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Washington, D.C. 20549


OMB Number:3235-0006
Expires:Oct 31, 2018
Estimated average burden
hours per response:23.8

GLOBAL XMF Closed and MF Open37954Y71517710,600SH SOLE 000
DNP SELECTMF Closed and MF Open23325P10411110,653SH SOLE 000
FIRST TRUSTMF Closed and MF Open33739E10819610,897SH SOLE 001,350
EATON VANCEMF Closed and MF Open27827910414811,700SH SOLE 00600
EATON VANCEMF Closed and MF Open27828X10017713,176SH SOLE 009,496
SINO GLOBALCommon Stock82935V1091113,900SH SOLE 3,200010,700
CBL & ASSOCIATESCommon Stock1248301003015,617SH SOLE 002,845
LLOYDS BANKINGCommon Stock5394391094618,154SH SOLE 000
DENBURY RESOURCECommon Stock2479162083721,638SH SOLE 004,292
EXELON CORPCommon Stock30161N1012024,489SH SOLE 00658
AMERICAN ELECTRICCommon Stock0255371012042,725SH SOLE 750110
UNILEVER PLCCommon Stock9047677042043,897SH SOLE 00449
HEALTHCARE TRUSTCommon Stock42225P5012098,253SH SOLE 002,625
DELTA AIRLINESCommon Stock2473617022104,199SH SOLE 1000200
INTL BUSINESSCommon Stock4592001012131,874SH SOLE 0091
SCHWAB INTLMF Closed and MF Open8085248052187,675SH SOLE 0032
SELECT UTILITIESMF Closed and MF Open81369Y8862214,170SH SOLE 001,701
EATON VANCEMF Closed and MF Open27828Y10822216,475SH SOLE 0012,453
PPL CORPCommon Stock69351T1062247,898SH SOLE 15002,650
REALTY INCOMECommon Stock7561091042243,552SH SOLE 10001,060
TWITTER INCCommon Stock90184L1022267,873SH SOLE 00150
NVIDIA CORPCommon Stock67066G1042321,735SH SOLE 1100
ANNALY CAPITALCommon Stock03571040923523,900SH SOLE 002,250
WEC ENERGYCommon Stock92939U1062413,481SH SOLE 003,076
WISDOMTREE EMERGINGMF Closed and MF Open97717X5782429,449SH SOLE 8,96900
FIRSTENERGY CORPCommon Stock3379321072516,696SH SOLE 001,196
NUTRIEN LTDCommon Stock67077M1082625,565SH SOLE 00849
SPDR BLOOMBERGMF Closed and MF Open78464A4172637,838SH SOLE 000
BANK NEW YORKCommon Stock0640581002665,644SH SOLE 4,1020142
ISHARES COREMF Closed and MF Open46432F8422664,835SH SOLE 000
TALLGRASS ENERGYCommon Stock87469610726911,070SH SOLE 003,720
FORD MOTORCommon Stock34537086027035,275SH SOLE 19,8000700
SPDR SERIESMF Closed and MF Open78464A8212705,880SH SOLE 300280
SCHWAB USMF Closed and MF Open8085243002713,931SH SOLE 000
ALIBABA GROUPCommon Stock01609W1022741,999SH SOLE 000
DUKE ENERGYCommon Stock26441C2042773,206SH SOLE 00818
FEDEX CORPCommon Stock31428X1062771,719SH SOLE 10906
DEERE & COCommon Stock2441991052811,883SH SOLE 77032
TRAVELERS COSCommon Stock89417E1092832,365SH SOLE 40131
BRITISH AMERNCommon Stock1104481072858,949SH SOLE 00411
NEWELL BRANDSCommon Stock65122910628515,354SH SOLE 001,610
VANGUARD SHORTMF Closed and MF Open92206C4092883,693SH SOLE 001,000
ISHARES U SMF Closed and MF Open4642877702892,577SH SOLE 00891
FIRST TRUSTMF Closed and MF Open33733E3022902,484SH SOLE 00425
SCANA CORPCommon Stock80589M1022986,238SH SOLE 00751
3M COMPANYCommon Stock88579Y1013011,582SH SOLE 76070
