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OMB Number:3235-0006
Expires:Oct 31, 2018
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hours per response:23.8

iShares Core S&P 500Equity90214J10144,778126,305SH SOLE 126,30500
iShares Gold ETF (IAU)Equity88579Y10133,4611,870,371SH SOLE 1,870,37100
Expeditors Intl Wash IncEquity00287Y10931,835362,713SH SOLE 362,71300
Vanguard FTSE Emerging Markets ETF (VWO)EquityG1151C10128,648615,555SH SOLE 615,55500
Broadcom IncEquity00507V10924,60966,475SH SOLE 66,47500
Apple Inc ComEquity00724F10122,081185,231SH SOLE 185,23100
SPDR S&P 500 ETF (SPY)Equity00790R10421,80961,746SH SOLE 61,74600
iShares N American Tech Soft (IGV)Equity00773T10120,67664,720SH SOLE 64,72000
Schwab Short-Term U.S.Equity00768Y81817,809346,469SH SOLE 346,46900
Mimecast LimitedEquity00846U10115,075347,677SH SOLE 347,67700
Kodiak Sciences IncEquity00912X30214,745120,237SH SOLE 120,23700
iShares Core U S Aggregate BD ETF (AGG)Equity00971T10114,581123,964SH SOLE 123,96400
Consumer Staples Select Sector SPDR ETF (XLP)EquityH0130112813,658205,045SH SOLE 205,04500
Amazon Com IncEquity01609W10212,7544,101SH SOLE 4,10100
JD Com Inc Spons ADR Repstg Com CL AEquity01741R10212,550145,285SH SOLE 145,28500
Alphabet Inc Cap STK CL CEquityG0176J10911,4486,542SH SOLE 6,54200
Microsoft Corp ComEquity01864U1069,24842,925SH SOLE 42,92500
Utilities Select Sector SPDR ETF (XLU)Equity01988P1088,763133,916SH SOLE 133,91600
Graniteshares ETF TR Xout U S Large Cap ETFEquity02079K3058,157242,188SH SOLE 242,18800
Alphabet Inc Cap STKEquity02079K1077,9744,576SH SOLE 4,57600
iShares TR Russell 2000 Index ETF (IWM)Equity02208R1067,05841,520SH SOLE 41,52000
Uber Technologies IncEquity02209S1035,245113,049SH SOLE 113,04900
Okta Inc CL AEquity02215L2094,11118,330SH SOLE 18,33000
Greenlight Capital Re LTD CL AEquityG0250X1073,125407,984SH SOLE 407,98400
Athene HLDG LTD CL A Isin# BMG0684D1074EquityG026021033,06475,869SH SOLE 75,86900
Berkshire Hathaway Inc Del CL B NewEquity02376R1022,88712,846SH SOLE 12,84600
iShares TR S&P 500 Growth ETFEquity03027X1002,56442,516SH SOLE 42,51600
Invesco QQQ TR Unit Ser 1Equity03076C1062,5628,883SH SOLE 8,88300
Nvidia Corp ComEquity03662Q1052,3434,353SH SOLE 4,35300
Davita Healthcare Partners IncEquity03676B1022,30621,514SH SOLE 21,51400
Ehealth Inc ComEquityG0403H1082,24531,845SH SOLE 31,84500
Servicenow Inc ComEquity03748R7542,2104,335SH SOLE 4,33500
SPDR Gold TR Gold SHSEquityG6095L1092,12912,101SH SOLE 12,10100
Vanguard Information Technology ETFEquity03966V1072,1096,534SH SOLE 6,53400
iShares TR Russell 1000 Growth Index FD (IWF)Equity00214Q3021,9148,516SH SOLE 8,51600
iShares Core S&P Mid CapEquity04206A1011,8438,929SH SOLE 8,92900
iShares TR MSCI USA Minimum Volatility ETFEquity00191U1021,77826,848SH SOLE 26,84800
Nuveen Enhanced MunEquity04621X1081,775115,721SH SOLE 115,72100
