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InMed Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Suite 310 - 815 W. Hastings Street,

Vancouver, B.C.


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On February 13, 2024, the Company announced financial results for the second quarter of fiscal year 2024 which ended December 31, 2023.


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Date: February 13, 2024 By: /s/ Eric A Adams  
    Eric A. Adams
    President & CEO






EX-99.1 2 ea193698ex99-1_inmedpharm.htm NEWS RELEASE, DATED FEBRUARY 13, 2024

Exhibit 99.1





Suite 310-815 W. Hastings St.

Vancouver, BC, Canada V6C 1B4

Tel: +1.604.669.7207

Email: info@inmedpharma.com



InMed Reports Second Fiscal Quarter 2024 Financial Results and Provides Business Update


Advancing two new preclinical programs in Alzheimer’s and Age-Related Macular Degeneration
Closed calendar year 2023 with cash position of US$9.5 million
164% revenue growth in the commercial BayMedica subsidiary


Vancouver, BC – February 13, 2024 – InMed Pharmaceuticals Inc. (“InMed” or the “Company”) (Nasdaq: INM), a leader in the manufacturing, development and commercialization of rare cannabinoids and proprietary cannabinoid analogs, today reports financial results for the second quarter of the fiscal year 2024 which ended December 31, 2023.


The Company’s full financial statements and related MD&A for the second quarter ended December 31, 2023, are available at www.inmedpharma.com, www.sedar.com and at www.sec.gov.


Eric A. Adams, InMed Chief Executive Officer, commented, “This period was another strong operational quarter for the Company, as we expanded our pharmaceutical pipeline with the launch of two new programs with a particular focus on proprietary small molecule drug development candidates. As outlined in our 2024 business update last month, we have further accelerated our development efforts in both INM-901 as a potential multimodal treatment option for Alzheimer’s disease and INM-089 in the treatment of Age-related Macular Degeneration.” Adams continued, “Our commercial subsidiary, BayMedica LLC, continues to grow revenues, up 164% compared to the same three month period last year. In addition, we ended calendar year 2023 with a cash position of over $9.5 million, allowing us to pursue several material milestones throughout calendar 2024.”


Business Update


Pharmaceutical Development Programs


INM-901 in treatment of Alzheimer’s disease:


Following the launch of INM-901 in October 2023, the next stages of longer-term preclinical studies are underway in a robust preclinical disease model and will be followed by studies of drug distribution, metabolism (elimination of the drug from the body), pharmacokinetics (how the body interacts with the administered drug) and continuation of pharmaceutical drug development activities such as manufacturing and formulation.


Based on early in vitro research, INM-901 showed potential to target several biological pathways associated with Alzheimer’s, including neuroprotection of the brain neurons from beta-amyloid peptide-induced toxicity, a reduction in neuroinflammation and targeting neuronal function improvement via extension of neurite length. In addition to these encouraging in vitro testing outcomes, INM-901 demonstrated favorable results in an in vivo preclinical Alzheimer’s proof-of-concept model. When compared to the placebo treated Alzheimer’s disease group in these preclinical studies, INM-901 treatment groups demonstrated a trend towards improvement in cognitive function and memory, locomotor activity, anxiety-based behavior and sound awareness.



INM-089 in the treatment of AMD


The Company is currently engaged in API and drug product formulation work and expects to initiate Investigational New Drug (“IND”)-enabling studies in mid-2024, with the anticipation of filing an IND application with regulatory authorities in calendar 1H 2025.


INM-089 preclinical research has shown promising results in preserving retinal function, proactively protecting retinal cells, and enhancing the thickness of the outer nuclear layer of the retina where photoreceptors are located.


INM-755: Assessing partnership opportunities


The comprehensive data and findings from the Phase 2 clinical trial will soon be available on the National Institutes of Health (“NIH”) clinicaltrials.gov website and the European Union Clinical Trials Register website. Additionally, an abstract will soon be published in Itch, the official journal of the International Forum for the Study of Itch.


The Company believes that INM-755 holds promise for further advancement in the treatment of chronic itch and other related ailments. The Company is currently seeking partnerships for continued development. For further details see press release date June 22, 2023.


BayMedica Commercial Subsidiary


BayMedica revenues continue to trend positively with $1.2 million for the three months ended December 31, 2023, representing a 164% growth over the same three month period last year and 37% quarter over quarter growth. The long-term outlook remains positive, as demand for rare cannabinoids ingredients to be used in combination with other cannabinoids in various formats continues to gain momentum. While we are optimistic about the long-term growth potential in the rare cannabinoids sector, we expect revenue fluctuations to continue in future quarters. BayMedica continues to make progress lowering manufacturing costs which should continue to improve margins over time.


Financing Activities and Results of Operations (expressed in US Dollars):


On October 26, 2023, the Company closed a Private Placement and Preferred Investment Option Exercise financing, for gross proceeds of $5.2 million. For further details see press release date October 26, 2023.


For the six months ended December 31, 2023, the Company recorded a net loss of $4.0 million, compared with a net loss of $5.6 million for the six months ended December 31, 2022.


Research and development and patents expenses were $1.9 million for the six months ended December 31, 2023, compared with $2.2 million for the six months ended December 31, 2022. The decrease in research and development and patents expenses was due to the Company having completed the INM-755 Phase 2 clinical trial, offset by an increase in external contractor fees and personnel expenses within the BayMedica segment.


The Company incurred general and administrative expenses of $2.7 million for the six months ended December 31, 2023, compared with $3.0 million for the six months ended December 31, 2022. The decrease results primarily from lower office and administration fees, accounting and legal fees in the InMed segment offset by higher accounting and legal fees, and marketing expenses in the BayMedica segment.




At December 31, 2023, the Company’s total issued and outstanding shares were 5,667,970. Subsequent to quarter end, 391,000 shares held in abeyance were issued to investors from the October 2023 financing activities. As of the date of these filings, the issued and outstanding shares are 6,058,970. During the three and six months ending December 31, 2023, the weighted average number of common shares was 7,973,465 and 5,650,828, which is used for the calculation of loss per share for the respective interim periods.


