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1 Paya CompanyOverview August2020



Disclaimer 2 This investor presentation (“Investor Presentation”) is for informational purposes only and does not constitute an offer to sell, a solicitation of an offer to buy, or a recommendation to purchase any equity, debt or other financial instruments of Paya, Inc. or FinTech Acquisition Corp. III or any of Paya, Inc.’s or FinTech Acquisition Corp. III’s affiliates’ securities (as such term is defined under the U.S. Federal Securities Law). This Investor Presentation has been prepared to assist interested parties in making their own evaluation with respectto theproposedbusinesscombination(collectively,the“BusinessCombination”),ofPaya,Inc.andFinTechAcquisitionCorp.IIIand fornootherpurpose.Theinformationcontainedhereindoesnotpurportto beall-inclusive.Thedatacontainedhereinis derived from various internal and external sources. No representation is made as to the reasonableness of the assumptions made within or the accuracy or completeness of any projections, modeling or back-testing or any other information contained herein. All levels, prices and spreads are historical and do not represent current market levels, prices or spreads, some or all of which may have been changed since the issuance of this document. Any data on past performance, modeling or back-testing contained herein is not an indication as to future performance. Paya, Inc. and FinTech Acquisition Corp. III assume no obligation to update the information in this Investor Presentation. This Investor Presentation is strictly confidential and may not be copied, reproduced, redistributed or passed on, in whole or in part, or disclosed, directly or indirectly, to any other person or published or for any purpose. This Investor Presentation is being distributed to selected recipients only and is not intended for distribution to, or use by any person or entity in, any jurisdictionorcountrywhere such distributionorusewouldbecontrarytolocallaworregulation.NeitherthisInvestorPresentationnoranypartorcopyofitmaybetaken ortransmittedintotheUnitedStatesorpublished,released,disclosedordistributed,directlyor indirectly,intheUnitedStates, asthattermisdefinedintheUnited StatesSecuritiesActof1933,asamended(the“SecuritiesAct”),excepttoalimitednumberofqualifiedinstitutionalbuyers(“QIBs”),asdefinedinRule144AundertheSecuritiesAct, or institutional “accredited investors” within the meaning of Regulation D under the Securities Act. Use ofProjections This Presentation contains financial forecasts with respect to Paya, Inc. Neither FinTech Acquisition Corp. III’s independent auditors, nor the independent registered public accounting firm of Paya, Inc., audited, reviewed, compiled, or performed any procedures with respect to the projections for the purpose of their inclusion in this Investor Presentation, and accordingly, neither of them expressed an opinion or provided any other form of assurance with respect thereto for the purpose of this Investor Presentation. These projections should not be relied upon as being necessarily indicative of future results. Forward LookingStatements This Investor Presentation includes “forward looking statements” within the meaning of the “safe harbor” provisions of the United States Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Forward-looking statements may be identified by the use of words such as “forecast,”“intend,”“seek,”“target,”“anticipate,”“believe,”“expect,”“estimate,”“plan,”“outlook,”and“project”andothersimilarexpressionsthatpredictorindicatefutureeventsortrendsorthatarenotstatementsofhistoricalmatters.Suchforwardlooking statementsincludeestimatedfinancialinformation.Suchforwardlookingstatementswithrespecttorevenues,earnings,performance,strategies,prospectsandotheraspectsofthebusinessesofFinTechAcquisitionCorp.III,Paya,Inc.orthecombinedcompanyafter completion of the Business Combination are based on current expectations that are subject to risks and uncertainties. A number of factors could cause actual results or outcomes to differ materially from those indicated by such forward looking statements. These factors include, but are not limited to: (1) the occurrence of any event, change or other circumstances that could give rise to the termination of the Transaction Agreement and the proposed business combination contemplated thereby; (2) the inability to complete the transactions contemplated by the Transaction Agreement due to the failure to obtain approval of the stockholders of FinTech Acquisition Corp. III or other conditions to closing in the Transaction Agreement; (3) the ability to meet Nasdaq’s listing standards following the consummationofthetransactionscontemplatedbytheTransactionAgreement;(4)theriskthattheproposedtransaction disruptscurrentplansandoperationsofPaya,Inc. asaresultoftheannouncementandconsummationofthetransactionsdescribedherein; (5)theabilitytorecognizetheanticipatedbenefitsoftheproposedBusinessCombination,which maybeaffectedby,amongotherthings,competition,theabilityofthecombinedcompanyto