CIENA CORPCommon Stock1717793093038,949SH SOLE 12000
LINDE PLCCommon StockG5494J1033041,950SH SOLE 000
NORFOLK SOUTHERNCommon Stock6558441083142,100SH SOLE 000
ISHARES SELECTMF Closed and MF Open4642871683203,578SH SOLE 27025
FIRST TRUSTMF Closed and MF Open33738R60532312,808SH SOLE 002,878
VANGUARD GLOBALMF Closed and MF Open9220426763306,304SH SOLE 470700
VODAFONE GROUPCommon Stock92857W30833217,228SH SOLE 30002,842
ADVANCED MICROCommon Stock00790310733818,322SH SOLE 68800
CHIPOTLE MEXICANCommon Stock169656105339786SH SOLE 401
ISHARES S&PMF Closed and MF Open4642878873472,151SH SOLE 00200
SECTOR HEALTHCAREMF Closed and MF Open81369Y2093494,031SH SOLE 2,2150115
ISHARES 0-5MF Closed and MF Open46429B7473503,574SH SOLE 000
WALMART INCCommon Stock9311421033533,790SH SOLE 1,0350505
ENTERPRISE PRODUCTSOil & Gas, Real Estate and REIT29379210736514,850SH SOLE 20005,580
FIRST TRUSTMF Closed and MF Open33737J11736711,852SH SOLE 3001,226
VANGUARD INFORMATIONMF Closed and MF Open92204A7023722,231SH SOLE 1,71900
SECTOR CONSUMERMF Closed and MF Open81369Y3083767,397SH SOLE 001,050
GENERAL ELECTRICCommon Stock36960410338350,655SH SOLE 3,443011,502
WISDOMTREE U SMF Closed and MF Open97717W50539212,393SH SOLE 31000
SECTOR TECHNOLOGYMF Closed and MF Open81369Y8034036,501SH SOLE 9140241
VICTORY EMERGINGMF Closed and MF Open92647N80841218,763SH SOLE 00825
LOWES COMPANIESCommon Stock5486611074144,486SH SOLE 00340
TEVA PHARMACEUTICALCommon Stock88162420942027,256SH SOLE 0014,469
ALLIANCE BERNSTEINOil & Gas, Real Estate and REIT01881G10643816,034SH SOLE 668027
ALTRIA GROUPCommon Stock02209S1034599,293SH SOLE 1460811
SPDR S&PMF Closed and MF Open78464A69850210,733SH SOLE 8,1890397
ISHARES COREMF Closed and MF Open46432F8345169,824SH SOLE 200200
VICTORYSHARES USMF Closed and MF Open92647N76653612,179SH SOLE 00354
ISHARES COREMF Closed and MF Open46434V61353910,941SH SOLE 000
VANGUARD TOTALMF Closed and MF Open9219378355496,933SH SOLE 12200
ISHARES MSCIMF Closed and MF Open4642882575568,662SH SOLE 00494
FIRST TRUSTMF Closed and MF Open33739P60855810,896SH SOLE 00765
VANGUARD REALMF Closed and MF Open9229085535607,510SH SOLE 1,0120365
ALPS SECTORMF Closed and MF Open00162Q85856414,419SH SOLE 580240
INVESCO QQQMF Closed and MF Open46090E1035673,673SH SOLE 00128
ISHARES U SMF Closed and MF Open46428868758116,964SH SOLE 1500475
BANK AMERICACommon Stock06050510458223,637SH SOLE 12,0000415
ABBVIE INCCommon Stock00287Y1095856,345SH SOLE 3,6670140
SEAGATE TECHNOLOGYCommon StockG7945M10759115,321SH SOLE 573029
TJX COSCommon Stock87254010959313,245SH SOLE 5770124
CHEVRON CORPCommon Stock1667641006305,795SH SOLE 2,6430312
PFIZER INCCommon Stock71708110363114,452SH SOLE 4,12501,717
UNITED PARCELCommon Stock9113121066356,515SH SOLE 6801,089
LOCKHEED MARTINCommon Stock5398301096452,464SH SOLE 97038
ISHARES MSCIMF Closed and MF Open46428746565411,129SH SOLE 00481
ISHARES COREMF Closed and MF Open46434G10366414,084SH SOLE 00706