At December 31, 2023, the Company’s cash, cash equivalents and short-term investments were $9.5 million, which compares to $8.9 million at June 30, 2023. The increase in cash, cash equivalents and short-term investments during the six months to December 31, 2023, was primarily the result the October 26, 2023 financing, partially offset by cash outflows from operating activities.


Based on current forecasts, the Company expects its cash will be sufficient to fund its planned operating expenses and capital expenditure requirements into the third quarter of calendar year 2024, depending on the level and timing of realizing BayMedica revenues from the sale of products in the Health & Wellness sector as well as the level and timing of our operating expenses.




Expressed in U.S. Dollars


   December 31,     
   2023   June 30, 
   (unaudited)   2023 
   $   $ 
Cash and cash equivalents   9,534,922    8,912,517 
Short-term investments   44,462    44,422 
Accounts receivable, net   372,870    260,399 
Inventories   744,839    1,616,356 
Prepaids and other current assets   1,112,977    498,033 
Total current assets   11,810,070    11,331,727 
Property, equipment and ROU assets, net   1,481,102    723,426 
Intangible assets, net   1,864,292    1,946,279 
Other assets   100,000    104,908 
Total Assets   15,255,464    14,106,340 
Accounts payable and accrued liabilities   1,287,623    1,608,735 
Current portion of lease obligations   364,190    375,713 
Deferred rent   28,656    16,171 
Total current liabilities   1,680,469    2,000,619 
Lease obligations, net of current portion   802,784    15,994 
Total Liabilities   2,483,253    2,016,613 
Shareholders’ Equity          
Common shares, no par value, unlimited authorized shares:          
5,667,970 (June 30, 2023 - 3,328,191) issued and outstanding   79,936,633    77,620,252 
Additional paid-in capital   38,122,231    35,741,115 
Accumulated deficit   (105,415,222)   (101,400,209)
Accumulated other comprehensive income   128,569    128,569 
Total Shareholders’ Equity   12,772,211    12,089,727 
Total Liabilities and Shareholders’ Equity   15,255,464    14,106,340 






Expressed in U.S. Dollars


   For the Three Months
   For the Six Months
   December 31   December 31 
   2023   2022   2023   2022 
   $   $   $   $ 
Sales   1,240,200    469,783    2,142,062    790,571 
Cost of sales   745,584    338,620    1,533,274    573,654 
Inventory write-down   170,474    -    263,404    576,772 
Gross profit   324,142    131,163    345,384    (359,855)
Operating Expenses                    
Research and development and patents   609,791    851,356    1,901,884    2,230,009 
General and administrative   1,363,958    1,464,879    2,662,689    3,025,356 
Amortization and depreciation   55,234    49,049    110,066    98,097 
Foreign exchange (gain) loss   (59,896)   (20,237)   (11,439)   76,554 
Total operating expenses   1,969,087    2,345,047    4,663,200    5,430,016 
Other Income (Expense)                    
Interest and other income   166,760    115,797    302,803    188,384 
Loss before income taxes   (1,478,185)   (2,098,087)   (4,015,013)   (5,601,487)
Tax expense   -    (3,000)   -    (9,800)
Net loss for the period   (1,478,185)   (2,101,087)   (4,015,013)   (5,611,287)
Net loss per share for the period                    
Basic and diluted   (0.19)   (0.91)   (0.71)   (3.54)
Weighted average outstanding common shares                    
Basic and diluted   7,973,465    2,300,526    5,650,828    1,583,073 






Expressed in U.S. Dollars


   2023   2022 
   $   $ 
Cash provided by (used in):        
Operating Activities        
Net loss   (4,015,013)   (5,611,287)
Items not requiring cash:          
Amortization and depreciation   110,063    98,097 
Share-based compensation   43,455    187,318 
Amortization of right-of-use assets   191,909    197,767 
Interest income received on short-term investments   (1,019)   (418)
Unrealized foreign exchange loss   978    2,167 
Inventory write-down   263,404    576,772 
Bad debts   -    25,085 
Changes in operating assets and liabilities:          
Inventories   608,113    300,576 
Prepaids and other currents assets   (614,944)   (29,706)
Other non-current assets   4,908    5,507 
Accounts receivable   (112,470)   (18,705)
Accounts payable and accrued liabilities   (321,106)   (508,871)
Deferred rent   12,485    16,171 
Lease obligations   (193,109)   (209,112)
Total cash used in operating activities   (4,022,346)   (4,968,639)
Investing Activities          
Payment of acquisition consideration   -    (500,000)
Sale of short-term investments   21,317    - 
Purchase of short-term investments   (21,317)   - 
Purchase of property and equipment   (9,291)   - 
Total cash used in investing activities   (9,291)   (500,000)
Financing Activities          
Proceeds from private placement net of issuance costs   4,654,042    10,744,351 
Total cash provided by financing activities   4,654,042    10,744,351 
Increase in cash during the period   622,405    5,275,712 
Cash and cash equivalents beginning of the period   8,912,517    6,176,866 
Cash and cash equivalents end of the period   9,534,922    11,452,578 
Cash Paid During the Year for:          
Income taxes  $-   $9,800 
Interest  $-   $- 
Fair value of warrant modification recorded as equity issuance costs  $3,508,749   $- 
Preferred investment options to its placement agent  $325,699   $691,483 
Recognition of Right-of-use asset and corresponding operating lease liability  $968,376   $- 




About InMed:


InMed Pharmaceuticals is a global leader in the manufacturing, development and commercialization of rare cannabinoids and proprietary cannabinoid analogs. Together with our subsidiary, BayMedica, we have unparalleled cannabinoid manufacturing capabilities to serve a spectrum of consumer markets, including pharmaceutical and health and wellness. We are a clinical-stage company developing a pipeline of rare cannabinoid therapeutics and dedicated to delivering new treatment alternatives to patients that may benefit from cannabinoid-based pharmaceutical drugs. For more information, visit www.inmedpharma.com.