Nuveen Enhanced AmtEquity00206R1021,762109,957SH SOLE 109,95700
Mastercard Inc CL A ComEquityG0684D1071,7495,327SH SOLE 5,32700
iShares MSCI India ETF (INDA)EquityG0751N1031,72548,260SH SOLE 48,26000
PIMCO Municipal Income Fund II (PML)EquityG062421041,724124,707SH SOLE 124,70700
Bankwell Finl Group Inc ComEquity00215F1071,55089,570SH SOLE 89,57000
iShares TR S&P Midcap 400 Growth ETFEquity05350V1061,49722,856SH SOLE 22,85600
iShares Russell Top 200 Growth ETFEquity05352A1001,36410,921SH SOLE 10,92100
Vanguard Tax-Managed Intl FD FTSE Developed MKTS ETFEquity05367P1001,33830,645SH SOLE 30,64500
Adobe SYS Inc ComEquity06654A1031,3122,837SH SOLE 2,83700
Clear Channel Outdoor HLDGS Inc New ComEquity06759X1071,3001,000,000SH SOLE 1,000,00000
Nuveen AMT-Free Quality Municipal Income Fund (NEA)Equity89832Q1091,23984,482SH SOLE 84,48200
Vanguard Index FDS Vanguard Small-Cap Growth ETFEquity05534B7601,2305,228SH SOLE 5,22800
BlackRock MuniYield Quality Fund IIIEquityG108301001,21387,762SH SOLE 87,76200
iShares TR Select Divid ETF FDEquity05541T1011,18913,235SH SOLE 13,23500
Paypal HLDGS Inc ComEquity09062X1031,1556,107SH SOLE 6,10700
Wisdomtree TR High Divid FDEquity09255P1071,09516,521SH SOLE 16,52100
iShares TR MSCI Acwi ETFEquity09247X1011,09112,853SH SOLE 12,85300
Vanguard Intl Equity Index FDS Total World Stk Index (VT)Equity09247D1051,04312,139SH SOLE 12,13900
Vanguard Index FDS Vanguard Total STK MKT ETFEquity09253Y1001,0325,711SH SOLE 5,71100
Crowdstrike HLDGSEquity09257P1051,0307,505SH SOLE 7,50500
iShares MSCI EAFE ETF (EFA)Equity09250G1021,00614,729SH SOLE 14,72900
Bank Amer Corp ComEquity09248F10994635,432SH SOLE 35,43200
Cisco Systems IncEquity09254L10794324,380SH SOLE 24,38000
BlackRock Municipal Income Trust (BFK)Equity09254P10894064,981SH SOLE 64,98100
Eaton Vance Mun Income TR SH Ben IntEquity09255C10693271,674SH SOLE 71,67400
Johnson & Johnson ComEquity09254A1019196,197SH SOLE 6,19700
Vanguard World FDS Vanguard Health Care ETFEquity09254C1079054,205SH SOLE 4,20500
Intel Corp ComEquity09253R10589719,813SH SOLE 19,81300
Eaton Vance Muni Bond FundEquity09254N10389067,851SH SOLE 67,85100
SPDR Ser TR S&P Divid ETFEquity09254T1008688,566SH SOLE 8,56600
Netflix Inc ComEquity09254V1058331,712SH SOLE 1,71200
Alibaba GRP SHS ADREquity09255G1078043,041SH SOLE 3,04100
Verizon Communications ComEquity09254G10879913,143SH SOLE 13,14300
Kar Auction SVCS Inc ComEquity09249U10579145,000SH SOLE 45,00000
Utd STS Oil FD LP Units(post REquity09257R10178327,318SH SOLE 27,31800
Unitedhealth Group Inc ComEquity09260D1077812,203SH SOLE 2,20300
Vanguard Index FDS Vanguard REIT ETF (VNQ)Equity09257W1007719,268SH SOLE 9,26800
SPDR S&P Midcap 400 ETFEquity05589T1047461,976SH SOLE 1,97600
Oracle Corp ComEquity09857L10873112,956SH SOLE 12,95600
Merck & Co Inc New ComEquity10316T1047269,092SH SOLE 9,09200