ENERGY TRANSFEROil & Gas, Real Estate and REIT29273V10067050,720SH SOLE 0012,278
ALLIANZGI EQUITYMF Closed and MF Open01882910167936,625SH SOLE 002,050
VANGUARD FTSEMF Closed and MF Open92204277568214,974SH SOLE 001,850
VICTORYSHARES USMF Closed and MF Open92647N87368917,167SH SOLE 001,355
NIKE INCCommon Stock6541061036929,336SH SOLE 3860238
ANHEUSER BUSCHCommon Stock03524A10870510,710SH SOLE 10,00000
SCHWAB USMF Closed and MF Open80852479770615,024SH SOLE 4,2240556
VICTORYSHARES INTLMF Closed and MF Open92647N88175025,107SH SOLE 001,150
ROYAL DUTCHCommon Stock78025920675112,896SH SOLE 7,24601,200
FIRST TRUSTMF Closed and MF Open33737J18275933,252SH SOLE 11,56401,153
DIAGEO PLCCommon Stock25243Q2057665,400SH SOLE 4,70000
CISCO SYSTEMSCommon Stock17275R10280018,455SH SOLE 14,9050412
OLLIES BARGAINCommon Stock68111610981912,313SH SOLE 2600
ALPS ALERIANMF Closed and MF Open00162Q86682995,002SH SOLE 250013,381
TESLA INCCommon Stock88160R1018312,496SH SOLE 4806
MCDONALDS CORPCommon Stock5801351018334,690SH SOLE 155028
NETFLIX INCCommon Stock64110L1068763,274SH SOLE 001,369
VANGUARD DIVIDENDMF Closed and MF Open9219088448829,004SH SOLE 5,692015
WALT DISNEYCommon Stock2546871069408,575SH SOLE 47001,898
BECTON DICKINSONCommon Stock0758871099414,175SH SOLE 000
COCA COLA COMPANYCommon Stock19121610098120,710SH SOLE 12,7000570
VANGUARD FSTEMF Closed and MF Open9220428581,00726,431SH SOLE 9,2470998
VERIZON COMMUNICATIONSCommon Stock92343V1041,02518,239SH SOLE 5,56101,572
SECTOR ENERGYMF Closed and MF Open81369Y5061,08318,889SH SOLE 13,20201,136
PHILIP MORRISCommon Stock7181721091,09216,356SH SOLE 6,2000809
ISHARES COREMF Closed and MF Open4642872001,1014,375SH SOLE 79600
ALPHABET INCCommon Stock02079K3051,1141,066SH SOLE 735024
PEPSICO INCCommon Stock7134481081,11510,094SH SOLE 5,0000516
MERCK & COMPANYCommon Stock58933Y1051,12514,729SH SOLE 12,0000166
ISHARES COREMF Closed and MF Open4642875071,1396,860SH SOLE 00455
BP PLCCommon Stock0556221041,14430,158SH SOLE 4,19101,428
HOME DEPOTCommon Stock4370761021,1446,657SH SOLE 1720289
VICTORYSHARES USMF Closed and MF Open92647N8651,15928,015SH SOLE 5740500
VICTORYSHARES USMF Closed and MF Open92647N7741,18930,182SH SOLE 00178
VANGUARD SMALLMF Closed and MF Open9229087511,1969,058SH SOLE 2,6130274
VANGUARD FTSEMF Closed and MF Open9219438581,19732,272SH SOLE 8,97701,364
ABBOTT LABORATORIESCommon Stock0028241001,20516,662SH SOLE 4,902011
ISHARES GLOBALMF Closed and MF Open4642872911,2618,758SH SOLE 610387
BOEING COCommon Stock0970231051,2673,928SH SOLE 133013
ISHARES SHORTMF Closed and MF Open4642886461,30225,215SH SOLE 5,96401,738
SECTOR FINANCIALMF Closed and MF Open81369Y6051,30254,666SH SOLE 40,7780408
ISHARES COREMF Closed and MF Open46434V6211,30439,314SH SOLE 81300
LATTICE HARTFORDMF Closed and MF Open5184161021,32051,176SH SOLE 002,610
INTERNATIONAL PAPERCommon Stock4601461031,35033,448SH SOLE 00100