Investor Contact:


Colin Clancy

Vice President, Investor Relations

and Corporate Communications

T: +1 604 416 0999

E: cclancy@inmedpharma.com


Cautionary Note Regarding Forward-Looking Information:


This news release contains “forward-looking information” and “forward-looking statements” (collectively, “forward-looking information”) within the meaning of applicable securities laws. Forward-looking statements are frequently, but not always, identified by words such as “expects”, “anticipates”, “believes”, “intends”, “potential”, “possible”, “would” and similar expressions. Such statements, based as they are on current expectations of management, inherently involve numerous risks, uncertainties and assumptions, known and unknown, many of which are beyond our control. Forward-looking information is based on management’s current expectations and beliefs and is subject to a number of risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from those described in the forward-looking statements. Forward-looking information in this news release includes statements about: INM-901 representing a unique and innovative treatment approach compared to current options available to patients; cash runway into calendar 3Q 2024; next stages of advanced preclinical studies of INM-901, including drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics as well as the initiation of pharmaceutical drug development activities such as manufacturing and formulation; disease-modifying effects in an Alzheimer’s disease treatment model; and the next stage of studies which may show how the cannabinoid analog INM-901 can improve neuronal function; assessing potential partnership opportunities for the advancement of INM-755; anticipating sustained volume growth over a 12-month period; improving margins over time; being a global leader in the research, development, manufacturing and commercialization of rare cannabinoids, including clinical and preclinical programs targeting the treatment of diseases with high unmet medical needs; having significant know-how in developing proprietary manufacturing approaches to produce cannabinoids for various market sectors.


Additionally, there are known and unknown risk factors which could cause InMed’s actual results, performance or achievements to be materially different from any future results, performance or achievements expressed or implied by the forward-looking information contained herein. A complete discussion of the risks and uncertainties facing InMed’s stand-alone business is disclosed in InMed’s Annual Report on Form 10-K and other filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission on www.sec.gov.


All forward-looking information herein is qualified in its entirety by this cautionary statement, and InMed disclaims any obligation to revise or update any such forward-looking information or to publicly announce the result of any revisions to any of the forward-looking information contained herein to reflect future results, events or developments, except as required by law.