Thermo Fisher Scientific IncEquity10806X1027251,491SH SOLE 1,49100
Apollo Global MGMTEquity10922N10371916,781SH SOLE 16,78100
BlackRock Muni Enhanced FundEquity11135F10170560,376SH SOLE 60,37600
iShares Core S&P Small CapEquityG162491076868,617SH SOLE 8,61700
Intuit Incorporated ComEquity11284V1056851,959SH SOLE 1,95900
Blackstone Group Inc CL AEquityG1625810868012,257SH SOLE 12,25700
Home Depot Inc ComEquity05605H1006622,397SH SOLE 2,39700
BlackRock MuniHoldings Invt QualityEquity13321L10865847,684SH SOLE 47,68400
BlackRock Municipal 2030 Target Term TrustEquity14040H10565125,724SH SOLE 25,72400
Goldman Sachs Group Inc ComEquity14448C1046473,014SH SOLE 3,01400
Automatic Data Processing Inc ComEquity12504L1096453,805SH SOLE 3,80500
Accenture PLC Ireland Class SHSEquity12514G1086152,584SH SOLE 2,58400
Autodesk Inc ComEquity15135B1016102,481SH SOLE 2,48100
PIMCO Municipal Income IEquity15136A10259451,197SH SOLE 51,19700
iShares Russell 2000 Growth IndexEquity15189T1075932,399SH SOLE 2,39900
Lockheed Martin Corp ComEquity15872M1045911,606SH SOLE 1,60600
Graftech Intl LTD ComEquity15912K10058076,219SH SOLE 76,21900
Danaher Corp ComEquity16119P1085562,385SH SOLE 2,38500
Palantir Technologies In Class AEquityM2246510454337,270SH SOLE 37,27000
Hirequest Inc ComEquity16411R20852862,578SH SOLE 62,57800
Aberdeen Standard PHYCL SilverEquityH1467J10452022,183SH SOLE 22,18300
Cognizant Technology Solutions Corp CL AEquity17275R1025086,663SH SOLE 6,66300
International Business Machs Corp ComEquity18270P1095084,373SH SOLE 4,37300
iShares TR MSCI (china Etf)Equity18453H1065036,310SH SOLE 6,31000
Vanguard Whitehall FDS High Dividend Yield ETF SHSEquity18539C2045015,804SH SOLE 5,80400
Nuveen MassachusetsEquity12572Q10549234,335SH SOLE 34,33500
AT&T Inc ComEquityG2583910448817,175SH SOLE 17,17500
AtlassianEquity20030N1014792,484SH SOLE 2,48400
Ansys Inc ComEquity81369Y8524761,472SH SOLE 1,47200
Brighthouse Financial, Inc. CMNEquity20786W10747114,000SH SOLE 14,00000
Trinet Group Inc ComEquity20825C1044716,354SH SOLE 6,35400
iShares TR Russell 1000 Value ETFEquity21036P1084693,678SH SOLE 3,67800
NEW RESIDENTIAL INVT CORP COM NEWEquity81369Y30846858,513SH SOLE 58,51300
Intuitive Surgical Inc Com NewEquityN22717107458618SH SOLE 61800
Vanguard Dividend AppreciationEquity22052L1044553,350SH SOLE 3,35000
Brookfield Renewable Energy Partners LP Partnership UnitsEquity22053A1074537,700SH SOLE 7,70000
Altria Group Inc ComEquity22160N10943110,911SH SOLE 10,91100
Global PMTS Inc ComEquity22160K1054232,291SH SOLE 2,29100
Lam Research CorpEquity12626K2034211,006SH SOLE 1,00600
Docusign IncEquityH171821084191,971SH SOLE 1,97100
Advanced MicroEquity22717L1014185,109SH SOLE 5,10900
Applied Materials IncEquity22788C1054175,981SH SOLE 5,98100
Lowes Cos Inc ComEquity22822V1014112,604SH SOLE 2,60400
Nike Inc Class BEquity23283R1004083,223SH SOLE 3,22300