growandmanagegrowthprofitably,maintainrelationshipswithcustomers and suppliers and retain its management and key employees; (6) costs related to the proposed Business Combination; (7) changes in applicable laws or regulations; (8) the possibility that Paya, Inc. may be adversely affected by other economic, business, and/or competitive factors; and (9) other risks and uncertainties indicated from time to time in other documents filed or to be filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) by FinTech Acquisition Corp. III. You are cautioned not to place undue reliance upon any forward-looking statements, which speak only as of the date made. FinTech Acquisition Corp. III and Paya, Inc. undertake no commitment to update or revise the forward-looking statements, whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise, except as may be required bylaw. Use of Non-GAAP FinancialMeasures This presentation includes certain non-GAAP financial measures that are not prepared in accordance with accounting principles generally accepted in the United States (“GAAP”) and that may be different from non-GAAP financial measures used by other companies. FinTech Acquisition Corp. III and Paya, Inc. believe that the use of these non-GAAP financial measures provides an additional tool for investors to use in evaluating ongoing operating results and trends of Paya, Inc. These non-GAAP measures should not be considered in isolation from, or as an alternative to, financial measures determined in accordance with GAAP. See the footnotes on the slides where these measures are discussed and page 32 of this Presentation for a reconciliations of such non-GAAP financial measures to the most comparable GAAP numbers. Additionally, to the extent that forward-looking non-GAAP financial measures are provided, they are presented on a non-GAAP basis without reconciliations of such forward-looking non-GAAP measures due to the inherent difficulty in forecasting and quantifying certain amounts that are necessary for suchreconciliation. AdditionalInformation In connection with the proposed Business Combination between Paya, Inc. and FinTech Acquisition Corp. III, FinTech Acquisition Corp. III intends to file with the SEC a preliminary proxy statement / prospectus and will mail a definitive proxy statement / prospectus and other relevant documentation to FinTech Acquisition Corp. III stockholders. This Investor Presentation does not contain all the information that should be considered concerning the proposed Business Combination. It is not intended to form the basis of any investment decision or any other decision in respect to the proposed Business Combination. FinTech Acquisition Corp. III stockholders and other interested persons are advised to read, when available, the preliminary proxy statement / prospectus and any amendments thereto, and the definitive proxy statement / prospectus in connection with FinTech Acquisition Corp. III’s solicitation of proxies for the special meeting to be held to approve the transactions contemplated by the proposed Business Combination because these materials will contain important information about Paya, Inc., FinTech Acquisition Corp. III and the proposed transactions. The definitive proxy statement / prospectus will be mailed to FinTech Acquisition Corp. III stockholders as of a record date to be established for voting on the proposed Business Combination when it becomes available. Stockholders will also be able to obtain a copy of the preliminary proxy statement / prospectus and the definitive proxy statement / prospectus once they are available, without charge, at the SEC’s website at http://sec.govorby directingarequest to:JamesJ.McEntee,III,PresidentandChiefFinancialOfficer,FinTechAcquisitionCorp.III,2929ArchStreet,Suite1703,Philadelphia,Pennsylvania19104. This Investor Presentation shall not constitute a solicitation of a proxy, consent or authorization with respect toany securities or in respect of the proposed Business Combination. Participants in theSolicitation FinTech Acquisition Corp. III and its directors and officers may be deemed participants in the solicitation of proxies of FinTech Acquisition Corp. III stockholders in connection with the proposed Business Combination. FinTech Acquisition Corp. III stockholders and other interested persons may obtain, without charge, more detailed information regarding the directors and officers of FinTech Acquisition Corp. III in FinTech Acquisition Corp. III’s Annual Report on Form 10-K for the fiscal year ended December 31, 2019. Information regarding the persons who may, under SEC rules, be deemed participants in the solicitation of proxies to FinTech Acquisition Corp. III stockholders in connection with the proposed transaction will be set forth in the proxy statement / prospectus for the transaction when available. Additionalinformationregardingtheinterestsofparticipantsinthesolicitationofproxiesinconnectionwiththeproposedtransaction willbeincludedintheproxystatement/prospectusthatFinTechAcquisitionCorp.IIIintendsto filewiththeSEC.



