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Exhibit 21.1
(as of December 31, 2022)

Entity Jurisdiction
EQGP Holdings, LP Delaware
EQGP Services, LLC Delaware
EQM Gathering Holdings, LLC Delaware
EQM Gathering Opco, LLC Delaware
EQM GP Corporation Delaware
EQM LP LLCDelaware
EQM Midstream Finance Corporation Delaware
EQM Midstream Management LLC Delaware
EQM Midstream Partners, LP Delaware
EQM Olympus Midstream LLC Delaware
Eureka Midstream Holdings, LLCDelaware
Eureka Land, LLCDelaware
Eureka Midstream, LLCDelaware
Eureka Services Intermediate, LLCDelaware
Eureka Services, LLCDelaware
Hornet Midstream Pipeline, LLCDelaware
Equitrans Gathering Holdings, LLC Delaware
Equitrans Investments, LLC Delaware
Equitrans Midstream FoundationPennsylvania
Equitrans Services, LLC Delaware
Equitrans, L.P. Pennsylvania
Equitrans Transaction Sub GP, LLCDelaware
Equitrans Water Services (PA), LLC Delaware
Equitrans Water Services (OH), LLC Delaware
MVP Holdco, LLC Delaware
Rager Mountain Storage Company LLC Delaware
RM Partners LPDelaware