EX-21 4 fy2021_q4x10kxex21.htm SUBSIDIARIES OF THE COMPANY Document
Exhibit 21
Name of SubsidiaryCountry of Incorporation
ABC Cable Networks GroupUnited States
ABC Enterprises, Inc.United States
ABC Family Worldwide, Inc.United States
ABC Holding Company Inc.United States
ABC Kids Europe Holdings, Inc.United States
ABC News/Starwave PartnersUnited States
ABC Signature, LLCUnited States
ABC Studios New York, LLCUnited States
ABC, Inc.United States
Accelerator Investments LLCUnited States
American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.United States
Asianet Star Communications Private LimitedIndia
BAMTech, LLCUnited States
Banner Productions LimitedUnited Kingdom
Beijing Hulu Software Technology Development Co., Ltd.China
Buena Vista International, Inc.United States
Buena Vista Television, LLCUnited States
Buena Vista Video On DemandUnited States
BVI Television Investments, Inc.United States
Cable LT Holdings, Inc.United States
DCL Maritime LLCUnited States
Disney Canada Inc.Canada
Disney Consumer Products, Inc.United States
Disney Destinations, LLCUnited States
Disney DTC LLCUnited States
Disney Enterprises, Inc.United States
Disney FTC Services (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.Singapore
Disney Magic Company LimitedUnited Kingdom
Disney Magic CorporationUnited States
Disney Networks Group Asia Pacific LimitedHong Kong
Disney Networks Group Netherlands Holding B.V.Netherlands
Disney OnlineUnited States
Disney Sports DTC, LLCUnited States
Disney Streaming Technology LLCUnited States
Disney Vacation Club Management, LLCUnited States
Disney Vacation Development, Inc.United States
Disney Worldwide Services, Inc.United States
Disney/ABC International Television, Inc.United States
Eredivisie Media & Marketing C.V.Netherlands
ESPN Enterprises, Inc.United States
ESPN, Inc.United States
Euro Disney Associes S.A.S.
Fox Networks Group Netherlands Holding II B.V.Netherlands
Fox Networks Group Sports Europe Holdings C.V.Netherlands
Fox Networks Group Yapim Limited SirketiTurkey
FX Networks, LLCUnited States

FX Productions, LLCUnited States
FXX Network, LLCUnited States
Hongkong International Theme Parks LimitedHong Kong
Hudson Square Realty, LLCUnited States
Hulu, LLC United States
Imprint, Inc.United States
International Family Entertainment, Inc.United States
KTRK Television, Inc.United States
LFL Productions LimitedUnited Kingdom
Lucasfilm Entertainment Company Ltd. LLCUnited States
Lucasfilm Ltd. LLCUnited States
Magical Cruise Company, LimitedUnited Kingdom
Maker Studios, LLCUnited States
Marvel Brands LLCUnited States
Marvel Entertainment, LLCUnited States
Marvel Studios LLCUnited States
MVL Film Finance LLCUnited States
National Geographic Partners, LLCUnited States
NGC Europe LimitedUnited Kingdom
NGC Network International, LLCUnited States
NGC Network Latin America, LLCUnited States
Novi Digital Entertainment Private LimitedIndia
Pacific 2.1 Entertainment Group, Inc.United States
PixarUnited States
Playdom, LLCUnited States
Searchlight Pictures, Inc.United States
Shanghai International Theme Park Associated Facilities Company LimitedChina
Shanghai International Theme Park Company LimitedChina
Star Group LimitedCayman Islands
STAR India Holdings B.V.Netherlands
Star India Private LimitedIndia
STAR US Holdings Subsidiary, LLCUnited States
STARTV ATC Holding LimitedBrit.Virgin Is.
Streamboat Willie Productions LLCUnited States
TFCF America, Inc.United States
TFCF Cable Ventures, LLCUnited States
TFCF CorporationUnited States
TFCF Entertainment Group Holdings, LLCUnited States
TFCF Entertainment Group, LLCUnited States
TFCF Europe, Inc.United States
TFCF International Channels (US) Inc.United States
TFCF Latin American Channel LLCUnited States
TFCF Movie Channel, Inc.United States
TFCF SPV, Inc.United States
TFCF Worldwide L.L.C.United States
The Walt Disney Company (China) LimitedChina

The Walt Disney Company (France) S.A.S.France
The Walt Disney Company (Germany) GmbHGermany
The Walt Disney Company (Italia) S.r.l.Italy
The Walt Disney Company (Japan) Ltd.Japan
The Walt Disney Company Iberia, S.L.U.Spain
The Walt Disney Company LimitedUnited Kingdom
The Woodlands Enterprises, LLCUnited States
TWDC Enterprises 18 Corp.United States
Twentieth Century Fox Film CorporationUnited States
Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment LLCUnited States
Twentieth Century Fox International Television, Inc.United States
Twentieth Century Fox Telecommunications International, Inc.United States
Twentieth Century Fox Television Distribution (U.K.), Ltd.United Kingdom
Twentieth Television, Inc.United States
Walt Disney Holdings (Hong Kong) LimitedHong Kong
Walt Disney Parks and Resorts U.S., Inc.United States
Walt Disney PicturesUnited States
Walt Disney Pictures Production, LLCUnited States
WD Holdings (Shanghai), LLCUnited States