Differentiated SPAC platform with proven track record ofsuccess FinTech Acquisition IIIOverview TransactionHighlights • AcquiredInternationalMoneyExpress,Inc., aremittancecompany,for $298.7Min July2018 • $76M secondary offering in September 2019 at $12.75/share (+27.5% returnfor target rolloverequity) • 54.2% returntotargetstockholdersinmonthfollowingthesecondaryoffering 1 FinTech Acquisition Corp.II • Acquired CardConnect Corp., a payments company, for $455.2M in July2016 • CardConnect acquired in May 2017 by First Data Corp. for$750M • 50% return to target stockholders within one year ofclosing FinTech AcquisitionCorp. 1. Based on IMXI closing price as of November 1,2019 James J. McEntee,III President andCFO Daniel G.Cohen CEO Betsy Z.Cohen Chairman ofthe Board • Announced the acquisition of Shift Technologies Inc., an automotive e-commerce platform, on June 29, 2020 for $380M of equity and $303M in primary cash proceeds • Transactionisexpectedtocloseinthethirdquarter of2020 Insurance AcquisitionCorp. 3



Illustrative TransactionOverview Sources &Uses Note: Assumes no redemptions from SPAC investors. Excludes impact of seller earnout, sponsor earnout and warrants Note: Paya 2021E Adjusted EBITDA includes incremental public companycosts 1. 2. 3. As on 6/30/20. SPAC cash amount subject to change depending on the actual interest earned in thetrust Includes 48.0m Paya rollover shares, 20.0m PIPE shares, 5.0m Sponsor Co-investment shares, 2.68m SPAC sponsor shares (includes 1.75m promote shares and 0.93m shares from sponsor unit investment at IPO), and 34.5m SPAC shares;excludes14.0msharestobeissuedtoexistingPayashareholdersasearnouttoaligninterests(7.0m shares@$15.00and7.0m shares@$17.50,overthenext5years) Includes shares from units purchased by sponsors at time of IPO through private placement. Assumes sponsor retains 1.75m promoteshares at close, restructures 5.68m promote shares to earnout (2.84m shares @ $15.00 and 2.84m shares @ $17.50, over the next 5 years), and forfeits 1.43m promoteshares SPACCash 1 Sources Amount % $353 PIPE SponsorCo-investment Cash from BalanceSheet EquityRollove Tota Uses Amount % Cash toSeller $565 52% Equity Rollover 480 44% Fees &Expenses 42 4% Total Uses $1,087 100% ($ inmillions) Pro FormaValuation Particulars Amount PF SharesOutstanding 2 Share Price PF EquityValue (+) PFDebt (-) PFCash PF EnterpriseValue PF EV / 2021EEB PF EV /20 PF PF OwnershipSplit ExisitingPaya Shareholders 44% PIPE 18% SPACInvestors 31% Sponsor Promote 3 2% Sponsor Co-investment 5% 4



GTCROverview • GTCR is a leading growth-oriented private equity firm that has invested $18 billion of capital in over 200 companies over the last 40 years • Currently investing Fund XII with$5.25 billion of limited partner capital commitments • Invested successfully in different economic environments • Investment approach driven by The Leaders Strategy TM –finding and partnering with exceptional management leaders in coredomains to identify, acquire and build market- leading companies through transformational acquisitions and organicgrowth • Long-time investor in the payments industry with 11 platform investments across merchant acquiring, B2B payments, billing, mobile payments, payments processing and stored value • Successful track record of portfoliocompany performance in the publicmarkets • 12 Initial Public Offerings since2000 • Average 1-year return from IPO dateof ~35% Deep Experience in FinTech /Payments Select FinTech / PaymentsInvestments Relevant Public CompanyInvestments (2002 –2009) IPO in2005 (2005 –2009) IPO in2007 (2002 –2008) IPO in2005 (2001 –2005) IPO in2004 (2007 –2014) PIPE in2007 (2014 –2020) IPO in2017 (2012 –2018) IPO in2014 Since2017 Since2016 Since2016 (2014 –2018) Sold toTransUnion (2011 –2015) Sold toD+H (2003 –2010) Sold toWorldpay (2000 –2007) Sold to PE, laterTSYS (2002 –2007) Sold toNetSpend Gensar (1992 –1996) Sold toPaymentech Since2019 Since2020 Since2019 5



Paya at aGlance Paya is a leading independent integrated paymentsplatform Growing, innovative provider serving software partners and merchants across attractive middle marketverticals HQ inAtlanta,GA ~250Employees Enterprise SMB MiddleMarket B2B GoodsandServices Healthcare Non-Profit Government&Utilities Education Attractive End Markets: High-Growth, Underpenetrated,Non-Cyclical 6



Streamline workflowthroughconnectivity between invoicing,payments,and general ledgerpost-back Decrease timeconsuming reconciliation processes fromlegacy paper paymentmethods Automate and reducefrictionfor omni-channelcommerceto optimizereceivables Enable multiple methodsof paymentacceptance Enhance business management efforts with detailed transaction-leveldata Paya enables businesses across key verticals to integrate payment acceptance into theircore business management or accountingsoftware Paya Provides Mission Critical PaymentFunctionality Enables B2B and B2B2C Commerce With RobustSuite of Solutions Tailored to Core GrowthVerticals B2B Goods and Services Wholesalers, distributors, durable goodsmanufacturers Healthcare Acute & ambulatory care providers, dermatologists,chiropractors Non-Profit Charitableorganizations, churchdenominations Government &Municipalities City and county water, tax,permitting and licensingdepartments Education K-12 schools,childcare Payment Suite Deeply IntegratedInto Core BusinessSoftware 7



Why PayaWins Long history of offering integrated payment solutions withinsoftware Modern technology stack with scale &reliability Consultative approach to sophisticated middle market customers Vertically tailored products, functionality, &support Track record of driving penetration in software partner customer base Credit, Debit, ACH, & Check all on oneplatform 8



InvestmentHighlights 1 Leading independent payments platform in growingmarket 2 Deep expertise in attractive endverticals 3 Differentiateddistributionmodelfocusedonend-to-endpaymentsolutionsintegratedintosoftware 4 Multiple vectors for continuedgrowth 5 Attractive financialprofile 6 Seasoned and experienced managementteam 9



Seasoned LeadershipTeam ChrisScappa Operations Darrell Winfield Chief InformationOfficer AndreaKando Product andMarketing Ben Weiner Corp Dev & StrategicInitiatives MarkEngels Chief RevenueOfficer GlennRenzulli Chief FinancialOfficer JeffHack Chief ExecutiveOfficer Deep team of experienced leaders from diverse, blue-chipbackgrounds Today’spresenters 10