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Feb. 13, 2024
Cover [Abstract]  
Document Type 8-K
Amendment Flag false
Document Period End Date Feb. 13, 2024
Entity File Number 001-39685
Entity Central Index Key 0001728328
Entity Tax Identification Number 98-1428279
Entity Incorporation, State or Country Code A1
Entity Address, Address Line One Suite 310 - 815 W. Hastings Street
Entity Address, City or Town Vancouver
Entity Address, State or Province BC
Entity Address, Country CA
Entity Address, Postal Zip Code V6C 1B4
City Area Code 604
Local Phone Number 669-7207
Written Communications false
Soliciting Material false
Pre-commencement Tender Offer false
Pre-commencement Issuer Tender Offer false
Title of 12(b) Security Common Shares, no par value
Trading Symbol INM
Security Exchange Name NASDAQ
Entity Emerging Growth Company true
Elected Not To Use the Extended Transition Period false
EXCEL 9 Financial_Report.xlsx IDEA: XBRL DOCUMENT begin 644 Financial_Report.xlsx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.num, .report .nump { text-align: right; white-space: nowrap; } ..report .nump { padding-left: 2em; } ..report .nump { padding: 0px 0.4em 0px 2em; } /* styles for text types */ ..report .text { text-align: left; white-space: normal; } ..report .text .big { margin-bottom: 1em; width: 17em; } ..report .text .more { display: none; } ..report .text .note { font-style: italic; font-weight: bold; } ..report .text .small { width: 10em; } ..report sup { font-style: italic; } ..report .outerFootnotes { font-size: 1em; } XML 13 FilingSummary.xml IDEA: XBRL DOCUMENT html 1 24 1 false 0 0 false 3 false false R1.htm 00000001 - Document - Cover Sheet http://inmedpharma.com/role/Cover Cover Cover 1 false false All Reports Book All Reports ea193698-8k_inmedpharm.htm inm-20240213.xsd inm-20240213_lab.xml inm-20240213_pre.xml http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2023 true false JSON 16 MetaLinks.json IDEA: XBRL DOCUMENT { "version": "2.2", "instance": { "ea193698-8k_inmedpharm.htm": { "nsprefix": "INM", "nsuri": 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"https://xbrl.fasb.org/us-gaap/2023/elts/us-roles-2023.xsd", "https://xbrl.fasb.org/us-gaap/2023/elts/us-types-2023.xsd", "https://xbrl.sec.gov/country/2023/country-2023.xsd", "https://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2023/dei-2023.xsd" ] }, "labelLink": { "local": [ "inm-20240213_lab.xml" ] }, "presentationLink": { "local": [ "inm-20240213_pre.xml" ] } }, "keyStandard": 24, "keyCustom": 0, "axisStandard": 0, "axisCustom": 0, "memberStandard": 0, "memberCustom": 0, "hidden": { "total": 5, "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2023": 5 }, "contextCount": 1, "entityCount": 1, "segmentCount": 0, "elementCount": 59, "unitCount": 3, "baseTaxonomies": { "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2023": 24 }, "report": { "R1": { "role": "http://inmedpharma.com/role/Cover", "longName": "00000001 - Document - Cover", "shortName": "Cover", "isDefault": "true", "groupType": "document", "subGroupType": "", "menuCat": "Cover", "order": "1", "firstAnchor": { "contextRef": "AsOf2024-02-13", "name": "dei:DocumentType", "unitRef": null, "xsiNil": 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"http://inmedpharma.com/role/Cover" ], "lang": { "en-us": { "role": { "label": "Amendment Flag", "documentation": "Boolean flag that is true when the XBRL content amends previously-filed or accepted submission." } } }, "auth_ref": [] }, "dei_AnnualInformationForm": { "xbrltype": "booleanItemType", "nsuri": "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2023", "localname": "AnnualInformationForm", "presentation": [ "http://inmedpharma.com/role/Cover" ], "lang": { "en-us": { "role": { "label": "Annual Information Form", "documentation": "Boolean flag with value true on a form if it is an annual report containing an annual information form." } } }, "auth_ref": [ "r14" ] }, "dei_AuditedAnnualFinancialStatements": { "xbrltype": "booleanItemType", "nsuri": "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2023", "localname": "AuditedAnnualFinancialStatements", "presentation": [ "http://inmedpharma.com/role/Cover" ], "lang": { "en-us": { "role": { "label": "Audited Annual Financial Statements", "documentation": "Boolean flag with value true on a form if it is an annual report containing audited financial statements." } } }, "auth_ref": [ "r14" ] }, "dei_CityAreaCode": { "xbrltype": "normalizedStringItemType", "nsuri": "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2023", "localname": "CityAreaCode", "presentation": [ "http://inmedpharma.com/role/Cover" ], "lang": { "en-us": { "role": { "label": "City Area Code", "documentation": "Area code of city" } } }, "auth_ref": [] }, "dei_CountryRegion": { "xbrltype": "normalizedStringItemType", "nsuri": "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2023", "localname": "CountryRegion", "presentation": [ "http://inmedpharma.com/role/Cover" ], "lang": { "en-us": { "role": { "label": "Country Region", "documentation": "Region code of country" } } }, "auth_ref": [] }, "dei_CoverAbstract": { "xbrltype": "stringItemType", "nsuri": "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2023", "localname": "CoverAbstract", "lang": { "en-us": { "role": { "label": "Cover [Abstract]", "documentation": "Cover page." } } }, "auth_ref": [] }, "dei_CurrentFiscalYearEndDate": { "xbrltype": "gMonthDayItemType", "nsuri": "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2023", "localname": "CurrentFiscalYearEndDate", "presentation": [ "http://inmedpharma.com/role/Cover" ], "lang": { "en-us": { "role": { "label": "Current Fiscal Year End Date", "documentation": "End date of current fiscal year in the format --MM-DD." } } }, "auth_ref": [] }, "dei_DocumentAccountingStandard": { "xbrltype": "accountingStandardItemType", "nsuri": "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2023", "localname": "DocumentAccountingStandard", "presentation": [ "http://inmedpharma.com/role/Cover" ], "lang": { "en-us": { "role": { "label": "Document Accounting Standard", "documentation": "The basis of accounting the registrant has used to prepare the financial statements included in this filing This can either be 'U.S. GAAP', 'International Financial Reporting Standards', or 'Other'." } } }, "auth_ref": [ "r13" ] }, "dei_DocumentAnnualReport": { "xbrltype": "booleanItemType", "nsuri": "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2023", "localname": "DocumentAnnualReport", "presentation": [ "http://inmedpharma.com/role/Cover" ], "lang": { "en-us": { "role": { "label": "Document Annual Report", "documentation": "Boolean flag that is true only for a form used as an annual report." } } }, "auth_ref": [ "r11", "r13", "r14" ] }, "dei_DocumentFiscalPeriodFocus": { "xbrltype": "fiscalPeriodItemType", "nsuri": "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2023", "localname": "DocumentFiscalPeriodFocus", "presentation": [ "http://inmedpharma.com/role/Cover" ], "lang": { "en-us": { "role": { "label": "Document Fiscal Period Focus", "documentation": "Fiscal period values are FY, Q1, Q2, and Q3. 