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Exhibit 20.1

Apergy Corporation Subsidiaries




Jurisdiction of Formation

Accelerated Companies, LLC    Delaware
Accelerated Process Systems, Inc.    Texas
Accelerated Production Systems Ltd.    UK
Apergy Artificial Lift S.A.    Argentina
Apergy Artificial Lift Pty Ltd.    Australia
Apergy BMCS Acquisition Corp.    Delaware
Apergy Canada ULC    British Columbia
Apergy Artificial Lift de México, S.A. DE C.V.    Mexico
Apergy Artificial Lift International, LLC    Delaware
Apergy Artificial Lift, LLC    Delaware
Apergy Artificial Lift Systems, LLC    Oklahoma
Apergy (Delaware) Formation, Inc.    Delaware
Apergy Energy Automation, LLC    Delaware
Apergy Energy (Kenya) Limited    Kenya
Apergy Funding Corporation    Delaware
Apergy India Private Limited    India
Apergy International Operations, Inc.    Delaware
Apergy Luxembourg Sarl    Luxembourg
Apergy Middle East LLC    Oman
Apergy Minority Luxembourg Sarl    Luxembourg
Apergy PCS Holding LLC    Delaware
Apergy UK Limited    UK
Apergy USA, Inc.    Delaware
Ener Tools SA    Argentina
Harbison-Fischer, Inc.    Delaware
Honetreat Company    California
Norris Rods, Inc.    Delaware
Norriseal-Wellmark, Inc.    Delaware
NPS Middle East LLC    Oman
NPS Services, Inc.    Delaware
Oil Lift Technology, Inc.    British Columbia
Oil Lift Technology, Inc.    New Mexico
Oil Lift Technology SAS    Colombia
PCP Oil Tools SA    Argentina
PCS Ferguson Canada Inc.    Alberta
PCS Ferguson, Inc.    Delaware
Products Flange and Supply, Inc.    Texas
Pro-Rod Inc.    Alberta
Pro-Rod USA, Inc.    Delaware
Quartzdyne, Inc.    Delaware
Spirit Global Energy Solutions, Inc.    Delaware
Spirits Global Energy Solutions Canada, Ltd.    Alberta
Theta Oilfield Services, Inc.    Delaware

UAC Corporation    Delaware
UPCO, Inc.    Oklahoma
US Synthetic Corporation    Delaware
Wellmark Holdings, Inc.    Delaware
Windrock Incorporated    Tennessee