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Washington, D.C. 20549


OMB Number:3235-0006
Expires:Oct 31, 2018
Estimated average burden
hours per response:23.8

Abbott LaboratoriesCommon stock0028241002482,098SH SOLE 2,09800
Abbvie IncCommon stock00287y1094,96646,034SH SOLE 46,03400
Accenture PlcCommon stockG1151C101276862SH SOLE 86200
Adobe, Inc.Common stock00724F101560972SH SOLE 97200
AES CorpCommon stock00130h10523710,380SH SOLE 10,38000
Air Prods & Chems IncCommon stock0091581065852,283SH SOLE 2,28300
Alphabet Inc Cap Stock Cl ACommon stock02079k3056,9592,603SH SOLE 2,60300
Alphabet, Inc. - Class CCommon stock02079K1071,364512SH SOLE 51200
Altria Group IncCommon stock02209s1034,30194,441SH SOLE 94,44100 IncCommon stock02313510610,1653,094SH SOLE 3,09400
American Tower REITCommon stock03027x1006412,411SH SOLE 2,41100
Amgen IncCommon stock0311621004,54021,352SH SOLE 21,35200
Amphenol Corp Cl ACommon stock0320951014746,479SH SOLE 6,47900
Apple IncCommon stock03783310014,804104,623SH SOLE 104,62300
Archer Daniels Midland CoCommon stock0394831024,72478,729SH SOLE 78,72900
Asml Holding NvCommon stockN07059210271364SH SOLE 36400
Astrazeneca Plc - Sponsored AdrCommon stock0463531085398,982SH SOLE 8,98200
AT&T IncCommon stock00206r1024,847179,445SH SOLE 179,44500
Autodesk IncCommon stock0527691069233,238SH SOLE 3,23800
AvalonBay Communities IncCommon stock0534841013831,727SH SOLE 1,72700
Bank Of America Corp.Common stock0605051042295,394SH SOLE 5,39400
Becton Dickinson & CoCommon stock0758871092821,147SH SOLE 1,14700
Berkshire Hathaway, Inc. - Class ACommon stock0846701083,2918SH SOLE 800
Berkshire Hathaway, Inc. - Class BCommon stock0846707025882,153SH SOLE 2,15300
Best Buy IncCommon stock0865161012922,758SH SOLE 2,75800
BlackRock IncCommon stock09247x101335400SH SOLE 40000
Bp Plc - Sponsored AdrCommon stock05562210429610,815SH SOLE 10,81500
Bristol Myers Squibb CoCommon stock1101221084,43674,970SH SOLE 74,97000
Broadcom Inc ComCommon stock11135f1015,10410,525SH SOLE 10,52500
Brookfield Renewable Corp Cl ACommon stock11284v10541510,702SH SOLE 10,70200
Bunge LimitedCommon stockg169621052803,440SH SOLE 3,44000
Cboe Global Markets, Inc.Common stock12503M1082992,416SH SOLE 2,41600
Centene CorpCommon stock15135b10184213,511SH SOLE 13,51100
CF Industries Holdings IncCommon stock12526910070612,642SH SOLE 12,64200
Charter Communications Inc ClCommon stock16119p1081,1611,596SH SOLE 1,59600
Cheniere Energy IncCommon stock16411r2082392,448SH SOLE 2,44800
Chevron CorpCommon stock1667641004,57145,060SH SOLE 45,06000
Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc ClCommon stock1696561051,047576SH SOLE 57600
Cisco Systems IncCommon stock17275r1025,26796,779SH SOLE 96,77900
Clearway Energy Inc Cl CCommon stock18539c2044,996165,042SH SOLE 165,04200
Coca-Cola CoCommon stock1912161004528,582SH SOLE 8,58200
Coca-Cola Europacific Partners PlcCommon stockG258391044337,834SH SOLE 7,83400
Colgate Palmolive CoCommon stock1941621033714,899SH SOLE 4,89900
Comcast Corp Cl ACommon stock20030n10180114,332SH SOLE 14,33200
