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Washington, D.C. 20549


OMB Number:3235-0006
Expires:Oct 31, 2018
Estimated average burden
hours per response:23.8

Gadsden Dynamic Multi-AssetETF02072L870107,0473,428,430SH SOLE 002,373,430
Vanguard Short-Term TIPSETF92202080574,3921,414,827SH SOLE 001,414,827
Schwab US Broad Market ETFETF80852410257,641554,983SH SOLE 00554,983
iShares 20 Year Treasury BondETF46428743255,810386,709SH SOLE 00386,709
Schwab US Large-Cap ETFETF80852420136,257348,527SH SOLE 00348,527
T Rowe Price Ultra Shor T-Term Bond IMF77957P50128,9245,682,438SH SOLE 005,682,438
Ishars Edg MSCI USA QLTY FCTR ETFETF46432F33924,829188,481SH SOLE 00188,481
Vanguard Total World Stock ETFETF92204274220,265199,010SH SOLE 00199,010
JPMorgan Ultra Short Income ETFETF46641Q83720,206398,376SH SOLE 00398,376
Valueshares US Quantitative Value ETFETF02072L10219,565571,992SH SOLE 00571,992
Invesco Optimum Yield Diversified CommodityETF46090F10017,749843,185SH SOLE 00843,185
Fidelity TotalMF31591169316,096129,950SH SOLE 00129,950
Vaneck Vectors Morningstar Wide MoatETF92189F64315,145206,757SH SOLE 00206,757
SPDR S&P 600 SMALL CAPETF78464A20113,501154,969SH SOLE 00154,969
Vanguard Total Stock Market ETFETF92290876912,79657,626SH SOLE 0057,626
Schwab US Large-Cap Value ETFETF80852440912,191180,663SH SOLE 00180,663
Schwab US Large-Cap Growth ETFETF80852430012,16882,164SH SOLE 0082,164
Aber STD PHSCL Prec ETFETF00326A10411,800473,099SH SOLE 00473,099
Invesco Dynamic Large Cap Growth ETFETF46137V74611,405154,068SH SOLE 00154,068
PIMCO ETF TR 1-5 YR (us TIPS Index FD)ETF72201R2059,875180,005SH SOLE 00180,005
Artisan DevelopingMF04314H6189,639374,041SH SOLE 00374,041
Apple IncCOM0378331009,61167,924SH SOLE 0067,924
First Trust US Equity Oprtnt ETFETF3369201039,54677,362SH SOLE 0077,362
Fidelity Int'l BondMF31635T7329,021899,368SH SOLE 00899,368
iShares Morgstar Mid Cap Gro ETFETF4642883079,008130,781SH SOLE 00130,781
Energy Sel Sect SPDR FDETF81369Y5068,596165,019SH SOLE 00165,019
SPDR S&P 500 ETFETF78462F1038,04918,695SH SOLE 0018,695
Global X MLP ETFETF37954Y3438,012227,164SH SOLE 00227,164
SPDR S&P Metals & Mining ETFETF78464A7557,660183,511SH SOLE 00183,511
Schwab Fundamental Intl Lg Co ETFETF8085247557,588231,142SH SOLE 00231,142
Artisan Intl Small-Mid Company Stock FundMF04314H4856,863323,284SH SOLE 00323,284
SPDR S&P Global Natural Resourcs ETFETF78463X5416,608128,684SH SOLE 00128,684
Alphacentric Incm Oppty FD IMF62827M1446,466536,576SH SOLE 00536,576
iShares Core S&P 500ETF4642872006,41714,895SH SOLE 0014,895
PIMCO Enhanced SHRT Maturty Actv ETFETF72201R8336,16060,431SH SOLE 0060,431
Fidelity US Bond Index FDMF3161463565,959493,303SH SOLE 00493,303
Fidelity ConservativMF3161465215,887585,820SH SOLE 00585,820
Schwab Fundamental Emerg Mkts Lg Co ETFETF8085247305,886182,620SH SOLE 00182,620
iShares Edge MSCI USA Momentum Factor ETFETF46432F3965,63732,101SH SOLE 0032,101
iShares Edge MSCI MinETF46429B6975,59376,096SH SOLE 0076,096
Akre Focus FD RetailMF7429351175,39886,791SH SOLE 0086,791
Dfa International Core Equ PTF LMF2332033715,289333,286SH SOLE 00333,286
Pacific Funds Floating R Ate Income AMF69448A8705,269539,328SH SOLE 00539,328
Quadratic Intrst RT VLT And ETFETF5007677365,129184,027SH SOLE 00184,027
Microsoft CorpCOM5949181045,11018,126SH SOLE 0018,126
Dodge & Cox Stock FundMF2562191065,06421,456SH SOLE 0021,456
SCHWAB INTERNATIONALETF8085248055,047130,401SH SOLE 00130,401
Rational/ResolveMF6282557215,023194,763SH SOLE 00194,763
Invesco Exchange (traded FD TR S&P500 Eql WGT)ETF46137V3574,98833,290SH SOLE 0033,290
PIMCO 15 Year US TIPS ETFETF72201R3044,68053,953SH SOLE 0053,953
iShares Asia 50 ETFETF4642884304,53858,031SH SOLE 0058,031
American Funds Amcap F3MF0233757774,33099,411SH SOLE 0099,411
Oakmark IntlMF4138387314,277151,919SH SOLE 00151,919
Amazon Com IncCOM0231351064,1391,260SH SOLE 001,260
Fidelity Real EstateMF3161462324,070229,275SH SOLE 00229,275
JPMorgan Core PlusMF4812C08454,046474,338SH SOLE 00474,338