$185.1 $203.4 $205.2 $238.4 2018A 2019A 2020E 2021E Compelling Financial and OperationalMetrics Track record of consistent and profitablegrowth ($ inmillions) ($ inmillions) Key BusinessHighlights AdjustedEBITDA 2 Revenue Note: Historical financials adjusted for one-time and non-recurringitems. 1. 2. 2021E, excludesACH See “Adjusted EBITDA Reconciliation” on slide34 $40B+ 2021E TransactionVolume ~75% IntegratedSolutions Revenue 1 ~95% Visibilityinto 2021ERevenue <1bp LossRate onVolume 85%+ Card NotPresent (CNP)Volume 92% NetVolume Retention $200+ Average TransactionSize ~100K Customers (Merchants) $42.2 11 $50.3 $53.0 $66.2 2018A 2019A 2020E 2021E



Strong Recovery fromCOVID-19 Total Monthly Volume($B) Paya has demonstrated resilience through COVID-19 due to its portfolio of attractive,less-cyclical endmarkets 5% YoY Change: 9% (6%) (7%) (6%) 6% Note: Unadjusted and unauditedvolumes 12



Massive Secular Shift to IntegratedPayments ~17% ~3% Traditional MerchantAcquiring Source: Company reports, Wall Streetresearch 1. Software-led defined as integrated payments sold through owned or partnered software platformstypically to small or medium-sized businesses Payments Industry AttritionProfilesPayments Industry VolumeGrowth Integrated payments refers to the enablement of payments within core business management software, simplifying payment acceptance, easing reconciliation, and enriching systemdata Growth of integrated payments segment outpacingbroader industry growth by 5x+ from2019-2023 The payments industry has shifted toward integrated capabilities to service asoftware-centric (integrated)world Software-Led 1 8% ~15% Paya AcquiringIndustry Average Platforms that combine payments + software benefit from meaningfully reducedattrition 13



Paya is a Leading Independent Platform ofScale Key 2019 CardMetrics Processor Rank byCNP Volume CNP Volume($B) CNPVolume (as % ofTotal) Total Volume($B) Volume/ Transaction($) Volume/ Customer($K) CoreMarkets 1 $22 49% $44 $83 $176 Retail 2 $18 85% $21 $176 $450 B2B / Healthcare Gov. /Non-Profit 3 $18 45% $39 $93 $142 Retail /B2B 4 $10 32% $30 $100 $184 Retail 5 $7 36% $19 $86 $342 Dry Cleaning/ Bus.Services 6 $5 22% $21 N/A $380 Bus. Services/ Healthcare N/A N/A N/A $51 $86 $246 Retail N/A N/A N/A $27 $58 $234 Restaurant/ Hospitality N/A N/A N/A $18 $89 $324 Retail N/A N/A N/A $14 $90 N/A Non-Profit /Gov. /Education Source: Nilson Report (2019) and Company AnnualReports Note: Excludes bank-owned or affiliated processors and those that do not reportto Nilson Largest pure play integrated payments provider with larger customers thanpeers 14



LargeScale Acquirers Vertical Payments Niche Acquirers Scale providers without vertical expertise orfocused middle market support Independent software vendors that operate in select verticals but lack sophisticated processingcapabilities Smallerproviders without comprehensive capabilities Paya Is Uniquely Positioned in the CompetitiveLandscape Differentiated blend of scale, vertical expertise, and integrated paymentscapabilities KUBRA 15



Partner CoreBusiness Software Business Paya Enables Sophisticated Commerce withinSoftware Businessor Consumer Invoice Partner& Customer Services Cloud-Based Supportand Service Flexible Merchant Pricing PartnerCo- Marketing Engine Data-Rich Portal Transaction (Paya charges bps onvolume) Transaction Instruction Card &ACH Processors CardBrands BankSponsors Extensive Library of Front-EndCRM & Back-End Accounting Integrations Value-AddedSolutions VerticalCapabilities ComprehensiveAPI Library PCICompliance, Encryption, Tokenization Credit & DebitCard ACH Check PaymentMethods IVR HostedPay Pages Client- Driven CloudEMV Terminal PaymentAcceptance Virtual Terminal Click-to-Pay EnrichedData Deep Feature RichIntegration Paya Connect is embedded in software user interface enabling seamless, secure, &reliable payment collection &reconciliation 16 Funds



Paya Connect Value-AddedSolutions Paya has a differentiated set of solutions that target its core endmarkets Value-AddedSolution CustomerValue Broad Library of SoftwareIntegrations Payment functionality delivered within customer’ssoftware Unified Card and ACHExperience Allows customers to be payment-methodagnostic Simplified MerchantBoarding Electronic onboarding process increases speed to firsttransaction Invoicing Click-to-pay functionality helps optimize A/Rmanagement Token Vault andEncryption Keeps software partners out of PCIscope RecurringBilling Easily process monthly bills and other recurring transactionswithin software AccountUpdater Keeps card information current when card-on-file lost orexpired Service and ConvenienceFees Allowsmerchantstopasscardacceptancecosttoendconsumers in certainverticals SplitFunding Valuable function for organizations with complex billingneeds (e.g., doctor’s office and labtesting) Data-Rich Portals &Reporting Real-time access to authorizations, transaction history,summary reporting, and other keydata IntegratedHardware Hardware directly integrated into software, enabling anomni- channel customerexperience 17