Conagra Foods IncCommon stock2058871023,889114,835SH SOLE 114,83500
Costco Wholesale Corp.Common stock22160K105302671SH SOLE 67100
Cummins IncCommon stock2310211064,65520,731SH SOLE 20,73100
Danaher CorpCommon stock2358511026782,227SH SOLE 2,22700
Dcp Midstream Partners Lp Units Ltd Partner IntCommon stock23311P10028210,000SH SOLE 10,00000
Diageo Plc - Sponsored AdrCommon stock25243Q2054912,513SH SOLE 2,51300
Dimensional Us Equity EtfCommon stock25434V4013056,457SH SOLE 6,45700
Disney Walt Co DisneyCommon stock2546871065923,500SH SOLE 3,50000
Dominion Energy IncCommon stock25746u1093885,314SH SOLE 5,31400
DTE Energy CoCommon stock2333311072852,544SH SOLE 2,54400
Duke Energy CorpCommon stock26441c2044,65747,723SH SOLE 47,72300
Eastman Chem CoCommon stock2774321004,12640,962SH SOLE 40,96200
Emerson Electric CoCommon stock2910111044,71950,101SH SOLE 50,10100
Empire Diversified Energy IncCommon stock2916441021439,002SH SOLE 39,00200
Enbridge IncCommon stock29250n1053498,790SH SOLE 8,79000
Energy Transfer LPCommon stock29273v10023224,226SH SOLE 24,22600
Enphase Energy IncCommon stock29355a1076994,662SH SOLE 4,66200
Equinix IncCommon stock29444u700576729SH SOLE 72900
Equity Lifestyle Properties InCommon stock29472r1084225,405SH SOLE 5,40500
Exelon CorpCommon stock30161n1014,869100,724SH SOLE 100,72400
Facebook Inc Cl ACommon stock30303m1026,29318,541SH SOLE 18,54100
Federal Realty Investment TrusCommon stock3137472063693,128SH SOLE 3,12800
FedEx CorpCommon stock31428x1068493,869SH SOLE 3,86900
Fidelity National Financial InCommon stock31620r3032956,507SH SOLE 6,50700
First Horizon Natl CorpCommon stock3205171054,704288,685SH SOLE 288,68500
First Solar IncCommon stock3364331078528,927SH SOLE 8,92700
Fiserv IncCommon stock3377381083022,790SH SOLE 2,79000
Fleetcor Technologies IncCommon stock3390411057592,906SH SOLE 2,90600
Fortinet IncCommon stock34959e1093041,041SH SOLE 1,04100
Fortress Trans Infrst Invs LLCCommon stock34960p10169527,365SH SOLE 27,36500
Fs Kkr Capital Corp.Common stock30263520647420,902SH SOLE 20,90200
Gaming & Leisure Properties InCommon stock36467j10877716,763SH SOLE 16,76300
Garmin Ltd.Common stockH2906T1095563,578SH SOLE 3,57800
General Dynamics CorpCommon stock3695501085,06125,821SH SOLE 25,82100
Genesis Energy LPCommon stock37192710494294,441SH SOLE 94,44100
Gilead Sciences IncCommon stock3755581033985,694SH SOLE 5,69400
Goldman Sachs Group IncCommon stock38141g1041,1623,073SH SOLE 3,07300
Gxo Logistics IncorporatedCommon stock36262g1013644,644SH SOLE 4,64400
Hartford Financial Services GrCommon stock4165151044,65466,247SH SOLE 66,24700
Hasbro IncCommon stock4180561074,16546,675SH SOLE 46,67500
Home Depot IncCommon stock4370761028712,655SH SOLE 2,65500
Incyte CorpCommon stock45337c1025578,101SH SOLE 8,10100
International Business MachineCommon stock4592001014,98335,872SH SOLE 35,87200
International Flavors & FragraCommon stock4595061012792,084SH SOLE 2,08400
International Paper CoCommon stock4601461032694,816SH SOLE 4,81600
Interpublic Group Cos IncCommon stock4606901004,528123,473SH SOLE 123,47300
