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Exhibit 1A-12



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Markley S. Roderick, Esq.


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July 23, 2018




AHP Servicing LLC

440 S. LaSalle Street, Suite 1110

Chicago, Illinois 60605


Ladies and Gentlemen:


We have acted as counsel to American Servicing LLC, a Delaware limited liability company (the “Company”), in connection with the Offering Statement on Form 1-A (the “Offering Statement”) being filed by the Company with the Securities and Exchange Commission under the Securities Act of 1933, as amended (the “Securities Act”), and Regulation A thereunder. The Offering Statement relates to the issuance and sale by the Company of up to $50,000,000 of Series A Preferred Stock of the Company (the “Shares”).


As such counsel, we have examined such documents and such matters of fact and law that we have deemed necessary for the purpose of rendering the opinion set forth herein. As to questions of fact material to this opinion, we have relied on certificates or comparable documents of public officials and of officers and representatives of the Company. In rendering the opinion expressed below, we have assumed without verification the genuineness of all signatures, the legal capacity of natural persons, the authenticity of all documents submitted to us as originals, the conformity to the originals of all documents submitted to us as copies and the authenticity of the originals of such copies.


Based on the foregoing, and subject to the qualifications, assumptions and limitations stated herein, we are of the opinion that the Shares have been duly authorized and, when the Shares have been duly issued and delivered against payment therefore in accordance with the terms of the Investment Agreement, the Shares will be validly issued, and purchasers of the Shares will have no obligation to make payments to the Company or its creditors (other than the purchase price for the Shares) or contributions to the Company or its creditors solely by reason of the purchasers’ ownership of the Shares.


We do not express any opinion herein concerning any law other than Delaware Limited Liability Company Act as in effect on the date of this letter.


We hereby consent to the filing of this opinion letter as Exhibit 1A-12 to the Offering Circular included in the Offering Statement. In giving this consent, we do not hereby admit that we are in the category of persons whose consent is required under Section 7 of the Securities Act.


  Very truly yours,
  By: /s/ Markley S. Roderick
          Markley S. Roderick