ModularAPIs P P P P P Scalability andResiliency P P P P P ProcessorAgnostic P P P P P Library of DeepIntegrations P P P P P Proven ISVDelivery P P P P P Unified Card and ACHExperience P P P P P SimplifiedBoarding P P P P P Data-richPortals P P P P P Flexible IntegratedHardware P P P P P AccountUpdater P P RecurringBilling P P SplitFunding P P Service and ConvenienceFees P P P • Vertically purposed product and technology provides differentiated paymentsolutions • Sophisticated customer base requires deep integration of end-to-end payment experience given B2B nature oftransactions • Paya provides enterprise-grade security and compliance that cater to the CNP transaction requirements of softwarepartners Attractive Vertical EndMarkets RobustCore Platform Feature-Rich Integrations Value-Added Solutions & Vertical Capabilities B2B Goods andServices Healthcare Education Government& Utilities Non-Profit x 18 Relevant inVertical



Large and Rapidly-Growing TAM in KeyVerticals Total Market Opportunity in Paya’s CoreVerticals $75 $130 $70 $235 '15A -'21E CAGR: $415 10% 10% 13% 12% 11% Source: Accenture market study(2019) 1. ExcludesACH ~$1T Total Addressable CardVolume 34% 13% 13% 8% 1% 31% B2B Goods andServices Healthcare Non-Profit Government &Utilities Education Other Paya end markets defined by strong secular growth, low penetration of electronicpayments, and non-cyclicalnature B2B Goods andServices Healthcare Education Government& Utilities Non-Profit 2019 U.S. Card Volume by Vertical($B) Paya End Market RevenueComposition 1 19



• Broad integrationlibrary • Robust productsuite • Verticalexpertise • Proprietary ACHofferings • Sticky payment functionality & CNPcapabilities • Vertical expertise Focused and Effective Go-to-MarketStrategy Solution suite offeredthrough paymentresellers Payment offerings deeply integrated intosoftware PaymentServicesIntegratedSolutions • Sell new softwarepartnerships • Penetrate large base of existingpartnerships • Upsell value addedservices 37%63% 2021E % RevenueMix Description GrowthDrivers PayaDifferentiation • Cross-sell ACH to softwarepartners • Expand distribution capabilities of payment resellers 49%53% 2021E Gross ProfitMargin xScalablemodel Attractive Partner- DrivenDistribution 20 xLow customer acquisitioncost xHigh retentionrates



56% 44% 2018 Differentiated, Software-Driven DistributionModel Integrated Solutions Revenue($M) Targeted go-to-market focused on expanding extensive distribution network of softwarepartners Scalable, Partner-CentricModel Embedded payment functionality integrated into software experience results in high customer retention andprofitability Sticky End-CustomerBase Strategy results in robust growth in Paya’s Integrated Solutions business, increasing as a percentage of overall revenue Attractive FinancialResults $100 $120 $122 $151 2018A 2019A 2020E 2021E Composition of GrossProfit 65% IntegratedSolutions PaymentServices 21 2021E 35%



Multi-Layered GrowthStrategy Drive New Software Partnerships Proven platform for M&A execution and integration, coupled with robust pipeline for continued accretive transactions Continue Fundamental Execution Leverage Proprietary ACH Pursue Strategic M&A Penetrate ExistingPartners Single point of integration for card and ACH to win new partners and cross-sell into existing base Scalable technology infrastructure and broad solution suite drive new partnerships in core verticals and expansion into attractiveadjacencies Large embedded white-space opportunity from monetizing installed bases ofexisting partnerships Targeted business strategy, improved leadership team, and investment in product and technology drive continuedsales momentum Acceleration of OrganicGrowth Strategic InorganicGrowth 22



x Ability to utilize Paya Connect platform and centralizedinfrastructure x Expansion into existing and new strategicverticals x Additive payment technologies andcapabilities x Opportunity to accelerate organicgrowth Government& Utilities Non-Profit Donation ManagementSoftware Accelerating revenue growth from ~20% ~35% 1 23 Bill Presentment & InvoicingApplications Accelerating revenue growth from ~25% ~45% 1 1. Annual revenue growth in 2019 vs.2021E Targeted M&A InvestmentCriteria Proven Execution of StrategicM&A Track record of successful acquisitions & extensive pipeline oftargets Recent StrategicAcquisitions






$49.8 $79.9 $39.2 $42.5 $89.1 $122.4 2018A 2021E Attractive FinancialProfile $42.2 $66.2 2018A 2021E ($ inmillions) $14.1 $19.0 $14.8 $25.3 $28.9 $44.3 2018A 2021E $100.3 $151.1 $84.8 $87.3 $185.1 $238.4 2018A 2021E ($ inbillions) 28% Volume Revenue GrossProfit Adjusted EBITDAMargin: 23% ($ inmillions) AdjustedEBITDA 1 ($ inmillions) 51% Gross Profit Margin: 48% Note:Paya2021EAdjustedEBITDA includesincrementalpubliccompanycosts 1. See “Adjusted EBITDA Reconciliation” on slide34 IntegratedSolutions PaymentServices 25 Proven track record of long-term growth and operating leverage: 500+ bps of EBITDAmargin expansion through2021E