Vanguard Whitehall (FDS Intl DVD Etf)ETF9219468103,99145,755SH SOLE 0045,755
Fidelity Small Cap Index FDMF3161461823,973141,900SH SOLE 00141,900
Fidelity 500 Index FD-AiMF3159117503,81925,466SH SOLE 0025,466
Usaa Growth & Tax Strategy FundMF9032874073,755147,669SH SOLE 00147,669
Vanguard Small Cap Value ETFETF9229086113,71921,970SH SOLE 0021,970
JPMorgan Chase & CoCOM46625H1003,55321,703SH SOLE 0021,703
Lord Abbett ShortMF5439166883,513840,539SH SOLE 00840,539
Exxon Mobil CorpCOM30231G1023,06652,124SH SOLE 0052,124
Vanguard Extended Duration Treasury ETFETF9219107093,06622,621SH SOLE 0022,621
Proshare Short 20 Year Treasury ETFETF74347X8493,052183,000SH SOLE 00183,000
Invesco QQQ TrustETF46090E1033,0318,459SH SOLE 008,459
Vanguard Total Bond MKT Index AdmiralMF9219376033,004266,517SH SOLE 00266,517
Alpha Intl QNTT Val Architect - EETF02072L2012,918107,990SH SOLE 00107,990
Fidelity Total IntlMF31635V6382,893200,471SH SOLE 00200,471
TCW Emrg MKTS Incm FD CL NMF87234N3512,849277,972SH SOLE 00277,972
Alphabet IncCOM02079K3052,7381,024SH SOLE 001,024
Kfa Global Carbon ETFETF5007676782,71466,050SH SOLE 0066,050
Dfa Emerging Markets Core Equi TYMF2332034212,638105,333SH SOLE 00105,333
PIMCO Income CL I3MF72202E3932,619217,488SH SOLE 00217,488
iShares Gold TR (ishares New)ETF4642852042,55676,515SH SOLE 0076,515
SPDR S&P RegionalETF78464A6982,48536,677SH SOLE 0036,677
SPDR S&P Dividend ETFETF78464A7632,40320,443SH SOLE 0020,443
The Merger Fund CL InstlMF5895092072,393138,106SH SOLE 00138,106
iShares Russell 1000 GrowthETF4642876142,3338,512SH SOLE 008,512
iShares S&P Mid-Cap 400 ValueETF4642877052,24821,820SH SOLE 0021,820
AlphaClone Alternative Alpha ETFETF26922A3052,16926,151SH SOLE 0026,151
Johnson & JohnsonCOM4781601042,14313,270SH SOLE 0013,270
American Beacon AhlMF0245256772,101183,480SH SOLE 00183,480
SPDR Gold SharesETF78463V1072,08312,687SH SOLE 0012,687
Schwab US TIPS ETFETF8085248702,06332,964SH SOLE 0032,964
T Rowe Price Floating RateMF87279B1062,060215,298SH SOLE 00215,298
Fidelity Otc PortfolioMF3163891052,019107,095SH SOLE 00107,095
Vanguard Inflation-Prote Cted Secs AdmMF9220317372,01671,000SH SOLE 0071,000
iShares Core S&P Small-CapETF4642878042,01418,444SH SOLE 0018,444
Vanguard Intermediate Term Tax Exempt Fund Admiral Shares N/LMF9229078781,998135,808SH SOLE 00135,808
Vanguard Value ETFETF9229087441,97214,571SH SOLE 0014,571
Siren ETF TR Divcon Leaders Divid ETFETF8296583011,97036,669SH SOLE 0036,669
First Trust Rising (dividend Achievers Etf)ETF33738R5061,96541,400SH SOLE 0041,400
Fidelity Intl Index FDMF3159117271,95639,781SH SOLE 0039,781
iShares 7-10 Year Treasury BondETF4642874401,93816,818SH SOLE 0016,818
iShares 1-3 Year TreasryETF4642874571,87721,790SH SOLE 0021,790
Fidelity Contra FundMF3160711091,78794,905SH SOLE 0094,905
Copper TRS Sub Idx(barc)-ETN-18/4ETF06739F1011,77085,854SH SOLE 0085,854
iShares Core DividendETF46434V6211,74734,765SH SOLE 0034,765
Wisdomtree U S Dividend Growth ETFETF97717X6691,73129,414SH SOLE 0029,414
PIMCO Preferred And (capital Sec Instl)MF72202E6821,707149,904SH SOLE 00149,904
Schwab S&P 500 Index FDMF8085098551,68625,331SH SOLE 0025,331
Lixte Biotech HLDGCOM5393192021,677806,050SH SOLE 00806,050
Nvidia Corp ComCOM67066G1041,6447,934SH SOLE 007,934
Aberdeen STD (precious Metals B PHYSCL PM Basket)ETF0032631001,64319,000SH SOLE 0019,000
PIMCO Investment Grade Corp BD InstlMF7220058161,631149,663SH SOLE 00149,663
iShares Core US Aggregate BondETF4642872261,60613,987SH SOLE 0013,987
T Rowe Price Real Estate IMF7799193071,60380,553SH SOLE 0080,553
Cisco Systems IncCOM17275R1021,58529,128SH SOLE 0029,128
Vanguard Total Bond Market ETFETF9219378351,57318,414SH SOLE 0018,414
Vanguard Wellesley Income Admi RalMF9219382051,56722,079SH SOLE 0022,079
Berkshire HathawayCOM0846707021,5545,694SH SOLE 005,694
Home Depot IncCOM4370761021,5494,719SH SOLE 004,719
iShares S&P 100 ETFETF4642871011,5417,804SH SOLE 007,804
Vanguard Dividend Appreciation ETFETF9219088441,4879,683SH SOLE 009,683