iShares Core MSCI EAFEExchange traded fund46432f8422283,075SH SOLE 3,07500
Ishares S&P 500 Growth EtfExchange traded fund46428730918,169245,832SH SOLE 245,83200
Johnson & JohnsonCommon stock4781601044,91430,430SH SOLE 30,43000
JPMorgan Chase & CoCommon stock46625h1005,28332,275SH SOLE 32,27500
Kansas City SouthernCommon stock485170302256948SH SOLE 94800
KKR & Co Inc Cl ACommon stock48251w10483113,650SH SOLE 13,65000
Knight Swift Trans Holdings InCommon stock4990491042835,529SH SOLE 5,52900
Knot Offshore Partners, LpCommon stockY481251011,879100,000SH SOLE 100,00000
Kroger CoCommon stock50104410141810,351SH SOLE 10,35100
Leggett & Platt IncCommon stock5246601074,09491,310SH SOLE 91,31000
Lowes Cos IncCommon stock5486611071,1485,661SH SOLE 5,66100
Martin Marietta Materials IncCommon stock5732841066801,989SH SOLE 1,98900
MasterCard Inc Cl ACommon stock57636q1041,6124,634SH SOLE 4,63400
Merck & Co IncCommon stock58933y1054866,436SH SOLE 6,43600
MetLife IncCommon stock59156r10866110,703SH SOLE 10,70300
Microsoft CorpCommon stock5949181047,37926,174SH SOLE 26,17400
Mid-America Apartment Communities, Inc.Common stock59522J1037,08037,911SH SOLE 37,91100
Monster Beverage CorpCommon stock61174x1097148,040SH SOLE 8,04000
Morgan StanleyCommon stock6174464484,90950,447SH SOLE 50,44700
NetApp IncCommon stock64110d1045,26658,666SH SOLE 58,66600
Netflix, Inc.Common stock64110L1062,1343,497SH SOLE 3,49700
Nextera Energy IncCommon stock65339f1011,06913,618SH SOLE 13,61800
Nextera Energy Partners LP InCommon stock65341b1066027,983SH SOLE 7,98300
Nike, Inc.Common stock6541061032101,443SH SOLE 1,44300
Novo-Nordisk A/S Adr Adr CmnCommon stock6701002055896,140SH SOLE 6,14000
NRG Energy IncCommon stock6293775085,696139,512SH SOLE 139,51200
Nvidia Corp.Common stock67066G1047413,578SH SOLE 3,57800
Omnicom Group IncCommon stock6819191062823,888SH SOLE 3,88800
Oracle Corp.Common stock68389X1052492,862SH SOLE 2,86200
Palo Alto Networks IncCommon stock6974351051,4803,089SH SOLE 3,08900
Paychex IncCommon stock7043261073963,523SH SOLE 3,52300
Paypal Holdings IncCommon stock70450y1031,2374,754SH SOLE 4,75400
Penske Automotive Group IncCommon stock70959w1035,57455,407SH SOLE 55,40700
PepsiCo IncCommon stock7134481085,29635,208SH SOLE 35,20800
Pfizer IncCommon stock7170811034,383101,900SH SOLE 101,90000
PPL CorpCommon stock69351t1064,156149,037SH SOLE 149,03700
Procter & Gamble CoCommon stock7427181097445,323SH SOLE 5,32300
Qorvo IncCommon stock74736k1012871,716SH SOLE 1,71600
Quanta Services IncCommon stock74762e1026305,539SH SOLE 5,53900
Raymond James Financial IncCommon stock7547301097878,524SH SOLE 8,52400
Raytheon Technologies CorpCommon stock75513e1014214,905SH SOLE 4,90500
Regions Financial CorpCommon stock7591ep1005,840274,037SH SOLE 274,03700
Republic Services IncCommon stock7607591004663,873SH SOLE 3,87300
Ribbon Communications IncCommon stock76254410419532,551SH SOLE 32,55100
Salesforce.Com, Inc.Common stock79466L3023721,373SH SOLE 1,37300
Sap Se - Sponsored AdrCommon stock8030542044083,025SH SOLE 3,02500
SBA Communications Corp Cl ACommon stock78410g1045371,625SH SOLE 1,62500
