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Exhibit 21.1

Subsidiaries of the Registrant
Effective 12/31/2021
NameState of Formation
2013-1 IH Borrower G.P. LLCDelaware
2013-1 IH Borrower L.P.Delaware
2013-1 IH Equity Owner G.P. LLCDelaware
2013-1 IH Equity Owner L.P.Delaware
2013-1 IH Property Holdco L.P.Delaware
2015-3 IH2 Borrower TRS LLCDelaware
2015-3 IH2 Property Holdco L.P.Delaware
2015-3 IH2 Equity Owner G.P. LLCDelaware
2015-3 IH2 Equity Owner L.P.Delaware
2015-3 IH2 Borrower G.P. LLCDelaware
2017-1 IH Property Holdco L.P.Delaware
2017-1 IH Equity Owner G.P. LLCDelaware
2017-1 IH Equity Owner L.P.Delaware
2017-1 IH Borrower GP LLCDelaware
2017-1 IH Borrower LPDelaware
2017-2 IH Property Holdco L.P.Delaware
2017-2 IH Equity Owner G.P. LLCDelaware
2017-2 IH Equity Owner L.P.Delaware
2017-2 IH Borrower GP LLCDelaware
2017-2 IH Borrower LPDelaware
2018-1 IH Equity Owner GP LLCDelaware
2018-1 IH Borrower G.P. LLCDelaware
2018-1 IH Borrower L.P.Delaware
2018-1 IH Equity Owner L.P.Delaware
2018-1 Property Holdco LPDelaware
2018-2 IH Borrower G.P. LLCDelaware
2018-2 IH Borrower L.P.Delaware
2018-2 IH Equity Owner LLCDelaware
2018-2 IH Property Holdco LLCDelaware
2018-3 IH Borrower G.P. LLCDelaware
2018-3 IH Borrower L.P.Delaware
2018-3 IH Equity Owner LLCDelaware
2018-3 IH Property Holdco LLCDelaware
2018-4 IH Borrower G.P. LLCDelaware
2018-4 IH Borrower L.P.Delaware
2018-4 IH Equity Owner LLCDelaware
2018-4 IH Property Holdco LLCDelaware
2019-1 IH Borrower G.P. LLCDelaware
2019-1 IH Borrower L.P.Delaware

2019-1 IH Equity Owner LLCDelaware
2019-1 IH Property Holdco LLCDelaware
Adalwin, LLCNevada
CSFR ColFin American Investors TRS, LLCDelaware
CSFR FM 2012-1 U.S. West, LLCDelaware
CSH Property One, LLCDelaware
CSH Property Three, LLCDelaware
CSHP One LPDelaware
Dallin, LLCNevada
Dunley, LLCNevada
IH Asset Receiving G.P. LLCDelaware
IH Asset Receiving Limited PartnershipDelaware
IH Javelin LLCDelaware
IH FW Fund III LLCDelaware
IH FW Climate Fund LLCDelaware
IH Pathway OpCo LLCDelaware
IH Pathway PropCo LLCDelaware
IH Pathway PromoteCo LLCDelaware
IH Vesta Ventures Fund I LLCDelaware
IH Merger Sub LLCDelaware
IH2 Asset Receiving G.P. LLCDelaware
IH2 Asset Receiving Limited PartnershipDelaware
IH2 Property Borrower L.P.Delaware
IH2 Property Florida, L.P.Delaware
IH2 Property Georgia, L.P.Delaware
IH2 Property GP II LLCDelaware
IH2 Property GP LLCDelaware
IH2 Property Guarantor L.P.Delaware
IH2 Property Holdco GP LLCDelaware
IH2 Property Holdco L.P.Delaware
IH2 Property Illinois, L.P.Delaware
IH2 Property Nevada, L.P.Delaware
IH2 Property North Carolina, L.P.Delaware
IH2 Property Phoenix, L.P.Delaware
IH2 Property TRS 2 L.P.Delaware
IH2 Property TRS LLCDelaware
IH2 Property Washington, L.P.Delaware
IH2 Property West, L.P.Delaware
IH3 Asset Receiving G.P. LLCDelaware
IH3 Asset Receiving L.P.Delaware
IH3 Property Borrower L.P.Delaware
IH3 Property Florida, L.P.Delaware
IH3 Property Georgia, L.P.Delaware

