EX-8.1 4 tv512574_ex8-1.htm EXHIBIT 8.1

Exhibit 8.1


List of Significant Subsidiaries and Consolidated Affiliated Entities of

Sea Limited


Subsidiaries and Branch Offices Place of Incorporation

Garena Limited

Cayman Islands
Shopee Southeast Asia Limited Cayman Islands
Wahoo Holding Limited Cayman Islands
Airpay Limited Cayman Islands
Foody Limited Cayman Islands
Sea Ventures Limited Cayman Islands
Garena China Pte. Ltd. Singapore
Garena International I Private Limited Singapore
Garena Mobile Private Limited Singapore
Garena Online Private Limited Singapore
Garena Ventures Private Limited Singapore
Good Mobile Games Private Limited Singapore
Shopee Singapore Private Limited Singapore
Shopee Logistics Services Private Limited Singapore
Shopee International Private Limited Singapore
Shopee Ventures Private Limited Singapore
Airpay Private Limited Singapore
Airview Investment Pte. Ltd. Singapore
Beetalk Private Limited Singapore
Hevolve Private Limited Singapore
PT. Garena Indonesia Indonesia
PT. Shopee International Indonesia Indonesia
Garena Technology Private Limited Taiwan Branch Taiwan
Shopee (Taiwan) Co., Ltd. Taiwan
Shopee Company Limited Vietnam
Ocha Company Limited Vietnam
Garena Online (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Thailand
Garena Holding 1 (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Thailand
Shopee (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Thailand
Shopee Express (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Thailand
Unicorn (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Thailand
Airpay (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Thailand
Foody Services Co., Ltd. Thailand
Shopee Philippines Inc. Philippines
Garena Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. Malaysia
Shopee Mobile Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. Malaysia
Airpay Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. Malaysia
Shenzhen Shopee Information Technology Co., Ltd China
Garena Hong Kong Limited Hong Kong
Shopee Hong Kong Limited Hong Kong
Consolidated Affiliated Entities  

Garena (Taiwan) Co., Ltd.

Happymall SCommerce (Taiwan) Co., Ltd. Taiwan
Aipei (Taiwan) Co., Ltd. Taiwan
Vietnam Esports and Entertainment Joint Stock Company Vietnam
Vietnam Esports Development Joint Stock Company Vietnam
S-Trading Co., Ltd. Vietnam
Busy Bee Company Limited Vietnam
Garena Philippines, Inc. Philippines
Dongjing Investment Co., Ltd. China
Shanghai Dongrui Information Technology Co., Ltd. China
Shanghai Jingle Information and Technology Co., Ltd.    China