Grayscale InvestmentETF3896371091,48643,900SH SOLE 0043,900
Disney Walt CompanyCOM2546871061,4858,778SH SOLE 008,778
SPDR S&P 400 MID CAPETF78464A8211,46719,397SH SOLE 0019,397
Aqr Managed FuturesMF00203H4611,463212,336SH SOLE 00212,336
iShares Core S&P Mid-CapETF4642875071,4535,523SH SOLE 005,523
Vaneck Vectors Gold Miners ETFETF92189F1061,44649,076SH SOLE 0049,076
iShares Core S&P Total U S Stock Market ETFETF4642871501,44414,678SH SOLE 0014,678
Baron Small Cap FD InstMF0682788031,43633,308SH SOLE 0033,308
Invesco S & P Midcap Momentum ETFETF46137V4641,43217,015SH SOLE 0017,015
Vanguard Russell 1000 Growth ETF IVETF92206C6801,40019,866SH SOLE 0019,866
iShares MSCI EAFEETF4642874651,39517,888SH SOLE 0017,888
Vanguard Mid Cap ValueETF9229085121,3669,781SH SOLE 009,781
Visa Inc Class ACOM92826C8391,3376,001SH SOLE 006,001
iShares Russell 1000 ValueETF4642875981,3348,526SH SOLE 008,526
iShares MSCI EAFE Small Cap ETFETF4642882731,32817,849SH SOLE 0017,849
Fidelity MSCI (matls Index Etf)ETF3160928811,28428,997SH SOLE 0028,997
iShares Short Treasury BondETF4642886791,28311,615SH SOLE 0011,615
Wal-Mart Stores IncCOM9311421031,2548,995SH SOLE 008,995
Facebook IncCOM30303M1021,2483,676SH SOLE 003,676
MC Donalds CorpCOM5801351011,2275,090SH SOLE 005,090
iShares Edg MSCI USA Val FCTR ETFETF46432F3881,22212,138SH SOLE 0012,138
Albemarle CorpCOM0126531011,2195,556SH SOLE 005,556
Paypal Holdings IncoCOM70450Y1031,2184,680SH SOLE 004,680
Bentley System Inc Class BCOM08265T2081,21320,002SH SOLE 0020,002
Vanguard REIT ETFETF9229085531,21211,908SH SOLE 0011,908
Honeywell Intl IncCOM4385161061,1945,626SH SOLE 005,626
Netflix IncCOM64110L1061,1851,942SH SOLE 001,942
iShares Russell 2000ETF4642876551,1745,367SH SOLE 005,367
Comcast CorporationCOM20030N1011,16720,869SH SOLE 0020,869
PIMCO Enhncd LW DRTN Actv ETFETF72201R7181,16411,435SH SOLE 0011,435
The Growth Fund Of (america F3)MF3998747751,16315,336SH SOLE 0015,336
iShares Core MSCI EAFE ETFETF46432F8421,15815,594SH SOLE 0015,594
Lord Abbett Ultra Short Bond AMF54401E4731,152114,997SH SOLE 00114,997
Alphabet IncCOM02079K1071,143429SH SOLE 00429
Putnam Ultra Short Durat Ion Income AMF74676P7551,143113,350SH SOLE 00113,350
Verizon CommunicatnCOM92343V1041,08320,050SH SOLE 0020,050
Invesco Oppenheimer International Small-Mid Company Fund Class YMF00900W5301,07817,839SH SOLE 0017,839
American FD Growth FD OfMF3998741061,06614,091SH SOLE 0014,091
Im Dolan Mceniry Corp BD InstMF56170L8361,06498,401SH SOLE 0098,401
Harleysville Finl Co0050COM41284E1001,05442,088SH SOLE 0042,088
Destinations LargeMF10964R1031,05459,793SH SOLE 0059,793
iShares US Real Estate ETFETF4642877391,02510,011SH SOLE 0010,011
AMG River Road Mid Cap V Alue IMF00171A7201,01351,474SH SOLE 0051,474
LOCKHEED MARTIN CORPCOM5398301091,0092,925SH SOLE 002,925
Origin Materials IncCOM68622D106994146,000SH SOLE 00146,000
Pfizer IncCOM71708110399123,051SH SOLE 0023,051
Wisdomtree Trust (managed Futures Strategy FD)ETF97717W12598323,982SH SOLE 0023,982
iShares MSCI Frontier 100 ETFETF46428614598128,916SH SOLE 0028,916
Square Inc Class ACOM8522341039734,057SH SOLE 004,057
T Rowe Price Small Cap Value FundMF77957Q10392914,667SH SOLE 0014,667
Nextera Energy IncCOM65339F10192411,768SH SOLE 0011,768
Vanguard Small Cap Growth Inde X AdmiralMF9219377109209,337SH SOLE 009,337
Advanced Micro-Devices IncCOM0079031079178,907SH SOLE 008,907
Vaneck Em Loc Ccy Bond ETFETF92189H30091530,515SH SOLE 0030,515
T Rowe Price Real EstateMF77991910990245,351SH SOLE 0045,351
Guggenheim Macro OpptyMF40168W58289933,010SH SOLE 0033,010
BlackRock IncCOM09247X1018851,055SH SOLE 001,055
Vanguard Growth ETFETF9229087368843,045SH SOLE 003,045
Costco WHSL Corp NewCOM22160K1058661,927SH SOLE 001,927
Mastercard Inc CL ACOM57636Q1048512,449SH SOLE 002,449
iShares Silver TrustETF46428Q10984641,239SH SOLE 0041,239
iShares Russell 1000ETF4642876228383,468SH SOLE 003,468
Janus Research FD CL TMF47102385383111,638SH SOLE 0011,638
iShares MSCI USA Esg Select ETFETF4642888028308,650SH SOLE 008,650