VICTORYSHARES DEVELOPEDMF Closed and MF Open92647N8161,39245,311SH SOLE 001,128
FACEBOOK INCCommon Stock30303M1021,48511,328SH SOLE 500276
ALPHABET INCCommon Stock02079K1071,5191,467SH SOLE 7350133
ISHARES EDGEMF Closed and MF Open46432F3961,53415,301SH SOLE 5,1640270
ISHARES EDGEMF Closed and MF Open46434V2741,54765,233SH SOLE 24,01501,987
JPMORGAN CHASECommon Stock46625H1001,61216,513SH SOLE 3520996
FIRST TRUSTMF Closed and MF Open33737J1741,61532,953SH SOLE 3601,657
SPDR DOWMF Closed and MF Open78467X1091,9468,343SH SOLE 2,24500
ISHARES COREMF Closed and MF Open46429B6632,03924,167SH SOLE 001,365
PROCTER & GAMBLECommon Stock7427181092,11122,967SH SOLE 15,68801,680
EXXON MOBILCommon Stock30231G1022,19032,123SH SOLE 10,71401,238
ISHARES COREMF Closed and MF Open4642871502,24339,513SH SOLE 29000
ISHARES COREMF Closed and MF Open4642878042,30733,279SH SOLE 16,17602,091
VANGUARD TOTALMF Closed and MF Open9229087692,35718,468SH SOLE 13,75800
VANGUARD S&PMF Closed and MF Open9229083632,36310,280SH SOLE 1,2890371
AT&T INCCommon Stock00206R1022,39583,929SH SOLE 20,29204,641
FIRST TRUSTMF Closed and MF Open3369171092,43889,517SH SOLE 002,980
AMAZON COMCommon Stock0231351062,5401,691SH SOLE 8097
INTEL CORPCommon Stock4581401002,63856,218SH SOLE 33,1330553
SPDR DOUBLELINEMF Closed and MF Open78467V8482,64255,779SH SOLE 50400
FS KKRMF Closed and MF Open3026351072,668515,057SH SOLE 27,253017,120
INVESCO EXCHANGEMF Closed and MF Open46138E3542,69057,663SH SOLE 004,480
ISHARES EDGEMF Closed and MF Open46429B6892,72540,883SH SOLE 2,29601,777
JOHNSON & JOHNSONCommon Stock4781601042,81821,834SH SOLE 9,70301,325
ISHARES INTLMF Closed and MF Open4642884482,886100,531SH SOLE 33208,350
INVESCO DWAMF Closed and MF Open46137V8372,97061,269SH SOLE 3701,984
WELLS FARGOPreferred Stock9497468043,0922,450SH SOLE 1,70000
SPDR S&PMF Closed and MF Open78467Y1073,11810,302SH SOLE 4,8340226
INVESCO S&PMF Closed and MF Open46137V3573,25635,619SH SOLE 002,115
MICROSOFT CORPCommon Stock5949181043,25632,056SH SOLE 22,75902,297
ISHARES U SMF Closed and MF Open46431W5073,28165,825SH SOLE 17,80302,882
ISHARES EDGEMF Closed and MF Open46434V2823,315118,971SH SOLE 35,51504,889
FIRST TRUSTMF Closed and MF Open33738R8783,590153,287SH SOLE 8504,355
FIRST TRUSTMF Closed and MF Open33739Q4083,87164,683SH SOLE 17,13902,405
BERKSHIRE HATHAWAYCommon Stock0846707024,71323,083SH SOLE 9,57502,453
ISHARES EDGEMF Closed and MF Open46429B6974,71389,940SH SOLE 4003,679
ISHARES EDGEMF Closed and MF Open4642865255,01461,698SH SOLE 1802,645
BERKSHIRE HATHAWAYCommon Stock0846701085,20217SH SOLE 1200
VANGUARD VALUEMF Closed and MF Open9229087445,23253,413SH SOLE 4,96701,139
VICTORYSHARES U SMF Closed and MF Open92647N8245,385127,234SH SOLE 005,530
SPDR S&PMF Closed and MF Open78462F1037,66530,671SH SOLE 22,7840153
APPLE INCCommon Stock03783310010,77568,308SH SOLE 3,85408,413
VICTORYSHARES USMF Closed and MF Open92647N78212,817291,896SH SOLE 12,183013,107