1st, 2nd and 3rd quarter 10-Q or 10-QT statements have value Q1, Q2, and Q3 respectively, with 10-K, 10-KT or other fiscal year statements having FY." } } }, "auth_ref": [] }, "dei_DocumentFiscalYearFocus": { "xbrltype": "gYearItemType", "nsuri": "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2023", "localname": "DocumentFiscalYearFocus", "presentation": [ "http://inmedpharma.com/role/Cover" ], "lang": { "en-us": { "role": { "label": "Document Fiscal Year Focus", "documentation": "This is focus fiscal year of the document report in YYYY format. For a 2006 annual report, which may also provide financial information from prior periods, fiscal 2006 should be given as the fiscal year focus. Example: 2006." } } }, "auth_ref": [] }, "dei_DocumentPeriodEndDate": { "xbrltype": "dateItemType", "nsuri": "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2023", "localname": "DocumentPeriodEndDate", "presentation": [ "http://inmedpharma.com/role/Cover" ], "lang": { "en-us": { "role": { "label": "Document Period End Date", "documentation": "For the EDGAR submission types of Form 8-K: the date of the report, the date of the earliest event reported; for the EDGAR submission types of Form N-1A: the filing date; for all other submission types: the end of the reporting or transition period. The format of the date is YYYY-MM-DD." } } }, "auth_ref": [] }, "dei_DocumentPeriodStartDate": { "xbrltype": "dateItemType", "nsuri": "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2023", "localname": "DocumentPeriodStartDate", "presentation": [ "http://inmedpharma.com/role/Cover" ], "lang": { "en-us": { "role": { "label": "Document Period Start Date", "documentation": "The start date of the period covered in the document, in YYYY-MM-DD format." } } }, "auth_ref": [] }, "dei_DocumentQuarterlyReport": { "xbrltype": "booleanItemType", "nsuri": "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2023", "localname": "DocumentQuarterlyReport", "presentation": [ "http://inmedpharma.com/role/Cover" ], "lang": { "en-us": { "role": { "label": "Document Quarterly Report", "documentation": "Boolean flag that is true only for a form used as an quarterly report." } } }, "auth_ref": [ "r12" ] }, "dei_DocumentRegistrationStatement": { "xbrltype": "booleanItemType", "nsuri": "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2023", "localname": "DocumentRegistrationStatement", "presentation": [ "http://inmedpharma.com/role/Cover" ], "lang": { "en-us": { "role": { "label": "Document Registration Statement", "documentation": "Boolean flag that is true only for a form used as a registration statement." } } }, "auth_ref": [ "r0" ] }, "dei_DocumentShellCompanyEventDate": { "xbrltype": "dateItemType", "nsuri": "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2023", "localname": "DocumentShellCompanyEventDate", "presentation": [ "http://inmedpharma.com/role/Cover" ], "lang": { "en-us": { "role": { "label": "Document Shell Company Event Date", "documentation": "Date of event requiring a shell company report." } } }, "auth_ref": [ "r13" ] }, "dei_DocumentShellCompanyReport": { "xbrltype": "booleanItemType", "nsuri": "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2023", "localname": "DocumentShellCompanyReport", "presentation": [ "http://inmedpharma.com/role/Cover" ], "lang": { "en-us": { "role": { "label": "Document Shell Company Report", "documentation": "Boolean flag that is true for a Shell Company Report pursuant to section 13 or 15(d) of the Exchange Act." } } }, "auth_ref": [ "r13" ] }, "dei_DocumentTransitionReport": { "xbrltype": "booleanItemType", "nsuri": "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2023", "localname": "DocumentTransitionReport", "presentation": [ "http://inmedpharma.com/role/Cover" ], "lang": { "en-us": { "role": { "label": "Document Transition Report", "documentation": "Boolean flag that is true only for a form used as a transition report." } } }, "auth_ref": [ "r15" ] }, "dei_DocumentType": { "xbrltype": "submissionTypeItemType", "nsuri": "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2023", "localname": "DocumentType", "presentation": [ "http://inmedpharma.com/role/Cover" ], "lang": { "en-us": { "role": { "label": "Document Type", "documentation": "The type of document being provided (such as 10-K, 10-Q, 485BPOS, etc). The document type is limited to the same value as the supporting SEC submission type, or the word 'Other'." } } }, "auth_ref": [] }, "dei_DocumentsIncorporatedByReferenceTextBlock": { "xbrltype": "textBlockItemType", "nsuri": "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2023", "localname": "DocumentsIncorporatedByReferenceTextBlock", "presentation": [ "http://inmedpharma.com/role/Cover" ], "lang": { "en-us": { "role": { "label": "Documents Incorporated by Reference [Text Block]", "documentation": "Documents incorporated by reference." } } }, "auth_ref": [ "r3" ] }, "dei_EntityAddressAddressLine1": { "xbrltype": "normalizedStringItemType", "nsuri": "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2023", "localname": "EntityAddressAddressLine1", "presentation": [ "http://inmedpharma.com/role/Cover" ], "lang": { "en-us": { "role": { "label": "Entity Address, Address Line One", "documentation": "Address Line 1 such as Attn, Building Name, Street Name" } } }, "auth_ref": [] }, "dei_EntityAddressAddressLine2": { "xbrltype": "normalizedStringItemType", "nsuri": "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2023", "localname": "EntityAddressAddressLine2", "presentation": [ "http://inmedpharma.com/role/Cover" ], "lang": { "en-us": { "role": { "label": "Entity Address, Address Line Two", "documentation": "Address Line 2 such as Street or Suite number" } } }, "auth_ref": [] }, "dei_EntityAddressAddressLine3": { "xbrltype": "normalizedStringItemType", "nsuri": "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2023", "localname": "EntityAddressAddressLine3", "presentation": [ "http://inmedpharma.com/role/Cover" ], "lang": { "en-us": { "role": { "label": "Entity Address, Address Line Three", "documentation": "Address Line 3 such as an Office Park" } } }, "auth_ref": [] }, "dei_EntityAddressCityOrTown": { "xbrltype": "normalizedStringItemType", "nsuri": "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2023", "localname": "EntityAddressCityOrTown", "presentation": [ "http://inmedpharma.com/role/Cover" ], "lang": { "en-us": { "role": { "label": "Entity Address, City or Town", "documentation": "Name of the City or Town" } } }, "auth_ref": [] }, "dei_EntityAddressCountry": { "xbrltype": "countryCodeItemType", "nsuri": "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2023", "localname": "EntityAddressCountry", "presentation": [ "http://inmedpharma.com/role/Cover" ], "lang": { "en-us": { "role": { "label": "Entity