245SH SOLE 0045
Wisdomtree Yld Enhn U SCOM97717Y80821407SH SOLE 00407
Workhorse Group IncCOM98138J206030SH SOLE 0030
Xpo Logistics IncCOM983793100223SH SOLE 0023
Zillow Group IncCOM98954M20013150SH SOLE 00150
Zynga IncCOM98986T1082300SH SOLE 00300