Bank Of America CorpCOM06050510482819,497SH SOLE 0019,497
Riverpark Long/ShortMF76882K85082442,333SH SOLE 0042,333
iShares Core MSCI Emerging Markets ETFETF46434G10380913,104SH SOLE 0013,104
Neuberger Berman Strat Incm InstMF64128K75180970,733SH SOLE 0070,733
John Hancock L/C Equity-IMF41013P60879910,501SH SOLE 0010,501
PNC Financial SRVCSCOM6934751057994,085SH SOLE 004,085
iShares Russell Top 200 ETFETF4642894467997,756SH SOLE 007,756
Intel CorpCOM45814010079214,872SH SOLE 0014,872
Target CorporationCOM87612E1067823,420SH SOLE 003,420
American Tower REIT ComCOM03027X1007742,902SH SOLE 002,902
Vanguard Windsor AdmiralMF9220184037709,176SH SOLE 009,176
Vanguard Mortgage-Backed Securities ETFETF92206C77172413,588SH SOLE 0013,588
Dodge & Cox Funds Intl STK FDMF25620610371515,081SH SOLE 0015,081
Unitedhealth GRP IncCOM91324P1027141,828SH SOLE 001,828
ProShares S&P 500 DIV Aristocrat ETFETF74348A4677128,044SH SOLE 008,044
Pinterest Inc Class ACOM72352L10669713,684SH SOLE 0013,684
Intuit Inc ComCOM4612021036901,279SH SOLE 001,279
AMG River Road Mid Cap V Alue NMF00171A73868337,190SH SOLE 0037,190
IBM CorpCOM4592001016824,910SH SOLE 004,910
Palantir Technologies In Class ACOM69608A10867728,163SH SOLE 0028,163
Fidelity Capital Appreci AtionMF31606610967514,287SH SOLE 0014,287
Starbucks CorpCOM8552441096736,103SH SOLE 006,103
Merck & Co IncCOM58933Y1056648,771SH SOLE 008,771
Elmnts Rogers Intl Commodity AgricultureETF87029760366483,000SH SOLE 0083,000
Texas Pacific Land CorpCOM88262P102655542SH SOLE 00542
Schwab Fundamental US Large Co ETFETF80852477164812,004SH SOLE 0012,004
Fidelity MSCI Infor Tech Indx ETFETF3160928086475,455SH SOLE 005,455
Texas Instruments IncCOM8825081046423,341SH SOLE 003,341
PPG Industries IncCOM6935061076424,487SH SOLE 004,487
Schwab Intermediate Term US TRS ETFETF80852485463611,219SH SOLE 0011,219
Dfa US Social Core Equit Y 2 PortfolioMF23320329862226,680SH SOLE 0026,680
Tesla Motors IncCOM88160R101622802SH SOLE 00802
Vanguard GlobalMF92191076661919,402SH SOLE 0019,402
Columbia Smallcap (index Fund CL I2)MF19766B27361920,286SH SOLE 0020,286
Vanguard Small-Cap ETFETF9229087516172,820SH SOLE 002,820
Union Pacific CorpCOM9078181086163,142SH SOLE 003,142
Schwab Internatnal Small Cap Eqy ETFETF80852488861214,734SH SOLE 0014,734
BlackRock Muniyield PennCOM09255G10761037,828SH SOLE 0037,828
THERMO FISHERCOM8835561026091,066SH SOLE 001,066
Schwab US DividendETF8085247976098,197SH SOLE 008,197
Broadcom LimitedCOM11135F1016071,251SH SOLE 001,251
CS Floating RateMF22540S87760590,703SH SOLE 0090,703
Bank Of New York Mellon Corp C OmCOM06405810060411,655SH SOLE 0011,655
iShares iBoxx $ High Yield Corporate BdETF4642885136026,886SH SOLE 006,886
Business FirstCOM12326C10560025,641SH SOLE 0025,641
T Rowe Price Blue Chip Growth FD InvMF77954Q1065893,151SH SOLE 003,151
Invesco FTSE Rafi US 1000ETF46137V6135873,706SH SOLE 003,706
Zoetis IncCOM98978V1035853,013SH SOLE 003,013
Pepsico IncorporatedCOM7134481085803,853SH SOLE 003,853
Driehaus EmergingMF26202830157911,895SH SOLE 0011,895
Accenture PLC IrelandCOMG1151C1015771,804SH SOLE 001,804
Cgi Inc FCOM12532H1045756,788SH SOLE 006,788
Schwab US Small Cap ETFETF8085246075735,729SH SOLE 005,729
Becton Dickinson & CoCOM0758871095712,321SH SOLE 002,321
PIMCO 25YR Zero Cupn US TRS Indx ETFETF72201R8825643,873SH SOLE 003,873
Vaneck Vectors EmergingETF92189F35356224,223SH SOLE 0024,223
iShares MSCI Global Gold Miners ETF NewETF46434G85555922,726SH SOLE 0022,726
Fidelity MSCI Real (estate Index Etf)ETF31609285755718,336SH SOLE 0018,336
Chevron CorporationCOM1667641005525,437SH SOLE 005,437
Diamond HillMF25264S83355118,075SH SOLE 0018,075
Amgen IncCOM0311621005502,586SH SOLE 002,586
Citigroup Inc NewCOM1729674245507,834SH SOLE 007,834
SPDR DB Intl Govt Inflation-Prot Bd ETFETF78464A49054910,087SH SOLE 0010,087
SPDR S&P NRTH Amrcn NTRL RSRC ETFETF78463X15254913,776SH SOLE 0013,776
U S BancorpCOM9029733045479,138SH SOLE 009,138
Destinations IntlMF10964R30154735,646SH SOLE 0035,646