$7.8 26 $4.1 $2.4 ($5.2) $62.1 $4.2 $53.0 $66.2 2020E Adj.EBITDA Visible excl.Large LargeWins GrossMargin OpEx 1 TotalVisible Go-Get 2021E Adj.EBITDA Wins (Signed/Impl.) Expansion Paya 2021 Adjusted EBITDABridge 2020E to 2021E Adjusted EBITDAwalk 1. 2021E Operating Expenses include incremental public companycosts Forecasting 25% EBITDA growth with ~95% visible driven by expansion of currentpartners and largewins



($M unless otherwisenoted) 2018A 2019A 2020E 2021E Vs PriorYear 2021E Integrated Solutions PaymentServices TotalRevenue $185.1 $203.4 $205.2 $238.4 16% %Integrated 54% 59% 60% 63% $100.3 $119.8 $122.1 $151.1 24% 84.8 83.6 83.1 87.3 5% Integrated Solutions PaymentServices $49.8 $62.7 $65.4 $79.9 22% 39.2 39.1 38.6 42.5 10% GrossProfit $89.1 $101.8 $103.9 $122.4 18% %Margin 48% 50% 51% 51% OperatingExpenses 1 (46.8) (51.5) (50.9) (56.2) 10% Adj.EBITDA $42.2 $50.3 $53.0 $66.2 25% %Margin 23% 25% 26% 28% CapEx andCapDev 2 (4.8) (3.0) (4.4) (4.4) (1%) Adjusted CashConversion 3 $37.5 $47.3 $48.5 $61.8 27% % Adjusted CashConversion 88.7% 94.1% 91.6% 93.4% 3. Adjusted Cash Conversion calculated as Adjusted EBITDA less adjusted capital expenditures and capitalizeddevelopment 27 Paya P&LSummary Note: See “Adjusted EBITDA Reconciliation” on slide34 1. 2. 2021 Operating Expenses include incremental public company costs Adjusted capital expenditures and capitaldevelopment



Strong Organic Revenue and EBITDAGrowth Source: Company filings, FactSet (7/16/20), Companymanagement Note: Paya 2021E Adjusted EBITDA includes incremental public companycosts 1. RPAY2019revenueproformaforfull-yearimpactoftheHawkParentBusinessCombination,TriSourceAcquisition,andAPSPaymentsAcquisition;includeslargeorganicbusinesswininQ12020;2019EBITDAcalculatedby ’19A –’21E Net RevenueGrowth 18% 8% 8% 8% 1% PAYA IIIV FOUR EVOPRPAY 1 ’19A –’21E Adjusted EBITDAGrowth 16% 15% 14% 11% 0% PAYA IIIV FOUR EVOPRPAY 1 applying reported 2019A EBITDA margin to RPAY’s pro forma revenuefigure 28



45% 36% 33% Potential to Grow EBITDAMargins Source: Company filings, FactSet (7/16/20), Company management Note: Paya 2021E Adjusted EBITDA includes incremental public companycosts 1. Adjusted Cash Conversion calculated as Adjusted EBITDA less adjusted capital expenditures and capitalizeddevelopment Additionally, Paya’s cash conversion is in line with leadingpeers ‘21E Adjusted EBITDAMargin ’21E Adjusted Cash Conversion% 1,2 Long-term upside potential for 35%+margins 35%+ 97.8% 97.3% 93.4% 92.9% 2. IIIV capital expenditures estimated as 2019A capital expenditures (excluding RBOs) as % of revenue applied to 2021Erevenue 29



Poised for Robust Long-TermGrowth Source: Company filings, FactSet (7/16/20), Company management 1. RPAY long-term growth based on management commentary (3/16/20); FOUR based on analyst research (6/30/20); IIIV based on management co mmentary(2/11/20) Long-Term Management Net Revenue GrowthTarget 1 Long-Term Management EBITDA GrowthTarget 1 "20%+" "20%+" "HighTeens" ND ND Paya FOUR RPAY IIIV EVOP 30



28.1x 27.4x 26.2x 23.1x 19.6x FOUR Appealing Upside Potential for PublicInvestors Source: Company filings, FactSet (7/16/20), Companymanagement Note: Paya 2021E Adjusted EBITDA includes incrementalpublic company costs 1. 2. Average of: GPN, SQ, WLN, NEXI, PAGS, STNE, NETW, FOUR, EVTC, EVOP, CIEL3, LSPD, IIIV,RPAY Average of 32 companies in the Wilshire 5000 with 15%+ EBITDA growth, 30%+ EBITDA margins, and 80%+ Adjusted Cash Conversion (Adj. EBITDA less adjusted capital expenditures)conversion TEV / ’21E AdjustedEBITDA TEV / ’21ERevenue 2 1 1 31