Address, Country", "documentation": "ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country code." } } }, "auth_ref": [] }, "dei_EntityAddressPostalZipCode": { "xbrltype": "normalizedStringItemType", "nsuri": "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2023", "localname": "EntityAddressPostalZipCode", "presentation": [ "http://inmedpharma.com/role/Cover" ], "lang": { "en-us": { "role": { "label": "Entity Address, Postal Zip Code", "documentation": "Code for the postal or zip code" } } }, "auth_ref": [] }, "dei_EntityAddressStateOrProvince": { "xbrltype": "stateOrProvinceItemType", "nsuri": "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2023", "localname": "EntityAddressStateOrProvince", "presentation": [ "http://inmedpharma.com/role/Cover" ], "lang": { "en-us": { "role": { "label": "Entity Address, State or Province", "documentation": "Name of the state or province." } } }, "auth_ref": [] }, "dei_EntityBankruptcyProceedingsReportingCurrent": { "xbrltype": "booleanItemType", "nsuri": "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2023", "localname": "EntityBankruptcyProceedingsReportingCurrent", "presentation": [ "http://inmedpharma.com/role/Cover" ], "lang": { "en-us": { "role": { "label": "Entity Bankruptcy Proceedings, Reporting Current", "documentation": "For registrants involved in bankruptcy proceedings during the preceding five years, the value Yes indicates that the registrant has filed all documents and reports required to be filed by Section 12, 13 or 15(d) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 subsequent to the distribution of securities under a plan confirmed by a court; the value No indicates the registrant has not. Registrants not involved in bankruptcy proceedings during the preceding five years should not report this element." } } }, "auth_ref": [ "r6" ] }, "dei_EntityCentralIndexKey": { "xbrltype": "centralIndexKeyItemType", "nsuri": "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2023", "localname": "EntityCentralIndexKey", "presentation": [ "http://inmedpharma.com/role/Cover" ], "lang": { "en-us": { "role": { "label": "Entity Central Index Key", "documentation": "A unique 10-digit SEC-issued value to identify entities that have filed disclosures with the SEC. It is commonly abbreviated as CIK." } } }, "auth_ref": [ "r2" ] }, "dei_EntityCommonStockSharesOutstanding": { "xbrltype": "sharesItemType", "nsuri": "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2023", "localname": "EntityCommonStockSharesOutstanding", "presentation": [ "http://inmedpharma.com/role/Cover" ], "lang": { "en-us": { "role": { "label": "Entity Common Stock, Shares Outstanding", "documentation": "Indicate number of shares or other units outstanding of each of registrant's classes of capital or common stock or other ownership interests, if and as stated on cover of related periodic report. Where multiple classes or units exist define each class/interest by adding class of stock items such as Common Class A [Member], Common Class B [Member] or Partnership Interest [Member] onto the Instrument [Domain] of the Entity Listings, Instrument." } } }, "auth_ref": [] }, "dei_EntityCurrentReportingStatus": { "xbrltype": "yesNoItemType", "nsuri": "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2023", "localname": "EntityCurrentReportingStatus", "presentation": [ "http://inmedpharma.com/role/Cover" ], "lang": { "en-us": { "role": { "label": "Entity Current Reporting Status", "documentation": "Indicate 'Yes' or 'No' whether registrants (1) have filed all reports required to be filed by Section 13 or 15(d) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 during the preceding 12 months (or for such shorter period that registrants were required to file such reports), and (2) have been subject to such filing requirements for the past 90 days. This information should be based on the registrant's current or most recent filing containing the related disclosure." } } }, "auth_ref": [] }, "dei_EntityEmergingGrowthCompany": { "xbrltype": "booleanItemType", "nsuri": "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2023", "localname": "EntityEmergingGrowthCompany", "presentation": [ "http://inmedpharma.com/role/Cover" ], "lang": { "en-us": { "role": { "label": "Entity Emerging Growth Company", "documentation": "Indicate if registrant meets the emerging growth company criteria." } } }, "auth_ref": [ "r2" ] }, "dei_EntityExTransitionPeriod": { "xbrltype": "booleanItemType", "nsuri": "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2023", "localname": "EntityExTransitionPeriod", "presentation": [ "http://inmedpharma.com/role/Cover" ], "lang": { "en-us": { "role": { "label": "Elected Not To Use the Extended Transition Period", "documentation": "Indicate if an emerging growth company has elected not to use the extended transition period for complying with any new or revised financial accounting standards." } } }, "auth_ref": [ "r19" ] }, "dei_EntityFileNumber": { "xbrltype": "fileNumberItemType", "nsuri": "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2023", "localname": "EntityFileNumber", "presentation": [ "http://inmedpharma.com/role/Cover" ], "lang": { "en-us": { "role": { "label": "Entity File Number", "documentation": "Commission file number. The field allows up to 17 characters. The prefix may contain 1-3 digits, the sequence number may contain 1-8 digits, the optional suffix may contain 1-4 characters, and the fields are separated with a hyphen." } } }, "auth_ref": [] }, "dei_EntityFilerCategory": { "xbrltype": "filerCategoryItemType", "nsuri": "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2023", "localname": "EntityFilerCategory", "presentation": [ "http://inmedpharma.com/role/Cover" ], "lang": { "en-us": { "role": { "label": "Entity Filer Category", "documentation": "Indicate whether the registrant is one of the following: Large Accelerated Filer, Accelerated Filer, Non-accelerated Filer. Definitions of these categories are stated in Rule 12b-2 of the Exchange Act. This information should be based on the registrant's current or most recent filing containing the related disclosure." } } }, "auth_ref": [ "r2" ] }, "dei_EntityIncorporationStateCountryCode": { "xbrltype": "edgarStateCountryItemType", "nsuri": "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2023", "localname": "EntityIncorporationStateCountryCode", "presentation": [ "http://inmedpharma.com/role/Cover" ], "lang": { "en-us": { "role": { "label": "Entity Incorporation, State or Country Code", "documentation": "Two-character EDGAR code representing the state or country of incorporation." } } }, "auth_ref": [] }, "dei_EntityInteractiveDataCurrent": { "xbrltype": "yesNoItemType", "nsuri": "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2023", "localname": "EntityInteractiveDataCurrent", "presentation": [ "http://inmedpharma.com/role/Cover" ], "lang": { "en-us": { "role": { "label": "Entity Interactive Data