IH3 Property GP LLCDelaware
IH3 Property Guarantor L.P.Delaware
IH3 Property Holdco GP LLCDelaware
IH3 Property Holdco L.P.Delaware
IH3 Property Illinois, L.P.Delaware
IH3 Property Level GP LLCDelaware
IH3 Property Minnesota, L.P.Delaware
IH3 Property Nevada, L.P.Delaware
IH3 Property North Carolina, L.P.Delaware
IH3 Property Phoenix, L.P.Delaware
IH3 Property Washington, L.P.Delaware
IH3 Property West, L.P.Delaware
IH4 Property Borrower L.P.Delaware
IH4 Property Florida, L.P.Delaware
IH4 Property Georgia, L.P.Delaware
IH4 Property GP LLCDelaware
IH4 Property Guarantor L.P.Delaware
IH4 Property Holdco GP LLCDelaware
IH4 Property Holdco L.P.Delaware
IH4 Property Illinois, L.P.Delaware
IH4 Property Level GP LLCDelaware
IH4 Property Minnesota, L.P.Delaware
IH4 Property Nevada, L.P.Delaware
IH4 Property North Carolina, L.P.Delaware
IH4 Property Phoenix, L.P.Delaware
IH4 Property Washington, L.P.Delaware
IH4 Property West, L.P.Delaware
IH5 Property Borrower L.P.Delaware
IH5 Property Florida, L.P.Delaware
IH5 Property Georgia, L.P.Delaware
IH5 Property GP LLCDelaware
IH5 Property Guarantor L.P.Delaware
IH5 Property Holdco GP LLCDelaware
IH5 Property Holdco L.P.Delaware
IH5 Property Illinois, L.P.Delaware
IH5 Property Level GP LLCDelaware
IH5 Property Minnesota, L.P.Delaware
IH5 Property Nevada, L.P.Delaware
IH5 Property North Carolina, L.P.Delaware
IH5 Property Phoenix, L.P.Delaware
IH5 Property Washington, L.P.Delaware
IH5 Property West, L.P.Delaware
IH6 Property Borrower L.P.Delaware

IH6 Property Florida, L.P.Delaware
IH6 Property Georgia, L.P.Delaware
IH6 Property GP LLCDelaware
IH6 Property Guarantor L.P.Delaware
IH6 Property Holdco GP LLCDelaware
IH6 Property Holdco L.P.Delaware
IH6 Property Illinois, L.P.Delaware
IH6 Property Level GP LLCDelaware
IH6 Property Minnesota, L.P.Delaware
IH6 Property Nevada, L.P.Delaware
IH6 Property North Carolina, L.P.Delaware
IH6 Property Phoenix, L.P.Delaware
IH6 Property Washington, L.P.Delaware
IH6 Property West, L.P.Delaware
Invitation Homes 3 GP LLCDelaware
Invitation Homes 3 L.P.Delaware
Invitation Homes 4 GP LLCDelaware
Invitation Homes 4 L.P.Delaware
Invitation Homes 5 GP LLCDelaware
Invitation Homes 5 L.P.Delaware
Invitation Homes 6 GP LLCDelaware
Invitation Homes 6 L.P.Delaware
Invitation Homes GP LLCDelaware
Invitation Homes L.P.Delaware
Invitation Homes Operating Partnership LPDelaware
Invitation Homes OP GP LLCDelaware
Invitation Homes Realty LLCDelaware
Louden, LLCNevada
Morven, LLCNevada
SFR 2012-1 U.S. West, LLCDelaware
SFR Javelin Borrower LPDelaware
SFR Javelin Equity Owner LP Delaware
SFR Javelin GP LLC Delaware
SFR Javelin Holdco LPDelaware
SFR Javelin Holdco GP LLCDelaware
SFR Javelin Venture LLCDelaware
SFR Javelin TRS LLCDelaware
SRP Sub, LLCDelaware
SRPS LPDelaware
SWAY 2014-1 Borrower, LLCDelaware
SWAY 2014-1 Equity Owner, LLCDelaware
Invitation Homes Realty California Inc.California
SWH 2017-1 Borrower GP, LLCDelaware

SWH 2017-1 Borrower, LPDelaware
SWH 2017-1 Equity Owner, LLCDelaware
THR California, L.P.Delaware
THR Florida, L.P.Delaware
THR Georgia, L.P.Delaware
THR Nevada II, L.P.Delaware
THR North Carolina II, L.P.Delaware
THR Phoenix, L.P.Delaware
THR Property Borrower L.P.Delaware
THR Property GP LLCDelaware
THR Property Guarantor L.P.Delaware
THR Property Holdco GP LLCDelaware
THR Property Holdco L.P.Delaware
THR Property Illinois, L.P.Delaware
THR Property Management L.P.Delaware
THR Washington II, L.P.Delaware
Tirell, LLCNevada