Mutual Shares FundMF35402674254318,709SH SOLE 0018,709
Coca Cola CompanyCOM19121610054210,239SH SOLE 0010,239
Vanguard Inflation-Prote Cted Secs InvMF92203186953837,223SH SOLE 0037,223
Procter & GambleCOM7427181095253,754SH SOLE 003,754
iShares S&P 500 GrowthETF4642873095247,083SH SOLE 007,083
A T & T IncCOM00206R10252319,368SH SOLE 0019,368
BlackRock National MuniMF09253C87651745,400SH SOLE 0045,400
SCHWAB US MID CAP ETFETF8085245085166,732SH SOLE 006,732
Kimberly-Clark CorpCOM4943681035113,823SH SOLE 003,823
American FD New Perspective CL AMF6480181095107,641SH SOLE 007,641
T Rowe Price Ultra Shor T-Term BondMF77957P30350699,550SH SOLE 0099,550
Cintas CorpCOM1729081055041,324SH SOLE 001,324
GENERAL MTRS CO COMCOM37045V1004969,413SH SOLE 009,413
W E C Energy Group ICOM92939U1064885,530SH SOLE 005,530
3M COMPANYCOM88579Y1014862,768SH SOLE 002,768
Permanent PortfolioMF7141991064839,841SH SOLE 009,841
Innovative IndustriaCOM45781V1014822,071SH SOLE 002,071
Medtronic PLCCOMG5960L1034813,820SH SOLE 003,820
Dfa US Core Equity I Portfolio Institutional ClassMF23320341347613,921SH SOLE 0013,921
Artisan High IncomeMF04314H71747546,279SH SOLE 0046,279
Select Sector HealthETF81369Y2094753,732SH SOLE 003,732
iShares TR Self (drivng Ev)ETF46435U3664749,853SH SOLE 009,853
Lowes Companies IncCOM5486611074732,333SH SOLE 002,333
iShares Core MSCI Totl Intl STCK ETFETF46432F8344736,655SH SOLE 006,655
Auto Data ProcessingCOM0530151034672,326SH SOLE 002,326
Global X Autonom Electric Vehicl ETFETF37954Y62446717,017SH SOLE 0017,017
Micron Technology Inc ComCOM5951121034646,532SH SOLE 006,532
Invesco S&P 500 Pure Value ETFETF46137V2584626,095SH SOLE 006,095
Invesco S&P Smallcap EnergyETF46138E16446060,368SH SOLE 0060,368
Neuberger BermanMF64122Q76246027,113SH SOLE 0027,113
iShares Expanded Tech STW SCTR ETFETF4642875154581,147SH SOLE 001,147
Fidelity Diversified Intl FDMF3159108024528,750SH SOLE 008,750
Raytheon Technologies CorpCOM75513E1014515,243SH SOLE 005,243
Polen Growth FD Inst CL SHRSMF3608736574508,342SH SOLE 008,342
United States 12 Month Oil FundETF91288V10345016,626SH SOLE 0016,626
Baron Small Cap FDMF06827830844710,988SH SOLE 0010,988
Schwab Total Stock MKT IndexMF8085097564455,822SH SOLE 005,822
Invesco DB US DLR (index TR Bullish FD)ETF46141D20344417,550SH SOLE 0017,550
iShares MSCI Emerging MarketsETF4642872344438,796SH SOLE 008,796
Parnassus Mid CapMF7017653074426,839SH SOLE 006,839
iShares S&P 500 Value ETFETF4642874084413,033SH SOLE 003,033
Vanguard Health Care ETFETF92204A5044401,775SH SOLE 001,775
Nuveen Pennsylvania InveCOM67097210843529,289SH SOLE 0029,289
Dfa US Vector EqMF23320338943417,484SH SOLE 0017,484
T Rowe PriceMF7414791094323,886SH SOLE 003,886
Airbnb Inc Class ACOM0090661014302,562SH SOLE 002,562
T Rowe Price Capital (appreciation I Class)MF77954M30342211,051SH SOLE 0011,051
iShares US PreferredETF46428868742110,855SH SOLE 0010,855
Bristol Myers SquibbCOM1101221084156,963SH SOLE 006,963
Fpa Crescent Fund Inst CL SharesMF30254T75941010,359SH SOLE 0010,359
JPMorgan Core Plus Bond AMF4812C081140847,730SH SOLE 0047,730
Enterprise ProductsCOM29379210740718,802SH SOLE 0018,802
CVS Health CorpCOM1266501004004,716SH SOLE 004,716
Ark ETF TR (innovation Etf)ETF00214Q1043953,577SH SOLE 003,577
Digital Realty Trust IncCOM2538681033932,719SH SOLE 002,719
Oracle CorporationCOM68389X1053914,493SH SOLE 004,493
Ares Capital CorpCOM04010L10339019,204SH SOLE 0019,204
Capital One FinlCOM14040H1053892,404SH SOLE 002,404
Vanguard FTSE Developed Markets ETFETF9219438583887,693SH SOLE 007,693
Etfmg Video Game Tech ETFETF26924G7063884,641SH SOLE 004,641
Abbott LabsCOM0028241003873,280SH SOLE 003,280
Fidelity Intermediate MuniciMF31638R20438735,848SH SOLE 0035,848
Caterpillar IncCOM1491231013872,014SH SOLE 002,014
Duke Energy Corp NewCOM26441C2043853,945SH SOLE 003,945
Parnassus Core Eqty FD InvMF7017691013856,246SH SOLE 006,246
Alpha Archtct US Quntv MTNM ETFETF02072L4093837,763SH SOLE 007,763
Ford Motor CompanyCOM34537086038126,892SH SOLE 0026,892