Amgen Inc ComEquity23331A1094061,711SH SOLE 1,71100
Fiserv Inc ComEquity23918K1084063,837SH SOLE 3,83700
iShares US Oil Gas Exl Prod ETFEquity23311P10040413,909SH SOLE 13,90900
Micron Technology IncEquity24703L2023926,971SH SOLE 6,97100
DXC Technology Co ComEquity24906P10937918,699SH SOLE 18,69900
BlackRock Inc ComEquity25179M103376570SH SOLE 57000
The Trade Desk Inc Com CL AEquity25243Q205369498SH SOLE 49800
Corning Inc ComEquity25278X10936210,298SH SOLE 10,29800
Abbvie Inc ComEquity25470F1043543,584SH SOLE 3,58400
Abbott Labs ComEquity25470F3023523,134SH SOLE 3,13400
Analog Devices Inc ComEquity25659T1073422,527SH SOLE 2,52700
Costco Wholesale Corp New ComEquity25960P109342910SH SOLE 91000
Chevron Corp New ComEquity26142R1043404,215SH SOLE 4,21500
Barclays PLC ADREquity26441C20434049,919SH SOLE 49,91900
KLA-TENCOR CORP COMEquity26614N1023381,449SH SOLE 1,44900
Berkshire Hathaway Inc-DelEquity23355L1063371SH SOLE 100
Citigroup Inc Com NewEquity27579R1043366,885SH SOLE 6,88500
Trupanion Inc ComEquityG291831033354,000SH SOLE 4,00000
Liveramp Holdings Inc CMNEquity27828A1003305,497SH SOLE 5,49700
Comcast Corp CL AEquity27826U1083296,867SH SOLE 6,86700
Vanguard Mid-Cap ETFEquity27827X1013291,725SH SOLE 1,72500
Motorola Solutions Inc Com NewEquity27827Y1093281,959SH SOLE 1,95900
Maxim Integrated Products IncEquity27826W1043244,027SH SOLE 4,02700
Microchip Technology Inc ComEquity28238P1093212,598SH SOLE 2,59800
Vanguard FTSE All-World Ex-US Index Fund ETFEquity29084Q1003145,798SH SOLE 5,79800
S&P Oil & Gas Expl & Prodtn ETF NewEquity29250N1053136,750SH SOLE 6,75000
Amphenol Corp New CL AEquity29272W1093102,575SH SOLE 2,57500
McDonalds CorpEquity29273V1003071,440SH SOLE 1,44000
Target Corp ComEquity29275Y1023011,885SH SOLE 1,88500
Broadmark RLTY Cap Inc ComEquity29355A10730030,000SH SOLE 30,00000
Western Midstream Partners LP CMNEquity29362U10429828,149SH SOLE 28,14900
Servicesource Intl Inc ComEquity26875P101297217,052SH SOLE 217,05200
Enterprise Prods Partners L P Com UnitEquity29414B10429316,214SH SOLE 16,21400
Nextera Energy Inc ComEquity26884L1092883,752SH SOLE 3,75200
Ipg Photonics Corp ComEquity29444U7002871,410SH SOLE 1,41000
Sprott Physical Gold & SEquity29476L10727915,000SH SOLE 15,00000
Wal Mart Stores Inc ComEquityG3788M1142781,874SH SOLE 1,87400
Boeing Co ComEquity29670G1022771,565SH SOLE 1,56500
iShares TR S&P Small-Cap 600 Growth ETFEquity26924G1022732,762SH SOLE 2,76200
HP Inc ComEquity29786A10627314,397SH SOLE 14,39700
Vaneck Vectors Semiconductor ETFEquity30034W1062711,400SH SOLE 1,40000
Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co ComEquity30040W10827027,897SH SOLE 27,89700
Arista Networks Inc ComEquity06742C7232691,009SH SOLE 1,00900
First Midwest Bancorp Inc Del ComEquity30161Q10426819,810SH SOLE 19,81000
Fidus Invt Corp ComEquity30161N10126822,502SH SOLE 22,50200