ServiceNow IncCommon stock81762p1021,1711,881SH SOLE 1,88100
Shoals Technologies Group IncCommon stock82489w10732011,486SH SOLE 11,48600
Sigma Lithium CorporationCommon stock82659910229335,000SH SOLE 35,00000
Skyworks Solutions IncCommon stock83088m1029345,668SH SOLE 5,66800
Smucker J M CoCommon stock8326964054,20735,044SH SOLE 35,04400
Snap On IncCommon stock8330341013,95118,909SH SOLE 18,90900
Solaredge Technologies IncCommon stock83417m1046142,312SH SOLE 2,31200
Southern CoCommon stock8425871073876,232SH SOLE 6,23200
Spdr Gold EtfExchange traded fund78463V1077394,500SH SOLE 4,50000
Spdr S&P 500 EtfExchange traded fund78462F1039,31221,627SH SOLE 21,62700
Spdr S&P Dividend EtfExchange traded fund78464A7631,90516,203SH SOLE 16,20300
Square Inc Cl ACommon stock8522341038393,498SH SOLE 3,49800
SS&C Technologies Holdings IncCommon stock78467j10074210,690SH SOLE 10,69000
Starbucks CorpCommon stock8552441098517,714SH SOLE 7,71400
State Street CorpCommon stock8574771034,74255,977SH SOLE 55,97700
Steel Dynamics IncCommon stock8581191004,25672,781SH SOLE 72,78100
Stellantis N.V ShsCommon stockN8240510639420,644SH SOLE 20,64400
Stryker CorpCommon stock8636671014041,532SH SOLE 1,53200
Sun Communities IncCommon stock8666741044152,243SH SOLE 2,24300
Sunrun IncCommon stock86771w10560613,774SH SOLE 13,77400
Targa Resources CorpCommon stock87612g1013016,112SH SOLE 6,11200
Tesla, Inc.Common stock88160R1019481,222SH SOLE 1,22200
Tetra Tech IncCommon stock88162g1037545,046SH SOLE 5,04600
Texas Instruments IncCommon stock8825081045,06926,375SH SOLE 26,37500
Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc.Common stock883556102296517SH SOLE 51700
T-Mobile US IncCommon stock8725901045744,492SH SOLE 4,49200
Total SeCommon stock89151E1093206,572SH SOLE 6,57200
Travel Plus Leisure CoCommon stock8941641024,97291,196SH SOLE 91,19600
United Parcel Service Inc Cl BCommon stock9113121064652,551SH SOLE 2,55100
Unitedhealth GroupCommon stock91324P1024581,171SH SOLE 1,17100
Vaneck Vectors Agribusiness EtfExchange traded fund92189F7001,01311,104SH SOLE 11,10400
Vanguard Dividend Appreciation Index FundExchange traded fund9219088441,77511,557SH SOLE 11,55700
Vanguard S&P 500 EtfExchange traded fund9229083631,2663,200SH SOLE 3,20000
Verizon Communications IncCommon stock92343v1044,78588,597SH SOLE 88,59700
Vertex Pharmaceuticals IncCommon stock92532f1005122,819SH SOLE 2,81900
Vertiv Holdings Co Cl ACommon stock92537n10867127,859SH SOLE 27,85900
VF CorpCommon stock9182041082423,624SH SOLE 3,62400
Visa Inc Cl ACommon stock92826c8391,7557,878SH SOLE 7,87800
Vistra Energy CorpCommon stock92840m10266839,044SH SOLE 39,04400
Vodafone Group PLC Spnsr ADR NCommon stock92857w30862140,225SH SOLE 40,22500
Voya Financial IncCommon stock92908910067711,025SH SOLE 11,02500
Walmart, Inc.Common stock9311421032201,582SH SOLE 1,58200
Waste Management IncCommon stock94106l1095143,441SH SOLE 3,44100
XPO Logistics IncCommon stock9837931005737,198SH SOLE 7,19800
Zoominfo Technoligies, Inc.Common stock98980F10412,929211,295SH SOLE 211,29500