Conclusion Leading independent payments platform in growingmarket Largest independent pure-play provider in the rapidly growing integrated paymentsspace Highest proportion of sticky card-not-present (CNP) transactions in the industry, comprising 85% of card volume Scale provider generating $44bn of electronic payments volume through platformannually 1 Deep expertise in attractive endverticals Focus on markets defined by strong secular tailwinds, low penetration of electronic payments, and lack of cyclicality such asB2B, Healthcare, Government & Utilities, and Non-Profitmarkets Vertically tailored product set built on Paya’s centralized Connectplatform 2 Differentiated distribution model focused on end-to-end payment solutions integrated intosoftware Attractive partnership model defined by high degree of scalability and low customer acquisition cost Strong partnerships with extensive network of independent software providers in coreverticals 3 Multiple vectors for continuedgrowth Embedded white-space penetration opportunities within installed base of existingpartnerships Modular technology infrastructure and broad solution suite built to drive new partnerships in core verticals and expand into attractiveadjacencies Differentiated offerings across payment types with proprietary ACHcapabilities Proven platform for accretiveM&A 4 Attractive financialprofile Industry-leading KPIs, including $200+ average ticket size, 92% net volume retention, and $450K of annual volume per card customer Integrated Solutions (~75%+ of total card revenue) doubling from 2018 –2021E Track-record of historical growth, operating leverage and cash flowgeneration 5 Seasoned and experienced managementteam Combined 100+ years in payments industry with organizations including First Data, JPMorgan Chase, Vantiv, and PayPal 6 32






(a)Represents professional service fees related to business combinations such as legal fees, consulting fees, accounting advisory fees, and othercosts. (b)Represents non-cash charges associated with stock-based compensation expense, which has been, and will continue to be for the foreseeable future, a significan business and an important part of our compensationstrategy (c)Holdings incurred costs associated with restructuring plans designed to streamline operations and reduce costs including Atlanta, GA and certain staff restructuring charges includingseverance (d)Represents costs incurred to retire certain tools, applications, and services thata (e)Represents advisory fees associated with the to be former con included in the proxy statement /prospectu (f) Expenses related tocarv (g)Repre ($M, unless otherwisenoted) Bridge from reported to adjustedEBITDA Adjusted2018 Adjusted2019 Net income,(loss) $ (3.3) $ (9.0) Depreciation &amortization 18.3 22.4 Taxbenefit (3.9) (2.4) Interest and otherexpense 13.5 20.9 EBITDA, reported $ 24.7 $ 31.9 Otheradjustments Transaction-relatedexpenses 1.0 6.9 [a] Stock basedcompensation 1.3 2.3 [b] Restructuringcosts 1.6 4.0 [c] Discontinued servicecosts 2.2 2.3 [d] Management fees and expenses 1.2 1.1 [e] Sage carve-outexpenses 9.5 1.0 [f] Other costs 0.8 0.8 [g] Total adjustments 17.6 18.4 Adjusted EBITDA $ 42.2 $ 50.3 34 Adjusted EBITDAReconciliation



Key Balance SheetInformation TermLoan CashBalance • Cash balance (Q2 2020):$25MM Revolver • Balance outstanding (Q2 2020):$230MM • Interest rate: LIBOR +5.25% • Annual principal payments (paid quarterly through June 2027):$2.4MM • Maturity: August2027 • Net LeverageRatio: – 7.25x through December2022 FinancialCovenants – 6.75x March 31, 2023 andthereafter – 40%+ covenantcushion • Capacity:$25MM 35 • Currentlyundrawn • Maturity: August2025 Paya’s conservative capital structure provides significant financialflexibility



Assumptions 36 Segment Description 2021Assumption Integrated Solutions Software driven payments • Strong partnerships with extensive network of software providers serves as scalabledistribution model • Model generates significant customerretention from mission-critical nature of payments into businessworkflow • Volume: $18.0bln -$19.5bln • Spread: 78 bps -80bps • Revenue from fees embedded inspread • Gross Margin: 52.0% -53.0% Payment Services Payment Reseller • Payment reseller that owns customer salescycle • High average ticket and low attrition ratesgiven larger customer base focused on attractiveverticals • Volume: $5.85bln -$5.92bln • Spread: 90 bps -93bps • Revenue from fees embedded inspread ACH • Proprietary bank transfer capability with directODFI relationships • Single partner integration experience across ACH& Card with an industry-leading productset • Transactions: 32.5mil –34.0mil • Per Transaction: $0.65 -$0.66 • Other ACH/Check/Feerevenue: • $10.9MM -$11.5MM of otherrevenue Other Assumptions: • Payment Services Gross Margin %: 46.5% -49.0% • 2021 Public Company costs Opex:$2.0MM • Capex/CapDev: $4.0MM -$4.8MM (majorityof which is CapDev) • Opportunistic Revenue Share buyouts: $3MM -$10MM



Feature-Rich SoftwareIntegrations Deep integrations with partners create a significant competitive advantage forPaya 37 Type Description Front-EndCRM • Unique CRM integrations sold directly to end-userbase • Leverage modular core infrastructure and platform for rapid delivery of multi-threaded integrations into vertically specific softwareproviders • New integrations require original code only in last-mile on Paya Connectplatform • Integrations leverage existing value-added solutions and feature functionality of PayaConnect Back-End Enterprise Accounting • Deep, feature-rich integrations directly with accounting softwareproviders • Differentiated over competitors, leveraging an open-sourceAPI • Delivers key product functionality embedded within software experience including electronic invoicing and post-back to generalledger • Long-term relationships with vast network of value-added resellers andconsultants