Fidelity Growth & IncomeMF3163892043807,684SH SOLE 007,684
iShares TIPS BondETF4642871763792,968SH SOLE 002,968
Neuberger BermanMF64128R40037521,466SH SOLE 0021,466
iPath Coffee (barc) -ETN- 230148ETF06746P5633747,000SH SOLE 007,000
First Eagle Global Fund Class I N/LMF32008F6063735,598SH SOLE 005,598
Real Estate Select SCTR SPDR ETFETF81369Y8603738,386SH SOLE 008,386
Invesco Pennsylvania MNC PL AMF00141W69537232,082SH SOLE 0032,082
iShares Short Term NTNL Mun BND ETFETF4642881583713,450SH SOLE 003,450
Illinois Tool Works IncCOM4523081093711,784SH SOLE 001,784
ArtisanMF04314H67537110,129SH SOLE 0010,129
Vanguard Emerging Markets Stockindex Fund/United StatesMF9220428413708,898SH SOLE 008,898
BrookfieldCOMG162521013696,580SH SOLE 006,580
Tractor Supply CompCOM8923561063671,809SH SOLE 001,809
American CNTR FCSD DYNMC GRWT ETFMF0250728103644,442SH SOLE 004,442
Invesco Pa Value Muni Income TrustCOM46132K10936327,400SH SOLE 0027,400
Abbvie IncCOM00287Y1093633,365SH SOLE 003,365
iShares US MedicalETF4642888103635,778SH SOLE 005,778
Jack Henry & Associates IncCOM4262811013622,205SH SOLE 002,205
Harding Loevner Intl Eqty Port InstMF41229510736112,245SH SOLE 0012,245
Adobe Systems IncCOM00724F101356619SH SOLE 00619
iPath Nickel (barc)-ETN- 230148ETF06746P48035315,000SH SOLE 0015,000
Xylem IncCOM98419M1003522,844SH SOLE 002,844
Sprott Physical Gold PerCOM85207H10435025,379SH SOLE 0025,379
Salesforce ComCOM79466L3023431,265SH SOLE 001,265
D R Horton Inc ComCOM23331A1093424,077SH SOLE 004,077
CF Bankshares IncCOM12520L10934116,676SH SOLE 0016,676
Vanguard Star FundMF92190910734010,270SH SOLE 0010,270
SPDR S&P Midcap 400 ETFETF78467Y107338700SH SOLE 00700
iShares US TechnologyETF4642877213363,314SH SOLE 003,314
SPDR Dow Jone Global Real Estate ETFETF78463X7493326,500SH SOLE 006,500
Novavax IncCOM6700024013301,593SH SOLE 001,593
Partner SelectMF53700T88433026,991SH SOLE 0026,991
Principal GlobalMF74255L72033028,440SH SOLE 0028,440
Boeing CoCOM0970231053291,497SH SOLE 001,497
T Rowe Price New Asia FD InvMF77956H50032813,425SH SOLE 0013,425
Newmarket CorpCOM651587107328961SH SOLE 00961
American WTR WKS Co IncCOM0304201033271,936SH SOLE 001,936
Magellan Midstream Partners Co MCOM5590801063277,164SH SOLE 007,164
Sandy Spring BancorpCOM8003631033257,095SH SOLE 007,095
Hartford CapitalMF4166454063246,935SH SOLE 006,935
Vanguard FTSE Emerging Markets ETFETF9220428583216,422SH SOLE 006,422
Vanguard Extended Market Index FD Adm SHRSMF9229086943202,316SH SOLE 002,316
Fid NDQ Comp Ec ETF DVETF3159128083205,696SH SOLE 005,696
Qualcomm IncCOM7475251033152,443SH SOLE 002,443
Freedom 100 Emerging Markets ETFETF02072L6073149,554SH SOLE 009,554
Parsons CorpCOM70202L1023149,296SH SOLE 009,296
Columbia AcornMF1971996313138,611SH SOLE 008,611
First TR LRG CP GRW Alpha ETF IVETF33735K1083122,809SH SOLE 002,809
Delaware Investments Ult Rashort LMF24591080731131,145SH SOLE 0031,145
Fidelity MSCI Health Care Indx ETFETF3160926003104,857SH SOLE 004,857
iShares Nationl Amt FreeETF4642884143082,652SH SOLE 002,652
Digital Media Solutions Class ACOM25401G10630842,461SH SOLE 0042,461
iShares Mortgage Real Est Capp Ed ETFETF46435G3423088,506SH SOLE 008,506
Fidelity Quality Factor ETFETF3160927903076,178SH SOLE 006,178
iShares US Aeropsace & Defense ETFETF4642887603072,948SH SOLE 002,948
Annaly CapitalCOM03571040930535,250SH SOLE 0035,250
Amana Growth FundMF0228655053044,682SH SOLE 004,682
Vulcan Materials CoCOM9291601093031,793SH SOLE 001,793
Vodafone Group PLC New Sponsored ADR No ParCOM92857W30830319,621SH SOLE 0019,621
Shopify Inc F Class ACOM82509L107302223SH SOLE 00223
Fidelity Magellan FundMF31618410030221,292SH SOLE 0021,292
Dominos Pizza IncCOM25754A201301632SH SOLE 00632
Moderna IncCOM60770K107296769SH SOLE 00769
Gabelli Abc Fund Adv CLMF36239V20729427,614SH SOLE 0027,614
Fidelity Strategic (dividend & Income)MF31614588729416,475SH SOLE 0016,475
KRCOM5010441012947,266SH SOLE 007,266
iShares US Healthcare ETFETF4642877622921,060SH SOLE 001,060
Hartford Inflation Plus AMF41664615629225,280SH SOLE 0025,280