Current", "documentation": "Boolean flag that is true when the registrant has submitted electronically every Interactive Data File required to be submitted pursuant to Rule 405 of Regulation S-T during the preceding 12 months (or for such shorter period that the registrant was required to submit such files)." } } }, "auth_ref": [ "r16" ] }, "dei_EntityPrimarySicNumber": { "xbrltype": "sicNumberItemType", "nsuri": "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2023", "localname": "EntityPrimarySicNumber", "presentation": [ "http://inmedpharma.com/role/Cover" ], "lang": { "en-us": { "role": { "label": "Entity Primary SIC Number", "documentation": "Primary Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) Number for the Entity." } } }, "auth_ref": [ "r14" ] }, "dei_EntityPublicFloat": { "xbrltype": "monetaryItemType", "nsuri": "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2023", "localname": "EntityPublicFloat", "crdr": "credit", "presentation": [ "http://inmedpharma.com/role/Cover" ], "lang": { "en-us": { "role": { "label": "Entity Public Float", "documentation": "The aggregate market value of the voting and non-voting common equity held by non-affiliates computed by reference to the price at which the common equity was last sold, or the average bid and asked price of such common equity, as of the last business day of the registrant's most recently completed second fiscal quarter." } } }, "auth_ref": [] }, "dei_EntityRegistrantName": { "xbrltype": "normalizedStringItemType", "nsuri": "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2023", "localname": "EntityRegistrantName", "presentation": [ "http://inmedpharma.com/role/Cover" ], "lang": { "en-us": { "role": { "label": "Entity Registrant Name", "documentation": "The exact name of the entity filing the report as specified in its charter, which is required by forms filed with the SEC." } } }, "auth_ref": [ "r2" ] }, "dei_EntityShellCompany": { "xbrltype": "booleanItemType", "nsuri": "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2023", "localname": "EntityShellCompany", "presentation": [ "http://inmedpharma.com/role/Cover" ], "lang": { "en-us": { "role": { "label": "Entity Shell Company", "documentation": "Boolean flag that is true when the registrant is a shell company as defined in Rule 12b-2 of the Exchange Act." } } }, "auth_ref": [ "r2" ] }, "dei_EntitySmallBusiness": { "xbrltype": "booleanItemType", "nsuri": "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2023", "localname": "EntitySmallBusiness", "presentation": [ "http://inmedpharma.com/role/Cover" ], "lang": { "en-us": { "role": { "label": "Entity Small Business", "documentation": "Indicates that the company is a Smaller Reporting Company (SRC)." } } }, "auth_ref": [ "r2" ] }, "dei_EntityTaxIdentificationNumber": { "xbrltype": "employerIdItemType", "nsuri": "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2023", "localname": "EntityTaxIdentificationNumber", "presentation": [ "http://inmedpharma.com/role/Cover" ], "lang": { "en-us": { "role": { "label": "Entity Tax Identification Number", "documentation": "The Tax Identification Number (TIN), also known as an Employer Identification Number (EIN), is a unique 9-digit value assigned by the IRS." } } }, "auth_ref": [ "r2" ] }, "dei_EntityVoluntaryFilers": { "xbrltype": "yesNoItemType", "nsuri": "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2023", "localname": "EntityVoluntaryFilers", "presentation": [ "http://inmedpharma.com/role/Cover" ], "lang": { "en-us": { "role": { "label": "Entity Voluntary Filers", "documentation": "Indicate 'Yes' or 'No' if the registrant is not required to file reports pursuant to Section 13 or Section 15(d) of the Act." } } }, "auth_ref": [] }, "dei_EntityWellKnownSeasonedIssuer": { "xbrltype": "yesNoItemType", "nsuri": "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2023", "localname": "EntityWellKnownSeasonedIssuer", "presentation": [ "http://inmedpharma.com/role/Cover" ], "lang": { "en-us": { "role": { "label": "Entity Well-known Seasoned Issuer", "documentation": "Indicate 'Yes' or 'No' if the registrant is a well-known seasoned issuer, as defined in Rule 405 of the Securities Act. Is used on Form Type: 10-K, 10-Q, 8-K, 20-F, 6-K, 10-K/A, 10-Q/A, 20-F/A, 6-K/A, N-CSR, N-Q, N-1A." } } }, "auth_ref": [ "r17" ] }, "dei_Extension": { "xbrltype": "normalizedStringItemType", "nsuri": "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2023", "localname": "Extension", "presentation": [ "http://inmedpharma.com/role/Cover" ], "lang": { "en-us": { "role": { "label": "Extension", "documentation": "Extension number for local phone number." } } }, "auth_ref": [] }, "dei_LocalPhoneNumber": { "xbrltype": "normalizedStringItemType", "nsuri": "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2023", "localname": "LocalPhoneNumber", "presentation": [ "http://inmedpharma.com/role/Cover" ], "lang": { "en-us": { "role": { "label": "Local Phone Number", "documentation": "Local phone number for entity." } } }, "auth_ref": [] }, "dei_NoTradingSymbolFlag": { "xbrltype": "trueItemType", "nsuri": "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2023", "localname": "NoTradingSymbolFlag", "presentation": [ "http://inmedpharma.com/role/Cover" ], "lang": { "en-us": { "role": { "label": "No Trading Symbol Flag", "documentation": "Boolean flag that is true only for a security having no trading symbol." } } }, "auth_ref": [] }, "dei_OtherReportingStandardItemNumber": { "xbrltype": "otherReportingStandardItemNumberItemType", "nsuri": "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2023", "localname": "OtherReportingStandardItemNumber", "presentation": [ "http://inmedpharma.com/role/Cover" ], "lang": { "en-us": { "role": { "label": "Other Reporting Standard Item Number", "documentation": "\"Item 17\" or \"Item 18\" specified when the basis of accounting is neither US GAAP nor IFRS." } } }, "auth_ref": [ "r13" ] }, "dei_PreCommencementIssuerTenderOffer": { "xbrltype": "booleanItemType", "nsuri": "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2023", "localname": "PreCommencementIssuerTenderOffer", "presentation": [ "http://inmedpharma.com/role/Cover" ], "lang": { "en-us": { "role": { "label": "Pre-commencement Issuer Tender Offer", "documentation": "Boolean flag that is true when the Form 8-K filing is intended to satisfy the filing obligation of the registrant as pre-commencement communications pursuant to Rule 13e-4(c) under the Exchange Act." } } }, "auth_ref": [ "r7" ] }, "dei_PreCommencementTenderOffer": { "xbrltype": "booleanItemType", "nsuri": "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2023", "localname": "PreCommencementTenderOffer", "presentation": [ "http://inmedpharma.com/role/Cover" ], "lang": { "en-us": { "role": { "label": "Pre-commencement Tender Offer", "documentation": "Boolean flag that is true when the Form 8-K filing is intended to satisfy the filing obligation of the registrant as pre-commencement communications