Attractive CustomerBase Paya’s focus on the mid-market and its B2B solution set imply larger ticket sizes and ahigher proportion of Card Not Presentvolume Transaction Value($) ($’000s) CoreMarkets CNP % ofTotal Volume 85% 45% N/A N/A (Rank byCNP Volume) (#2) (#3) AverageCard $176 $93 $58 $90 Avg.Annual $450 Volume/ Customer $142 $234 N/A • Healthcare • Education • Government • Non-Profit • RealEstate • B2B • Healthcare • Education • Government • Non-Profit • B2B • GlobalRetail • Restaurants • Hospitality Source: Nilson Report (2019) and Company AnnualReports Note: Rankings exclude bank-owned or affiliated processors and those that do not report toNilson TEV/ ’21E Adj.EBITDA 19.6x 38 15.9x 28.1x 18.4x



PayaEvolution Since completing the carve-out in 2018, Paya has continued to innovate and execute,evidenced by recent large customer wins and accelerated salesmomentum Verus PaymentsFounded Verus Acquires Globel eTelecom (now PayaACH) Sage Software Acquires Verus & Establishes Sage Payments GTCR Acquires SagePayments Sage Payments Rebranded as Paya Carve-out from Sage SoftwareComplete Launch Next-Gen Platform PayaConnect Jeff Hack Joins as CEO | Paya AcquiresStewardship On-going broad based sales momentum in coremarkets 2003 2003 2006 Aug.2017 Jan.2018 Jul.2018 Oct.2018 Nov.2018 Jan.2019 Jun.2019 2020 Paya Acquires FirstBilling Mark Engels (CRO) Joins and Starts Sales TeamRebuild 39



Among the Top Tier of the Wilshire5000 40 Source: FactSet(7/16/20) 1. 2. Adjusted Cash Conversion calculated as Adjusted EBITDA less adjusted capitalexpenditures REPAY added for completeness; not currently part of the Wilshire 5000; RPAY 2019 revenue pro forma for full-year impact of the Hawk Parent Business Combination, TriSource Acquisition, and APS Payments Acquisition; includes large organic business win in Q1 2020; 2019 EBITDAcalculated by applying reported 2019A EBITDA margin to RPAY’s pro forma revenue figure Companies in the Wilshire 5000 with 15%+ EBITDA growth, 30%+ EBITDA Margins,80%+ AbbVie, Inc. 21.8% 51.3% 97.0% 7.5x Activision Blizzard, Inc. 16.7% 41.4% 95.6% 18.6 Agree Realty Corporation 22.4% 81.9% 99.4% 19.1 ANI Pharmaceuticals,Inc. 15.6% 36.0% 91.9% 6.7 Autodesk, Inc. 33.9% 36.1% 94.8% 33.8 Bristol-Myers SquibbCompany 37.2% 48.7% 94.9% 7.5 ClarivatePlc 21.9% 37.6% 85.4% 22.9 Community Healthcare Trust,Inc. 22.2% 83.3% 97.9% 17.6 CoStar Group, Inc. 16.0% 34.6% 94.0% 41.7 Dorian LPGLtd. 15.5% 65.9% 97.7% 5.0 Eagle Bulk Shipping Inc 36.5% 37.0% 87.9% 7.0 Fidelity National Information Services,Inc. 18.2% 46.1% 81.5% 17.0 Horizon Therapeutics Public LimitedCompany 22.0% 39.1% 98.6% 18.1 IncyteCorporation 39.7% 42.3% 84.4% 18.2 InphiCorporation 18.0% 37.3% 81.4% 29.3 MarketAxess HoldingsInc. 18.8% 57.9% 89.2% 48.3 Marvell Technology Group Ltd. 28.8% 31.5% 90.5% 24.1 Monolithic Power Systems,Inc. 19.0% 33.8% 86.3% 41.1 Neurocrine Biosciences, Inc. 93.5% 46.1% 97.6% 21.3 Nexstar Media Group, Inc. Class A 21.1% 36.0% 89.6% 7.0 NVIDIACorporation 27.2% 42.5% 89.0% 34.6 Pacira Biosciences,Inc. 34.6% 33.1% 94.3% 14.0 PTCInc. 24.3% 32.8% 93.0% 19.4 QuidelCorporation 2 21.4% 50.5% 85.1% 19.0 Repay Holdings Corp. ClassA 16.4% 44.5% 97.8% 27.4 salesforce.com, inc. 20.2% 30.1% 88.2% 24.4 SemtechCorporation 16.6% 32.2% 81.4% 17.7 Universal DisplayCorporation 23.6% 48.9% 90.1% 25.7 Veeva Systems Inc ClassA 21.6% 38.0% 98.5% 62.9 Vertex PharmaceuticalsIncorporated 47.1% 56.0% 97.6% 19.9 Virtu Financial, Inc. ClassA 17.5% 50.9% 90.4% 9.9 Wingstop, Inc. 19.6% 30.7% 94.6% 53.4 Average 25.9% 44.2% 91.7% 23.1x Number of Wilshire 5000 Meeting Each Criteria(N=3622) 224 506 785 Number of Wilshire 5000 Meeting All 3Criteria 32 Adjusted CashConversion 1 CompanyName '19A -'22E EBITDAGrowth 2021E EBITDAMargin 2021E FCFConversion TEV / 2021EEBITDA