EX-24 2 attachment1.htm EX-24 DOCUMENT
                                  POWER OF ATTORNEY

KNOW ALL PEOPLE BY THESE PRESENTS, that the person whose signature appears below
hereby makes, constitutes and appoints each of Brad Marshall, Marisa J. Beeney,
Katherine Rubenstein, William Renahan and Carlos Whitaker (each, an "Agent" and
collectively, the "Agents"),with full power to act, with or without the other
and with full powers of substitution and resubstitution, as his or her agent and
attorney-in-fact for the purpose of executing in his or her name, in his or her
capacity as an officer of Blackstone Secured Lending Fund and Blackstone Private
Credit Fund (each a "Company"), (i) the registration statement on Form N-2 or
any other appropriate form (including amendments or supplements thereto), to be
filed with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (the "SEC")
pursuant to the Securities Act of 1933, as amended, and the Investment Company
Act of 1940, as amended (collectively, the "Acts"), and the rules and
regulations promulgated thereunder, as applicable, and any and all instruments
which said Agents, or any of them, may deem necessary or advisable or which may
be required to enable each Company to comply with the Acts, and any rules,
regulations or requirements of the SEC in respect thereof, (ii) in connection
with any applications for EDGAR access codes or any other documents necessary
or appropriate to obtain codes and passwords enabling the undersigned to make
electronic filings with the SEC, including without limitation the Form ID or
(iii) any statement of beneficial ownership on Form 3, 4 or 5 to be filed with
the SEC.

All past acts of an Agent in furtherance of the foregoing are hereby ratified
and confirmed.

This Power of Attorney shall be valid from the date hereof until revoked by the
undersigned. If it is determined by a court of competent jurisdiction that any
provision of this Power of Attorney is invalid under applicable law, such
provision will be ineffective only to the extent of such prohibition or
invalidity, without invalidating the remainder of this Power of Attorney. The
undersigned acknowledges that each Agent, in serving in such capacity at the
undersigned's request, is not assuming, nor is any Company assuming, any of the
undersigned's responsibilities to comply with the Acts.

IN WITNESS HEREOF I have executed this instrument as of the 18th day of
January, 2023.

/s/ Jonathan Bock
Jonathan Bock
Co-Chief Executive Officer