Baron Growth RetailMF0682782092922,482SH SOLE 002,482
Driehaus Small Cap (growth Instl CL)MF26202873129110,575SH SOLE 0010,575
Robo GLBL HLTHCR Tech And Inv ETFETF3015057232916,381SH SOLE 006,381
Crowdstrike Holdings Inc - ACOM22788C1052911,183SH SOLE 001,183
Sprott Physical Gold & SCOM85208R10128716,751SH SOLE 0016,751
iShares Global REIT ETFETF46434V64728510,413SH SOLE 0010,413
BlackRock High Yield Muni FD Inst CLMF09253C76928426,786SH SOLE 0026,786
Parnassus EndeavorMF7017658692844,879SH SOLE 004,879
T Rowe Price ScienceMF87282N1052784,654SH SOLE 004,654
Franklin Dynatech FD (adv Class Shares)MF3534966802761,691SH SOLE 001,691
Vanguard FTSE Europe ETFETF9220428742754,196SH SOLE 004,196
SPDR BBG Barc 1-3 Month TbilETF78468R6632742,996SH SOLE 002,996
Sonos IncCOM83570H1082738,434SH SOLE 008,434
Skyworks SolutionsCOM83088M1022711,646SH SOLE 001,646
DuPont De Nemours IncCOM26614N1022713,987SH SOLE 003,987
Dfa International Social Cor Eq InstlMF25239Y62627117,825SH SOLE 0017,825
Robo GBL Rbotcs And Autmatn Indx ETFETF3015057072714,205SH SOLE 004,205
Public Service Enterprise Group IncCOM7445731062674,388SH SOLE 004,388
Eaton Vance Municipal InCOM27826U10826619,237SH SOLE 0019,237
Deutsche X-Trackers MSCI JapETF2330515072665,250SH SOLE 005,250
BTS Tactical Fixed (income Fund Class I)MF66538B70126428,501SH SOLE 0028,501
Destinations SmallMF10964R20226215,039SH SOLE 0015,039
United Parcel Service-BCOM9113121062621,439SH SOLE 001,439
Graniteshares Gold (TR SHS Ben Int)ETF38748G10126114,952SH SOLE 0014,952
Pioneer Multi Asset Ultrashort Incm YMF72388E60526026,705SH SOLE 0026,705
T Rowe PR Summ Muni IntMF77957N20926021,104SH SOLE 0021,104
Dfa Investment Grade Portfolio Institutional Class SharesMF23320G44825621,932SH SOLE 0021,932
Baird Aggregate Bond Ins TMF05707185425422,193SH SOLE 0022,193
L H C GroupCOM50187A1072541,617SH SOLE 001,617
Omega Hlthcare InvtsCOM6819361002538,451SH SOLE 008,451
PIMCO Dynamic Income OppCOM69355M10725312,000SH SOLE 0012,000
iShares Dow Jones US ETFETF4642878462532,342SH SOLE 002,342
iShares MSCI Acwi Ex US ETF IVETF4642882402504,507SH SOLE 004,507
American Amcap F1MF0233754052495,794SH SOLE 005,794
Fidelity LimitedMF31620320724823,005SH SOLE 0023,005
Technology Select Sector SPDR ETFETF81369Y8032481,661SH SOLE 001,661
Paychex IncCOM7043261072472,195SH SOLE 002,195
DWS High Income AMF25155T66824650,916SH SOLE 0050,916
Fidelity Telecom And (utilities Fund)MF3161281072469,078SH SOLE 009,078
Invesco Actively (managd ETF TR Ultra SHRT Dur)ETF46090A8872464,876SH SOLE 004,876
Invesco Exch TRD SLF (idx FD TR Bulshs 2021 CB)ETF46138J70024511,638SH SOLE 0011,638
ProShares DJ BRKFLD GLBL Infs ETF IVETF74347B5082455,418SH SOLE 005,418
Vanguard Primecap Fund Admiral ShareMF9219362092421,384SH SOLE 001,384
Exchange Traded (concepts TR VSPR US LC Etf)ETF3015057492407,000SH SOLE 007,000
C3 Ai Inc CL ACOM12468P1042395,165SH SOLE 005,165
Nuveen Mun Value FDCOM67092810023820,939SH SOLE 0020,939
SPDR Nuveen S&P High Yield Muni ETFETF78464A2842373,956SH SOLE 003,956
Truist Financial CorpCOM89832Q1092364,016SH SOLE 004,016
Vanguard Strategic Small Cap Equity InvMF9220386092355,354SH SOLE 005,354
General Dynamics CorpCOM3695501082331,187SH SOLE 001,187
iShares US Financials ETFETF4642877882332,817SH SOLE 002,817
American CenturyMF0250838742322,556SH SOLE 002,556
American FD Balanced FD CL F3MF0240717712287,051SH SOLE 007,051
Penn National GamingCOM7075691092273,135SH SOLE 003,135
The Goldman Sach 4 PFD PFD Ser DCOM38144G8042258,898SH SOLE 008,898
First TR Dow Jones (select Micr Com SHS Annual)ETF33718M1052253,755SH SOLE 003,755
S&P Global IncCOM78409V104225529SH SOLE 00529
Dow IncCOM2605571032253,901SH SOLE 003,901
iShares PHLX Semiconductor ETFETF464287523223500SH SOLE 00500
First Eagle OverseasMF32008F2002238,285SH SOLE 008,285
KineticsMF4946136072233,128SH SOLE 003,128
Artisan Intl Value FD-InsMF04314H8572224,971SH SOLE 004,971
Chipotle Mexican Grill ComCOM169656105222122SH SOLE 00122
Microstrategy IncCOM594972408222383SH SOLE 00383