Union Pacific Corp ComEquity30212P3032671,332SH SOLE 1,33200
American Tower REIT ComEquity30225T1022661,118SH SOLE 1,11800
Progressive Corp Oh ComEquity30231G1022632,775SH SOLE 2,77500
Select Sector SPDR TR FinancialEquity31188V1002609,775SH SOLE 9,77500
Charter Communications Inc New CL AEquity31428X106258405SH SOLE 40500
Booking Holdings Inc CMNEquity32051X108257131SH SOLE 13100
Bristol Myers Squibb Co ComEquity33738G1042564,086SH SOLE 4,08600
Netapp Inc ComEquityM4R82T1062535,323SH SOLE 5,32300
Flir Systems IncEquityY2573F1022537,115SH SOLE 7,11500
Emerson Elec Co ComEquity34354P1052473,302SH SOLE 3,30200
Crown Castle Intl Corp New ComEquity34959J1082451,469SH SOLE 1,46900
Vanguard S&P 500 Growth ETFEquity34960P1012421,110SH SOLE 1,11000
Vaneck Vectors ETFEquity35137L2042354,400SH SOLE 4,40000
Leidos HLDGS Inc ComEquity35952H6012292,432SH SOLE 2,43200
Microstrategy Inc CL A NewEquityH2906T1092261,208SH SOLE 1,20800
Vaneck Vectors GoldEquityG3922B1072256,000SH SOLE 6,00000
Activision Blizzard Inc ComEquity37733W1052252,929SH SOLE 2,92900
Vanguard Index FDS (vanguard Large Cap Vipers Formerly Vanguard)Equity37940X1022241,357SH SOLE 1,35700
CDW Corp ComEquity37954Y7802221,641SH SOLE 1,64100
M & T BK CorpEquity37954Y7152221,928SH SOLE 1,92800
Keysight Technologies Inc ComEquity37954Y3922201,929SH SOLE 1,92900
Green Brick PartnersEquity38141G10421810,270SH SOLE 10,27000
Coca Cola CompanyEquity38148G2062174,100SH SOLE 4,10000
Williams Cos Inc ComEquity38747R60321711,218SH SOLE 11,21800
Fedex Corp ComEquityG4095J109216810SH SOLE 81000
Duke Energy Corp New Com NewEquity40131M1092162,271SH SOLE 2,27100
Zoetis Inc CL AEquity40171V1002161,303SH SOLE 1,30300
Edwards Lifesciences Corp ComEquity40425J1012112,631SH SOLE 2,63100
SPDR Portfolio S&P (500 Growth Etf)Equity40412C1012094,000SH SOLE 4,00000
Caterpillar Inc ComEquity40416M1052031,192SH SOLE 1,19200
Akamai Technologies Inc ComEquity81369Y2092012,047SH SOLE 2,04700
Precigen Inc ComEquity43300A20318531,191SH SOLE 31,19100
Energy Transfer LP EquityG4863A10816630,484SH SOLE 30,48400
Conduent Inc ComEquity46138G70616343,705SH SOLE 43,70500
Blackrock Muniholdings New York Qulty FdEquity46137V72016311,958SH SOLE 11,95800
BlackRock Muniyield N Y Quality FD Inc ComEquity46429B69714411,012SH SOLE 11,01200
BlackRock Capital Investment Corp SHSEquity46432F33914252,953SH SOLE 52,95300
Sabre Corp ComEquity50540R40913215,079SH SOLE 15,07900
General Electric Co ComEquity53227R10611613,202SH SOLE 13,20200
Marathon Oil Corp ComEquity78463V1075711,903SH SOLE 11,90300
Neuberger Berman MLP Income Fund Inc.Equity98978V1034014,471SH SOLE 14,47100
Caladrius Biosciences Inc Com NewEquity67061E1042717,730SH SOLE 17,73000
Centennial Resource Dev Inc CL A ComEquity460146103710,000SH SOLE 10,00000
Gulfport Energy Corp Com NewEquity075896100315,000SH SOLE 15,00000