pursuant to Rule 14d-2(b) under the Exchange Act." } } }, "auth_ref": [ "r8" ] }, "dei_Security12bTitle": { "xbrltype": "securityTitleItemType", "nsuri": "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2023", "localname": "Security12bTitle", "presentation": [ "http://inmedpharma.com/role/Cover" ], "lang": { "en-us": { "role": { "label": "Title of 12(b) Security", "documentation": "Title of a 12(b) registered security." } } }, "auth_ref": [ "r1" ] }, "dei_Security12gTitle": { "xbrltype": "securityTitleItemType", "nsuri": "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2023", "localname": "Security12gTitle", "presentation": [ "http://inmedpharma.com/role/Cover" ], "lang": { "en-us": { "role": { "label": "Title of 12(g) Security", "documentation": "Title of a 12(g) registered security." } } }, "auth_ref": [ "r5" ] }, "dei_SecurityExchangeName": { "xbrltype": "edgarExchangeCodeItemType", "nsuri": "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2023", "localname": "SecurityExchangeName", "presentation": [ "http://inmedpharma.com/role/Cover" ], "lang": { "en-us": { "role": { "label": "Security Exchange Name", "documentation": "Name of the Exchange on which a security is registered." } } }, "auth_ref": [ "r4" ] }, "dei_SecurityReportingObligation": { "xbrltype": "securityReportingObligationItemType", "nsuri": "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2023", "localname": "SecurityReportingObligation", "presentation": [ "http://inmedpharma.com/role/Cover" ], "lang": { "en-us": { "role": { "label": "Security Reporting Obligation", "documentation": "15(d), indicating whether the security has a reporting obligation under that section of the Exchange Act." } } }, "auth_ref": [ "r9" ] }, "dei_SolicitingMaterial": { "xbrltype": "booleanItemType", "nsuri": "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2023", "localname": "SolicitingMaterial", "presentation": [ "http://inmedpharma.com/role/Cover" ], "lang": { "en-us": { "role": { "label": "Soliciting Material", "documentation": "Boolean flag that is true when the Form 8-K filing is intended to satisfy the filing obligation of the registrant as soliciting material pursuant to Rule 14a-12 under the Exchange Act." } } }, "auth_ref": [ "r10" ] }, "dei_TradingSymbol": { "xbrltype": "tradingSymbolItemType", "nsuri": "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2023", "localname": "TradingSymbol", "presentation": [ "http://inmedpharma.com/role/Cover" ], "lang": { "en-us": { "role": { "label": "Trading Symbol", "documentation": "Trading symbol of an instrument as listed on an exchange." } } }, "auth_ref": [] }, "dei_WrittenCommunications": { "xbrltype": "booleanItemType", "nsuri": "http://xbrl.sec.gov/dei/2023", "localname": "WrittenCommunications", "presentation": [ "http://inmedpharma.com/role/Cover" ], "lang": { "en-us": { "role": { "label": "Written Communications", "documentation": "Boolean flag that is true when the Form 8-K filing is intended to satisfy the filing obligation of the registrant as written communications pursuant to Rule 425 under the Securities Act." } } }, "auth_ref": [ "r18" ] } } } }, "std_ref": { "r0": { "role": "http://www.xbrl.org/2003/role/presentationRef", "Publisher": "SEC", "Name": "Exchange Act", "Number": "240", "Section": "12" }, "r1": { "role": "http://www.xbrl.org/2003/role/presentationRef", "Publisher": "SEC", "Name": "Exchange Act", "Number": "240", "Section": "12", "Subsection": "b" }, "r2": { "role": "http://www.xbrl.org/2003/role/presentationRef", "Publisher": "SEC", "Name": "Exchange Act", "Number": "240", "Section": "12", "Subsection": "b-2" }, "r3": { "role": "http://www.xbrl.org/2003/role/presentationRef", "Publisher": "SEC", "Name": "Exchange Act", "Number": "240", "Section": "12", "Subsection": "b-23" }, "r4": { "role": "http://www.xbrl.org/2003/role/presentationRef", "Publisher": "SEC", "Name": "Exchange Act", "Number": "240", "Section": "12", "Subsection": "d1-1" }, "r5": { "role": "http://www.xbrl.org/2003/role/presentationRef", "Publisher": "SEC", "Name": "Exchange Act", "Number": "240", "Section": "12", "Subsection": "g" }, "r6": { "role": "http://www.xbrl.org/2003/role/presentationRef", "Publisher": "SEC", "Name": "Exchange Act", "Number": "240", "Section": "12, 13, 15d" }, "r7": { "role": "http://www.xbrl.org/2003/role/presentationRef", "Publisher": "SEC", "Name": "Exchange Act", "Number": "240", "Section": "13e", "Subsection": "4c" }, "r8": { "role": "http://www.xbrl.org/2003/role/presentationRef", "Publisher": "SEC", "Name": "Exchange Act", "Number": "240", "Section": "14d", "Subsection": "2b" }, "r9": { "role": "http://www.xbrl.org/2003/role/presentationRef", "Publisher": "SEC", "Name": "Exchange Act", "Number": "240", "Section": "15", "Subsection": "d" }, "r10": { "role": "http://www.xbrl.org/2003/role/presentationRef", "Publisher": "SEC", "Name": "Exchange Act", "Section": "14a", "Number": "240", "Subsection": "12" }, "r11": { "role": "http://www.xbrl.org/2003/role/presentationRef", "Publisher": "SEC", "Name": "Form 10-K", "Number": "249", "Section": "310" }, "r12": { "role": "http://www.xbrl.org/2003/role/presentationRef", "Publisher": "SEC", "Name": "Form 10-Q", "Number": "240", "Section": "308", "Subsection": "a" }, "r13": { "role": "http://www.xbrl.org/2003/role/presentationRef", "Publisher": "SEC", "Name": "Form 20-F", "Number": "249", "Section": "220", "Subsection": "f" }, "r14": { "role": "http://www.xbrl.org/2003/role/presentationRef", "Publisher": "SEC", "Name": "Form 40-F", "Number": "249", "Section": "240", "Subsection": "f" }, "r15": { "role": "http://www.xbrl.org/2003/role/presentationRef", "Publisher": "SEC", "Name": "Forms 10-K, 10-Q, 20-F", "Number": "240", "Section": "13", "Subsection": "a-1" }, "r16": { "role": "http://www.xbrl.org/2003/role/presentationRef", "Publisher": "SEC", "Name": "Regulation S-T", "Number": "232", "Section": "405" }, "r17": { "role": "http://www.xbrl.org/2003/role/presentationRef", "Publisher": "SEC", "Name": "Securities Act", "Number": "230", "Section": "405" }, "r18": { "role": "http://www.xbrl.org/2003/role/presentationRef", "Publisher": "SEC", "Name": "Securities Act", "Number": "230", "Section": "425" }, "r19": { "role": "http://www.xbrl.org/2003/role/presentationRef", "Publisher": "SEC", "Name": "Securities Act", "Number": "7A", "Section": "B", "Subsection": "2" } } } ZIP 17 0001213900-24-013526-xbrl.zip IDEA: XBRL DOCUMENT begin 644 0001213900-24-013526-xbrl.zip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cXR8Y1QC M?&\1]&1BJL&7TZ\U%1L&&K.)H)O%!@&UUN>HM,X/GB++Q&'S<5G 1U-=( '" M,-NI@U149M0'<&9M\Z- C9>,"5KF2 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MUDX=EHW@NBU,;KH6TVAL?3BVTQT;KV[V^V]%63HZYM!-9];0-!@Q1#1\0&#A M=!?-1(+:C((DJS#3O67E"'0[5>BW7$VJ5\_*[?GW'YU^_Y5J$L815HQ\LE+( M+E.*_06WUO1)OC1!"#HXYU4Y7FORJ=4I%#=-&UCIEXIMXG_TK1,(^ "KQ,8]A/4]#&42 MEQ!\^AM;6]TZ_%4W_I-V;-XF2C]$!VR&#FN,D+$FR;EJUA.:1OCDF? 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