American FD Amcap Fund F2MF0233758272215,047SH SOLE 005,047
Coinbase Global IncCOM19260Q107220967SH SOLE 00967
CS Managed FuturesMF22540S73721920,378SH SOLE 0020,378
Discover Financial SCOM2547091082181,777SH SOLE 001,777
Charles Schwab CorpCOM8085131052182,994SH SOLE 002,994
Philip Morris IntlCOM7181721092172,260SH SOLE 002,260
Fidelity High (dividend Etf)ETF3160928402165,840SH SOLE 005,840
T Rowe PriceMF77956H5262159,933SH SOLE 009,933
American FD Small Cap World FD CL AMF8316811012132,413SH SOLE 002,413
American Express CompanyCOM0258161092131,269SH SOLE 001,269
Tweedy Browne Global Value FundMF9011651002127,027SH SOLE 007,027
Alger Spectra Fund CL ZMF0155667632126,224SH SOLE 006,224
Vanguard Short-Term Corporate Bond ETFETF92206C4092112,563SH SOLE 002,563
Invesco Health CareMF00142R2652114,294SH SOLE 004,294
Vanguard Long-Term Inves Tment-Grade AdmMF92203177821018,974SH SOLE 0018,974
Akre Focus Fund (instl)MF7429351252093,266SH SOLE 003,266
Emerson Electric CoCOM2910111042072,196SH SOLE 002,196
Freeport-Mcmoran IncCOM35671D8572056,304SH SOLE 006,304
Fidelity MSCI Financials Indx ETFETF3160925012053,811SH SOLE 003,811
Morgan StanleyCOM6174464482032,090SH SOLE 002,090
Dollar General CorpCOM256677105201946SH SOLE 00946
Porch GroupCOM73324510419811,213SH SOLE 0011,213
Fidelity Adv Strategic Income FD CL IMF31592080119515,089SH SOLE 0015,089
Dfa GLBL Real Estate Sec Port InstMF23320G55419215,254SH SOLE 0015,254
Boston PartnersMF74925525318815,459SH SOLE 0015,459
Federated Hermes Float R Ate Strat Inc IsMF31420C67018219,032SH SOLE 0019,032
Destinations MuniMF10964R88917216,584SH SOLE 0016,584
Fidelity EmergingMF31614633117213,748SH SOLE 0013,748
Fidelity Municipal (income)MF31608950717112,546SH SOLE 0012,546
Franklin Incm FD Adv CLMF35349684716566,994SH SOLE 0066,994
Fid L/T TreasuryMF31635V23216011,028SH SOLE 0011,028
ProShares Short QQQETF74347B71415612,800SH SOLE 0012,800
Delaware Inv National MuCOM24610T10815511,000SH SOLE 0011,000
PIMCO Real Return Fund CL AMF69339112015412,608SH SOLE 0012,608
Hussman StrategicMF44810810015123,376SH SOLE 0023,376
Fidelity Inflat-ProtMF31635T10414812,930SH SOLE 0012,930
Up Fintech HLDG LTD F Unsponsored ADRCOM91531W10614213,412SH SOLE 0013,412
Franklin La Tax Free Inc M FD CL A1MF35472382714112,414SH SOLE 0012,414
Destinations CoreMF10964R60814013,721SH SOLE 0013,721
Goldman Sachs AbsoluMF38145N22013813,152SH SOLE 0013,152
Destinations MultiMF10964R87113212,262SH SOLE 0012,262
JPMorgan Income Builder IMF4812A325412410,802SH SOLE 0010,802
BlackRock Multi AssetMF09256H33612410,860SH SOLE 0010,860
Alphasimplex ManagedMF63872T74512211,470SH SOLE 0011,470
Wells Fargo Adjustable R Ate Govt AMF94985D66511913,270SH SOLE 0013,270
Federated Kaufmann FD CL IMF31421N87311414,759SH SOLE 0014,759
Vanguard Limited Term Tax Exempt Fund Admiral Shares N/LMF92290788611310,116SH SOLE 0010,116
Fidelity Floating RateMF3159167839810,353SH SOLE 0010,353
Hut Eight Mining Corpo FCOM44812T1029811,665SH SOLE 0011,665
Clear Channel OutdrCOM18453H1068430,960SH SOLE 0030,960
Sprott PHYS Silver TR FCOM85207K1078110,500SH SOLE 0010,500
Novonix LTD OrdfCOMQ6880B1097916,060SH SOLE 0016,060
Wasatch EmergingMF9367937366415,084SH SOLE 0015,084
Aberdeen Asia PacifiCOM0030091075813,916SH SOLE 0013,916
9 Meters Biopharma IncCOM6544051095340,850SH SOLE 0040,850
Hive Blockchain Techno FCOM43366H1005219,399SH SOLE 0019,399
New York MTG TR IncCOM6496045014510,306SH SOLE 0010,306
Tellurian Investments InCOM87968A1044511,421SH SOLE 0011,421
Arht Media Inc FCOM04032820544282,000SH SOLE 00282,000
NW BiotherapeuticsCOM66737P6002922,500SH SOLE 0022,500
Highlands REIT IncCOM43110A104725,895SH SOLE 0025,895
Zion Oil & Gas IncCOM989696109318,875SH SOLE 0018,875
Zelira Therapeutic OrdfCOMQ9898G102286,083SH SOLE 0086,083
Stratex Oil & Gas HLCOM86280B1052121,000SH SOLE 00121,000
Iota Communications IncCOM46225M103120,746SH SOLE 0020,746
Medical MarijuanaCOM58463A105125,000SH SOLE 0025,000
Lingerie FightingCOM5357421001250,000SH SOLE 00250,000